Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 33: Interview with Caz Gaddis on the Power of Envisioning in your Life and Business

podcasts Dec 07, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello, everyone. We're just having a dance party. Were like loving the 62nd countdown beginning e like that. It's maybe in my head now, like all night, though. But anyway, welcome back to another episode of the social selling sisterhood Podcast. If you're watching this on YouTube or on Facebook, though, you're getting the live podcast. So congratulations. You get to see your beautiful face. That's right. So I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have the pleasure today of interviewing my friend and a fellow. Oh, we're both in the same mastermind together. I don't know a fellow mastermind, er goddess, and I just met has this year. But I absolutely love her energy. She has been in direct sales before, so if he has that background to share with us A swell. She's a personal power coach and she is here. To talk to us about wrapping up our 2020 our vision for 2021 just getting our mindset and all the right places. So if that sounds right, cause if you wouldn't mind giving us a quick intro of you and we will get started Yeah, for sure you guys miss part of it. You guys saw the end of it. I was like, totally jamming out like I was like, Yeah, it was a perfect pump up. Yeah, seriously, it reminds me of So when I used to be, um, I'll get into, like, who I am officially. But if you guys are in network marketing or indirect sales in general on if you've ever been to one of the live events where they have, like, the music and then the people come on stage, I was just, like, feeling that feeling, that energy, feeling that it was so real. And it is so really for a lot of us, right? It looks a lot of different this year, and we'll definitely talk more about this year in just a moment. so, Yeah, I'm Cats goddess. I like jamming out to cool music, and I'm super grateful to be here with you guys today. So I am a personal power coach. And what that means is I help people. I help moms as well with their for all energy leadership. What does that mean? I know. So what that means is, how are you showing up to life? How are you reacting or interacting with life, especially in this area of your own business? Whoever says business is not personal. It's just like cool for them. But business is totally personal, especially in direct sales and network marketing. Overall, it's it's a balance of all the things. And so I'm here to chat with you guys today. If you have any questions or comments, I will definitely review them a swell later. Or Lindsay can let me know. I want us to have a real conversation on all the things because mindset is always everything, but especially everything when it comes to being in this industry and really showing up with the energy that you want so you can have a successful business versus showing up in the energy that you don't even realize you're showing up with. And then you're wondering why things aren't matching up. Right? So I've been there, done that. I got the T shirt s. Oh, yeah. So I'm here to support you guys and excited. Thank you so much, Lindsay, for having me on. Absolutely. I am, like, pumped for our conversation. Like I said, Guys, Caz's energy is phenomenal. And in all of our mentor ship calls, Honestly, I could be talking one on one with Caz just because she gives me so much good advice. And I'm like, Oh, my gosh, I never thought about that. Or she will pull out things for me that I'm like, actually, yes, that is what I was going for. Or that is what I am missing. So I really hope you guys enjoy a conversation today. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. And just a little f y I All of us are dealing with this anyway, with cove, it and all the things. But in case he hear something that sounds like a little wild animal. I have two kids under 2. 5 year olds. 2. 5, you know, I mean, they're under 2. 5 years, uh, there with my husband. So they're not like, you know, in the wild, but they sound like they are. So in case you hear that E No worries. I have a dog. So she might be all crazy too. She's sitting over here next to me right now, like, really mom, Like you're doing another one of these. What is happening? E Totally get that. So, Caz, um, tell us how you became a personal power coach. Like, how does how did that even happen? Yeah, So a lot of failing up. And I say that because I think it's important to talk a little bit about. You know, we talked a little bit beforehand to talk about my background in network marketing and kind of how all that came to be. And so a super succinct way of sharing all that is that I was married with no job. Um, like, I literally just got married and I had no job coming into the marriage, so I was like, Well, this is really great setting up myself from a situation for me. The reason I share that is right before right in the midst of that happening. I also quit my first Masters, and so I was already feeling like a failure. And then on top of that, I didn't even have a job at the time. I got one eventually with Starbucks, and I was like a manager or whatever. But I I share that because there's times and seasons when we're just like we're just kind of here, floating like a snow globe with snowflakes and you're wondering like what is what, and that is okay. It's in that space that things actually start falling into place, even though it may feel like it's falling apart. And I also, it's in that space that you have the ultimate like awesome, empowering power of choice. We