The Secret to your Side Hustle Success

direct sales goals productivity side hustle success Feb 09, 2020

It’s been a while since I really considered what makes a side hustle successful. My first direct sales company used to always say “be a product of the product” which was very key to that business, but the company I’m with now that I love is nail polish strips and of course, I wear them daily–but just wearing nail polish doesn’t mean I’m going to be a success! So what can take a product based business like this to the next level? Here is the not-so-secret “secret”:


This can look like a lot of different things, depending on what your business is. In general, though, I have two words to make part of your business goals: be PROFESSIONAL and be CONSISTENT.


Women with side hustles who are successful, even though it’s not their main stream of income or maybe not their only “job”, treat their customers as though they ARE their only stream of income. They return messages and phone calls within 24 hours and provide exceptional customer service. When sending our product or thank you cards, they are prompt. If they are committed to an in-home party or a vendor event, they attend. A professional maintains an organized scheduled and follows through on her commitments. Along with that, a professional side hustler follows up with their clients to make sure they love the product or service, and if not, she makes it right for her clients. Additionally, doing those things with a positive attitude and a smile helps a lot attract the right people to your tribe.

Be Consistent

You might not get sales, a new party hostesses, or a new team member everyday. That does not mean that people aren’t watching. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to in person who have never liked, commented, etc. on a single social media post that I have made who say, “Oh I saw xyz on your page!” I’m always thinking, ‘You did?’ There are lurkers everywhere, friend. They don’t comment, like, love, or in any way interact with your content, but they are there! And to be honest, a lot of them are just waiting for you NOT to be consistent. Don’t prove to others or even yourself that you’re not working a real business because you don’t show up. Show up every day. Now, there are ways to automate your systems so you can take a breaks! For example, for me, scheduling social media posts is key. You’ll get into a pattern and find out what works for you after a while. Once you find your method that works and is a simple routine for you but also gets you results, stick to it. And again, show up for your business and yourself!

I hope that little reminder helps you check where you are with your business and realign what is and isn’t working for you.

Real women empower women.


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