The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 98- Identifying Client Challenges to Create Content

podcasts Aug 18, 2021

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Yeah, Hi friend, Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller, I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now. We got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello! Hello. Welcome back to another episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. My name is Lindsay Dellinger and I am your hostess. Um anyway, I'm super pumped to be in your ear buds today and I wanted to share with you, I'm just going to be a pretty quick episode because I actually have to hop on a training that I'm doing for a friend's program um and talk to them all about call to action in building their team, which I'm really pumped about. Um but anyway, I had a conversation with my live video strategist coach yesterday and she gave me an exercise to do and it was very, very eye opening for me and I want to share that exercise with you feel free. So one of the things that if you're like me, I tend to get in my head with or kind of lack, you know, lack a little bit of motivation or inspiration with is exactly what to go live about and it's really easy for me to go live, like if I'm in a cool place, I want to show people what's going on or if I get something fun in the mail and I want to show people that or sometimes things just come to you and you're like oh my gosh I need to go live about this and share X. Y. Z share my experience teach about something, show someone a cleaning tip or trick you know whatever it might be. And those are all really great categories for going live and things that you can definitely talk about. Um But when you want to do lives or create content for your business and for your business opportunity here is a way you can figure out what to talk about. So what I want you to do is and you can go back and do this later obviously, but you're going to take a piece of paper And you're going to write out 10 um of the challenge is that your ideal client faces that would pertain to your product. So say your product is oils. What are 10 things that you know you can recommend oils for for people. So maybe it is people are some you know someone is stressed out and you have an oil for that. That's so people are stressed. Um you know maybe it's inflammation, maybe it's not being able to sleep at night uh digestion because I know some oil can you tell that I'm not very like uh maybe knowledgeable on my oils. I am a little bit but um maybe it's adding lemon or peppermint for upset stomach. So you know people have digestion issues, something like that. So Right out 10 things um that are challenges that your ideal client faces, that I have to do with your product. If your product is um, you know, nail polish strips, you could say that you know, your ideal client doesn't have time to do their nails. They usually smudge them. They want fun designs and cool things, but they can't do that at home. They don't want to pay money for a manicure. They can't have child care To go and get their nails done at a salon. Just you know, thinking off the top of my head. Okay, so 10 things that have to do with your product now, I want you to write down. Um also on the same piece of paper, 10 challenges that your ideal client faces in regards to um what your business could solve. Yeah, For me this is this is so much easier. I don't know why, which maybe is why I'm a little, I guess I shouldn't say better, but why team building comes a little bit easier for me. Um I shouldn't say easier, but you know what I mean? I'm good at team building and because I like to talk about this side of things. So I like to talk about, you know, the community. So if I like to talk about the community that I have built on my team. One of the challenges that could be facing is I know that as especially women, but also men as we get older, especially if you have kids. Um or you have a really strenuous job, maybe you don't have that community. So you are feeling either lonely or disconnected or have a lack of adult female friends or friends maybe who aren't in your like you have to be friends with because they're your kids friends, parents, that kind of deal. So maybe that is a challenge. Lots of challenges can be income related or people hating their daytime job and wanting another option. Or maybe it's just that people want create some creative freedom and want something that is their own. Um so I can think of lots of reasons why people have told me that they have ended up joining my team. And so those I would list on the right side under the income or business challenges that people have. Sorry, I don't know if you can hear it, but my landline is going off and I'm sure it's a telemarketer because that's pretty much the only people who call me on my landline. Um anyway, So now that you have this list of 20 challenges these are the things that you're gonna talk to people about. So these are, this is how you're going to create your content. So if people are saying that they have no energy, you're going to share tips and tricks on getting your energy elevated and getting your energy back and all of those things. Um If they are complaining about oh my gosh what is happening? They're like someone is like leaving a message and clicking and it's really really annoying. I don't know if you can hear it, hopefully they hang up soon. Um but the income and the business side of things, same sort of deal. Um you know, you're going to share about the community that you have built with your team or that is available on the bigger team that you have joined. You're going to share how um you know, you jumped on a working zoom with a friend for a half an hour tonight to not only work your business but have a little girl time and kind of escape from the realities of X. Y. Z. You're going to talk about how you use Campbell to make graphics and it's really fun because you don't get to do that in your daytime job. Um And so these aren't things that you necessarily even have to mention your product or business, But start peppering these in your content not only