The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 97- Beginnings to Affirmations and Manifesting

direct sales personal development podcasts Aug 12, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend, Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, high school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money, You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Mhm Hello, social selling sister, what is up? Hi guys, my name is Lindsay doll anger and I am the host of this podcast and um you know I'm just really here to be your best friend, your fellow social seller, your biz coach, whatever role you need me to be in this moment, that is what I am showing up for for you today and always. So um I just wanted to start this episode with that because I feel like a lot of times we, we think people are kind of like off limits to send a personal message to or something like that and I just want to let you know that my inbox is always open for you. I am here to support you. Um you know, that's why I do this podcast, I love pouring into others, I love coaching, I love guiding people. Um I actually just found out, I don't know if you're familiar with human design, I think I've mentioned it on this podcast before. Um I heard it maybe for the first time before june but really, really heard about it in june when I was at a retreat down in florida, we called it Camp Unicorn. If you follow my, my facebook and instagram posts, you saw some about it back in june. Um and anyway, it was just a lot of really, you know, like spiritual women, it was women from my level team. Um and anyway, long story short, I found out my human design, I'm a projector, I'm a 13 projector and then there's all kinds of other things that you can be and projectors make up about 20 to 25% of the population and your human design is based off of where you were born, like literally where like the hospital or wherever, um your birth weight, the date and time I believe are the only things that it looks into um which to me is so fascinating. But anyway, so I found out my human design is a projector and basically that means um that I like to guide like my friend jen who is really big into human design and who opened my eyes to this cause me, baby Yoda and so basically like one of my strengths as a projector is being able to kind of have a bird's eye view of situations and really give a an outside perspective on, on strategically how to do things. And um I was like, oh my gosh, that's that's totally me, 100 and 10%. Um so anyway, I share that because one of my friends, Amelia Shadow to Amelia barker, If you're listening to this, I'm sure you probably are. Amelia is on my team. And she was asking, my sister Kourtney has a, I think it's called the high frequency Book Club. I could be wrong, I'll drop the link in the show notes, but she's been doing a book club this summer on, you know, different personal development books. And one of the things that came up that Amelia was asking in her, in my sister's facebook group was about starting with affirmations and how to forget the wording Exactly, but kind of basically like where to start with affirmations and manifestation um and and not feeling silly like kind of like where you know like what what even to do and so I'm sharing this on this biz tip thursday because I know it's not everyone's jam. Um I definitely think that it is a process that you get to like finding that wu and becoming a little bit more woo and honestly seeing what I can do for you and your business. And it was a really, really hard for me to even give this a try because I am very, I'm cut and dry, I like explanations for things. Um and that's really how I have been my whole life until the past few years um and not to like not to go into super personal stories are too off topic, but honestly, one of the things that was really a turning moment for me was um my mom passed away in january of 2015 and that that actually spiraled into why I ended up joining my first network marketing business. Um And when she passed away um there were several things right before she passed that were very, like, unexplainable or you know, like she said to my dad, like she described his mom who she had never met, which we've seen pictures and things. But my mom asked my dad, do you think she's going to like me? And at one, you know, my mom was not very with it at this point and you know, said that she saw her and just different things like that that were very spiritual. Um and I was actually with my mom when she passed away. Um It was in the middle of the night and I held my mom's hand, I just said, you know, it's okay, you can go like we'll be okay and that's when she passed away. So there's just lots of things to me that I just felt very um in tune and started to feel more in tune with like the spiritual, the spiritual side of things. So that's kind of where my journey started. And there were several things after that. My mom's, let's see, my mom's aunt Passed away a year or two later and so her cousin reached out to me and said that her aunt had had a similar, had said similar things as my mom had and like I I didn't share that with them or anything like that, but said like she saw my mom and all these things. And so that kind of started, started my journey that mixed with honestly starting reading, personal development, um personal development for me began because my my, my first network marketing company, my team would do challenges and you could win things and I'm all about winning things, I'm all about challenges. So I would participate in them even though I thought reading the books was kind of stupid to be honest. Um and then I would win more books. I was like what is happening? I and I love to read, I've always been a reader. It's funny. I don't like to really listen to books even though I love podcasts, I'm getting off the topic. But you know what I mean? So anyway, um I started reading these books and you know at that time I was really depressed. I was in this really bad spot. I didn't really love my teaching job anymore due to like you know, poor management, we'll say that and I just was feeling really, really lost. So I started reading these personal development books and one in particular it's called the energy bus and I don't know what it was about that book, but it really drove home to me in a way that made sense that like I was in control of my energy and if I wanted to get out of this funk that I was in, like I had to do something about it and I had to start kind of forcing myself to instead of thinking every everything in a negative light to change my words and change my language and make it more positive and then you know, everything is built on it, on itself up till now in that