The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 82- Build Authentically and Go All in with Blair Critch

direct sales personal development podcasts Jun 14, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles. High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. All right. Hello. Hello everyone. We are live for another live podcast of the social selling sisterhood. I am Lindsay Dellinger and we are here today with Blair Rich and I am so excited for you to hear from her. Her story is really amazing and super inspiring. Blair is a top leader in a millionaire with her company which is like mind blowing like hashtag goals right there. Um and she also has um founded another company um to help women and men I suppose, but mostly mostly women um in direct sales and she just has all the tidbits. So Blair welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Thank you so much for your time tonight. Thanks for having me. Yeah, I hope men in my network marketing business, but in my coaching business I do only help women because that's what I was passionate. Well I'm just passionate about helping women to have freedom of choice is because I feel like sometimes women get stuck in certain situations in life because they don't have choices. And so that's just like one really big lifelong goal for me is to help all women to have choices. I love it. Yeah, I thought I like caught myself as I was saying that because I'm like literally the name of her group has uh Blair's also yes, she is also the co founder, Okay, blessed mama bosses, which we heard from kelly last week. So Blair is the second half of the genius of that group. So anyway, Blair, tell us your story, tell us how you got to hear because it is a truly remarkable journey. Well, it's definitely a bumpy road journey, right? And I really believe that anybody that's probably had success has had some bumps in the road. So, But for me it actually, I used to be a teacher like you Lindsey, I actually taught kindergarten for a few years and then I have my two boys who are now 17 and almost 15 and I was home for about five years. During that five years, my husband was doing really well and so we decided to invest in a bunch of properties here in South Florida. And then that crash happened right around 2008, everything came crashing down. But before that happened for us, it was like the perfect storm. We had a bunch of hurricanes here in Florida. People weren't able to increase their pay their rent, we had to increase the rent because our insurance went through the roof here. And it was then that whole market thing happened. My husband was in the mortgage industry and it was just a lot all at once and we had about bankruptcy and so everything that we had literally put money into the stock market to real estate, you know, in our savings all came crashing down and we went from having, you know, this huge bank account to literally me having to like count out cash at the cash register at the public's, which is a grocery store and put groceries back with a two year old and four year old. So I've been all over the place. And as we were rebuilding ourselves, I also found out that my husband had an addiction to pain meds and oxyCODONE. And so that was another thing where I was like, okay, we're gonna like, I don't know if he's going to get through this, I need to figure out what I'm gonna do to take care of our family in case he doesn't come out on the other side and thank goodness he did come out on the other side. He's been sober for many years now and did an amazing job. But that's why I'm really passionate about women having choices because you know, I didn't know if he was going to get better. And so that's really where my journey began with network marketing. Direct sales was that was the springtime of 2010. And what happened was I just kind of fell upon this amazing jewelry company. I had seen somebody doing online party power of facebook, right, That was like back in the beginning of really facebook and um I saw it online party and I asked the girl if she could come and do one for me and my friends because I knew they would all by it and I could get some free stuff. So I didn't have any cash at the time and she said nobody's doing it in your area, you should think about doing this. And I was like, she's crazy, but maybe I'll just buy that starter kit and have one party just to get some free jewelry. And it turned into eight people saying they wanted to host shows. Two months later I was making more money than I ever did in love teaching and my husband being the entrepreneur that he is was like, this might be really great for you this year, while I'm going through my stuff, you could be home with the kids, we don't have to put him in daycare, like just try it for a year. And I found that I loved being my own boss. I loved deciding when I was going to work, who was going to work with how much I was going to work and really have no glass ceiling. And I went like, all in that year I decided, let me see what can really happen. I was doing 8-12 shows a month, Bringing in almost six figures. I ended like all four years I was with them. I ended like right under $100,000, but for somebody who's teach kindergarten in South Florida, that's huge. I mean the most I ever made teaching was 30,000, so I was so excited about this industry. Um and I was with that company for almost five years and then I started on my current products that I sell now. And honestly, they just changed my life and they changed my health and I couldn't hide the fact that I wanted to share it with everybody. And so I decided to change companies. I also really loved the fact that it was residual. That was something that was, I didn't understand when I first started in direct sales because to be honest with you, I just didn't know like you don't know what, you don't know I mean. So when I switched over and I've been with this current company for almost seven years, this summer will be seven years and I'm so gradually thank you. And within the 1st 2. 