The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 80- Building your Network Marketing Empire with Kellie Hoover

direct sales podcasts Jun 07, 2021

Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello! Hello everyone. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I am so excited. We're doing a live podcast taping of the social selling sisterhood and I have with us today, a special guest, this is kelly hoover and kelly is at the top of her network marketing company. She also has created her own company to help women in social selling and direct sales. And I'm just super excited for you guys to get to know kelly somewhere. So kelly. Uh thank you for being on the show. Thank you for taking your time to interview with us today. Oh my gosh, yes, sorry, my like fun, just like jolted down. Thank you for having me. How fun is this? I love that. Our names are pink by the way. Oh, of course they're paying. I mean anything that can be pincus pink, let's be real. All right, kelly, Tell us, how did you get to, not only being at the top of one business, but starting your own, like just a little bit about your background? Yes. So my name is kelly hoover, like lindsey said. And I started off in a family that my father was an entrepreneur. I always saw it. I began having to work in his business at a very young age and so I always had this sort of like work ethic entrenched in me, went to school and studied business, right? I mean like, what else do you do when you don't know what you want to do, you study business, Right? So that's what I did. I actually went into sales in transportation. I spent three years there and loved outside sales. Just loved meeting new people. Um I felt like now looking back it was really like setting me up to be in the profession of direct sales and network marketing. I then transferred into pharmaceuticals that at that point was like nothing that you like coveted job you wanted to have. And I loved it. A lot of things changed in the medical profession, A lot of things changed with me. I ended up in 2015 getting diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor. Was sick for quite some time and because of that is really what started my, you know, entrepreneur life. I had seen, my dad always worked for himself and always wanted to do that, but I didn't know what I could do to make the same amount of income or you know have the same sort of benefit. I was sick, I had had brain surgery almost six years ago and then on the other side of that landed upon, you know was in touch with a girlfriend, landed upon the product that impacted my life, was not interested in the business, but she said a few very powerful things to me that made me interested when I was already had passion around the product and then I sort of dabbled, I mean honestly like I sort of took it serious but not like business series, I would say I took it like hobby serious, you know, I was like this is fun, this is great for her that she left her pharmaceutical industry job But like that can't be me, that's like barely anybody happens to it. And then as time went on about 27 months into my career, Lindsay as a network marketing professional, my husband just said like, why not? Like, why can't you apply the same sort of business skills here and go for it? Like this would allow you to be home. I'm a mom of then two younger daughters and I was like, I mean, why not? It actually took me a little bit, probably 2 to 3 months to really probably get the nerve up to convince myself that I could do it. Others believed in me it's a common thing, right? In network marketing, others right? Others believed in me. I didn't believe in myself now. I really knew that it was a fear of failure. It was a fear of the unknown leaving the security blanket, It's not a secure job, but what I thought was to go off on my own. And um, I ended up doing it 13 months into the profession. I walked away from a 15 year career and at that point it's like sink or swim sis, right? You gotta do it then, right? Yeah. I live in a very small town people, you know, looked at me sideways like you have a grad school degree, you have this and you're leaving. I had been in the industry for 15 years and I said, yeah, I am. And, you know, went all in. It was it was a job. It was working it. I loved so much of it, but it was hard work. You know, I never sit around and say it wasn't. But because of that, the incredible team really in five months went from, You know, around $40, in, in sales in a month to well over 250,005 months. And it was, it was down, it was the power of duplication. It was the power of being passionate. And um, and you know, then that sort of sort of how it happened. So now it's, gosh, it's five years later now. Crazy. That's so nuts. And that's so crazy how you grew so quick when you went all in. Like, I feel okay, well I don't want to put words around. So what do you think changed for you? Or what did it look like when you decided to go all in? Because you mentioned a little bit about your mindset. But like how did, how did you do that? Like day one? Like you're like, okay, let's go. Yeah, no, I remember it very vividly. So this, anyone can relate to this because if you are on, I want, I want you all the picture right now, you're on a beach in the sand and you you draw a very deep line, right? Like this line is visible, it's at your feet, you're staring down, you're looking at this line and you're on one side of it. On the other side of that line is a different life. It's a different mindset. It's a different work ethic. It's a whole different commitment. But you cannot step a toe over our foot or half your body were not like straddling the line. You have to commit and go. And for the majority of my career at that point I was on