The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 90- Back to Basics

direct sales podcasts Jul 21, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles. High school, spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello! Hello! Welcome to a live podcast recording of the social selling sisterhood podcast. My name is Leslie Dollinger and it has been a half minute. Not only since I've recorded a podcast episode because I've patched a ton of them in june before my crazy summer travel started, but also since I have been live and all the places. So hello! Hello! All right. So, I am coming home from a company conference from doing all this professional development and absorbing all the things, but not really taking a ton of action. So for me this week, my theme is all about going back to the basics and I wanted to share that with you because maybe you are also coming off of a conference. Maybe you have been sitting by the pool or just feeling really, really unmotivated and I heard something yesterday and um a super saturday training for the company that I am partnering with and the woman on it said, and it was just like super inspirational, she said, um you don't lack motivation, you lack discipline. And that really hit me hard because I feel I've been really struggling with that. Like I feel like I'm really motivated to hit, you know, these rank bonuses and to hit all these things. Um and I don't know what's stopping me. And the thing is the discipline because I could have on my trips dedicated time to working my business um more than I did or in specific times rather than, you know, here and there, like we talked about and the flexibility is nice and I totally did need to take that like kind of step back, that relax that recharge and I'm feeling all of that, but I'm also really feeling like now I get to become step into the more disciplined me. Like I normally am, get back to basics and just start with the basics and go from there. So I wanted to share, it, took notes. Um I took some notes and I wanted to share if you're like me and you're like, okay, I want, you know, I want to get back, like I want to start my foundations off right, which I have a whole course for the foundations of social selling and we go through all of this. Um I feel like I really want to focus on one thing that will move my business forward, the quickest. What was that one thing be and that one thing guys is going to be connection. So if you listen to my last podcast episode, I'm pretty sure was the last one or maybe two ago, I talked about the three C's and I talked about um connections, conversations and content and I do really think those are the building blocks of your business. But if you have to pick one I'm gonna, I'm gonna lump connections and conversations in together because I think they get to be together and what what I mean by that is connections um is like commenting on people's social media, it can be follow up. So you can, you can put a lot of things into the connection category. It's anything where you are literally connecting with your ideal client or um someone who already is your client and you are trying to create that loyal, um you know, the loyal following and the loyal, those people, your fan club who are going to follow you no matter where you go and why? That is important is because you might switch companies, you might decide direct sales isn't for you and you want to do some sort of social selling and make your own products or whatever. And it's so important that you make those connections and those connections is what's going to start create the, creating the foundation of your brand, which is a whole different topic. We're not gonna talk about that today because that is not basic necessarily. Um and your brand and your connections and really allow you to do kind of whatever you want to do, to be perfectly honest. So, those connections, what can that look like that is going to be some dedicated time where you're like, ok, I mean they're setting a timer or I'm spending an hour doing like a power our um and some things that I do for my connections as I reach out to people, it's their birthday. Um and a lot of people have different theories about the birthday. I never bring up my product or service on someone's birthday. I personally get so peeved when people try to use my birthday as an opportunity to invite me to do a party or tell me they'll send me something free or something like that. Like I to me that's Vicki and spare me. You might not think that you might love when people do that with you. How whatever you feel, when you get that done to you is how I like to look at my business. So um you know, I will send people messages and um sometimes if they have a post up like about their birthday, I'll comment on that as well. So I'm getting like views. I won't say happy birthday in both places necessarily, but I'll change it my wording a little bit. So birthdays or something and you know what else? And it sounds like super savage of me on people's birthdays. If I pull up their messenger and I see like for the past four years, I wish this personal happy birthday, Excuse me. And they don't respond. They don't um you know, they have nothing. I'm like this is a good time to unfriend this person because if you can't even respond to me when I tell you happy birthday or message me on my birthday or whatever, we don't mesh right? So I actually purge uh my friends list on my birthday on birthdays. So birthdays are a big connection point for me. Another one is stories. If you are not using stories, you are missing out friends, it is one of the easiest ways to connect with people and one of the easiest ways to get into people's private messages. So whether you are on facebook or instagram, the stories are at the top of the app, um you can also pull them up in facebook messenger, which I really like to do because it helps me not get into the scroll on facebook. So I'll click on stories and I literally will go through them and make it a priority to comment on at least five stories. Um Stories are a really nice thing to comment on and interact with people when I hope you guys can't hear to lap the guy Million outside. Um but stories are something really great that you can do when you're trying to multitask as well or when you are, it's like literally right