5 years I hit millionaire at this company and I'll tell you guys how I did it. I changed a lot of things when I left the jewelry company to come over to my current company. One of the things I said to a friend of mine was, I want things to be different this time. I didn't really know what I was doing last time I didn't create culture on my team, I didn't create things that were duplicate Herbal, you know, people didn't want to do 12 shows and like me, I didn't have anybody else having the same success as me. I was like, I don't want to do it alone again. I wanted to really have people with me and on the journey with me and she encouraged me to read books on leadership. She's like read three books in the next month or listen to them or whatever before you really start to build this team. Like you just joined, you've got the next 30 days, you're going to bring out of 10 of people, read three different books about leadership and I did exactly that. I bought one from Danny johnson, um Spirit driven success. I didn't got one from john Maxwell and the other one was from Zig Ziglar and I read all three of them in less than 30 days while launching a business. Um but it was really important to me and I truly believe that between the fact that I found a product that actually works for people and made it simple and easy for people to duplicate and I really understood leadership as as not me telling people what to do or dragging people along, but sharing with them what what could happen, sharing with them possibilities and opening their eyes to what could be and then letting them decide for themselves and also having boundaries because I had no boundaries. It's not like there's ever a jury emergency, however, is something quite simply, I was like on it right. Like I was so worried I was going to lose them from my team. And that came from a place of, you know, limited belief. It didn't come from a place of abundance. So I feel like that was a big part of why I had success so fast with this company and I also have to give credit where credit's due in the products. Amazing. The company's amazing. The conversation plans great. But that whole, you know, rallying people around me I truly believe was because I changed the way I was viewing things and I started getting organized. So one of the things in the very first six weeks that I was with the company, I met the Ceo, the CO Ceo and he said to me, I said to him, listen, I ended that jewelry company with $99,000 last year, the year before 98,000. And it's annoying me. I need to get figures and said to me, well, opened up your calendar when I see that, you know, you're organized, you have an under counter that you need. And I'm like, yeah, I'm really good encounters. He's like, Okay, so what's on your calendar? I'm like all my kids activities when my husband's doing what? So I know you know what I can work? And he's like, well, where's your work on your counter? I'm like, oh, I don't need to put that on my calendar because I know I work, I'm working wherever there's pretty time. And he's like, no, like you need to put on your counter. When are you reaching out? When are you following up? When are you working with the people who are new to your team? When are you working on your own personal business? He said the calendar should be the game board for your life. So you go into your calendar, you should easily see all the things that are most important to you, including your job because you're telling me you want, you know, like a business income, not a hobby income. You know, if you want a couple 100 a month, maybe you don't need to put that on your calendar. But if you want to make 60 years a year or you know, millions of dollars and you do have to treat it like a business. And that was an Aha moment for me. And that's when I actually taught myself how to use my calendar, had a time block and even use highlighters. So do you want me to share all of that? Yeah, yeah please. I'm like, I'm over here taking notes. I'm like, okay. I got, I got a question about like so much good. Yes, we share. So Lindsay will give you guys, I'm sure you have show notes or something. Like have a freebie. We do for boss. My boss is that we give people, which is my like actual, I created like a sheet of how I do this When I first started. So I basically decided everybody, everything was going to have a specific highlighter color. Okay, so the first thing I did was pink is for me it's personal. So that might be my workout times, my devotion time, my reading. I still try to read 15-30 minutes every single day on whatever subject I'm trying to grow on. Um, so that's pink, you know, doctors appointments, mani pedi, whatever. And