Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 36: Empowering YOU to Level Up Your Business with Danielle Hogle

podcasts Dec 28, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles. High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. All right. Hello. Hello, everyone. We are live. My name is Lindsay Dollinger, and this is with the social selling sisterhood podcast. But we're doing a video podcast today, which will be uploaded a little bit later on. And I'm here today with Danielle Hogle, who I met. Um oh, my gosh. I don't know, Like maybe 2015 2016. I don't remember if we met at the girl boss retreat or if we met through Victory Fitness or Brickhouse Fitness. I'm not sure which I was trying to remember. E don't remember either. I feel like we've just been besties for like, yeah, I think it was probably around the same time and I was like, Oh, my gosh, she's everywhere because all the things I love it. Um Okay, so I'm super excited. Daniel is the expert on all things, first of all, leaving her full time job and going into network marketing, but also building her own brand. And she is super huge on empowering women and inspiring confidence and women. So I'm super pumped to talk with you about that today. Really excited to be here, E Oh, yeah, of course. Of course. So, Daniel, tell us a little bit about you a little bit about your background, how you got to where you're at, eso that we can get to know you. Cool. I'll give a quick random. But first, I wanna acknowledge you, Lindsey, for everything that you're doing here, hoping empowering women. It's just amazing. I haven't cotton called up on all of the podcast yet, but there's so much value and I just think that's so important. And what you're doing is important. So just one technology for that, Yeah. Were it all started? I, you know, I graduated with my master's degree in sociology After that, I got to very part time jobs, But both felt like full time jobs. I was teaching college courses in sociology at the same time, working at a domestic violence shelter. And so both of those were very, you know, emotionally draining jobs. And at the same time, of course, I just graduated from college. So I was like, Oh, my gosh, I have gained so much weight and I just feel like crap. So, you know, at that point, I was like, OK, I need to figure out a way to get healthy and fit which, where I started with network marketing because but actually didn't want to do network marketing. I was like, Sure off that after, like that discounting that you guys talk about but like I don't want to sell, sell anything. I was anti sale sales. I was anti building a business. I just wanted to help everybody for free. Um and so that's where it started for me. But I started on my journey with fitness, and at that point I found a way to make fitness fun. And I fell in love with the process and I fell in love with the after effects and not fitness, right? A lot of people like oh, workout healthy. Those things are great. They're important. They're cool. I'm a trainer. I'm a group fitness instructor. I have to tell you those things, but the most important parts of those is the end effect, right? The confidence that you feel the energy that you have, especially all of you listening right now, right, You're you're wanting to build a business, and you have to have that confidence and the energy toe wake up early and stay a plate and talk to people because that's also emotionally draining. That's my quick little spiel. So I got started, did all the things and again just it evolved into so many different things. My main mission is to help women live a life that they love in a body that they love on. Do you know, unleash their confidence through that process, you know, through confidence coaching, personal training, group fitness, you know, dancing all the things. Um, so yeah, so that's kind of where I started. Since I know many people on here are direct sales. So I started in that in 2000 and 12, and after five years of doing working a full time job at the university and doing that very part time in the evenings, I deadly my full time job to pursue my own business. And doing this on, I guess you could say full time, but it doesn't really feel like a job to me. I just get to focus on what I want. So I love that. Why do you say that? Because I was just trying to, Think what year was that You started? Because I know it's been a while. You've been You've been with it for a while. I love that. Um Okay, so for so a lot of the women who are listening to this podcast, do you have a full time job while they're building a business? Do you have any tips for that Specifically? Yeah. I mean, sure, tons of tips. But, you know, and I know right now it's kind of crazy, right? Because everyone's kind of everywhere at the current moment. But when I was working my 8 to 5. So every single and it's still the same. To be honest, I use power pockets. That's what I call them. Right? So you know, you have your power. Our you have your power half hour. But I was like, dude, sometimes I don't even have a half hour to sit down and seriously focused. So I decided to do a little pockets. And so what I did was I did this little trick where when I did one thing in my day, I made myself do something else. So what? I mean by that let's say you know, first thing in the morning, um, when I would drive toe work. I hate listen to personal development, right? I know. I've heard you talk about that always in the car, constantly going, Um, but oh, my gosh, that's gonna get little team I. But when I go to the restroom and I'm in there for just a couple of minutes, I'm like, Oh, my gosh, how many messages can I heard it and sent real quick. And so it was finding those little things that created an effect. So when I would cook dinner, I would send certain messages or I would follow up with my teammates. Um, you know, But right before I would go to bed, I would