The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 87- When was the last time you asked?

direct sales podcasts Jul 06, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles. High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello? Hello, what is up guys? My name is Lindsay da linger. If you do not know me, I'm streaming us in several places and I'm also recording this for my podcast team. If you're wondering why I'm being so formal. That is so um but hi guys, I wanted to talk to you because this is one of the most fun seasons in direct sales and network marketing which is a conference season. So your company might have already had your big annual conference. Like I know the level conference was back in april the end of april but I know lots of companies do their annual conference in the summertime. So I wanted to talk to you about getting the most out of your conference experience, some tips and tricks that I have learned from going to different conferences in the past and um kind of just how to take what you are learning and what you are being, what's the word like surrounded by and applying it not only to your business but to your life after conference. So let me preface this by saying I have been to um three different company conferences. Uh so I started off my network marketing career in Beachbody. So I went to I've gone to to to Beachbody conferences, why not lula roe conference english, just one um and one color street conference in person and then also lots of different virtual events or like smaller in person events that weren't necessarily actual conferences, but the same sort of idea applies especially to an in person event. So the first thing that I will say is if it's not too late for your company, um, in person is one million times better than virtual ever be. Like you can learn all of the pieces from virtual, you know, and really you can learn all the virtual stuff on your own anyway by doing trainings like this one, um, with all the different network marketing coaches and people who talk about network marketing and direct sales, but also through podcasts and youtube videos and just the trainings that your company offers anyway. Um, so really the sweet part of conference is the end person component. I know, you know, covid and everything going on with this, you know, in this year and maybe you're a newer, um, promoter or stylist, whatever your company calls them. Um, and maybe it just wasn't in the cards for you that this year, that's totally cool. But I just wanted to didn't know in the back of your mind when events start back up where you can go safely in person. Um, my, my number one thing is to go in person. The other thing, um, some other things are, if you are working your business, sorry, I keep moving this. I'm like on my front porch because it's literally so nice out. It's like, I don't even know, 68° or something. I am loving this weather. We just got home from Hawaii. Um, I wanted to say, well, it actually, it kind of was yesterday, it was like three a.m. Yesterday. So, and it was super hot in Hawaii. So I'm like loving the 68 degree. I don't know what this is in july for a while whether. Um, but anyway, back to conference and events. Um, I just listened to jesse lee wards podcast to people's mentor and she had something about, I think that the episode title was like get Them to events. And so this is her statistic, not mine, but her statistic was for every person you can get to an in person event. Again, virtual doesn't count but an in person event. Um you as a leader can count on making a $1000 profit from that person attending the event, basically saying like that person is going to be using the techniques and like the buy in for your company and your product to make themselves a better promoter. And so you will be profiting. So you can kind of look how many people from your team are attending your annual conference. And so if your goal is to make $60,000, I'm just using that because, well I guess it's not even necessarily an easy number because it's 5000 whatever. So if your goal is to make $60,000 from your business, Um technically you're going to want 60 people attending in person, your event. That's just kind of like her rule of them. And I thought that was really interesting because um I do think that there is definitely something to that because again, the people who are making the investment to attend in person, um not only are making that investment and showing you that they're really serious about their business in that way, but also they're just going to have so much more buy in from your company, the excitement, they're going to, you know, leave conference excited and ready to do big things and push themselves even harder. So I just want to share with you my last conference experience that I had, which would have been 2019 because I'm not counting virtual stuff, not counting virtual stuff for the purpose of this. So 2019. Um, it was august, it was literally right before school started. So our school year started on Wednesday, I think I got home from conference on monday. Uh, and my, um, one of my teammates that went down with me joe me, she actually had to go to school, take a personal day because her school year started the year before. So it was august. So we went, this is my first in person, like actual big event because we had at that time, what we called regional trainings that were in person and we could attend those and that would be anywhere from 52 I don't know, 50 or 60 people in our area that we're selling the same product we were selling and those were nice and I liked those, I liked getting to know other people through those and it's just, it's an added layer of, I don't want to say