then yellow is for my personal business, for my personal business with my company and I make it yellow because it's easy for me to write things in what I'm gonna be doing during that time block. Then I used orange for my blessing, my boss's business. Then I use green for my boys. And I kind of have this like weird yell, like it's almost a darker yellow highlighter. And that's for when I'm like teen things. So you know, basically it's any shade of yellow means my personal business and my team. So by creating those highlighter colors, then I can see blocks of time, right? I think lance in my calendar for this week and see that I have time with my family. I have time with myself with my own personal time. I have, you know, yellow spots means I'm working in my business. I want to work on my business more than even my coaching business right? So I need to make sure it's more yellow than orange. So it's just easy visually for me to see then in those time block spots, especially my yellow ones, I write in what I'm doing. And so I know like how much time I like to spend on reach out and follow up how much time I like to spend instead of facebook or its meeting new people. And then during those time blocks I literally set a timer and I turn my phone on do not disturb. Now I have a few people in favorites like my kids because some of you are getting heart palpitations right now. I know you're like what you turn your phone or do not disturb. Listen my husband, my mom, my dad, my kids they that bypasses right. If you put your phone on do not disturb and you have favorites, you can set it to your favorite to bring in. So besides them everything else I took, you know, notifications for facebook instagram off my phones, it doesn't distract me. And when I set that timer I'm focused on that one activity and by having that moment and I even visualize before I get started on that, What are the conversation is going to sound like who am I going to get to serve and help today? And I come from that space that really gives me a focus time. Even if it's just 20 minutes, I do so much more in that 20 minutes. Then I do what I'm trying to do multiple things and you know, I love that this industries and nooks and Korean, he's kind of industry people are like you can fit this in the nooks and crannies. Yes you can. But you gotta know what you're doing in those nooks and crannies, right? Or else you're trying to do 15 things at the same time and it's not really going to serve or help anybody. So that is one of the biggest things for me is color coding for the things that are important and then time blocking and really giving myself that time block. And even I'm as detailed, even as what time in the morning am I going to be getting up? What time in the evening and my planning to go out of bed doesn't always happen what time in the evening, my shutting down my business. Um I have two times a day I check my email so I'm not looking at it all the time. I have three times a day I check my messenger inside of facebook and one time a day I check my instagram messages. So I'm not just looking at my phone all the time. Because here's what happens if you're inside of facebook all the time and you're always looking then what happens is you're never really getting anything done. So you know, setting that up the way that I have allows me to make sure that when I'm in facebook I'm doing income producing activities and not like getting lost in the scrolling world. Right? I love that. I just recently took all the notifications off of my phone. Um Like even for text I don't get and it has been like life changing. I didn't even know it was a thing. And when people had mentioned not getting notifications before, I was like that's so scandalous. It's like, what do you mean? Like I have a team. I have customers, I have people that need me. And but like you said, there's no such thing as anything emergency, right? Nothing that we sell me. It's fixed right now. So her thought about taking off my text messages, that's not like that gave me like a little Oh yeah. Oh yeah, I love it. No sound or anything. It actually really annoys my dad, but no one else has said anything. Like I texted you, I'm like, so you should have called, which is kind of funny because it has forced some people to call me a little bit more and I know some people really hate calling. Um but for me, especially when we're trying to make plans as a family or whatever, I'm like, just call me like, let's just call it, you know? Um Okay, so I love that visual. So I'm like planning on taking some highlighters from school. Sorry school. If you'll see this, it's totally doing this with my calendar because I'm like, oh my gosh, this is genius. Um because I've color coded my like content buckets before to see like make sure everything's kind of spread out. But I never thought about doing that with my time and I'm like, that's so good because I feel like, especially if you have a team and you're growing a team, we can spend so much time in that team business. Whereas like you said, you have to be spending that time in your personal business or the team's not gonna matter, right? And I've done that, listen, I mean, I have made all the mistakes you can possibly made and learn from that. I find them all to be valuable because I've learned, but there have been times in my business that it's