always have choice, but in those moments where things just don't feel like they make sense at all, you get to make sense of them. And it feels like more sense than in, like the everyday when things are like feeling good and like, you know what's going on with yourself, who you're being and what's going on with all the things. And so, um, I shared that because network marketing indirect sales became the thing that I invested into because I knew that I don't want to just be at a 9 to 5 job. And so I decided that I needed to, like, put all of my energy into that right, And we could totally have a separate podcast Separate conversation on that. Um, I will say that I learned over the years to get my job when I did have When? During that time, Um, toe, look at it as my investor into what I was creating with my business. Um, And for the beginning of it, though, I did not have a job. I really did corn, all of me into that. And it was one of those things where I went into really deep depression. The first time was because I really I wish someone would have stopped me on the street and grabbed me by the shoulders and be like, Hey, this is your purpose. Just go do this, right? Like, how many times do we just wish, like, Okay, we'll do whatever it is, But someone tell me what it is it like. I don't even know we're going. And so there was a lot of that. And when I went into direct sales and network marketing in general. Oh my gosh, like anybody here still have, like, cassettes or CDs. And like the big albums of all the personal development stuff you can get when you go to the oh, my life listening to those people in the spaces of like, You know, I would get out, talk to a potential client, do whatever was that my product did or talk to them and whatever about the business. I would get in my car and pray that I had enough gas to get home. Listen to the CD and just like barely, I wish I had wipers for my eyes. It was really dark clients. One from that I started looking at like, What do I want for myself? Who am I going to be? What is my ideal day going to be like? So I started envisioning what I wanted. Now it took some time because everything takes some time. But that's how I got here today, in the most distinctish way that I can share that. In between, that, I did finish a different masters, have a masters in social media marketing. I worked for one of the largest social media platforms. It rhymes with book, and I did my own consultancy for a little bit. And then I got it to the space where you just you don't need to. You can choose To, follow and listen to your intuition. Even when you feel like you're being a failure, you're not. You're listening and it's guiding you forward. And so that landed me into what I do now. So since 2017, I've been in personal development. And, It's been an adventure still continues to be, but that's how I'm showing up now. It's doing it in like with the fear. The fear doesn't go away. It becomes adrenaline. It becomes a moving for us. And so anyways, that's my love that I love that we I didn't realize how many parallels we had in our story because prior toe network marketing, if someone would have told me to read personal development book or listen to it, I was I would have been like like that's why we like, That's weird. And, I got into network marketing right after my mom passed away, and I also was experiencing depression and I felt like no one really got me and I needed you know something. And I really fell into not only my team, but also personal development. And now I can't even imagine, you know, not listening to podcasts or not reading inspirational things. Um, I wonder if you have any tips for people who are kind of like where we were prior, because I don't think you necessarily have to be in depression to start doing the personal development. But you know what? Or something. Because I hear a lot from people on my team. Um, people in our group right now that are like, Well, I don't need personal development. I don't have time for it. What would you say to that? Yeah. So we have time for what we make time, right? So that's the first thing. And I don't mean that with any judgment is just truly like you could have something that's super pressing that you really need to get done, and then you still find procrastinating Might be like this sparkle, right? So you still make for the other things that are more fun. And, like the squirrel gets toe entertain you. Um, the other piece about it is everything is personal development. Every failure actually gives you more success in a way and more lessons more substance than the successes. So anything that you go through every single day, you're working on who it is that you're developing into because we're ever changing. So I totally get the whole blue thing. I came from a background that was much more corporate. My original background missed. All the things I mentioned was higher administration. So I was in that person plus years and so that everything was much more structure and more, you know, on the professional like, this is how it is. And then I grew into personal development. I realized, like I don't need the boxes, I create my space. And so I would say, Just lean into it without the judgment of what it means, what it means about U. E. We feel that we maybe are broken or something has to be fixed. Doesn't mean anything has to be fixed. You're just working on the next best is version of you and it doesn't mean that there is nothing. It doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with who you're being now. But you also don't know what the future holds. And so you get