The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 77- Get Your Energy in Check

direct sales podcasts May 27, 2021

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Yeah, Hi friend, Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money, you deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way, let's get started. Hey, welcome back to another episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast friend, this is Lindsay Dollinger, I am the host of the show and we are tuning in for another car talk thursday, they're usually business tips, but this one kind of also goes into your personal life which I guess a lot of business stuff can be super intertwined with your personal life because it's your business, you're an entrepreneur, so you're obviously going to take your business um super personally and it's gonna be a big part of your life and what I want to talk to you guys today about is making sure kind of like what to do and how to realign. Um but making sure that you have some really good energy and I don't just mean like hop out of bed, don't need caffeine all day long, like that kind of energy, I just mean like your overall wellness, your aura, whatever you want to call it, like what's your energy like? And there's lots of factors that can contribute to your energy feeling off or feeling low and I just want to share some of the ones that I have found and feel free to send me a DM post in our facebook group, the social selling sisterhood squad over what I already said on facebook, but it's our free community, feel free to post in there and share as well what you have found. But some of the things that I have found that can really mess with my energy. Um one of the big ones for me asleep. So some people are people who get like um hungry, which I'm also totally one of those. So if I am hungry, my energy is definitely off. But um lack of sleep or lack of good quality sleep can really mess with my energy. And I'm sure that I mean I haven't met anyone who does not feel this way as well. So you know, this could be something where you get less sleep through the week and then you try to make up for it on the weekend, like that's not good either, right? So I'm not a sleep expert, but I actually have listened to some really good sleep podcast Charlene johnson, if you follow her. Gosh, it was guys, it was probably almost a year ago, but she did an interview with a sleep doctor that was like so good. Um and I really started paying attention to my sleep patterns during that time. So, you know, one of the things that they said was the amount of time of everyone's sleep cycle varies, but usually you can complete an entire rem cycle within like an hour and a half ish. So I started paying attention to when I was going to bed at night and when I was naturally waking up to go to the bathroom and it was so true, it was like an hour and a half. And so he was saying that one of the things that can make people really groggy and tired and um the sleep equivalent of being angry is um gosh, my something is like making a jingling noise in my car and I don't know what it is and it's driving me crazy, so I'm sure oh I don't know what it is. Uh huh, we'll take care of that. Um But anyway, so I started paying attention to like when I was waking up and he, one of the things he was saying with the rem cycle was that like if you if your rem cycle for example is an hour and a half and you you wake up in the middle of your natural sleep cycle that it really throws you off for the day. So I really started like kind of figuring out mathematically okay, so hour and a half plus an hour and a half, maybe three hours. So like I either need to get like six hours of sleep or any like 7. 5 hours of sleep or any like nine hours of sleep. Um And and honestly guys, this is the thing, I have always been a person in my adult life where everyone's like eight hours of sleep and sleep and I'm like no man I need nine and this makes complete sense. So I started really paying attention to that like okay well if I'm not in bed by nine p.m. Then I might as well not try to go to bed until 10 30 because it's gonna mess up my sleep cycle. And I tell you what friends I have gotten so much better quality sleep. Um paying attention to that number. So that's just one way for for you know getting back on track with your sleep. There are supplements you can take, there's everything about you know like your nighttime routine. I wear blue light blocking glasses. For example in the evenings. Um try to unplug, I try to unplug about an hour before I go to sleep. Um It doesn't always happen, but I have a very dedicated like self care routine at night. I get my clothes out for the next day. I am mentally prepared. I go through my planner and tracker system which you can grab over on my website. Um It's always linked in the show notes, but I go through that for the next day. So I am prepared, ready to go, you know, ready for anything basically to come at me. Um and I also have added in an extra supplement at night for even better quality sleep. So like I'm well rested, I'm ready to roll um and I'm ready to do all the things the next day. So one of the things is definitely your sleep can definitely mess up your energy, okay, something else is the people that you are surrounding yourself with and we know this deep down, we all know this. I'm sure your parents taught you this at a young age, you've heard it through you know development and personal development throughout the years. But you know you are the people that you surround yourself with, so who are you surrounding yourself with? What are their thoughts, their beliefs, their values? Are they, do they match yours? Do they push you to be a better version of you? And if not, I mean some people we can't just X. Out of our lives right? But I encourage you to to seek out the people that are going to do that for you, who are going to fill that void, Who are going to um like I said push you to be a better version of you if you you know that that's saying if you're the smartest person in the room than like basically you're the dumbest because you need to be the dumbest person in the room hanging out with all the people