gone stagnant or even backwards and that's usually because I'm spending too much time on the team stuff and not that time on my own personal business and you know, your team is going to copy what you're doing. So if they don't see you bringing in new people and helping them achieve whatever your bonuses are in the first couple of weeks, every company has them, right. Then they then they start to stop doing it. And so that's so important. And it's really hard to lead if you're not leading from the front. So you got to make sure, you know, it's like time and time again. Any time I say that I always think of that visual on the airplane, you got to put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help anybody else. So right. Um, now when you were, when you chunk your time, I'm just curious and you might not do this. Do you have a certain amount of time? Like do you do like a 20 minute thing? Yes. Yes, so I do I, so for me I know that I like to spend in Facebook groups for example to meet new friends and gain new people to follow and to connect with on social media, I'll spend 10 minutes in in two different Facebook groups Every single day, Monday through Saturday for a quarter and then I might change up the group's every quarter. Um if I'm not getting that interaction or I'm just getting bored in that group or I just want to meet some new people whatever, but I picked to Facebook groups and I spent 10 minutes in each every day. Um I spent 20 minutes every day doing a reach outs, just like connecting with people and getting on their news feed and being part of their community and commenting engaging, spend another 20 minutes on follow ups. I don't usually do them back to back. Uh, it's like a 20 minute here and then a 20 minute there. Um, and then I do put aside 20 minutes every day for Instagram just to like kind of comment engaged before I dropped my post. Um, and listen, these are all on my calendar, but some days I have to take some things off. You know, I have to realize, you know, I don't have that time today to do this, so I'll take it off. But if it's set pretty much and I know what I'm going to be doing every single time I'm on, it just saves me so much time. Yeah. I used to just be like, okay, what am I going to do now? Okay, maybe I should do this and yeah, so much faster now you have a pellet on, right? Yeah. This makes me think of how they just added that stacking classes feature. Have you tried that out? I have not tried a bit when I was on the other day. She mentioned it. I was like what is she talking about? My husband's like you haven't done it like like I was still behind the times but back to like pull workouts yet. Okay. Okay. I have I've only been doing like 15 20 minute classes. She mentioned it. So you have to explain it to everybody watching. Yeah, so I just did it for the first time yesterday because I'm also recovering from a wrist injury. So I I started like 25 minute clock, you know like something really small. Um But basically you can go in ahead of time and plan out your workouts for whatever your next workout is going to be and you can click and stack different classes. So normally I would do like um, like a five or 10 minutes strength and then like a 20 or 30 minute bike ride and a five minute cool down. But then I would spend time scrolling and picking what I want And it would take me five or 10 minutes. So like a 45 minute workout would actually take an hour. But now a 45 minute workout actually takes 45 minutes because I planned ahead of time and like that's exactly, I feel like what you're talking about here and I'm like, oh my gosh, this is genius, This is like pillow town stacking. We'll tell you when you just said that, that remind me of something that lisa Nichols said the author of abundance. Now one time I was watching her Youtube channel and she said I used to never time back because I thought it would be so constrictive and I would actually not be able to still be creative and get my flow. And so I never did time walking. It's like and then I realized that was just a false belief that I was telling myself. And so I time box for two weeks and she said I got more done, I was more efficient, I was more creative because I knew I had this time set aside and she said that her results were so good and now she even names her time blocks in a positive way. So if she's gonna be doing reach out, she'll call it um connecting with people to change their lives. And if it's an workout time, she'll call it moving my body to gain a strong relationship with my muscles. Like she is so specific and makes it so positive now because she's seen that the results are huge. So that just reminds me when you were oh my gosh, I love that so much. I'm gonna have to find that video because we're reading that book right now so I gotta definitely And you guys need to grab that book by the way, abundance now. Huh? I'm only in Chapter one and it's like awesome. Um what was I going to ask you now? Oh um so you do something with your team that I think is really cool. Would you mind to explain kind of the concept behind working zooms and how you guys run those as a team? Absolutely. So working zooms and some people call them work with museums working. Seems everyone called That. They're basically just, we set aside an hour. We actually have like 10 of them a week for our team. Which is