The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 96- Steps to Get Back to Routine + Reality

direct sales podcasts Aug 10, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, high school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money, you deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hey, social selling sister, what is up? My name is Lindsay Dellinger and I am the host of this podcast if we have not met before, hey. Um so this episode might seem like it's a little bit um what's it called like tailored directly at teachers because I am a teacher. Hello, if you do not know that I am, it's actually funny because I feel like teaching is what people always used to know me for in the past couple years. Um you know people who for example, one of my facebook friends is a former teacher of mine, he was an amazing, amazing teacher. Um and he made a comment about a year ago that he was really sad, I left the profession and I was like, what are you talking about man? I'm still teacher. Um so I am a high school spanish teacher, this is the year 13 for me, so I don't know how you feel about the number 13, but it should be an interesting year with everything still going on in the world the way it is. Um but you know, I'm excited, I'm excited to go back. But it's so funny because people always knew me for being a, you know, a spanish teacher and because my social media and my branding and everything has been really targeted and really niche down on direct selling and health and women empowerment and all those things. Um people have seen me share a lot less of the high school teacher side, which was also intentional because uh you know, it's really hard being on social media and being a teacher, um I work in a public school, it is a small rural community, so read into that how you may. Um again, I love it, I'm very blessed to have that position and I um also have some challenges that go along with it because I am a spanish teacher. So, you know, there's a lot of stigma that can come along with the world nowadays of people of different cultures. So I have my own special challenges and along with those I have in the past been um I talked to you about my social media posts and that, you know, I was too far one way or the other on the political spectrum, even though I wasn't even posting political post immediately when you are, you know, talking about women empowerment and things like that, you are a feminist and that can be branded in a very negative and and I was actually called a dirty feminist by a parent. So anyway, I naturally then, you know, shifted and I don't necessarily make it as well known as I had in the past because honestly of fear because I do, I do want my teaching job and so anyway, I'm kind of getting off on a tangent about that now. Um but it also speaks volume. I feel like to my branding and how I'm doing a good job of my branding because people don't even know um necessarily about that side of my life, which was intentional. So anyway, I am a teacher, long story short, I am getting back um I have another week at the time of recording this, this is a biz tip episode, so I'm recording it in my car. Um I'm actually on back roads today, so I don't know how loud it will be. Hopefully the quality will be decent for you guys. But um, so I go back to school in a week and I've already started the preparations for that and how my schedule will look and being really intentional about planning. So this episode, I feel like it's going to be good for you, even if you're not a teacher or a mom sending their kids back to school, even if your schedule has been consistent throughout the summer. Uh mine definitely has not. So if you are in this place where you're like, I need to get back to consistency to a schedule to a workflow. Um this is going to be for you as well. So some things that I have been doing the past few days are one, you know, getting intentional about getting my, my routine, my morning and my evening routine really nailed down to how I want it to look um meaning I am putting my phone away earlier in the evenings so that I can read, and I'm not just reading personal development, which you guys know, I love, I preach that, I do do that, but my nighttime reading, I found I don't necessarily want to be doing the business books, I can do a mindset book in the evening, but I don't necessarily want to be doing the business books because then my mind gets going and running and all the things that I want to implement in my business and that I want to change and I want to do this and that and that, and it doesn't make for good quality of sleep at night. So I have been reading the Outlander series, shout out if you are a fan as well. Um I actually watched the series before I started reading it. I'm on book for their really long books if you are familiar. So anyway, I have been reading that for pleasure in the evenings before I go to bed and I have been consistently doing that for um really, honestly over a month, there's not a night that I have not at least read a couple pages before falling asleep and I feel really good about adding that into my routine because I need that mental unwind, I need that kind of like my me time, that is not business related because I, my personality is just that I can be a workaholic and being a workaholic is really, really great when you are going for a big goal and you're doing like a blitz, but I don't just blitz. So I take it to an unhealthy level, which then leads to burnout for me and um, Barnett can be very real for everyone. So I just want to recommend that you find something like that that is, it can be five minutes. Um, but that can be like your unwind time and if it can be something not on a device. Um, I think it's even better not that I don't love to scroll tic tac. The problem with my tic tac scrolls or my instagram real scrolls is then it becomes a 15 minutes to a 30 minute to a three hour scroll. Um, but also just getting away from that blue light, especially if it's before bed. Um, okay, so I'm doing that. I started the power zone training. Um, well I guess it's a challenge I'm in right now. I'm not actually in the training, but the power zone challenge, which is a part of peloton. So politically as I spend bike. But long story short with that is I have just been really getting into a good fitness routine so that can look like maybe a nightly walk, you know, maybe that is part of your wind down at night. Um, I don't really live in a community that is conducive to that given to the dogs that like to chase an attack, which is really unfortunate because I really do love walking. And when I lived with my parents, I did that all the time or when I lived in columbus an apartment, I did that all the time, but living out in the country, it's not necessarily, um, my number one choice of activity. So anyway, I needed to find something that, you know, gives me a little bit of structure, which is why I started running half marathons um in 2013 was my first half marathon because I liked the training structure, I like being