against in one more message. My goal was always to wake up the next day with the women that I'm talking Thio with my inbox full. So it was just those little things taking my list of the basic things that I needed to get done every single day and deciding when in my day I would plot, you know, like, just put those in without feeling like I had two time block or, you know, sit down, sit down for two hours. Um, but just doing those little things and then obviously being patient while also hustling is challenging right s. So many of us are like, Oh, my gosh, I want to leave my job tomorrow. Don't do that. I really wanna encourage everyone listening. You're in that situation. You better use that to your benefit, sister. You have an opportunity to share with other people that are just like you that are working a full time job to say, Hey, we can do this together in little pockets of time. And that is the power of part time. The power part time. Because what happens is when you leave your full time job, which is awesome. I love my life. But when you leave your full time job and you do this full time, it's harder for people to relate to you because they're like, Well, you have all day to do this. So the only way to be successful is to work it full time, and that is not true. I still work very little pockets of time for my business because I found that's when I'm most successful. Yeah, And I feel like when I do it in those smaller pockets of time, I don't, like, get bored or it's not like, like, a begrudge thing, like, Oh, I have to sit down and work my business for an hour. Like I can send quick messages here and there. Um, like, Okay, I have 10 minutes. I could do a Facebook live, Um, and it's kind of nice. It kinda helps with that. Creativity flow to I feel like Okay, um, something that you said I forget exactly what it was. But when I first met you and followed you, you posted a lot about being smart financially, and that was a huge thing for me to where I was like, Okay, I have my full time job. I'm a teacher. Everyone knows I'm a teacher. Everyone also knows teachers don't necessarily get paid the most on do I would really follow along when you were talking about the income that you could make or and not only the income you could make, but also areas in your life where you could, like, scale back just a little bit. On, how That makes a big impact overall. And I mean, you were able to pay off all your loans. A lot of one s. So can you give us, like, a couple of tips on that? Or you know what? Really? Maybe makes you what drove you to promote that with your followers, for sure. So the most important thing that I believe worked for me in the beginning is that I took everyone on the journey, right? So financial. So we all have right are different things. Your product that you're selling in your journey with that which is important to share how that's going for you, how that develop. But eyes network marketing, direct sales. We have to get good at, you know, sharing the opportunity with other people to build our team. And so you entice people with that, buy your products, but also with the business opportunity. And so, with the business opportunity it's really important to take them along the journey. So sharing, which is scary. I'm not gonna lie. Um, but putting it out there, what do you really want to achieve? What is the goal? Is it leaving your job? Which you have to be careful sharing that on social media sometime?  It isn't leaving your job. Or is it having a certain vacation that's gonna cost? I don't know. I've looked at some vacations that I really want to go on $15,000 and I'm like, Alright, next goal. Right, um, bit, you know, for me, it was my student loans. So what I did is every payday from my company I posted and I said, just paid off another $100 on my student loans. That feels great, right? Or I would share, you know, the little almost every day. Actually, if I would even pay $5 you know, I got in the habit of just every single time. I found a little bit of change somewhere I would put it towards my student loan, and I would let people celebrate that with me. What happened then was after three years of doing that, um, and I never said because you you want to be smart and careful, right? Like we know that our income is a direct reflection of the effort and energy and everything that we put into our business. So I'm not guaranteeing anyone that could do the same exact thing that I did right? But I put it out there that, you know, this is coming from all different sorts of income. This is my full time job. This is this right? So I just wanna put that out there. But every time I paid a little payment, I celebrated. I posted a funny video every time. You know, my student loans were kind of broken into, like, three different ones. So when I would pay one off, I have a picture. I still have it in my head. Um, when I was in my office, when I worked at the university and I threw up the papers and I was like, Oh, that one's gone on. Guy posted that and you wouldn't believe how many people celebrated that with me when I thought it would be like, Oh, good for you, Right. But people got excited by that because they're like do that takes a lot of hard work. Um, so taking people along that financial journey, but not saying a certain number that you wanna make. I never told anybody how much my loans were or anything like that, because I didn't want it to be about the number. I wanted it to be about the effect to say, Hey, if I can do this, if I could pay this off and feel this feeling of freedom, then you can too. So that's the main thing with your business. Now, as far as just a personal if you haven't read Dave Ramsey or listen to Dave Ramsey, that is the dude that I follow who says don't really buy anything and all the things. So if you you know, I didn't buy extra things. So you know, some people like to go shopping and do all the things, and I was