to, like, be an active participant in your life. I love that. Yeah, that's so good. Um, I love that you don't have to be broken to improve yourself, because I think that is a very false thought. That we can have from time to time is like the name broke. Don't fix it, but you could always get better, right? And then there's this other piece to it to like you mentioned, like what kind of tips or that kind of thing. And so yes, so definitely that you don't have to be broken. You don't have to. It's not necessarily that there's anything wrong now, but it's also just as you think of whatever you're thing is that's coming up for you, whether it is time, because that could be very real, it can feel super real especially, um, depending on your commitment with work. If you have for babies, if you have kids, babies, whatever other babies, there's all these other pieces to it. But really looking at what's behind that, because there was a time that it could potentially have been a self worst thing. You know, I've talked to some people lately where, you know, we're all looking and positioning ourselves for the next year. And some people literally told me they're afraid of getting excited about the next year because of what this year has been. Oh, and that's like, that's deep and heavy, right? Like, yeah. Like you're now. Oh, no, I think we lost her. Yeah, has come back way. We're just getting in the good stuff. So that was super awesome. My computer. Okay, we will be right back on. Actually, she might be able to hop back onto this. I'll just wait and see. Wow, we're waiting in the interim. Um, so I'm going to make sure to talk to Caz about hope she might be back and you don't know. We will see. She might message me. I'm gonna make sure to talk to Caz about mindset tips about what she was getting ready to chat with us about with the not being afraid to go ahead and create big goals and dreams for yourself in 2021 because I think that is really huge. I've heard a lot that people want to just write off 2020 but I know, a lot of people who want have had really amazing years in 2020. But I know, like myself, I've been able to spend a lot more time with my business. There have been a lot more people online because it has been a year of online, right? Who? You've been doing a lot of stuff online because we've been doing a lot of stuff at home. It's also been a year for extreme growth for me, because I know I have. You know, you zoom way more than I ever had in the past. Um, I've been able to, you know, play around with different things. I was able to start a podcast in 2020 s. So now we're back with cast. E was like e was like she can make herself disappear. E was like getting a really new partner. Then she bounces out. She's like, Okay, piece. That was me virtually dropping the mic pizza. Everyone drop this one, like, you know, but a good one is about. That s so that was really funny and so perfect because we're talking about 2020 right? We're talking about 2020 has been like this craziness right. And so then I'm just like I put out of the broadcast. Here's the thing. So in that example, I have the option of freaking out and of being like, Oh, my gosh, I'm such a failure. I can't even charge my laptop correctly, right? Or all these different things Or like I message. You know, Mikey, I'll be right there. And I grabbed look into the energy, right? I plugged into the source that feeds my computer, and then I was able to come back in, and there wasn't any judgment for that. I know that sounds super deep for just having, like, Miss plugged my computer. But we were talking about this year what had been And it truly is one of those things of, like, Do you wanna be that computer that then no longer feels like it has power, and it's just like, Okay, cool. I'm just like you, or I'm going to shut down, right? Or am I gonna plug back into what I need to and who I need to be surrounded by in order to grow my business, grow myself and move forward from this year while also being grateful and taking the lessons that were possible in that, you know. So anyway, yeah, I love that. No, no, that's perfect. I mean, that's really perfect. I was just saying while we were waiting for you to hop back on that while 2020 has definitely been a year of challenges for everyone there also, like, I count my blessings that I was able to really grow my business. I was able to hop on more of my mastermind calls that I invested in Zoom. I started my podcast. Like all these things that you know you could be grateful for, even in times of challenge or times, when would I rather have been traveling like I was supposed to been? Maybe. But you know, everything. Everything happens in this place. I feel like and yeah, that's just like a perfect example for that. Well, and then to depends on those of you listening in or watching in as we are live. It depends on how your business has been too. Right. So when your business is going good, it's so easy to show up. And when your business is not going good, it's so easy to go inward and also not be that nice to yourself. And so what I've learned while I was in network marketing and what helped me before I even knew what energy leadership was. Any time that I felt like I went deep into, like, What am I even doing with how much of invested in product or look at all like all the things like, Who am I? No one wants to buy from me. Someone wants to return. How dare they like all these different things, depending on what's going on, like, why don't they want to join my team? I started realizing that when I went into that space, I was getting too much into myself versus