this side and what kept me, there was the fear of failure. The fear really truly Lindsay of what other women my friends thought about me and listen, that's in my head, that wasn't the reality. It wasn't the truth now, granted, yes, there were there were a lot of opinions, right? But but they weren't they weren't anything that should have impacted me the way they did. What created it in those first weeks were like, I'm done. I put literally leapt over words and I put a big brick wall where that line in the sand stood, there was no option. I never never created the opportunity to go backwards. It was we're here, we're over the line, we're committed. I don't know how long we're committed. We had a family meeting, we sat down with my husband, my kids and we said, we're all in on this business as a family. It's not just me as a family. Until X. Happens. It wasn't 90 days, it wasn't 30 it wasn't a year, it was until X happens. And then, as you know, when you create, you know, a lot of momentum X becomes further down the road, right? Because you've created all of this. But I very vividly remember the very first three weeks being at home, I had gone from working 50 60 hours a week, my husband traveling, managing a kindergartner in a second grader, I had no time to build the business, even though I was building it. And then I went and I had all the time in the world, oh man, that messed me up right? Like I think that's like the work well, so summer's coming up for me as a teacher and so I'm like I gotta get my time management skills down now right? You go from no time to have it all the time in the world. I went from efficient to the most inefficient person around. Um And it really was true, so I spent three weeks and I just locked myself in the office and I just said like you're treating this like a job, your kids are at school, you have X amount of time, you know there's not this, there's not that going on, you're sitting down and you're doing income producing activities and I spent three weeks of a bunch of connections with no connections back and after three straight weeks of really like putting in the time and like questioning myself did this that make the right decision then after that things started coming back up. But it was because of the consistency, it was because of the passion, it was because of just showing up and not giving up on that that you know, overall business example. I think that's a big thing that I hear a lot of people doing is just expecting immediate results and when they don't get them they lose that motivation because that's kind of what was driving them, especially, you know, when you first sign up and everyone's excited in supporting you and then you run out of your, you know, your warm market and your family and friends and then you're like, okay now what, like what the heck do I do now? So I love that visual that you painted with the brick wall to and like there's no looking back looking back toe over. Yeah, and it's so true because so many people they straddle. I don't even think people put a toe, but I do think they'll put a whole foot and they straddle the line and when it's convenient and when they're happy and when they're like, oh, this is great there on one side of the line. But on the flip side, when when something, when we make an excuse, normally it's something in our personal life, we make an excuse for, we we hang out on the other side of the line and you, it's like a teeter totter effect going back and forth and if you just whichever line you stay over consistently is where it's gonna go if you if you hang out and I'm not showing up, your business won't grow, but if you hang out and it can be small things, you know it doesn't have to be, I remember going from working, putting a lot of time in on the weekends when I had a full time job to then not doing as much on the weekends and doing more during the week. And so it can be, you know even now I've been homeschooling Children for the last year and that's a whole nother time manager thing, I I have no time like really to myself and I get up I mean you have to get up at 4 35 in the morning to get any time alone to think to process, to really attack business strategies. So you do what you gotta do, you do you do and I almost feel like if you don't have that work ethic like you're going to be in the same place for a really really really long time. Um Okay so before you quit and went all in you had a little bit of time, They're a little bit less than a year, right? 11 ish months. So what did you do to build your business while you were working in 9-5 and while you have those little kids, because I know a lot of people listening are in that spot right now and they're like I just don't have the time. So where did you find the time? Yeah. So you just carve things out? I always woke up at that point, I already had to get up at five a.m. To get myself ready. The kids ready for school. I usually had to be you know, at some sort of business between seven and 7 45 in the morning and there's traffic to deal with in the city 11. And so I got up at 4 30 I got up at 4 20. I spent 20 minutes doing income producing activities That morning. That was the most important thing because it didn't matter what happened. My kid could get sick, I could have something crazy at work happened. I had already put in at least 20 minutes and people think that you have to sit down and network marketing and devote hours and hours and hours. You don't, you just have to show up for 20 minutes every five days a week, seven days a week. And you can build it may not be as fast as if you show up for an hour a day, but you can build a business in 20 minutes. You can and no joke Lindsay, you'll think this is so funny. But I never, I am a rule follower and I