Mastering Morning Rituals With Kristin Woodford

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Let's talk about routines - the roadmaps of our lives. Having a promising daily routine can lead to enhanced productivity, improved mental health, and overall personal growth. 

Meet Kristin Woodford: The Routine Queen

Kristin Woodford is a staunch advocate of routines, habit formation, and self-care. Her life path, filled with personal and professional experiences, shaped her into the great personality she is today - a renowned routine queen. Her journey involved significant self-exploration, corporate grind, parenting, and entrepreneurship. The passion for routines surfaced from a pivotal moment when she was about to return to work after maternity leave. She started investing time in physical activities as a way of filling her cup and found out the enormous transformative power of simple routines and rituals.

Finding Your Ideal Routine

Kristin suggests everyone embarking on this journey should examine their current life season. The lifestyle of a newborn's parent will differ drastically from that of a pet owner or an employee. We need to realistically assess what we can manage. Building a routine isn’t about grand, unattainable goals. Quite the contrary, it’s finding easy-to-implement, sustainable steps that can be dovetailed into our daily life. With consistency, these small steps can bring big changes.

Kristin advises adopting a combination of movement, stillness, and journaling in your daily routine. She recommends that beginners experiment with various activities to understand what clicks for them because everything won't work for everyone. Being consistent and not expecting gigantic, instantaneous change is the key here. To enable success, it’s vital to determine the raw reason behind why we're pursuing this path or what we hope to gain from our routine.

One Last Notion to Consider

Kristin reminds viewers that your morning routine starts the night before. By taking some time to prepare for the upcoming day, we can minimize decision fatigue and create a solid foundation for our morning routine. Besides, we also need to focus on our sleeping habits as that greatly affect our ability to effectively implement our morning routine.

In summary, this enlightening podcast episode sheds light on the power of routines. Connecting with our intention and prioritizing self-care enables us to mindfully progress towards our personal and professional objectives, providing a sense of control over day-to-day actions. Kristin illustrates the need to be consistent, patient, and realistic while embracing these methods that can equip us to be our best selves.

I'd love to hear in the Facebook group or over on IG: what does your morning and nightly routine look like? Is there anything you learned from this episode you're going to start?

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