The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 79- Listen to this before you invest in another coach or program

direct sales podcasts Jun 03, 2021

Yeah, Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, high school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money, you deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way, let's get started. Hey girl, hey, welcome back to the social selling sisterhood podcast. It is Lindsay Dellinger, you know, a host of this awesome show and I am here for a quick to or Tuesday thursday biz tip from the car, Y'all know how these work. Um short, sweet. To the point, I'm currently driving to my occupational therapy for my wrist after my wrist surgery, so it was just gonna be a super, super short episode. So I have something in my heart and you know how I love to share these with you and I've learned this from experience, I and maybe you're like me, I love to pay for all the coaching, all the training. Like if someone I'm following that I look up to and I admire has a new, has a new program, has a new e book, new templates, especially those smaller ticket offers those, You know, $17, $27, you know, under $100 what I call the small ticket item, I'm buying it, I'm participating in it. I'm marking my calendar, like I currently I'm currently enrolled into um like small group mentorship coaching program things right now. Um that really one of them is kind of geared toward network marketing. The other one is not, the other one would be um me personally developing and professionally developing my, you know, my brand, my email marketing, my podcast, um creating my own products, things like that. Whereas the other course that I've invested in is also, you know, those sorts of things but geared more toward um my network marketing business and what I want to encourage you. And the one thing that I have learned is to really, yeah, um really investigate and figure out who the people are that you are taking advice from. Because here's the thing, it's super easy for us to have shiny object syndrome and like, oh, they're promising this and I'm going to do this and you know, if I do this, then what, you know, my and alcohol outcome is this and I want you to really think before you start investing, especially in larger ticket items or things that are going to take up more of your time, you know, is this person, have they achieved what I want to achieve And especially for network marketing and direct sales, achieving success in our industry is very different than achieving success with your own products and services um that are not tied to our affiliated to accompany. There are a lot of the same principles that apply, you know, sales is sales and building relationships, is building relationships, and marketing is marketing, but when you are a network market or a direct seller we have, we are competing with hundreds of thousands of people usually who we're selling our exact same products. And so I would really encourage you to invest your time and your money if you are, especially if you're solely a direct sales network marketer, if you're not, if you're not, you know, creating your own products on the side or things like that. Um but you are really looking to how to be the best whatever consultant you are sensing consultant. Beachbody coach, whatever, then you need to find coaches and mentors and people creating programs, templates, trainings, et cetera who have done and achieved what you want to achieve. They've reached the top of their companies, they've built the teams, they know how to do it because here's the thing guys, I've invested in programs and services before from people who I either really liked them or you know, I loved the lifestyle. They were leavitt leading and I love what they were promising. But were they actually ever successful in a network marketing or direct sales business? And if they weren't, they're not gonna know how to do it because it is, it's special. It's own kind of what's the, I want to say monster, but I don't know if that's very word. Um, but you know, it's, it's own, it's its own entity and it takes very specialized skill and finesse and training hard work and consistency and all those things to really make it to the top of a network marketing and direct sales business. But so many people that I have seen are targeting drug sellers or network marketers, but yet they weren't successful in their own direct sales or network marketing company that they've partnered with. So I really want you to think, you know, what's my, what's my end outcome if you're in outcome is something like learning email marketing, Well, maybe you don't need to take a course from someone who has had direct sales success. Maybe you can just take it from someone who, you know, knows more about email marketing than you do. But if you are looking for overall improving your business and like you're specifically looking for trainings for direct sales, network marketing, you really need to do your research, ask for recommendations, reviews and you know, just reach out to the people offering the programs if they're legit, they should be able to tell you Yes. I was partnered with X Y Z company. I reached the top 1% of my company and I left for XYZ reason lots of times people leave the companies because of the restrictive, um, you know, policies and procedures, which you probably know if you are a direct seller. So I just want to advise you about that because like I said, I have shiny object syndrome as well. I am always signing up for one thing or another. And the biggest thing that I have learned is that I have really over the years been able to kind of weed out and immediately tell based off of ads and based off of just social media posts. All the things if the person is actually going to be able to teach me the things that I am lacking in my business. So a lot of this comes from your own self awareness. You know what areas do you really truly need training on. And a lot of it also comes down to the person leading it. You know, the skills that they have, It's awesome if they've created $1 million dollar business with their own products. But are they going to be able to help you with your jewelry business? That's a whole different thing. So I just want to caution you about that because I've heard a lot of people recently buying programs that they ended up being disappointed with. But It's not really that programs faults that they were disappointed with the results because they were buying something that was not targeted directly for someone in direct sales, network marketing. And I do 100% think that you need to invest in those sorts of trainings, you need to find those specific trainings that are going to help you move your business forward unless you have a company and a team that is like over the top providing all of the things um and in that case if you have that sort of support, you are super lucky because there are a lot of companies, there are a lot of teams, there are a lot of, you know, all of that that have those areas where they're lacking, maybe there really pushing the parties and how to do parties, but leaving out the entire part about building a personal brand on social media, which for me is like the number one thing you should be doing. So, you know, I don't think it's a bad idea at all. I hope that's not the vibe that you're getting from. This is that I do believe you need to invest in yourself. I do believe when you pay for training and courses that you do have a little bit of accountability because you have some skin in the game because you've paid some money, right? So you're way more likely to show up then your team training that you can catch a recording on and Watch three weeks from now when you have a spare second. So I do think that there is definitely a place a time and place for paid courses and trainings that you should join. I just want to encourage you to really be careful about whether you are picking them because they are actually going to help you move your business forward or whether you're picking them because they look shiny and fun and pretty and all your friends are doing them. Um, but but it may or may not actually help you achieve the success that you need. So I hope that helps. I hope I'm helping you save some money and um really pick some of the best investments for whatever you're needing at this time and you know, reach out to a friend, reach out to a sideline and up line and down line and and ask them, you know what areas if if I were going to pay for training, where do you think I should do that? What areas do you see me lacking the most? Um they may or may not know, but I think it might be an interesting perspective for you to get from some people. So anyway, I head on over to the social selling sisterhood squad, my free facebook group community. I would love to connect with you more in their, Ask me all the questions. I'll help you through picking out all those things. Don't forget you can also snag my direct sales done, right planner and tracker system. That is right on my homepage at www dot Lindsay Dollinger dot com. Um, the training that goes with it shows you exactly how to use it. And I promise you, if you use that planner and tracker every day, you will move your business forward. Talk to you soon, my friend.

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