serving, and it was serving and looking at okay, like, How can I support them or you know what? That's just where they are. Let me keep going. And eventually, if it makes sense for them, they'll they'll come in vs hyper, focusing on what's not working. Who I was being was different and therefore I actually attracted more of what I wanted without even going into like the blue of like law of attraction and that kind of thing, but truly like who are you being because people can feel like all of us have been there Where someone trying to sell us something. You're just like I don't know. You know what I really like. Something feels off when you're breast. That's something that's off is being admitted. It's being shown to other people without us even, you know. Yeah, I totally I totally can. I could see a way more now than I feel like I used to be able to or like, I can sense it. Um, do you have any tips for us? So, like when we're starting to get in our head and we're starting to be like, I'm not good enough, this business isn't for me. I shouldn't have signed up. I'm too old. I hear a lot. I'm too old to do that or I'm too young to do that or I don't know how to do. You know what can what are some things that we can do to kind of like realign ourselves and bring our energy back? Yeah, there's a few different things that we can look at with that. So So, in general, the easiest way to look at it is like so there are truths in life, right? Like there's certain things like there's gravity. No one's made that up like it's really right. And the things that we make up in our head because of our story because of our past and those can kind of be sometimes things that limited us or just again, our own experience in, like, the truth for us. So a lot of times in our head, we make like this whole other layer to that we're used to yourself of some way, but then let you hold away or like whatever it is that you see of yourself, you're just like Oh my gosh, like about me, someone else's like I've never even thought you would have that thought Because I see you is this So what? I mean with that, it whenever you have thoughts like that, what I invite you to do is two things. One. I remember doing this before, when I was getting going through a year long coaching certification. They had to do this, which was on call or text three close friends, three loved ones and ask them what they see in you. Like what? What qualities? What are they thankful for what inspires them about you and all like for you to stay back is just thank you. And whether they tell you that, or they take that back to you receiving that allows you to receive if you choose again that different perspective from someone else and maybe even gives you something that you didn't even know that someone else on you. So that's one quick way to get pep in your step when you're feeling like the fields, right? Or you're just like, uh, on go. The other thing is so I don't know if you guys are familiar with the Venn diagram. I kind of wish is that look could draw, like, really cool. That's now Green Yard next year. Uh, Venn diagram. It's like two circles that come together and there's, like, the middle area. And so when you think of that on the left side, I'm gonna drop one really quick so I can like I'm a visual learner and and show chiller. So when you have been diagram, if you use the left side and look at like what you truth, your thoughts, whatever those things are and just like brainstorm them down into that left side of the circle. Then I want you to look at on the right hand side. Like what? Like what is other person, for example, if there's someone else involved, What are they saying about this, or what is the situation telling you? So, for example, maybe you feel like, um, you know, you're just not not meeting your numbers, right? And so I'm writing that down for the example. So you're not meeting your numbers that's on the left hand side, and that's making you feel like you know what? Like you're just a failure. And so on the right hand circle, right, all the way to the right. What is going on for you? What is your portal telling you from your dashboard, or what? Our clients telling you that maybe not right now, So you make that into again, being that you're just being a failure. But the middle part is like the fact it's the truth. It's like it is what it is. Peace. And so the middle is maybe for them, you know, they had something going on. The client had some sort of other financial situation, or like their dogs sick, and they're just not being able to focus on Ben for you. Okay, Cool. Like, your numbers may not be that awesome right now, but when you look at where you were three months ago, you're like 30% of hiring sales than you were. So when you get out of, like, the focus of like right now and you start looking at it from other perspectives from the other people from like the fax, then you get a different story that you get to tell yourself, e like that a lot. Yeah, we get. I know we're just harder on ourselves than anyone else's. Especially when I know for me as a leader, I want to show up big for my team or I want to be hanging that next. You know that next rank or that next goal. And if you don't hit it, it's gonna be really, like, devastating. You could be really hard on yourself, but then my sales air still better. Especially like from a year ago, I've grown, Um, so it's a really good comparison. I like that a lot. Those visuals air really good. Yeah. And then when you're looking at the right now, if things aren't lining up how you want them to be if you're not feeling as awesome as you wanna