amazing because other leaders have now stepped in and said I'll run I'll run them too. But it's basically just showing them in that one hour block how to do the things that are income producing, right? So instead of just scrolling through social media or not knowing what to do. And the other really cool thing is they can hop on one of these and then they can recreate it and do it themselves every day. They don't have to be on with us if they don't want to. But a lot of people want community rights. Part of why they join the network marketing direct sales company. So it allows for community if you want it and it allows for accountability. But what it really does is teach you the income producing activities that you need. So we even time block those, like we'll set a timer for 10 minutes and I'll show them how I do birthday messages, then we'll set a timer for eight minutes and we'll go through stories and we'll comment and engage in an authentic way. Well, said another timer for eight minutes, we'll go on new speeds and comment, engage like, you know and interact with people are top 10 people maybe for the week. Then we'll set another timer where we're putting up our own post, right? Because now we boosted our algorithm on social media because we've been on and engaging and then so we just kind of walk them through, right? And each one of these time blocks is an income producing activity. They can now take these chunks that they learned and they can separate them if they work full time, I've had a lot of people say I took what you taught me and I do the first 20 minutes before I leave for work and then I do some of it during my lunch break and then I do some of it in the evening which is awesome. Some people take that one hour and they just recreated themselves when they have an hour in the day. So it's really an amazing thing and once you get comfortable at it then you can then take that and create it for your own team. So like in blast mob bosses, we have an amazing course called Network Marketing accelerator. And in there it's in one of the modules and we teach them how to create their own working zoom and then take it back to their team and start doing it with their team so that they can start to see the results too. So I really believe that no matter what product you sell this works And it brought. Yeah, I 100% agree. And I know um you know, I duplicated that from my team and my leaders on my team duplicated for their people, you know, and it's, it's a nice way like you said to duplicate those income producing activities because a lot of people think, oh I'm working my business because I'm scrolling facebook and like that is not working your business, like not at all. Um and then you mentioned authentic building your business in an authentic way. I love how you said that because I think, well I know the huge stigma around network marketing, direct sales, especially building online. Is that being spammy and being sale de so could you give us some examples of what you mean by building a business in an authentic way? Yeah, well I think there's multiple facets of that. But the number one thing is like there's no reason to be spaniel a Pamela, There's no reason to send cold messages. I mean I, you know those of you who are watching this video, not just listening to it, you'll see like a really short hair right now. That's because I just went through a cancer journey and during that time I forgot how awful cold messages are. But like it was so obvious that sometimes people just didn't take the time to go look on my news feed and you know, one of two things happen either they didn't realize what I already sold. So like I don't know why you're trying to sell me something already sell. But the second thing is a lot of people would reach out to me and try to sell me something I'm like in the middle of going through chemo. So they obviously didn't even take a moment to really see what was going on in my life. That's very different than somebody reached out and saying, did you know the benefits of this oil? Can I share this oil with you while you're going through this? I would love to share that. That's authentic. That's like I'm really worried. I know this product might be able to help you, let me share it with you. That's very different than hey girl, I want to tell you, I think you love this facebook group that I started and I love to add you in. Like I'm freaking going through chemo. I'm fighting for my life, right? So authentic to me means like you get to know that person and I know Kelly said we already talked about cap last week when you guys talk, but that cap, we really came up with that cap method of connecting with the compliments and commonality, asking open ended questions, getting to their pain points, problem solving with their pain points. Uh, problem solving their pain points with your product service opportunity. Because we're both so sick of getting those cold messages. So you know, just stop and look at people and figure out what's going on in their life. Ask them questions, get to know them and then see if you can solve their problem with your product service or opportunity. Look at them the way that you would want to be treated right instead of treating people like there's another number and you know what your product service or opportunity might not be right for them. Um, I always