at the moment, um when you are waiting for your food to arrive at a restaurant or like whatever, whatever it might be. Um so connecting with stories and then people who have connected with your stories or your posts or you know, whatever it might be, those are people, then you can reach out to one on one, maybe they replied to one of your stories that you're putting up, because you're not just connecting with people, but you're putting up quality content and your stories on your wall, things like that, so that people can vote on polls so people can like it and let you see who is following you, who are your, your fans and your fan club, because if the fans, your fan club, those are the people you're going to reach out to first about your new product opportunity, service, um whatever it might be, so make a minimum goal, that's like literally the number one thing. So if you're doing something this week, I want you to make a goal. Like I'm going to connect with Five people, 10 people, 15 people, 150 people. I don't care how many people keep in mind though, the number that you commit to and I'm staying here commit because you're going to do it, the number of people you commit to is going to be directly related to your end result. So if you're doing five, because you're like, I don't want to overwhelm myself Global Block, that's totally fine and that's better than forward. But your business is going to not look the same, connecting with five people as my business is where I'm connected with 150 people. Okay. Not that I want to get into a comparison game, but I want you to also know for your goals. If you're telling yourself you have these big goals, maybe you have an incentive trip to earn um next rank rank bonus matching whatever it might be. You're going to have to talk to more people than you think you're going to have to talk to. Okay so make a minimum go with that content. Um content as well. Make a minimum goal. Are going to do a post today, You're gonna do three posts a week. Are you going to do one live video this week? Are you gonna record a video and put it up? Are you going to do um some sort of sale in your private group? What are you going to do for content if you can? Mhm. Take a second A 2nd, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. And kind of shouted out plan it out a little bit for the week. The more planned and intentional. You can be about your content um unless you're like me and you're a teacher off work and you you have a little bit more time right now to not have to be so intentional, which is part of the reason where I'm like I need my discipline back because I don't have my routine right now, which is so funny because during the school year I'm like wishing for summer so that I have all this time to build my business and I'm just not taking advantage of it. Um but make a minimum content goal and stick with it. This is a great time to take advantage of an accountability partner. Snag someone in the social selling sisterhood group, Snag someone in your team space. Um I don't recommend up line down line for this. I recommend a sideline or someone who is completely not on your immediate team where you don't make money from them and they don't make money from you because that can always get a little bit tricky. There can be frustrations when someone doesn't um put up their end of the bargain. So it's a lot better on accountability partners. I know I've talked about this a lot before, I find someone else who um you know, your success is not directly related to their, if that makes sense. So or maybe you want to um just set a reminder every day that you get that content in or I heard on jesse Lees podcast probably over a year ago and it really stuck with me. How she got started with her podcast was she makes a list of three things each day and I have this spot in my direct sales done, right, planner and tracker system because I loved this idea so much. Three things each day that are going to get done and she doesn't let herself go to bed until she gets them done okay. So you don't have to be that like, you know that um I guess disciplined is the word or I don't know what would you want to use for that? But you don't have to necessarily stick to that. Maybe if you don't get it done, you get two out of the three down, then you move the third to your list for the next day. I've heard people suggest that you know you and you know what you have to do to get your work done. So if you're going to be that person who, like she said, she literally started recording her podcast at like two in the morning because she was like, I can't go to bed because I put on my list today that I was starting a podcast. Um which is exactly why I am doing this podcast recording on a sunday at six p.m. Because they jobs at midnight and it's been on my calendar. I've been feeling all the things since coming back from my trip and I'm just now getting back into like my mojo. Um, so you know what you have to do, if you are the person that you have to be told, you have to get done to go to sleep or you're not going to do it, then do that. If you're the person who can let yourself do two out of the three and move something to the next day, then do that. If you're a person who is an accountability partner you're not going to get it done do that but you have to put a little bit of initiative into this or else you're you know it's never gonna happen which goes back to the discipline which is kind of like the overall theme of this. Back to basics reminders. Um The last thing on your content don't forget to be posting some good stuff on your personal um profiles depending on your company depending on your business. I see a lot of people being super consistent in their V. I. P. Groups and their nurturing those people that are already um interested in their products and services. You have all these people that are on your personal instagram and your personal facebook and Pinterest and tick tock and all the things that can't see that content. So make sure you are showing up also in your personal law. Um, the other thing with that is sometimes people like to see the stuff on your personal law and they don't want to see your essential oil stuff, your nail stuff, whatever it is all the time they want to see about you. So make sure that you are showing up on that personal law