you know, I've had um coaches that have walked through mindset work through manifesting work through branding, like all kinds of things that obviously have compounded because you guys know, I love talking about the compound effect, another awesome book. But all these things that have compounded to where I am today and to me being open to the wu to the human design, to finding out. So my friend Jan was reading through my, you know my human design numbers and um she was like, you know, do you have on candy things happen? And I now like more often than not, can count so many things that and if this sounds really, really weird, I get it, but I'm just gonna give you an example. Like my sister got in a car accident in june and I like she was getting in the car and she's probably gonna kill me. Everything is um but I said to her, I was like mom always said um because I like make fun of my sister if she's not wearing a bra. And so I was like, Mom always said, you shouldn't get in the like you shouldn't drive, go anywhere like without clean underwear on and without a brawl on, and I was like, you're going to get in a car accident, and I like and I feel awful, But she did, I mean it was like five minutes later, I got the call um and so I've just been really aware of several things like that happening, and I'm not always aware that like something for sure is going to happen. But another example, um like I had a friend who um I just found out I was pregnant and I don't know why, I don't know why, because I hope to have a family someday and kids and like hopefully this does, you know? And if it happens it happens. But when she told me she was pregnant for some reason, I was just like, oh I wonder if she got genetic testing. And I was talking to another friend of mine and she shared that um you know this friends um baby is um is going to be born with Down syndrome. And I like I don't know why I knew that. Anyway, so my friend Jin had shared with me that I guess people who are like psychics or steers or whatever you want to call them have like usually like two or three of these um markers on their human design. And I have like four or five and like four out of five, I guess five is like you know like all these things. So anyway, why I'm sharing all of this is that it is a journey. Like it is a journey to be able to Sit down and write out affirmations and to even open your mind to be able to manifest things. 100% is a journey. And so I don't want you to think that if you were getting started in this journey that you know it's going to be perfect and you're going to start your affirmations and manifesting and tomorrow you're going to get everything that you want, It doesn't work that way, but I do definitely believe in the spiritual in the divine. So anyway, okay, so where to get started and I like to, to um compare this. Hopefully you are reading personal development books or hopefully you are listening to podcasts, mine and maybe a couple others. I don't think you have to listen to 20 different ones, but I want you to start thinking about when you did that journey when you started that journey, how did you start that? My guess is someone gave you a recommendation and you started small um or maybe you were like me, I was like, okay, if I'm doing this, I'm doing it big. And I read the whole book the first day, okay, Like, you know, there's two different extremes, but you started with your first step and that's kind of um what I would encourage you to do with affirmations, I think, before you can start manifesting, I think you need to get the affirmations down. That's just my personal opinion. Um and affirmations, I think should be a mixture. There are people who just do affirmations for, like, money affirmations, they're trying to manifest money. Um So they're saying like, I am, you know, I am wealthy and it can be something short and sweet like that. Um But for me, an affirmation is something that I'm telling myself that It is true. It might not be like, I might not be 100% there yet, but it is true. There is some truth to it at least. And it is something that um I would like to strengthen or remind myself of um and kind of speak into that power. So I kind of like when we're talking about stepping into that next level you, what does that look like and what do you need that to look like? So one of the things that I do, for example, for my business, especially when I'm in a growth of inviting and building my team building, which you know, if you if you have listened to my season's podcast, really kind of the all the time, but I do know there are seasons of rest for everyone. And so what are those things that I need to tell myself to remind myself that I should not be embarrassed or ashamed of my business? I'm inviting people to join me. And those things are that you know I am a fabulous leader. Um Women would be um would be lucky to work with me and to have me on their side. I am knowledgeable, I am confident, I am outgoing and so you know, you don't have to do 50 of these every day. Um maybe you start with three. What are three truths that you know about yourself? That maybe you just could use a little bit reminding of or if you spoke them into existence. Um that would take you to that next level today. So maybe you've kind of been in a slump and you haven't had as much energy. So today you're telling yourself I am energetic. I am so think of some adjectives. I like the adjectives for me. Affirmations are a lot of adjectives. Not always you know like I am a leader is not necessarily an adjective um but they're more of adjectives whereas manifesting is more like the outcomes. So let's see um People would be lucky to work with me, manifesting would be I am creating a team of and then you're you're being specific kind of like you're putting a smart goal out there. I am building a team of 200 K. Leaders who are and then I'm describing them and I'm describing kind of like when people say to you know to manifest your husband someone um some people in my my chat from my camp uniform were telling me about that I needed to manifest my husband and they were saying um you know list all the qualities and all the things that you're looking for and then also become those things yourself. And I think that is a really important part of manifesting and affirmations is it's not enough just to say them every day. But then once you know what they are, then you get to create action steps and you get to start living as though those things were true because once you start living as though they were true and it might take a while, it's not going to be an instant fix. If you're telling yourself I am confident, I am confident and you have struggled with self confidence your entire life. You maybe you're going