The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 92- Stop Micro-quitting

direct sales podcasts Jul 29, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello, social selling sisterhood podcast. Sista, what is up? How are you? My name is Lindsay da linger. I am the host of this podcast and I hope you are having a fabulous monday. If you're listening to this one, this drops or a fabulous whatever day of the week it is. Um so you're getting another car talk. I know I've been doing these way more, but you know what the busy lifestyle, um you get to fit in what you want to fit in when you can fit it in, right? So I have found that I really love, especially if I'm like going to a place where I don't need directions or anything like that. I just really love sharing and getting things off my mind and talking things through on this podcast while I'm driving. So that's what you get today. Hopefully there will be too, too much background noise and it doesn't annoy you too awfully much. Make sure my volumes up okay. Um so today I wanted to share actually kind of what I got out of a podcast I listen to a couple of days ago when I was driving. So um a few days ago I had a bunch of appointments um in columbus, which I'm about I'm about honestly only about 30 minutes from the west side of columbus, but from downtown and the other side of columbus it's like 40 40 minutes to an hour. So I get to listen because I usually listen to my podcast on 1. 5 speed. Uh so I get to listen to usually At least 3, 45 podcast when I'm making this drive if I'm just listening to podcasts. So anyway I was listening to this one and I should have looked up before I started recording this the name of her podcast because I just started listening to it recently, I follow her on social, her name is Kristen boss and she um is a social selling coach, she has programs and all the things, but she also has a podcast and I like to, I used to listen to a range of podcasts, I used to listen to you know Amy Porterfield and Jenna culture and Rachel Hollis for a while actually Rachel Hollis podcast me listening to that is what got me started into listening to podcasts at all um back probably gosh, 45 years ago um but I've kind of shifted my focus because I literally guys had to delete my podcast at Because there I had like 150 podcasts I was subscribed to and it was just taking over, I was taking on my phone and truthfully I didn't have time to listen to all of those and then when I had all of them, I kinda in my mind thought that I was working my business by listening to podcasts all the time and you know, I wasn't we know that so anyway, I've kind of niche down to listening mostly not all, not all, but mostly to podcasts specifically aimed at social selling because while yes, we can get a lot out of working with a coach or a mentor who is not familiar and hasn't had success in direct sales, I find that direct sales overall is a, is a different animal in sales because you have not only have all the other aspects of selling if you are creating your own products, you know or you are a franchise owner all of that, but you also have the stigma. So there's a, there's a different mindset and well just a different mindset and different strategies that as direct sellers, network marketer social sellers, we get to improve on and we get to learn. So anyway, I started, I found Kristen bosses podcast uh probably beginning of june and truthfully with all the traveling that I've been doing, I haven't been listening to my podcasts daily, like I normally have so Emily listen to a couple of her of her podcast. So that was a super long intro to what I'm getting into. But she did a podcast recently sometime in july I believe, and the title was Micro quitting. And I was really intrigued because I didn't quite know what that meant. So, and it just really, it really spoke to me because it is what I find myself doing a lot and it's what I have found myself doing this summer. So Micro quitting the way she described micro quitting and I'm going to give you it in my own um terms, what it really felt like it meant to me was basically all of the excuses and all of the procrastinating and all of the things that we're telling ourselves about, why we can't work our business or why we can't be successful in our business. And um, so for me that this summer has looked like, well I'm traveling and you know, I get this break and I get this time off and that is totally true. don't let me, I'm not all about the work, work work and never have your break, but I am all about and you wouldn't necessarily know it by looking at my work ethic this summer, I am all about preparing for that time away and being really intentional about that time away, but being intentional about the time leading up to it, that you are actually working your business so that you can have your time off and the micro quitting, she said something at the end and it just really, really stuck to me like how, where would you be in your business right now if you didn't micro quit however many times you do throughout the year. So micro quitting, she was saying is you know, maybe you go really hard the last couple of days of the month and then you're like okay, the first five days of august, you know, I don't need to reach out to people, I don't need to set up parties, I don't need to sell because I know I have a big party on, I'm just throwing out ideas like August 10 and I know I have another one, we have a big launch coming up mid august, we have a new product coming out, it's gonna be awesome, so like I don't really need to X, Y, Z right now and that sort of mentality and mindset when you don't really like legit have a reason for not working your business, you know, there's no family emergency, you're not on a planned vacation, whatever, but just the mindset of like, I don't need to keep going hard with the momentum that I have built, I'm just not going to do anything or I'm going to do less for these few days is micro quitting, and I have done that in all my businesses and I'm sure you probably have as well, but I never viewed it as quitting, right, because I was still in my business, I still might have been doing a couple of tasks for my business, but when she put it as you know, the micro quitting and what would your business look like if you, if you stayed consistent and you didn't give yourself those five days of not doing much or not trying for one more party, because you have another one coming up or not reaching out to someone offering them a sample of your product, because you know that there's a new product coming out in a couple of weeks and I'm even finding myself doing that right now because I know that, you know, the nutrition company I've partnered with is coming out with