told, okay, Tuesday, thursday and saturday, you are doing a blank mile run and then you can do some extra stuff in between. That's great. So that's kind of how the power zone challenges go. So if you do have a peloton, you do have a spin bike. I think you need to have the pellet on app to do it. I'm not involved in it in any way. So this is not a plug that I'm getting whatever for, but it's a free, they do free challenges. So I'm in the middle of a six week one right now. Um, this is week three and it just really helps me to stay on track because there's like a checklist, it tells you exactly which rides to do. Um, It tells, you know, what intensity, all the things. So it kind of takes that mind work, that guesswork, that planning out of it and the more things that I can do that are, you know, kind of automatic like I have in my phone, monday Wednesday and saturday morning and I have a certain time. It is scheduled in my phone. That's what I'm doing. My, my 45 minute, my hour long political rights. And I know then at least I have three days of physical activity, which is so good for my stress levels. My court is all my health and fitness goals, keeping my mind clear and helping me again not get burned out because once the school year starts and I get into my routine and I get home every day at four o'clock and I let my dog out and then I start preparing dinner and then I work my business for an hour and then it's bedtime and then it's repeat the next day and repeat the next day. And um, you know, we deserve to have that time for ourselves where we are helping ourselves get better, whether it is physically mentally spiritually whatnot. So anyway, I started that program again, like I said, this is week three I think for me, so find something like that. You know, it can be Beachbody on demand. I love Beachbody on demand and I'm not a Beachbody coach anymore, but I do love it. Um obviously haven't done it since my peloton really got delivered, but you know, find some sort of a program, anything, it can be Pilates, it can be a membership, it can be Orange theory. I've done all those things and really love them. Um I used to be a turbo kick and a zumba instructor. So I still go to some of those classes from time to time. So find something that works for you but get it into a routine sooner rather than later because if you wait until you know all you know what hits the fan is gonna be really hard. Um Something else that I did today actually as I re signed up for weight watchers, um I've done different health and nutrition programs. I am partnered with the nutrition supplement that I absolutely love but I gotta get my eating in check because I do have weight loss schools if you don't have weight loss goals and this one doesn't pertain to you. But I do. So um you know that is one program that I found really works for me. I like the app, I love the ease of it. Um and I have an accountability partner so I re signed up for that along with that, I saw that. Oh gosh, what is the, I just signed up So I during the school year belong to a mail delivery service, it does not deliver every meal at all. Um The one that I absolutely love and I actually might end up resigning up for that one is Green Chef, I love, it's organic, the food is just really good. The one that I did in the spring of this year was freshly the benefit of freshly as the meals are already Are there already proportion for you and they're already made. So I actually probably will subscribe to um two or three of those meals a week as well, those will be my lunches and then I re or I signed up for the first time for I think it was I think it's called Home Chef. And so yes those things cost a little bit of money, I don't have grocery delivery service nearby. And again it is one last thing that I have to think of. So three of my dinners a week are planned. I know exactly what it says, it's going to take 30 minutes or 40 minutes to make it. I can schedule that in my time um And I don't have to think about it and they had weight watchers, friendly meals, so I was like yes sign me up. So that's one less thing. So you know maybe actually subscribing for a meal delivery service is not in your budget or you're not interested in doing that, but go ahead and find then time when you can schedule either like some sort of a meal prep day or whatever works for you, but take that time and allow yourself to figure out what is going to work from you for you, what is going to be sustainable. Another thing that I have done this week is some decluttering, so uh you guys, it's actually embarrassing the amount of clothing that I have um and I hold onto clothing, it is like an emotional attachment to me, I am one of those people and um so I got an 80 gallon trash bag which is, I actually do not recommend because it is extremely heavy and I just opened my closet and anything that I had not worn okay, this is actually going to be really sad too, but it's, it was like a five year mark for me, anything that I have not worn and I'm like okay, that's two sizes too small, even though I have, you know, some health and fitness schools. Um I threw in that bag and that bag was sitting in my floor for about a week until I finally was like okay, I'm actually donating it today, so I dragged it down the steps very carefully. Um I mean it was a nice thick bag, it did not reply was very impressed and probably weighed like £80 and I got some help putting it in my trunk and I got rid of that. So whatever that decluttering looks like for you, maybe it is taking a, you know, a part of a room um in your house every day and either tidying something's up or cleaning them, but a clean workspace in a work environment which for us is going to mean your house. Um It's just really really really gonna help that mindset. So anyway, I hope those things gave you some ideas for how you can get your routine, um your lifestyle, everything kind of in order as we get into this back to school time. Because all of those things, whether you even realize that or not and I know it, but sometimes I just don't realize it or it's not the energy that I need to do um you know where I need to put my energy for that day, but cleaning those things up, your health, your fitness, your food, your me time, um your environment can make a huge difference in what your business looks like because you're coming home and you're feeling refreshed and energized with good energy and you know, um good nutrition and you're well rested and you're in a clean environment now, you're ready to work your business and take it to the next level. So I hope that was helpful. Um, I hope that you have a great back to school start time and we will talk to if you loved this podcast, please take a screenshot, Take two seconds, scroll down and leave me a five star rating and review. I would really appreciate it. And don't forget to find me on my new instagram page. Just for this, the social selling sisterhood, we got a lot of good stuff going on over there. Talk to you soon friend. Bye bye.

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