was very um very respectful to the company. I mean I worked in pharmaceuticals, I could have had opportunity customers, you know team members at my fingertips and never crossed the line and I didn't even wear, I didn't have any products. I never spoke about it. If someone happened to be friends with me outside of it and they would ask me a question like we have to talk about this after five o'clock. So I didn't do anything during the day except if I was like driving, I drove a lot. So if I was driving I would, you know, if I was on a three way phone call, I literally would get on a three way phone call with you and say, let me introduce you to my friend. I would put you on the phone with her, my phone went in my bag, I went into an appointment. I have no idea what they were talking about, but I leaned on my leadership when the opportunity needed to happen and I couldn't be there. So that was something and then I always said from from the very first month, I was a part of the network marketing profession. Someone said to me, 33 sort of learning experiences a week, okay, you know, 30 minutes to an hour. I'm like, okay, that's 90 minutes a week, 2 to 3 hours. Most things were 30 minutes at that point. And so that's what I did. I committed 23 different learning opportunities and I stayed true to that. And saturday mornings were what I I called, just like my power time. It was it was truly, I would wake up even if we had to be at the soccer field at nine a.m. I would wake up and I would lock in two hours of income producing activities. I didn't worry about all the other things, I didn't worry about what everyone else was doing, I just did what I needed to do and that was help other people was connect, it was bu no good at those things and you can find time. Another little trick for all of you that are you know, working outside of the home or you know what, even if you're working inside of the home, this can work to on my drive home. I would always drive very, very close. I'd get about a mile or two from my house. I would pull over and in this church or grocery store parking lot and set my timer for 15 minutes and I would work for 15 minutes. A new traffic wasn't gonna happen. I knew I would be home and it gave me that little bit of edge, that little slight edge that you need to answer messages to invite two things to do those small little task. And just think if I just did those two things, I mean that's 35 minutes of of business. I didn't need to do anything else. Trust me. There were many nights where I was like, I'm not doing that, I'm not doing that. I'm going to spend time with the family, I'm going to go to sleep. So, um, those little nooks and crannies, you can do it if you're focused with what you're doing and organized. A 100% agree. I do a lot of that on like lunch breaks or like you said in my car before I go home or in my car before I go into work in the morning because you know, you're already there, you're not going to be late. So just leave 10 minutes earlier. Um, and yeah, that's 100% how I've grown my business too, because you have to do that. Otherwise you're going to be, you know, distracted, not finding the time doing different things and yeah, then you won't be happy. So. Oh yeah, I learned that the hard way. Sure. Um, okay. Tell us about your cap method because um, if you guys don't know, kelly has a partner in both of them have a group called the blessed Mama bosses. It's a group and a podcast which you guys should definitely check out. I'm in there, I love all their free content and one of the things that they talk about is the capital method and I would love if you would share that with our audience today. Yes, absolutely. So the cap method is basically just a genuine, authentic way to build connections and network with people can be used in anything and see it's C A P C stands for complement and connections. So if you know who you want to serve in your business, first off, if you don't know that that's step one is you really need to know your avatar is your ideal client is, and the easiest way to think about that is who do you wake up every day wanting to serve and you don't get tired of serving that type of person. So those are the people you're connecting with on instagram on facebook, you know, on clubhouse, on linkedin, wherever you're hanging out on whatever social media platforms in person, these are the people who are attracted to, so that it's the connection, see connection and complementing and I'm not talking about like just saying it to say it, these are genuine. These are not just saying, oh my gosh, your hair looks so pretty or where did you get that off at? No, it's it's things that you would really say to someone if you're hanging out with them at a wine event or at a party or at the pool, you know, like these are people are trying to build a relationship with and once you really begin to connect, you find that sort of commonality, you go to a which is ask questions and this is really to try to uncover what is P. Which is pain points. So it's complement and connect is ask questions. P is pain point and the pain point can be so many things. What keeps somebody up at night? What are they worrying about? Is it the way they feel is that their bank account is the fact that they don't feel part of a community. Do they want to lose weight? Do they hate the way their hair looks like whatever it is? You know, Do they are they have anxiety? Do they have a fear of something uncovering what that is? So you can figure out how to serve it and you do that through asking questions and you know what the cool thing is is that may or may not end up in a transaction between you. That's not the point. The point is to connect and figure out how you can serve them. And if it doesn't