like being tight with my money, So I would just encourage you if that is also a goal of yours is to pay off dead or whatever that you get really serious about understanding finances, set up a plan, a budget and all of that. So that way you can make it go a lot faster because there really is nothing more free than having financial freedom. Three. I love that. And I think that was such a big part of your brand. I remember that picture that you posted, obviously, which is so funny because I feel like I don't feel like I stopped you. But I remember that. I remember you posting that. And I remember that feeling of that journey. Like you said, I never knew how much money you were making. I never knew how much, but it was not only inspiring to me and like, I didn't have joining your team. But it was inspiring to me to go out and do that same sort of thing at the same thing, you know, with my team or even with my life. Actually, um, with some of the greatest messages that I still get to this day where people are like, Oh, my gosh, I just paid off my credit card and because you told me to do this, you know, five years ago and I finally did it and thank you so much. And I'm like, Oh, my gosh! Right. So, yes, run businesses But our businesses have such a bigger impact than just, you know, people. Joining our team and buying the products and all the things, like the other value that we add to people's lives is just amazing. And I think that's a great reminder to is to not only post about your products in your business like, yes, the financial like that was like an ass or not an asset. What's what we're going to say, Um and, um, effect and effect of your business. What? That but like, that still is a great way to pepper in about your business while sharing other value with people. And I think a lot of people get hung up on the okay. I have no idea what to post, like, what do I what do I post if it's not a stock photo or you know about my product all the time, and that is a super great example? Um, because that's one of the things I think of. When I think of you, I think of that. I think of confidence, which we're gonna chat about in just a second. I think of self care, which I know is another really big platform. Okay, so the year of 2020 we're going into 2021. What can we do to improve our self care? Like, what are some things that we need to be like? You know, what can we do? What, like even just if it's one thing. 01 thing. Oh, man. Okay, but well, I always I tell everyone if you do nothing else in your life, you need to do personal development. And I know you drive this home so you probably need me to, you know, driving home even more. But any time that any of you know the people that I coach and mentor, they say, Oh, it's not working. I'm like, girlfriend. What are you doing for personal development? And if they say nothing, I'm like, go home, read about it and then come back to me. And then we could talk because you get your mind right? And so personal development working out. I know it's so annoying, right? But I'm a fitness instructor. I'm a trainer. I have to tell you that. And again, it's not for the I don't care what your body looks like. I don't care what sizes I don't care what the scale says. I tell I don't actually wait myself. I can't tell you how much I wait. I have no idea. But it's about the effect that you get. So you're an entrepreneur again. Like I said before, you have to have the energy. You have to have all the things. So your workouts are going to help your business, and so many people are like I don't have time to work out like you don't not like you. Not like that should be a number one priority. And when I say workout, I you know, I used to be one of those people that hated working out, hated eating, healthy all the things. So I'm coming from that place. And so for me, working out doesn't mean, you know, pounding my body, hating every single second of it, being measurable, It can be a dance, right? Like I'm a dance instructor. So, like it could be dancing. It can be boxing. It could be swimming. It can be whatever it is, but you have to get your body moving because also, you know that everyone talks about how they get their greatest ideas in the shower, right? Like all the time. I'm like, I need an idea shower. But your workouts also are a great time to come up with ideas, some of my greatest business ideas. Or when I'm working out because you're not thinking about anything else, you're just wherever you are, you're doing your workout, and you're like, OK, my thoughts are just running through my brain. And so when I one thing that I'm gonna be doing soon is creating workout specifically for, um, women in business. Because I think so many times you don't realize everything that you do for your fitness relates to your business relates toe life. So say, for example, you know your planking, and I'm like, give me 30 more seconds when you think you can't hold 30. You don't think you could hold one more second? I'm like, No, give me 30 more. And in that moment I'm going to show to you your power, your strength, what you're capable of. And at that moment, when you prove to yourself Oh, my gosh, I can't really do this, and that's what your workout should be about. It's about creating a habit and also proving to yourself what you're capable of and increasing your strength and your confidence. So, God, you personal development, You gotta do your workout eating a little bit healthier, you know, get a little more into that way. So those are my name to t things. I love it. And when you were saying that about working out, I was thinking about when I signed up for my first half marathon and I couldn't even run a mile. And I'm like everyone kept saying it was a mental. It's more mental than physical. And I'm like, Okay, that is totally not true, because I definitely I'm sweating my butt off running right now. Um, but it is It is so true. And I mean, I've done I think I've done five of them now. And it's really a mental toughness thing more than anything. And then that does give me the confidence to work my business, like, Okay, I can around 13. 