be if your team, if your business whatever it is, if it's not where you want it to be No, that has nothing necessarily to do with right now. It has to do with the last 236 months before now. And so, knowing that what you're doing now is repeat is sewing into the ground what you'll have in the next few months. It's like, right now is the time to make that change so that you can experience and have and be all the things that you want in the future. Yes, I love that. I always say your vibe attracts your tribe, and it might not be today. You're planning your seeds, but they will come. If you're showing up and you're putting out the right kind of energy, they will definitely come to you. Yeah. So looking ahead 2021. Um, I know you're all thing. This vision board and Vision Board has kind of been like a like a hot topic the past couple years. Um, explain to us a little bit about why we need a vision board. But why we don't just need the vision board part of it. Yeah, so this is like I have a product that just came out called Vision Board in a box and even on there, I say vision boards don't work and people like that's weird. First comfort one does that, and it's the thing Is that like they truly don't work if you don't work on your inner work and then the outer plan right? So it's super nice, and it could be super fun to, like get together with some girlfriends, maybe even Zoom, have some wine, cheese, whatever and then put really cool images on a board. That's awesome, but it takes so much more like. So there's this thing called the range of engagement when it comes to your energy leadership, and there may be things that you need to do or you feel like you have to do, but that doesn't carry very awesome energy. That doesn't make you want to do that right, like if it's something you have to do, like I have to do this, but obviously it's been waiting for a while, like it hasn't gotten further. And then you start going into, like, you know what I want to do this. That's a different energy. There's more power of choice in that. There's more like I get to do this and then there's I choose to do this, which is like the highest range of engagement with that, with whatever it is that you need to do or whatever. The reason I share that is that sometimes we put things on the vision board. But have we really ask ourselves, Is that something I really want to pursue? And I want to invest and actually become the person that then gets this versus this looks nice, you know? But are you willing to do the things that it takes to make that rank? Are you willing to step into things that you haven't really felt comfortable experiencing? Maybe it is personal development, right? Maybe it is downloading the app and finally trying a podcast or whatever it is for you. And so So, yeah, so there's there's those pieces to it on Ben, looking at the plan versus I think sometimes we over sometimes we over okay things very much and really looking at it from a space of like, Okay, this is what I want. But what does it take? What are the small steps in order to get to that place versus all of this has to be done right now, like no wonder. Then you get like analysis by paralysis and you do nothing. I mean, I'm talking toe with that like I've totally been there. And so having a space where you yes can envision but also think about like, who do you need to become truly like? What characteristics do you need to have in orderto have these things? And also, do you even believe that it's possible and that you're worthy? Because if you don't believe it's possible for you And if you don't believe you're worthy enough to have those things again, it's just to stay an image on a board or from a cut out magazine that you have on the table. Oh, that's that's deep. Um, okay, now I'm thinking about selfishly myself as a leader of a team of women. Um, do you have any? You just said for a team, right? So you're thinking, but then you disperse that. So go ahead. Well, I was just I was just gonna say, how can I help my team with that belief? Because, like, I know the success that it's possible. I know you know, the financial freedom that comes with this. I know all the joy I get from working with my wonderful team of ladies. But if it's someone who maybe hasn't sponsored anyone yet or just getting started, is there any way that I can? My serious came out. Of course. Eyes there anyway happens to me too. Does it? Like I'm like, what is happening? I definitely did not say that word. E don't know why I gotta love technology tonight. Um, but is there anything that you can say to me or any other leaders to help us with our team in that belief in that mindset? Yeah. The simplest question I could think of asking in that whether it's you asking them or them asking themselves, I even asked myself that when I feel just overwhelmed in the day and I ask myself or my clients what is the next best thing, like truly with whatever the goal is or whatever. If you guys are working on a certain rank together, a certain amount of orders or whatever. What is the next best thing to either get them there or to give them a break? So then they come back to it. Sometimes we just need to step away and the permission to step away and be like, You know what? This is the next best thing for me because if I actually take this to our now because I've burnt myself out so much or whatever it is, then they can perfect different. So truly it's it's case by case, right? Like what is the next best thing for you? And then it's like the whole like, elephant thing. You buy such a weird metaphor, but one bite at a time with an elephant because