a detox soon and they're coming out with a new product called Heat that essentially is going to help burn fat and I know it's going to be a super hot product, so I'm like, oh, you know, that's gonna come out and I can just kind of wait and no, that's sabotaging everything that I'm working for, right, because it's like taking, taking one step further and two step backwards if you are constantly micro quitting, it's the same thing she pointed out as our diet culture where, you know, we're like, oh, we'll start tomorrow or will start on monday, it's the same mentality and then what do we do? Like, I literally found myself doing this, I hired a nutrition coach who have done really, literally nothing with and probably need to cancel for right now. Um but before I got started, she sent like, a, you know a food list. That's pretty standard I feel like, and so I'm like okay so everything in my kitchen that's not on this list, like I need to eat it this weekend, like why do we do that? That's essentially like with our business being like okay well I'm going to start working on monday and it's friday. So you know this weekend I'm going to post a bunch of crap on my social media that has nothing to do with my brand or you know like it's just going backward instead of going forward towards your goals. Um And again this can look like procrastination, this can look like you know, telling yourself it's okay for not working your business because of X. Y. Z. Reason it's okay, I didn't work my business today because tomorrow I'm going to work it for an extra hour. Um Or tomorrow like I'm on my way right now to have a breakfast date with my awesome virtual assistant social media content creator manager. I don't know, I don't know her title anymore. She's kind of shifted. But anyway so like last night I found myself being like okay um I can make graphics for the social selling sisterhood instagram page which by the way is up and running and hopefully by the time you hear this podcast I have more than a few graphics up and going for you guys. But anyway check me out it's instagram. Um The Instagram handles all one word, the social selling sisterhood. So anyway I you know the same thing. I was like well I'm gonna be working at Panera tomorrow. I know and I'll just stay at Panera for like a half an hour after Megan leaves and get my graphics down because it's really hard for me to focus at home, which is true. Like my energy, my work energy at home has not been what I was able to accomplish last year. So I definitely do need that change of scenery um in space and haven't been doing it, but it is still, that is micro quitting. That is me having an excuse and telling myself that it is okay for not doing the things that I know I need to do to reach my goals. So like how much longer is it gonna take to get to your goal? If you keep micro quitting? If you keep telling yourself it's okay to not do the work today because your kids want to go to blah blah blah and that's fine, you need the kid time, but then where can you squeeze in? Maybe not the hour that you were planning on working your business with the half an hour. Um, and this, this goes back to, and I feel like if you have a good time management skills, it's a lot easier. Well and discipline. We talked about that on a recent podcast episode as well, but it's so if you have the time management skills and you have the discipline, it's a lot easier to not allow the micro quitting to creep in. But it does still happen because, um, I like to think of myself as a pretty good with time management pretty good. Normally. Normally with discipline, especially during the school year when I have a more set schedule and I'm not like, oh, I can go to the fair today, I can go to the zoo today, you know all the things, but I feel like it kind of goes hand in hand. So if you're really struggling with this or if this is like really ringing about with you as well, like with procrastination, we have big goals. I know you have big goals. If you didn't have big goals and aspirations, you wouldn't be taking the time to listen to this podcast, you wouldn't be, you would be in a business at all anyway. Right. Um, we're all striving for something more. We're all striving for a better life for us and our family and our kids and to be able to travel to have savings, to have college funds, whatever it looks like for you to buy a new house, to pay off your car to get extra groceries. You know, it doesn't have to be something huge, but we all have bigger goals and we all, if we stopped micro quitting, if we managed our time better and if we became more disciplined would be able to get to those goals so much quicker. So if you found this inspiring, um, I hope that you will take just a little bit of time today, sit with this, maybe journal it out. What do those big goals look like? What do you need to do to get there? What does your ideal day look like to step into that leader, that direct seller, that business owner that you know, you can be and um, you know, this can be really powerful because it can be really easy to forget that vision that we have for ourselves in our lives as we do our daily, our daily task as we go through our day. Right? As things come up as vacations happen as it's summer, as it's beautiful outside. It's a lot easier to go sit by the pool or go for a walk, then work our business. But when we have that vision and those big goals in mind, it also becomes a little bit more easier to become disciplined to show up and to stop micro quitting every day. So I hope you found this helpful friend. If you did please share this link out with your friends on social media, take a screenshot and share it. Let me know. I'd love to hear from you. Send me a DM. Send me an email. Um, let me know what you think about the concept of micro quitting. Do you do it as well? Are you in a season of micro quitting? Did this help you get out of that season? I'd really, really, really love to hear. Um, and don't forget you can head over to the social selling sisterhood squad over on facebook. You can now find us also on instagram, the social selling sisterhood know, squat on the end. Um and also check out my website www dot Lindsay w dot com for freebies. I have a daily um task list on there. I have a professional development booklist, I have all the things for you on there as well as the link to purchase, my direct sales done, right, planner and tracker system and my foundations of social selling course. Hey friend, I hope you have a fabulous day. I hope you get a lot of mental clarity about what it looks like to move your business forward to get to that next level you and let's level up together. Looking forward to it. Bye bye.

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