1 miles. I can send someone a message while I'm in the bathroom thing into perspective. Yeah, I love that. Okay. So perfect. Segue into confidence because you are also our confidence queen. Um, first of all, I do know you have, ah, book coming out, which I am pumped about. Do you want to share a little bit about that and kind of the premise of that? Yeah. So it's It's a booklet. It's a workbook where we're gonna work through. I'm talking through it. You know, I was actually just recording the audio before I hopped on here. Um, but it's really to say here the things to increase confidence because and not the normal stuff, because I hear all the time. Okay. Wednesday. I'm just gonna keep it real with you. And these are your friends that are listening. So, like, I'm just gonna keep it 100? I think so. We're covering up the real issue. So for me, when I think of someone you know and for you and I want anyone to imagine, like, imagine a confident person, right? You usually think that they're they're dressed up, right? They walk into a room, they demand attention, right? And those things are true. But so many times we think to get to that point, we got to do affirmations, meditations, you know, like and those things are important. Okay, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with them. But I believe that those are band aids that were slapping onto a deeper issue. And so for me, um, this book and the audio and the things that I'm doing moving forward with my coaching program is saying, let's figure out why you feel that way in the first place. And for us women, there is a general trend, and I'm going to get tuned into my myself. But right, like there were socialized to feel certain ways to say certain words to act a certain way. And because of that, we don't feel like we have power in certain situations. And so I think a lot of times our confidence comes back to power. And so I'm digging into that in my next book where I'm gonna be talking about figuring out your power pockets. So to give a little bit for you guys to say Okay, well, what can I take away from this? Right. Cool. You have a booklet coming out. Well, number one, it's free. So if you want it, you can get it. You just Yeah. So I will be sharing that. I'll share the link with you, but yeah, you just pay shipping it Z for free. And I'm giving away a lot of other free things when anyone, you know decides to jump into that, um, but to walk away today and be like, OK, cool. What can I do with that? Um, I want you to think about so again, I'm for me. Confidence is about power, um, and understanding your power and utilizing your power. And so when I you know, I started digging deep into this recently because I was, like, when did I ever feel confident? When was I truly confident? Because I was the girl. I would go and take us on a diamond in college if I had to speak up. You know, one of my graduate professor. He wrote I you know, I had this long paper I wrote, and he wrote on it. This is awesome. You know what you're talking about. But if you don't speak up in class, you will never be successful. And I was like, Oh, all right, I hear you. But, like because I lack so much confidence in myself to speak up, you know, I would I would do everything before I would go to class. I would, you know, do the affirmations. I would, you know, put on a certain perfume. I would dress a certain way, and I'd be like, Okay, today's the day. I'm going to speak up. I'm gonna stoop out when I have something to say, I'm going to say it. Then I would say in class my I would get butterflies in my stomach gonna be like, Oh, my gosh. Okay, Next time, Next time is the time. And then I started thinking at the same time that I was doing that. You know, um, I won't get in tow. The long story. You can read it, but, you know, I I found my power in another way. So I My cousin was battling cancer. Um, and he didn't have much time left. I was like, Okay, what can I do? And I didn't have the confidence to speak up in a stupid college class, but I found the confidence somehow to email and call these people. He really wanted to go to the Indy 500. That was like his thing. He was eight years old. Um and I was like, Okay, what if I just call it asked if he could like meat. Dale Earnhardt. I don't I don't even know them like I don't e o But I was like, What if he could meet like some of the guys that drive these cars that are, like, really famous? Like, would that be really cool? I guess his laugh like thing. And so somehow I found the power, my power and using my voice and sending the emails and making the cause. And and he went and he met them. He got their signatures. I have the shirt that he bought me that day, you know? And so then I think that moment taught me that I had power and I had confidence in that moment. But it's not because I did anything special. I didn't read affirmations. I didn't think about it. I didn't have time to think, but I had the power then and so it started making me think about all the times in our lives that we forget about where we go through life and we just do things and we're like, Well, I just ended up here. It was no big deal, but it was a big deal, so if we can lean back. Everyone says, Don't don't look back right Don't look back. You'll think about your failures and all of that. So you gotta look forward. But I think we need to look at all of the amazing things that we have overcome that we've gone through. And if we confined power in our confidence in those moments, we can use that to our benefit in the future. And so that's where, like my whole mindset with my next book is coming, where it's a legit large books, sharing stories and using all of these theories and ideas to really make