Scaling Strategies for Success: Three Tips to Boost Your Business

automation delegation kajabi streamyard systems Jul 08, 2024
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I am so excited to dive into today's topic: scaling your online business. We’re going to discuss how to elevate and take your business to the next level with sustainable growth strategies. Before we hop into the juicy content, I want to address the new name of the podcast. This change has been brewing for a while and was inspired by my experience at Podfest in January. I wanted to make it crystal clear that this podcast is for women entrepreneurs. The new name, Purpose, Profits, and Pixie Dust, aligns with my mission to help women create businesses that allow them to live the life they desire because if you're not making profits, girl, you're not running a business!

Okay, let's dive in!

Tip #1: Focus on Your Core Strengths

To scale effectively, you need to focus on your core strengths. Outsource tasks that don't play into your strengths to free up your time for strategic planning and growth activities. This takes a lot of self-awareness. What lights you up? What are you good at? It's okay to admit what you're not good at. For example, if creating content excites you, don't outsource it, or outsource only part of it like I do with my social media content. This way, you can pour your energy into creating your actual products or deliverables for your membership.

Templates are your best friend. Maybe email marketing overwhelms you. You can outsource it or use templates to make the process easier. Platforms like Kajabi offer templates for web pages, emails, and more. Templates help you save time and focus on areas that matter most. Etsy is another great place to find templates. I bought website design templates for a summit I hosted and a full website rebrand. These templates saved me hours of time and allowed me to focus on high-value tasks. So, get scrappy and use templates to your advantage. Here are the Kajabi templates I've bought (affiliate link). I also bought templates for my website for all the legal pages. You can see what I bought here (they were so easy to use and yes, this is an affiliate link).

Tip #2: Invest in Automation

Automation tools are game-changers. They streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and let you handle increased demand without burning out.

Some of my favorite tools are:

**Kajabi**: Grab a 30-day free trial (affiliate link) here.

**StreamYard**: Great for video content and interviews with branding and multi-destination streaming. Try it and get $10 off (affiliate link).

**Descript**: Perfect for podcast editing and transcriptions. It even removes filler words with a click. -

****: Automatically saves and schedules content across multiple platforms. It downloads and removes watermarks from your content, making repurposing a breeze. Check it out at my affiliate link here.

**Zapier**: Connects different platforms to automate workflows. It’s great for syncing tasks between apps. Now, I don't personally use this because I haven't need to, but lots of people I know use it and love it.

Tip #3: Build a Strong Support Team

Surround yourself with people who share your vision and help you move your business forward. Masterminds are excellent for this. Being in a mastermind provides you with a supportive community and insightful advice. I lead a mastermind called the Confident and Ambitious Mastermind, which is designed to elevate your business to the next level. The next cohort opens for enrollment mid-July, with the program starting in August. Spots are limited, so join the waitlist to secure your place.

Wrapping It Up: Scale with Purpose and Fun

Scaling isn’t just about growth; it’s about strategic and sustainable growth with a sprinkle of fun. Focus on your core strengths, invest in automation, and build a supportive team to help you scale your business successfully. 

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