on your static wall, but definitely in your stories, I would say that that one of these 20 need to be in your stories at all times facebook and instagram. So you're sharing how you drink your supplement every morning and that really helps you with your energy and that's all you say and then a couple times a week, I want you to put a pole in your stories on said post or on the next slide saying, you know, um are you interested in hearing more about how I get my energy or are you interested in a free sample of X, Y. Z. About how I quit drinking coffee and then yes or no and start putting those in. Um I don't know that. I would necessarily do it every day. I guess you could but have one up so that people get used to seeing them because I tell you what guys, I've had some of these polls up, Gosh, I don't even know how many times and some people that I've known forever are just now voting yes, send me more info. So this is a really great way to get into people's in boxes and have them see them behind the scenes. A lot of people watch stories especially if you are consistent and especially if you are sharing all of these things, not in a sales and spammy way. Um you're gonna be surprised how many people are going to be interacting with you and it's not going to happen overnight. So remember that. But they will be watching you and someone will then start asking and it's going to be someone who you're going to be really surprised about. Um I remember I had someone joined my team. Gosh, this was probably about a year and a half ago now because I posted that I had earned my trip to. I don't remember where it was now. I think Cancun um I posted that I had earned this trip to Cancun. She had never bought my product for me. She had never talked to me about anything. In fact it was a coworker of mine and I have very kind of strict boundaries on, you know, not bringing my business into my place of employment. I'm a schoolteacher, you guys know that. And so I'm really good about that. But anyway, and she sent me a message and literally she was like, hey, I want to talk to you about this um at school tomorrow. And I was like, okay. So she came up after school and was like, you know, I'm signing up, I really want to go on a, on a trip. And so I don't obviously post about my lifestyle getaways very much, but that one was posted about and she did, she signed up right there and so you literally never know. Um which of these things that you are sharing about is going to attract other people. Um you know, someone might not be interested in traveling. And so if all you're posting about is traveling, traveling, traveling. Look at these, Look at the other nine things that you wrote our pain points of people who are looking to join. Um and I don't even know they're looking to join. Um but who are considering joining you in your in your business route? Remember the reason that you do your business is not necessarily the same reason that other people do it. So it's really important to hit on a variety of these challenges that people are facing the same thing goes with your product. To be honest, if the only reason that um someone had told me that I needed to try the health supplements that I promote now was energy, I would have laughed at them because my energy was already pretty high now. Is it a lot higher now? Yes. Um And I don't drink coffee and I don't drink pop anymore or soda or whatever you call it. But I it's interesting because it has been a challenge for me to figure out how to navigate that with people because I get it. Like I didn't need more energy. And to be truthful my sleeping was fairly good as well. Um But now that I have tried it, I know how much more energy I have and how much better I actually do sleep, but I was okay before, right. But there were other things. So the person that I ended up joining with my sponsor who I absolutely love mentioned happened to mention gut health and gut health is a huge thing for me and I'm I'm always working at improving that. Um I had colon surgery a few years ago. This woman had no idea because I haven't posted about it since I had it. Um I had it 2016. So it's been a hot minute. But um, I haven't been posting nearly as much because my first company you guys might know was a health and fitness company and then I really posted about my gut health journey and things like that. But anyway, so my sponsor really had no idea. So she was talking about energy and she was talking about you know, inflammation and blah blah blah and then happened to throw in there about gut health and I'm like, oh well I, I am always looking to improve my gut health. So sure I'll give it a try. So that's what I'm saying, just because it's something for you, that that is your number one, you know, benefit of your product or your number one reason that you are in your business doesn't mean that it's someone else's. So this is a super great exercise to give you a little bit of clarity. So again, 10 challenges that your product can solve For people or that people have, you know, regarding your product and then 10 income or business-related challenges as well and then use those to create some really quality content to draw in your ideal teammate, your ideal client. All right, I hope you found this helpful if you did go ahead and share this with your team, share this with a fellow social selling sister, you know that sharing is caring and if we are sharing this with people then we know that they are doing things the right way instead of doing things this Pamela Pamela way which no one loves. Alright guys go ahead and head on over to I. G find me on the social selling sisterhood or you can find me on at um lindsey calendar all one word and join the social selling sisterhood squad over on facebook. We can continue this conversation over there. Please take a second scroll on down, give this podcast a five star rating and give me a little one sentence. Love bomb note, I would really appreciate that. That helps other people find this podcast so that we can keep spreading the word to others. Alright friend, have a fabulous day, we will talk soon. Bye bye.

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