give this story. Example of my husband is in real estate, is a real estate broker here in south florida And last summer with everything that's going on with Covid. He had this one client was just to put his house on the market. It was like a couple of million dollar house and he kept, you know, putting writing off for pictures. And finally my husband said like, hey what's going on? Is everything okay? And he said actually my wife is having this issue with her foot, we can't get in, nobody can get us into a doctor. We're having all these problems. My husband called me and said, don't we have a friend that's a podiatrist at our kids school to go to a private school. And I said yeah. And so I sent him the person's name, he called that doctor and said, I've got this guy can't get anybody in. My husband got him into the doctor for his wife. She got her surgery a week later and that guy said Ryan, I will never go with another realtor. But you obviously you've got a couple of months to heal. We can't even have people look at our house right now. But when we're ready we're coming back to you because he helped them. He cared about them. So just care about people. I mean it's really what it's all about, right? And so sometimes your product might not be right for them. I sell a vitamin supplement system and sometimes it's not right for people, maybe they're allergic to something in it or maybe you know, they're already on something else or their doctor won't let them be on it for whatever reason then I refer them to something else. I know it helps them or solve their needs. So you know, that's where you really build a network because guess what? Next time they have a friend that saying that they're tired and exhausted, they're going to send them to me and be like, oh Blair has a great product for that. So you know, it's really creating this authentic relationships and then for your, for your team, if you're authentic with those, reach out with those communications with creating those relationships, you're going to be the same way as a leader and that's what people are looking for. They want somebody who's real who's not going to just be like only talking to them because they're doing well, right? And on our team we value everybody. The people who bring in a couple of $100 in sales a month are equally as important to me and my team volume as the people who bring in $80,000 a month, like nobody gets treated different. It's not, you can only show up to this training if you make X. Y. Z. No, there are teams that do that. We will never do that because I want to show up authentically in all areas of my life. I love that and I love that story. What a nice story. You know like yeah, you you give without yeah you give without any expectation. And then you know, you're always pleasantly surprised at what the universe comes back to you. I wholeheartedly agree with that. I love that so much. Um okay, so lots of our listeners are and this will be our last question because I know we've been telling for well um lots of our listeners or viewers if you're watching this life um are working a full time job right now. While they're also building a social selling business, give us like a tip or two. You already give us a few time management tips. But you know maybe a tip or two on something that they can do to move their business forward or reorganize their business in a way that they can get to where you're at because I know everyone heard your title and are hearing all of you know the things about your wonderful team, you're like, okay, I want that. Yeah, Well, I think the very first tip I would give you is know what you want. So uh Lindsay and I are both reading the book abundance now by lisa Nichols. This is my second time reading it. But I love that she talks about you can't hit a moving target. I mean I guess you could, but it's a way more difficult. So when you're thinking about this, you know, if you're working full time, you're trying to build something then I want you to really think about what do you want and how does that look for you? Because you might think you want to bring in $6,000 a month, But that might require you when you figure it out to work maybe 2030 hours a week and you might not want to do that and that's okay. So you've got to really figure out first. What do I truly want? What will that require of me, What do I need to do to achieve it? And what am I going to have to give up in order to achieve it and make sure all of that lines up? Because if it doesn't line up, guess what? It's not going to work. If one things off the wheel will not keep going right, it's like a spoke. If it smokes off, it's not gonna keep going. So that's the first thing, then the second thing is figuring out what do you need to do to get there. So what are, what are you willing to give up? Like I said, so when I first started, I'm a housewives girl, it's like a dirty little secret yet everybody knows. So I love the housewives, like I'm blair and I love the housewives. So for me, when I first year that I was in this business, my goal was to hit the top of the conversation plan by month four, and if I had two months by, but I we had some really big goals in our house. And so we sat down as a family, I told them that my goals were, everybody was online, you know, in line with it, we knew what nights I was going to be working. I