security, but that's kind of the word that's coming to me right now because when you can have people on your team and yourself included making connections with other people who are not necessarily on your team, but who are forming their support system. Who are people that can be accountability partners in the future, who you can bounce ideas off of, you can share frustrations with, you are adding the more you can add to the support system of a teammate, um, your own support system in your, your company the better. So there's only so much we can do as we are building our teams, especially if you have a smaller team, if you have a team of 2345 people. Um it can it can feel pretty lonely and isolating and sometimes, right, so the more that you can introduce those people and collaborate and um kind of build like a circle of support around everyone, the longer those people are going to stay in the business because they're going to feel connected, they're going to feel a part of something bigger, they're going to feel supported and they're going to want to show up not only for you as their sponsor, not only for their down line, but for other people as well, right? Because it's a it's a big thing to um it's just those connections, relationship building and connections. So anyway, I'm getting off topic. This is what happens. I know I'm not. So I went to Um this conference in 2019 and I'm going to be honest, every company conference that I've gone to has been flipping amazing. They have an it They're all they were all completely different. The Beachbody one was in a giant NFL stadium. There were 100,000 people. The Colour Street one that I went to two years ago. There was um Less than 10,000 I think. I think I think there's less than 10,000, there's like 8000 or something. I could be wrong about. That number was like five or 8. I feel like anyway you get the job. I mean but they were both to me super amazing because one I loved my company, I believed in what I was promoting. Um and you have to have that belief and if you don't have that belief conference is a great time to find it again, I promise because you're going to be surrounded by people and stories and um you know the company and you're going to see the swag and everything is going to be decorated and you're going to be like, wow, this is legit, like all these people are earning these bonuses and are doing these things and they're just normal people like me and so like I said every commerce I've been to has had different components. I mean obviously the Beachbody when we were doing workouts, they have like a massive arena, I'm not even kidding, a massive arena with um swag in it and you can go and buy it. I spent so much money in that freaking beach body story. Like I had every single beach body shirt that you can imagine. Um and again, that was just like that was part of my journey and that's where I was at that time and I loved it. So no matter what company you are in, you are going to love conference, like You're just going to love it. Like the Lula Roe one had a giant arena, but their arena was had the clothes, different stations with the clothes and one of them you were selling and one of them you were seeing how things were made and you are seeing new products and like you get the idea. So 2019 I went, I went down a day early because it was in Orlando and I wanted to go to Disney World off, so I was traveling down by myself, my teammates, like I said, um they were working already and so they couldn't, they didn't get the days off work. So the people that I actually knew were already um we're coming later. And so I shared a room the first night with someone from the bigger team I was on and her and I actually went to Disney and met up with a group of people from our bigger team. We started a thread of people going down earlier met up. Um and some people that I knew literally just by name and our team group we met up with or I met up with, rather I was alone at that at that point um at the columbus airport and it was southwest. So if you're familiar with flying southwest, you don't have a certain seats or anything. And as extroverted as I might seem, I am completely an introvert, like I am completely fine with being alone um especially traveling like which is so funny because I travel with students all the time in the summer usually and um so like I'm never alone when I'm traveling but um I like to travel alone, I like to go to the bathroom and I don't want to go to the bathroom, I like to not have to, I mean I'm just kind of I guess maybe I'm selfish like that, I don't know, that's why I'm still single, but anyway, so I show up at the airport and um these were like so with us we're gonna save you see we're gonna do guys there and I was like what is happening? Which was super super sweet of them and um it just kind of it um kick started just like a really fun week. So I met these women and they also wouldn't let me take an Uber to the hotel, they were like oh no come with us to get a rental car and they weren't even staying at the hotel, they were staying at an Airbnb and they're like we're gonna drop you off because it's like midnight, we can't have you taking Uber alone at midnight. And I'm like girl like do you have any foreign countries that have been in taking taxi cabs on myself alone? But that's really sweet. Anyway they want so I cram into this car with them. They dropped me off. Um I go to Disney with a different group of people the next day. So fun. Uh My first roommate came that night and anyway long story story we get to the actual conference part and to be honest there was nothing nothing any better about it than my beach body conference than my little real conference. Um But it's just where