as well. Um, as I kind of already mentioned this one a little bit, but find a system that works for you. So if you are someone who works better and you're juices are flowing better early in the morning, like you need to wake up before your kids get out, before your husband gets up, whatever, Then then be disciplined enough to acknowledge that and set your alarm. Maybe it's not an hour early at first, maybe it's just five minutes early and you're getting your gratitude writing in or you're getting something in and then maybe next week it's 10 minutes early and add on a little bit at a time. Don't go like, and I'm guilty of this too. I'm like, all right, I'm starting a new nutrition plan tomorrow. I'm cleaning out all the sweets and doing complete sugar detox. Like you don't have to be so extreme, you have to go find a system that works for you. So if right now, because you're a teacher and you're not at school, you know? Um Like for me, I prefer to work between 10 and 12, mid morning is my sweet spot. And then also again late at night. But I also know that I'm not going to be private messaging people about my products and services at 10 o'clock at night. So that's the stuff that I need to know and put into my systems that work, that I'm going to be doing that between 10 and 12 because that's when people are less likely to get really annoyed because their phone goes off, right? So keep that in mind as you're just, you're figuring out your systems. Um, if you don't use a planner and tracker, I highly recommend one. You don't have to get mine. Obviously I love mine, especially for direct sales and social selling. Um, the link, it should be in the comments this video, but you can grab it on Lindsay Dollinger dot com. Um it's a steel, it's a pdf so you can print it out, you can modify right on your computer if you want a digital planner and tracker as well. But I write on their, you know, these are the three things I have to do today. These are the people I need to follow up with today and I have a spot where I block everything out our, by our, I do this in the summer as well. I schedule in my free time, I schedule in my nap time if I want it, I schedule my workout time. I, you know, but having those systems that work is what is going to help you move the needle forward. If you're not moving the needle forward every day, you don't have a business. Um one thing okay lasting plastic. Um, if you don't have a team that does working zoom power hours together, um these are so helpful, so helpful, especially for your newbies, especially for you, if you need, like I know the team that I'm on has one in the morning from 8 to 9 a.m. So I'm setting my alarm and I'm showing up, I'm being disciplined enough to show up because I just not that we're talking, but someone is on their leading it. I don't have to think they're telling me, okay, you have five minutes to send birthday messages and I'm like, OK, great doing it because I've missed my birthday messages a couple of days this month and that is completely not like me. So if you have that sort of system in place, use it. If you don't make that, find a sideline sister and up line sister down line sister, invite your whole big team, you're on. You don't have to just invite the five people that are under you right now. Um, you know, step up. I guarantee as a leader on a team right now, I love when people are like, hey, can I lead a power Hour? I'm like, girl, you don't need to ask to leave Power Hour? Lead the power our please do. So look for those people who are willing to step up in your organization, encourage them to step up. But then also you can step up as well and say I'm going to be on, you know, leader working tomorrow, here's the link, it is going to be at this time and even if no one shows up, you're going to show up and you're gonna work the entire hour because you're being disciplined and um, so if you need that, if that is going to be helpful for you, you're so welcome Gail. If that's gonna be helpful for you, then they plan that. Or maybe it's people like Gail and I were in a mastermind together. Um I could totally reach out to ladies in that mastermind and be like, hey, do you guys want to do a networking our or a work our or whatever it is, they don't have to be people in your company because at the end of the day, like I go over all the time in my podcast, as I just went over in this video, most of our tasks are pretty much the same. We're connecting with people, were creating content, we are following up and we're repeating, right, so be disciplined, give yourself a reward, give yourself set, working time, set boundaries, and then again, be disciplined enough to show up for them. Because the biggest takeaway that I have for my training this weekend was there's a huge difference again between motivation and discipline, and like I said, I don't know if that um brings about for you or really sticks home, but I'm like, wow, I've been motivated, but I haven't been disciplined and it is time to restart, to get back to the basics and you know, just remember how bad do I want it, How bad you want it? What's your wife, what you want out of it? Because I can tell you right now, you're not going to grow a booming business if you're not willing to put yourself out there, if you're not willing to show up to be consistent, to be disciplined, it's just not gonna happen. Yeah, it's those healthy habits and we get into it and um, you know, we fall in and we fall out, trust me because I am normally a very disciplined person but vacation and trying to get myself those boundaries from my personal life. I don't regret a single second of it, but now I'm back into my discipline mode where I get to get all the stuff done and I'm building my business right? Alright, friends, I hope you found this helpful. Um, if you did please share this with a friend, maybe a teammate. If you were listening on the podcast, please leave me a five star rating and review. I really appreciate that. And um, go out there, be disciplined, tag me in on your post this week, like as you're working your business screen chatted, putting your stories tagged me, let me know that you know, this spoke a little motivation into you, that you are going to be disciplines this week and get y'all stuff done. I had

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