a difference in our lives. Because again, especially with 2020 I think we've all we keep going through, and we're just like, this is just 2020 and, you know, we just got to keep going. But like we're not realizing how strong were being through this process like so many of us, we've dealt with so many crazy things, right, and we're still here, and we're not celebrating that. I think we need to celebrate all of the small winds that we have, and that's where our confidence will grow. So that's what the little booklet is. A is a workbook. To get you to understand why you feel the way that you feel dig out your strengths and put them above our physical appearance. Because for a lot of us women, we, uh when we say we're not confident, it's usually because of our bodies, right? Because we're told we need to look a certain way, be a certain way. So we're so worried about trying to wear the right clothes or have the right the right body, which doesn't exist. And so that's what this little booklet is about. It's getting over that figuring out who you truly are. I say, find your spice Girls. So what Spice girl would you be? And be more like her? Um, taking control of your words and your actions, And I give morning, uh, morning confidence system, like just a little check out some things to do. To increase confidence. Um, so yeah, so that's what that little thing is about. I love that. Oh, my gosh. Just so much like your story brought tears to my eyes. I I can totally relate to that feeling like Okay, well, I don't have time to think like this is This is what I've got to do you know, you gotta do we gotta do to survive and and to give to your family and your loved ones And I really, really love that. So how is confidence shaped your business? Or even, you know, the women on your team? Because I feel like you have grown so much since you have started. Um, just I'm just curious how much of a role that's played in tow where you are, you know, it's huge. Um, with our business right in network marketing, direct sales. It's interesting, right? So I have things that I say to people, you know, and I could give it to one of the people on my team, and I could use this, right? Go say this. Say that they'll do that and it doesn't work out. I do it and I'm like it works. Yeah, And the reason for that is because of the confidence that I heard you talk about this before, right? The confidence in your products. But it's also the confidence in yourself. And that's why you know, I'm starting to work with female entrepreneurs because if you can build the confidence in yourself, you can come across confidently and people buy from confident people buy from people who they want to be like, right. And so they want confident people. If you're if you're hesitant, you're doubtful. They're never They're not interested in what you have to offer. They'll find somebody else who is like, No, you need what I have, right? So when I approach, you know my people where I'm like Hey, you need to join me. I literally say that, right? Like no, this this program is going to work for you and here's how it's going to work and I'm gonna be here every step of the way. And I'm gonna hook you up with X Y Z and we're gonna get you the exact results that you want now. Prior Daniel First, signing up Daniel was like, uh, this might work. I don't know, right? Right? Yeah, nothing wrong with that. We all go through that process, so that's why it's important as you grow in your confidence with your business and your product. It's important to grow in your personal confidence because when you do that then you're gonna present yourself on dat way. So it did take, you know, lots of personal development and digging into all of these things that I just talked about with, you know, history and understanding what my power is. But it's also for me confidence, um is understanding your strength And I think a lot of times in network marketing and not I think I know I'm working on my e know that in network marketing, direct sales, we get in and we see other people doing certain things. And we're like, Okay, I have to do that because that's what you're supposed to do. And so I always heard people saying, You know, you gotta do YouTube videos. You gotta you know, I g stories. Now you've got to be on all day long and, you know, for a little bit there I was like, OK, I guess I will. You know how miserable it makes me to be on instagram stories 24 7 like it makes me want. Oh, like I'm not a lot. I decided, uh, that is not my strong suit. That doesn't bring me joy. That isn't what makes me feel confident. I don't feel confident at all now. I still do them because right in business we do things that we don't always want to do. But I do them in a way that makes me feel confident and brings me joy. So usually it's just me dancing or ran a picture of my dog. So and I decided when I feel most confident and when I feel what I feel like I have to strengthen is writing. I enjoy writing. I don't necessarily enjoy being on even today getting on this video with you. I'm like sweating. I'm like, Oh my gosh, I'm on video. I would have been I've been like Yes, yes, eh So I decided to start a vlog and I don't know many people in my business that are blogging about things outside of the products. So for me, it's like no one else is doing this. Will it work? I don't know, but I enjoy it. And so that's where a lot of our confidence comes from two. And our business is understanding our strength and what we're really good at and digging into those one time. I heard John Maxwell say, you know, if you're If you have a weakness that's a like a three, you're never gonna get it to a 10. So stop stressing about it. So take your strength that are between, you know, on a scale of 1 to 10 from a seven like a 6 10 9 and get better at those things and focus on those things. Um, so that's how I would say for your businesses, write down your top two or three