end up that way that's okay. You've made a beautiful connection. You don't know what leads down the road. Remember these are the people you want to hang out with anyway, so you probably have gained a really good friend and referring them to someone. There are so many instances where you're like, oh you know that's not really like I can't really help this person, but I have a friend that can and you connect people, do you know how far that goes? It goes so far when you're like you need to connect with my friend. People never, ever, ever forget that. You know you hear it a lot in real estate like referrals and hair stylist and all these things, but you can refer people and anything in life, and when you connect with someone, you can't serve them asking for referrals if they know people that that you can help. It's a great way to do it, but that is the cat method and it's, you know, it's a skill set that will come very naturally once you put it into practice and it doesn't feel icky, it doesn't feel spammy, it's not copy and pasting. Um it just is really great, and I will tell you, it's allowed myself personally and blair to build some really incredible connections. I mean, we we met on social media and so some of my closest friends, that's how I've met, that's so crazy. I didn't know that you guys met on social media. I mean, nowadays, I feel like I often don't even remember if I met people online, er I'm like, have you ever actually met in person? I. Crazy, But um I love that. I love because I think relationship building is it's the only way to do our businesses, you know, like, I how else can you do them without feeling icky and sales and spanky? I don't think that you really can, to be honest. Um definitely the foundation, um Okay, is there anything that I did not ask that you want to share with everyone tonight? Well, I mean, I just think that wherever you are, I mean, whoever is watching, whoever is listening, one of the things that I always love to share, especially with women is just to keep going, not to give up on yourself, not to have, you know, comparison itis not to really like, say and look and spend all this time thinking like what if what if I did that, what if I you know had a bigger network or whatever just just to keep going to not give up. The only way you will not accomplish your dreams is if you stop you know you keep going, you keep tackling it. Yes, you can change the method. Yes, you can tweak a few things. Yes, we can be more organized, we can be more efficient, we can learn all of these things but it's just to keep going in your business and making sure that you know you you have the right passion. There are a lot of people that we talked to inside lasama bosses that you know love the profession may not love their company, they love their company but they might not love their leader, they love their leader but they may not love the compensation plan. There's so many puzzle pieces to fix together but I will say like bidding the puzzle pieces, there's always going to be a one that may not be, you know, at the top. It may not be the most important, but truly like figuring it out for you and not giving up on what you want and knowing why you're doing it. Um That was one of the biggest things I think to, to uncover and a lot of my team is, you know, why are you showing up? It's okay if it's for money, it's okay if it's for our community, it's okay if it's because you like to be a part of something, it's okay if it's for the product or the service that your company offers, but knowing why because it allows you to really pour into that. Why? And it allows you to to fuel it because if you don't know why, if you're just doing it because you're like, oh, this is kind of cool to be a part of then, then it really doesn't get deeper. And I feel like a lot of times people just are like, it's just sort of a hobby because they're, they're why wasn't deep enough? And so I would just, you know, continue to do that. Always be a student, always learn, always invest in yourself development. You know, social media is changing. So I mean it changes every day and just learning and and always being a student because we can always grow and learn, Oh my gosh, I love that. I feel like I just like listen to like a keynote. I'm like, yeah, that's all right. All of those things. All right guys, well, you definitely need to share this with your teams if you're listening to this and you are in direct sales, network marketing heck. Even if you're not, even if you are a business owner, you do anything on social media, there was so much good stuff that kelly just shared with us. So definitely listen to this. Really listen to this. Um, and kelly, where can everyone find you to connect with you for their Yes, you can find me at facebook at kelly john to cover in power kelly is um, you can search, you can find me on instagram or I hang out sometimes on clubhouse. I helped post a network marketing room. It is non company specific. Um, monday through thursday 4 to 6, a lot of seven figure network marketing professionals come in and we talk about all different topics. You can ask questions. It's pretty incredible some of the people that come in there. So that's really it instagram and facebook are definitely and then of course on bless mama bosses podcast, um, can hear me there also. Awesome. And guys, I will link all of those and if you're listening to this podcast in the show notes, if you're watching live, I will edit the caption out so that you guys can just click and find kelly and connect with her even further. Well, thank you so much kelly. I really appreciate your time and we learned so much. Thanks for having me on Lindsay. You're so welcome. Bye bye bye.

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