I was meant to be at that time. It was you know the the it's what I needed because I was seeing the company, I was seeing how they handled events. I was seeing these people in um you know like the leadership of the company, you know like our Ceo and VP of sales and all of that. So I was seeing all of them doing things and then also um you get to see all of your leaders in person or the people, maybe they're not specifically you're applying leader, but people that have been on your training calls And you see in the top 50 list of um top sellers and you get to kind of watch people. And so that's one of the things that I want to encourage you when you go to conference. It's a great time to connect with your teammates. There is definitely a place for that. But I also want you to observe and watch and um really soak in what other people that you are not normally around or don't normally have an opportunity to interact with what they are doing. And I think that was a big mindset, mental shift for me at last conference was I was watching these top leaders the top and sales, they are earning the trips, they are the top ranks, they are all these things and they were saying and doing things that either I already knew how to do or I was doing, but maybe I just wasn't doing consistently or maybe I would do for a week or maybe I was doing during the summer and then using my job as an excuse not to do it during the school year. And that was a huge, huge thing for me to realize like, okay, I can do this, I can do this regardless of whether, you know my team wants to do this, I can do this regardless of whether my up line is supporting me to do this. I can do this no matter what. And that is something that I hope you take away from your conference experience, whether it is in person or whether it is virtual, I think it's harder to get that feeling from virtual. I could be wrong. Um, I know I did not get that feeling from our virtual conference last year that we had, that was definitely something that was unique to my conference experience of being in person. So that's why I'm saying, I really hope you get to an event that's where you can be surrounded by those kinds of people because that was a huge, I mean it was just a game changer for my business. That's when I literally made the decision they put up on the screen. Um the qualifications for our incentive trip and I made the decision so I had earned an incentive trip with Beachbody. It got taken away from me because I was selling lula roe. They changed their policies and procedures literally overnight and it got taken away. Um I never earned it from lula roe. It was literally $1000 away from earning it the year I did lula roe so I was like determined like I am going to turn this in center chip so they put it up there and it was um I think it was enrolled for people sell at least I think it was, it was like $5 or $6,000 in nails plus you needed to earn like six other points or something like that. But from the time they announced it to the end of the month they were doing double points. I was like this is it, this is how I'm gonna get it. I literally, like, I was with three other women from our team. We went up to my hotel room and um it was late, I mean it was 10 or 11 o'clock at night and I pulled my phone out and I literally was like, okay, I am booking like 25 parties tonight and I started messaging like my face off and I earned it, I earned that trip um like two months early And I 100% owe it to being in person at conference to being surrounded by the energy by. But more than anything, more than anything I learned in the session because I'm gonna be honest with you, this is like no shade or anything like that. I didn't need any of the sessions, a conference. Everything that is at a session of conference. Um, I could have got from Youtube or a team training or a podcast. There was nothing that I learned at conference that was like, Oh, that's such a great idea. I need to do that right now. Um, there was nothing that changed my business that way. The thing that changed my business was being surrounded by the people was seeing that I could 100% do what those people who were leading the sessions were doing. And again, just knowing that literally the only thing that I needed to do was show up consistently and do the things that my leaders were telling me to do. So, um, you know, when my leaders were saying, I don't know what's an example, um, to connect with new people or to build a brand. Um, I did it and I listened to what they were saying because one of the biggest things that I think that actually holds people back is not being coachable. Which could be like a whole another whole another video. But there's a difference in learning all the things in sitting on them and allowing yourself to get uncomfortable. Which it can be uncomfortable going to an in person event and not knowing anyone and sitting down at the table of strangers and everyone at that table knows each other but you okay. So it can be really uncomfortable and my face hurt from smiling and I definitely needed some decompressing time every night when we got back to the hotel room because again, I'm an introvert. So being around people from eight am until 11 p.m. at night and people are screaming and excited and uh you know like that can be a lot. Um but knowing yourself and knowing that like okay I need my down time or I'm gonna like, rate on someone is really important, but also, you know, not only getting uncomfortable, but again, being coachable because learning all the things is great, but you have to actually implement them and implement them with consistency. So you know, when I heard people saying, do you do eight parties a month instead of