The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 81- Summer-proofing your Business

direct sales podcasts Jun 10, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles. High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello! Hello. Welcome back to another best hip thursday episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. This is Lindsay Dollinger, your host of this show and this is actually my second attempt at recording this and I'm really hoping it works this time. Last time I totally forgot to make the volume above zero on the recording device. So it showed there was a recording that there was no noise and I was like, are you okay anyway, so you might even get an even shorter version because I'm going to feel like I already told you all the things. But anyway, let's talk about summer proofing your business and man guys, if you have been listening to me for a while, you probably know a lot of what I'm going to tell you. So maybe this episode you get to say for when you need like a little kick in your booty, you know like when it's like mid july and it's nice and hot and wonderful and you want to be at the pool all day and not work your business. But the truth is, I know you were listening to this podcast because you feel called for more. You want to step into that next level you, but you're not really sure how to do it or you know how to do it. But there's just something holding you back, you're afraid of something friends. You get to wash yourself of that fear, of that anxiety, of that unknown. You get to just leave that all behind. Okay, it is summer, It is a new season. This is the season where things are growing, where there's so much excitement, where there is rest, where there is play, where there is pull lays, where there is the potential for all kinds of fun, new possibilities just like absorb that energy absorbed that positivity go out, get some vitamin C. Well, vitamin C. And vitamin D. But then I was thinking ocean that came out to you, but you know some vitamin D. From being out in the sun, but also get some vitamin C. And go go get some pool time in. Um I'm meeting see like S. E. A. Like I know that there's actually not vitamin C. In the pool, but you get what I'm saying, So alright friend, let's summer prove your business. So what does this look like and what's this look like for me? So you guys know I'm a teacher, so this is going to look a little differently maybe than those of you who work year round year round. Um You know, this might not look so different for you because you're used to having that structure of your 9 to 5 job, But I feel like for everyone, regardless of whether you're working your 9-5 in the summer or not, You're going to have, you know, we have the 4th of July we have memorial day, we have sidewalk sales and county fairs and summer vacations and just lots of opportunities for us to fall off the wagon with our business. Um but also lots of opportunities for us to recharge and get excited and reconnect with people to be outside and get back to our normal way of life, Our normal way of life has been um you know, a lot different in the past year, year and a half and I think especially well normally for summer and if you listen to my episode about the j months june and july traditionally are a little bit slower months for direct sales, network marketing and then august, you know, with everyone getting back to school, people are buying a little bit more, people are getting back to their normal schedules, you know, their kids are getting back to school, things like that, but also because of that, that can also make sales slow depending on what your industry is. So it is really important that you buckle down right now and make your business at priority this season and what that looks like largely. And you guys know that I'm a huge proponent of time blocking, of making intentions of, of scheduling in when you're working your business, but also when you're having your fun and your workout in your meal prep in your family time and your vacations and all of those things. I'm a firm believer in that you guys know that I really truly started, um, and have grown my business from the platform of flexibility. I, you know, I'm a teacher, I'm busy, I travel a lot, um, most summers when it is safe to do so I am international largely most of the summer and I would not be able to have my business and keep growing it and have it be successful if it weren't for social media and if it weren't for that flexibility and the, the, the, oh my gosh, why can I not think of words the option to schedule things out? Um, meaning like scheduling posts on social media and using platforms like one stream live and um heck even scheduling these podcasts out and matching them so that I can be more hands off. So I'm thinking ahead now and patching things. I like to batch things out three and four weeks in advance if I can, so that I'm always ahead so that I can take that vacation. I can spend a little bit more time with my family and my friends for you. This might look like spending more time with your kids, but I also want to encourage you that you really need to touch your business and work in and on your business. Um, every day, like you could, you can, if you plan it right, maybe take weekends off for such when you already have scheduled posts. But I think a very big indicator for me, I can tell someone is serious about their business, social media wise is on your stories facebook and instagram stories, if that little ring that is around there, I forget what color it is right now. Blue maybe read, I think it's blue. Um, if I look at someone's profile and they have that ring around there at all times, I know they're serious because that means once in 24 hours at least they are showing up in posting something for their audience, for their audience to get to know them better to get to know their products and their services, etc. So you have to be showing up