did have specific nights off so I could give them my full attention. And then I gave up housewives, I gave up and not only housewives, housewives with my girlfriends, because we have we have started doing this every thursday night thing, we've been doing it for like four years and I gave it up and it was hard and I got a lot of flak from my friends and some relationships ended because of it, because, you know, they thought it was ridiculous that I would not show up ever for that. But after six months, I was already making six figures and guess what? I went back to doing it every once a while, I didn't do it every single week anymore, because my priorities changed, I realized what I could create and I could, if I could create that, I could show other people how to create that, and that was exciting to me. So I think that you've got to be very clear on what you want and then how do you get there? And then where is that going to show up on the calendar? Right? Because again, you can say you want it and you can spend 20 hours a week, maybe you're spending 20 hours a week on the things that don't even matter for your business. And then the second thing is you got to be willing to talk to people. I mean, that's the number one thing. I love that. We have social media. I didn't have that. You know, when I first started the jewelry company, it wasn't as popular as it is now to meet people on. But now we have this, we have clubhouse, we have instagram, we have Tiktok, we have facebook, we have so many opportunities linked and we have so many opportunities to meet people. So you want to make sure that you're talking to people and that you're not just hiding behind, um, you know, just connecting with people, but you're getting to the point and you're sharing your product or service your opportunity with them and how it could serve or help them. 100%. So many people I talked to, I was actually just talking to someone last night. Um, and she was telling me she was having trouble recruiting. And I said, well, how many people have you asked or shared your opportunity with this month? I mean it's, you know, we're almost at end of the month. And she was like one and I was like girlfriend. She's like, and they said no, I'm like, well, yeah, but that's okay. I'm like, keep asking, you know, keep sharing and being authentic. And so we went over, you know, how to be authentic and all of that. Um so I have high hopes for her for sure. I know she listens to this. Um so when she listens to this, she should have at least talk to weigh more than one person. Um But yeah, that's, that's hard. If you only talk to one or two people, then it hurts more. So I look like a funnel, you know, you've got to get as many people into the funnel as possible. And you know, your goal, listen, Facebook groups are bolden. You know, my goal is to, is to make one connection and every single in both the two Facebook groups that I'm in every single day, Monday through Saturday. So that's 12 new people I'm meeting every week. And so at the end of the month, let's just even say I met 10 people a week, right? That's 40 new people that I friend requested a week a month. And at the end of that month, if I've met 40 new people, even if just 10% said Yes to try and my product or ordering my product, that's for new people, For me, that's 48 new people a year. So I think it's realizing that it's a numbers game and it's actually easier when you talk to more people, it's more and still have a few people that you're talking to agreed, agreed. And it can also be really disheartening to and you're like, oh yeah, for sure. Um, okay guys, I encourage you all to snag Blair's freebie that she mentioned and we will link it on the show notes and in the video captions and all of that. Um, and, and really color code, your calendar this week. Do it even if you just do it for a week just to kind of see, because I feel like there's so many times that were like I'm working my business all the time and when you actually look at it, you're really not. Um, and like Blair said, you know, there's going to be a time where you're going to have to decide, you know, as netflix more important or is, you know, reaching my business school is more important and you can decide, it doesn't, you know, if you're in it for a hobby, then it can be netflix, but you have to make those hard decisions for sure. And I love how you pointed that out because a lot of people don't share that. You know, they make it sunshine rainbows and you have to make choices sometimes for sure. Absolutely. Um, okay Blair, where can everyone connect with you tell us all the places and we will, like I said, I'll link everything, but where can we find you? Yeah, Absolutely. Well, if you want to find me on instagram, I'm at Blair courage to the number two. And then on facebook I'm facebook dot com slash sparkly blair back from my jewelry days. And you can also find us for bless my bosses. You can find us on blessed mama bosses dot com. Love it. And like Blair mentioned, she has an awesome network marketing accelerator, of course, all kinds of freebies, all the things. So definitely check her out over there. Thank you so much flair. I appreciate your time and all your tips. I'm getting ready to go get my highlighters. Love it. All right. Thank you. Bye. Bye.

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