being like, well that's why I can never do that, that's too many or I only want to do for, that's fine if you only want to do for, but just know you are never going to get to the level that those people are at if you're not doing the things that they're telling you to do, but that makes sense. So, um, that's the thing, anything else about conference? So that's why I was getting at is watch other people. Almost two like the stalker status, watch what other people are doing and take from the people that you want to be like because there were people at conference and every single come, I mean every conference that I went to, this is not just company specific that were the top, but I didn't want to get to the top the way they did or you know, just the energy was not the same. Like I don't want to be that kind of person. Um, not like nothing bad at all, but just like that's not me. And so you, I want to encourage you to find the people that are kind of like you that are doing the things that you want to do and getting the results that you want to do and then you can mimic them, not copy them, not do the exact same thing, but do something similar or do what they're telling you to do is how they got there, um, spending time with your team. But maybe that's what before conference and after conferences for more than anything. Make new connections with people who are not on your team so that you can continue those relationships even outside of the conference time, take all the notes, but also implement the things. So, um, you know, I feel like almost every company does some sort of like give away like whoever can, if we can both this many parties, we do as many sales, you know, something, something, something will happen, um, use that to your advantage. And even if they don't offer something like that, you should be posting in your stories the whole conference time. Um you know, if your conferences coming up, maybe you're doing a countdown in your stories every day to lead up to it, But show people your excitement, show your customers your excitement. Send out emails because I know you're emailing your list, not just about a sale because we talked about that a lot. So send out an email to your customers and let them know, hey conferences in a week. I'm super excited. Should I wear this dress or this dress? You know, something to build relationships with your people? Um, and share that experience, share that excitement with them all the way through, all the way through your journey. Just like you should be doing with your business all the time, shared in your stories, sharing in your private groups. If you have a private group on your timeline, whatever that looks like for you, um, but share, share, share and make their goals. You know, make a big goal for the next conference. So, you know, maybe you didn't get stage recognition this year, maybe next year, your goal of state recognition. Set that goal. What do you have to do to get there? How much sales do you need, what does your, like, how many people do you need to recruit or sponsor, set those goals now and start acting on them while you're at conference, You know, before you go to bed or during your breaks message, some new people make some new connections, but don't just learn at conference. I want you to implement the things that you're doing a conference while you're at conference and get that momentum going while you're there because otherwise you're gonna get home and you're gonna fall back into your same, your same patterns and those same patterns aren't aren't the things that are going to get you to your end goal right? You have to be doing new things, You have to be growing, you have to be coachable because the team that got you to where you're at right now is not the team that's going to get you to your next level. It's a collective effort. You have to level up together. Okay, so I hope this is helpful. I hope that you are super excited for your next in person event. Um, I hope if you are doing a virtual event mosquito, um, I hope if you're doing a virtual event you get out as much as you can from like what I shared, maybe your virtual event has an app and you can connect with some new people that way. I know the color shoot one does have an app, so you can connect with stylists that way. Um, but really and truly like I said, if you are taking advantage of podcasts and trainings and you're doing the things that are already provided for you from the company, the training probably will not be the thing that takes you to the next level. What's going to take you to the next level is the excitement, the determination to hit your goals and seeing the people who are hitting them what they're like um and hearing from them being coachable and then in applying those things to your business and making it a determined effort for you to reach those goals All right, have an awesome 4th of July weekend. I was going to say it's four July, but yeah, almost July two. Have a great weekend, a great holiday weekend. Get excited about your in person events coming up and find make it a priority for your business, the next in person event that you can attend. They are there um you know like I said things happen this time around, that's totally cool but um you know make it a priority now. Go ahead and put a bug in someone's ear that you're gonna need childcare next july or whatever due in april. Um You know next time that are blank conference comes around um I'm gonna need you to watch my kids so I can get to this conference right so um be planting those seeds and make it make it a priority now and um watch your business girl. I'm super excited for you have a great night.

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