and you know, there's lots of ways that you can show up, We've talked about showing up before and what your brand is, but you know, really be intentional about what is showing up going to look like for you this summer and I want you to really hone in like, what's your commitment level? What are your goals and what do you need to do to hit those goals with your current commitment level? You know, if your commitment level is low, if you're like, I'd rather do X, y, Z, that's fine, but just know that if you have such goals for your business, you know, why are you working your business? If you don't have big goals, I want to ask you that. I mean, that's kind of a, you know, a little gut check right there. If you don't have big goals, why are you working in your business? Is it just for the friends? That's totally cool. But then I would maybe question you if you have a business or if you have a hobby. So when you get that gut check and you really decide, you know, what is your commitment level? If you are committed, you're going all in, you want that six figure business, you want that big team, you want to provide a safe space for women in your community, whatever it is, that is your dream for your business, what your dream business looks like, your commitment level has to match and it has to match year round and a really great visual I saw, I think it was Melanie Metro from the Sheikh influencer podcast and she's also a top Beachbody coach shared a few years ago and it was at the very beginning of my network marketing career and it was a visual of a man pushing a rock, giant rock, like like a prehistoric man pushing this giant rock up this, up this mountain. And he was on like the left side of the mountain, pushing it up. And she pointed out that you know, how much easier is it for him to keep going? One step forward, one step forward, one step forward at a steady pace or even a fast pace versus if he goes steady for a while and then he closed out that rock. It's really, really heavy, right? That rock is our business friends. I don't want your business to feel heavy. I don't want your business to push back on you and flatten you. I don't want your business to feel impossible some days. And the only way that it's not going to feel that way, the only way that it's going to feel easy and light and I hate saying the word easy. But in this analogy it works that way because business is not easy. But the only way you know, you're going to find that like see the results there at the end of the tunnel and all your hard work and have it not flattened you is if you are moving at least a step forward every single day. So as you're thinking ahead for the summer, I want you to really think how can I do that? What do I have to do to make that happen? Where can I schedule that time in? Can I get up five minutes earlier, 10 minutes earlier before my kids get up so that I can get my invites in before they're up. You know, can I multitask and make connections while I'm writing my pellet time? Like what can you do if you truly don't have the time to fit in that 15, 20 minutes an hour a day of your uninterrupted work time, then you've got to find ways to, to fit it in. You know, we've had several great podcast um guests on here lately who have been talking about their ways that they manage their time when they were building their business and those are great even for the summer, you know, maybe it is leaving leaving to go to a doctor's appointment where your spouse is watching your kids while you go 20 minutes early, so you can sit in the parking lot alone and do some messages. You know, maybe it's listening to your podcast while you're doing a walk with the kids. You could totally have a headphone in one year, watch your kids and still be absorbing a little bit of that information now, is it better if you were doing it? Not multitasking. Sure, I'm sure it would be. But you know, you gotta do what you gotta do right. And I think that's kind of what it boils down to for those summer months. So, friend, I want you to have fun, I want to give I want to give you the permission and you to give yourself the permission to have the fun to do all those things, but I also want to give you the permission and the encouragement to really treat your business like a business, what would a business owner be doing during the summer? Would they take the whole summer off? No, they wouldn't, you know, because you want to keep building it, because if you don't keep building it, think of that rock analogy, it's gonna roll back down and you're going to have to start from the very beginning pushing that rock up the hill and it's so much harder. The second time, you know, your your arms are already worn out a little bit from the first time that you tried it. Um so it's so much better just to keep going, keep pushing, keep doing those daily things that are moving your business forward and you will get there, you will get to the other side of that mountain. So I hope you have a fabulous, fabulous summer as you're planning. Um don't worry, this podcast isn't going anywhere, but this is just to help you some improve your podcast or your podcast to your business. Um just really have a lot of fun with it. Think outside the box, what can you do? Who can you share your opportunity and your products with when you're out and about, throw those samples in your beach bag on your trips. You never know who you're gonna meet, who you can talk to about your opportunity in your business. You never know who's life you can bless by introducing that opportunity to them and I want you to remember that this summer. Have a great day friends. If you enjoy this episode, please screenshot it, leave me a rating and review. Take that screenshot and stick it in your instagram and facebook stories tagged me and I will give you a re share so that my audience will soon become your audience. Have a great day.

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