apparently that's what's like for dinner on DSO. Is that that one next thing like, what is that next thing? And then once you do that, what is the next thing? After that? Um, that would be the one question that I would start off with, and then it's looking at. So I also asked this, but this could totally be a thing. So so riel. I had, like 10 conversation myself. Just sound like what would best benefit in this situation. Times I've been here very intimately to were afraid of success, and we're afraid of failing. So, like you just cover and so really asking, like, What do you really want? Right Or like, What do you really not want? And what's behind that? And that could be a real conversation. I'm not just trying to be like super coaching. I'm like, Well, how does that make you feel like it's not even It's like, What do you really want? Because if you want this, then I can help you with that, right? You have a team you have. Resource is there's these calls, like all the personal development and product and all the things that there are available for us when we're in this industry. But then there's like that. There's like So I've coach moms, my mostly coach moms and with the energy leadership. And then if they're in their business and that kind of thing, and the thing that comes up or has come up quite a bit this year actually has been this fear of If I'm too successful, then I'm not a good mom, right? So sometimes we hold success and equaling that or not reaching that to something else, right? Sometimes just be feeling guilt that we may become more successful than our parents. Or or it could be that we didn't follow the degree the set way that we were supposed to. And so we're just like, Well, I don't know if, like, I should be successful because I didn't listen to, my advisor or my family member, whatever. So there could be like, super interesting pieces behind that. And then once you get through that, sometimes it could be as easy as time management, right or prioritizing. It can be either area of the spectrum, but that could be behind it. And to be able to help your team looking at those more. I love that. I love asking the more personal questions because I think sometimes, especially as our team gets bigger, I'm like, Oh, I checked in with them in a Facebook messenger, you know, chat. But just having those one on one conversations like to get down to that. Why? Because I think the fear of success for me, especially, was one of the really big things that was holding me back. Um, that and the thought that, like, Okay, you go to high school, you go to college, you get your degree, you'd get a job that has a retirement. And like, all the things And, um, while I still have that getting over that being judged for being in direct sales for building a business online, um, was definitely something that held me back in the beginning for sure. Right. And did you know that at first, did you know that that was there? No. No, not at all. Right. And so the quicker we can get to those things, and that's like, the energy piece of it, the quicker we can get to what we're actually thinking versus what we're telling ourselves to do. And then we're wondering what we're not doing it. The more streamlined. Then we can be towards again what it is that we want And like, who we want to be in that situation for ourselves and for those around us. So, yeah, it's like the sooner you could just, like, just dive into the things that don't feel comfortable. Um, it could be more comfortable than afterwards. Yeah. Yeah, Yeah, I love that. Um, okay. I want to be mindful of your time. Do you have any last, um, you know, tips, tricks. Just motivation for us. As we are ending 2020 Getting ready to start 2021 on Ben afterward. Ask how everyone confined you. Yeah, s 01 thing that I've been talking a lot to my community about right now is the whole, um, kind of determined, put together, but being gratefully ambitious, e feel like if you are in a job or if you're doing this part time, full time, whatever that looks like for your space. There's sometimes people who mean well, and they tell us that, you know, we should just be grateful or, um, in the season of gratitude, right? We may just feel like, Oh, we should be grateful. We shouldn't try to, like, ask for more. Like, that's, you know, I had a couple of jobs that were like, Oh, you know, you should be grateful with what you have. Don't ask. And it's It's just in this season that you're in totally be grateful for what you want to be grateful for. Even the stuff that wasn't super awesome because it's bringing you. It's pushing you. It's doing whatever it is to get you to your next space and then be open to being ambitious about it. Like, What do you want next? What do you want more of? And it's okay to receive that. And so, having that space as we go into the holiday season or, you know, we start wrapping it up depending on when you're listening to this, um, and then looking at Okay, cool, like, now that that's that's all they're like, What's my next best thing and really looking at it from that space, I think that it can allow you to look at all the areas of your life and then be like, all right, now what right? It allows you to close one year or close one season? If you're again listening to this later into the next year on, then it allows you text taking the next step into the next season, the next quarter, whatever that is for you. So that would be my number. One thing is to like whatever has been is been, and now you get to make your new thing. And so looking at that, whether it's a new month in the business or a New Year and