to have to look into a confidence course, a confidence book. Um you know, I don't know what all sorts of things, this is very complex um example, but you're going to have to look into those things. Maybe it's you're going to look into the mirror and do mere work and tell yourself just talk to yourself and smile and pretend like you're on camera for two minutes a day. That's one thing that my live video coach just recommended that I do. Um so you know, maybe maybe it's going to be those sorts of things for you. So anyway, what I'm getting at is baby steps take two or three things that you would like to affirm remind yourself of. I am confident, I am lively, I am energetic. I am truthful. I am honest. I am. And honestly, I um this is one of the tactics that I use when I'm flying on a plane and there's a lot of turbulence and I am freaking myself out. Um, I like to say like I am safe. So I am safe is one of the, maybe you need that. Maybe that's your affirmation. Uh, maybe it's I am worthy because you are, you know, deep down inside you are worthy. But we all have those moments where we're like, you know, who am I to be doing? X, Y. Z. You are worthy. We all are humans. We are all equal. We all take up the same same amount of energy. It's just are you putting out their positive energy? Are you putting out their negative energy? Um Now I do have on my website then I'm gonna wrap this up because I've been feeling rambling for a really long time on this episode, because there's a lot to it. Um I do have on my website. Freebie download. If you go to www dot Lindsay Dollinger dot com And you click on my freebies link up in the top, there should be a, I think it's 10 maybe 15 affirmations, positive affirmations for the businesswoman. Um I really like them. I, you know, I spent a lot of time making those so feel free to go and download that pdf and that might give you some examples of where to start. People affirm and manifest all the time. I don't know if you guys can hear that. I'm behind this truck on the highway and it's like spewing like gravel or something, which is so annoying, So sorry about that. Um that people affirm all the time. Money affirmations or money manifesting is something that's really commonly done and you can google that Pinterest is another great place. I was looking last night. There's some nighttime affirmations, which I love that because a lot of times we think about morning affirmations, but I think making sure our mind is in the right spot when we're going to bed at night is also a really good habit to get into. Um you know your business affirmations, you can literally manifest and affirm anything any aspect of your life, whether that is a you know, you're healthy habits, relationships, your business, your finances, all the things your your spirituality and maybe you need affirmed that you are a faithful woman, you can say those affirmations as well. So my recommendation pick two or three, start small um incorporate that into your daily routine, whether it is speaking them out loud, writing them um doing both right out the things that you are, you're I am statements um and then you can move on to the manifesting part which is a really exciting journey. Um the manifesting to me and there's lots of ways that you can do this, like literally lots of ways I was looking on Pinterest last night um but what I have always done is basically turned my manifestations into statements that are like they've already happened. So you know, I am a 200 k leader, I have a team of 1000 women and men who are building a business. Um, I, I travel the world in the summer, you know like being really specific about those things. Um, and then reminding yourself of them, Rachel Hollis and I just found this is how I remember this. I just found it under my bed actually. Um, she has her start today journals, but she also had one, I forget exactly what it's called, but basically it had 10 spots for your goals and you write them as though they have already happened. Um, I am a Disney vacation club member, that's one of mine because I really like, I love Disney, you guys know that. So I write it out and I am manifesting it and um So basically she talks about writing your 10, Basically you're 10 goals but you are turning them into like statements as though they have already happened um in writing them out every morning. I don't think she does it before bed as well, but I think I did it before bed as well. And then you do it for 90 days. Maybe it hurts. Was the 90 day journal or something? I don't remember what it was called, but you do it for 90 days uh and then you can switch them up if you want. Um but Each 90 days then you pick one of those One of those manifestations and you make that your actual goal to work towards getting closer to that. So for example, if one of yours is a business one I am a 200K leader with my company And that's my goal for this 90 days then um I'm going to be focusing all of my energy on that. I'm not going to be putting my energy into the one that is talking about you know traveling the world for example, like I'm picking one that I can actually start working on now that the results of achieving will help me with those other things, if that makes sense. Okay, so this has been a really long visited thursday episode. I hope you got something out of it. I guess that I just really wanted it to be like we were chatting like friends today over a coffee which is actually I'm headed uh to Mcallister's deli right now to get some work in before I hop on a leadership call. Um so that's why I am on the road which is super loud. Currently you got to love the Ohio highways that need repaved. Um, but anyway, if you are interested, if you would like to hear some more about manifesting about affirmations about human design, um, let me know, Send me a message right up a post in the social selling sisterhood. Um squad over on facebook. It's our free community there definitely use that group to your advantage. Um network post tips and tricks and things that are working for your business, post your winds in there. I really want that to be a community where we can cheer each other on because I know not everyone has those supportive communities available to them. And that's really what I want this group to be. Uh don't forget to follow me over on instagram. My personal account is Lindsay calendar and my um account for this podcast. And that group is the social selling sisterhood. Um it is a new account, so it is in the baby stages. But I hope you love the content that I put out there and I would really appreciate it if you would give me a follow in a share. Have a fabulous day fellow sister, and I will talk to you so soon.

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