strength that you feel you're really good at. So if you don't see me posting on social media every single day, you better believe I'm in messages and I'm talking to people 20 because I love like, that is my strength. So I'm like, Why I might not do that? But I'm really good at this. And I love talking one on one with people. So So write down two or three strings that you have and decide how this week you're going to take one more action in that area to grow that. And don't worry about the rest of it for right now. Yes, yes, I love that. And that's another thing. I think so many people try to do all the things and then you never become good at one thing. We'll never be confident in any of them. If you are in too many buckets and you're like, I have to be on every social media platform, I have to post this many times a day like, just like down. Right? Okay, Super quick. Because we just have, like, a couple minutes left. Um, someone is listening to this. They have been in direct sales and have never really like giving it their all. They've never really jumped in. Or maybe they're just not motivated because they never really saw the they saw. Never really thought that they could actually quit their full time job. Like you did. What if something you could tell someone like that listening? Who needs just a little bit of motivation? Like, how can they Just tomorrow. Okay, I'm actually gonna work my business. Okay? I'm gonna go a little deep here. This isn't about you. This isn't about you. So what I mean by that is you have to take the action. But when I think now for myself, when I take action when I'm like I don't feel like doing X, y z or I'm not motivated. I think about all of the other girls and women that need other girls and women to show them what's possible. So if you have a little girl in your life, she needs to see a strong and powerful and confident woman that has a successful business that is happy, that has joy that truly loves that you truly love yourself. So that way she could become that version. It's our job as adult grown women to be the example for little girls, and they're watching whether you're in target in some little girls in the dressing room next to you, you get to teach little girls or you have daughters yourself for the next door neighbor. I don't care who it is, but they are watching. They are seeing the way that we talk to ourselves, the way that we present ourselves, the way what we're doing, the success that we're having, and it's up to us to create that next So I love you and I want you to be super successful, and I believe every single woman is capable of amazing things. It's just our job to unleash our confidence, but it's also our job to be that example. So if you struggle with taking action for yourself because you're like, well, I don't really care, I don't need the money. I don't need this. What you do need is you need to set the example and decide what's most important for you, so maybe you don't need the money. But maybe you are really passionate about nonprofit that you could give back to. And how crazy cool would it be if you could give a million dollars without looking your bank out or even just $2 next week without stressing about an extra $2? So I would say that first and foremost remember that it's not just about you. This is about other people who need you, who need your story, who need you, who need to see you do the things that you're really passionate about. And then, second, if you're ready to take action or even if you're not ready, but you need to, then I would say set small goals. I didn't have the goal of leaving my full time job when I started. I didn't have the goal of paying off my student loans when I started my goal when I first started was Can I help one person? It starts with one person. It starts with one step. It starts with the first dollar paid towards your lots. It starts with just starting. And so so many of us get wrapped up. And we see these people that are sharing all these big, crazy stories. I left my job. I got my husband of the military blah blah, blah. Those things are great, but for so many of us those seems so unattainable. And so we have to start with where we're at. What is the small thing that you want to accomplish by next week? Is it an extra $5? Is it though? Give back to a nonprofit. What is it for you? And just take that first step towards that and it will be a ripple effect. Motivation doesn't exist. Motivation comes from taking action. So the more action you take, the more motivated you will become. So don't worry about being motivated. Just start today. Take action. Okay? I love it. I got chills and you were just talking. I'm like, girl, I know you say that you don't like being on video. But like I legit would watch your video talk show every day. Well, whenever you get that started, let me know and I will stalk me just like I did when you were talking about your money, your mind, your soul tips marking today. Um oh, my gosh, I was just so good. Um, guys, you need to save this episode and any time you need, um, that little kick in the butt. To, take some action. To, find your confidence. You need to re listen to this because I definitely will be for sure. So where can people find you? Where can they download your booklet? Where can they stock you? All the things so obviously Facebook instagram and also do the links. But it's just Danielle Nicole Hogle. Everyone spells my last name wrong. That's okay. Um links will be there on then. My block is she is pretty powerful dot com on do I will have a link there to the free book. And then I will also be posting it on social media. The link to get that free, but awesome. Thank you so much for your time friend. I really appreciate it and I know everyone's gonna be running over to connect with you. I appreciate you. Thank you so much. You're welcome. Bye. Bye. Yeah.


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