going into that um, the other thing I wasn't mentioned and I don't know if it's e don't know if it's okay to mention but here I go, um, is that if you guys decided to get a vision board in a box, Lindsay has a cool bonus in there. And there's some other people that are also throwing in some fun stuff for business and for personal. And that might be a really good thing to support you in your next a swell. So I am pumped. Yeah, I'm really pumped. I love vision boards and even taking it one step further because I know I've made to, like, official like, you know, vision boards. One of them. Ah, lot of stuff came true on actually, the other one. Not so much. So I'm like, I need to, like, hone in on what I'm doing and the energy that I'm getting from them and just e mean I am Wu now. I didn't used to be, but like manifesting the crap out of that because like it is happening like I'm putting my stuff on that board, and it's, you know, it's gonna It's gonna go down, whether it's in 2021 or whether it's five years in the future. But, yeah, I'm really pumped about the vision board in a box That's gonna be really great. And it's so funny. I don't know if you can see my shirt. My shirt says unapologetically ambitious. I love that so that we didn't That's amazing. Yes, So I was like, Oh my gosh, that's so funny that that I mean, that's not exactly what you were terming, but I'm being gratefully ambitious. I absolutely love that because, um, I think a lot of times as women, we can get pegged negatively for being ambitious. And, that's a huge stereotype that I know. I am working to, um, change. And I'm very glad to hear that you are a swell Yeah, And you do that with every single moment that you're grateful. And you also look for like, what's next? What's more for you there? You do that in every single one of those steps, for sure. Yeah, I love it. Absolutely. Love it. Okay, cause how can everyone find you? Connect with you and then, guys, I will put all this in the show notes as well. So don't worry about having to write anything down but fill us in. Yeah, the easiest way is just to go to Caz goddess dot com and there have all the social connections and all that stuff. Then I have, like, a Facebook page, and they can kind of go from there. Same thing facebook dot com forward slash Caz goddess on get connected. And of course, um here and happy to support whoever needs it and wants to chat further. And then if your mom there is a private Facebook group where we go further into this stuff, Aziz well, that again, I love everybody. Yeah, yeah, we'll definitely make sure. And I'll make sure I share with all my women on my team to because we have lots of Mama's on there that I know could benefit a lot from from your free group, just like I have. So thank you so much for having the space to be able to share, because it's also one of those things. Like again like direct sales could be so very personal. And it's like, how do you grow yourself as a person as you're also working your business, that's personal. So appreciate it. Absolutely. And like like we've mentioned before and kind of all that we do and like this podcast. And I'm just trying to legitimize the industry even more than it already is, because everyone who is listening most of them are mom's not all of them. But, you know, they're really hard working. Lots of people have a full time job. Um, in addition, to building their direct sales business. So I know they're just going to get a lot from all the energy that you have shared. Thank you and for sure, I hope so. I have one more thing that just came to me that I feel like it would be good to share may sound kind of random, but if you are a mom and you're listening or watching this, even if you're not, because this happened to me when I wasn't, um, side note, I also never wanted kids. But that's a whole different conversation. The reason I share that is because it's not just like life is what you make of it. And I remember about 45 years ago when I left all the other businesses I had. I remember being in the shower and being super dramatic about it. You know, like when you need a really good cry in the shower, the ring, the rain, the water was and I started crying and then laughing like a crazy person like I was Joker and I was laughing because I was like, Oh, that's funny, I'm crying. But nobody could tell because, like, there's water on me, My hot right It was weird, and my next thought that hit me was this voice, and it was just like, How dare you be so irresponsible to start your own business and you could have jeopardized your kids future and their well being. I didn't even have kids at the time. Why am I sharing that? Because there's times when you're in this business. There's times when you're in whatever space and other business you might have or will have in the future, where you might hear a voice inside of you. That's not you. That is telling you to stop something when you're so close to your next. And so if anything that you take from this interview. I hope that you take this space and just know a you're not alone. You're not crazy if you've got an idea, it was meant Free Bill. Right? And just, like, do it unapologetically do it scared and know that you're not being you're responsible because what you're doing is you're creating opportunity and you're creating something out of the box. So, e, I love it. Absolutely love it. Thank you so much for your time. Has everyone make sure you check out all that cash has to offer connect with her. And again, Thank you so much for your time. Thank you, E.

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