who are forcing you to think bigger and better. Um and that's what millionaires do they hang out with, the people who are A level and a step ahead of them. So I really want to encourage you to do that. Not not comparing like dumber to smart or anything like that, like an actual intelligence, but like in your business, who are you hanging out with in your business? Are you hanging out with people or maybe you're not hanging with anyone at all? But are you spending time? And are you being influenced by people who are not actually showing up by people who don't have similar goals as you. One of the things you guys know, I preach finding an accountability partner. One of the big things with an accountability partner is finding an accountability partner that is at least going to match if not push and preferably push you to do bigger things. You know, maybe your goal was, I don't know, Gold Unicorn rank. Well, no, that that's probably the highest rank. Let's be real. Um Silver Unicorn Rank and they're like, girl, let's go for Gold Unicorn Rank. Like that's the kind of partner, that's the kind of person you want to be around. So, you know, seek out those opportunities, seek out those people if they're not always going to be, you know, just giving you on a platter, you're going to have to take in a little bit of initiative and it's okay, I'm giving you permission right now. Um You don't like break up with your old beeps, but you know, find some new beeps. Find some people who are like minded who are open minded, who are going to push you to go to the trainings. You know, if your whole team is like, I'm not going to the trainings, I'm not gonna say find a new team, but you can recruit some new team members, right? You can recruit and build whatever you want. So, and that's one of the it's a whole another podcast a whole another day. But I do hear that complain a lot as well. My team doesn't do this. My team doesn't do this, My team. Well, guess what? The magical thing about our industry is you have the power to change that in the form of recruiting and sponsoring new people, new people that are like, you knew people who have similar goals and aspirations as you do. You don't have to wait around for your team to do things that's in your hands. So take a little bit of control, take a little bit of responsibility for that and start building what you want to create. Energy. Dream Big Okay, so many times I am talking to people and their goal is the minimum girl. Why is your goal? The minimum dream Big. Look around you, like my social media when I go through it is when I'm being intentional, I guess I should say about looking at people and getting ideas and inspiration from others or when I'm having a day and we all have them where we're like, why am I even doing this? You know, look at those people who have done the things that you want to do. You know, they have that time freedom. They're getting to travel around the world, they have beautiful homes. Um you know, they're they're able to meet up with their big gigantic teams and make huge impact. They're able to donate to families in need and to the causes that are on their heart without thinking twice. I mean everyone's dream of of what that you know what that looks like is absolutely going to be different. But people have done it and people continue to do it and people continue to hit those top high ranks all the time, they continue to do it and if they can do it, there's no reason you can't do it. So dream big. Don't let that negative energy, you know, allow yourself, I always say allow yourself for five minutes to drive around in your pity party Ferrari and then return the keys, Get back on track and start doing the things girl, Okay, um other things, personal development. This can look like a lot of things. This can be podcast, This can be affirmations, this can be any sort of positivity that you are seeking out in your life. Um and this has to be trained. This is not something that I don't think for most people is like a natural thing. Like I'm gonna make myself listen to or read 5-10 pages or minutes of personal development today. Like no, like I at least until I was in the network marketing profession, I had never even heard of such thing. So very, it's very likely that this is not yet a part of your habit or your daily routine. If it is high five girl, you're rocking it. But if not you know, add it in, reach out to me, send me a DM, talk to your leaders on your team, talk to the person who sponsored you heck even google personal development mindset growth. Um although you know all those keywords that we like to hear all the time, but google that add on the end for direct sellers for you could probably even at your company name to be honest. And I'm sure someone out there has done a post or blog a video about it, but get that energy, get your mindset right and you will quickly be able to even realize then when you are getting in those low energy spots and be like, okay, I need some positive affirmations. I need some journaling time. I need some, you know, you'll be able to start assessing yourself and really known your body really well and that's what's going to get your energy like super duper aligned. Very last thing with getting your energy. Um you know, just take care and I mentioned this already with your mind, but take care of your body, move your body, do what you need to do. Like, I mean, I don't know about you guys, but I'm I'm a high school spanish teacher. It is the end of the school year. Um, may can be a super fun month, but it can also be a super stressful month because everyone's like, oh my gosh, my child is doing bad. I'm just not looking at their grades for the first time in nine months. What's happening? Um, so like our energy, especially as educators, like I can really absorb a lot of that negativity from other people really easily. I take things super personally. Um, I think I'm really good at my job. I put a lot of time and care um, into my job. So obviously when someone attacks you or your profession, what you're doing, you can take that personally. And so one of the things that I have to be really intentional about, especially in the month of May, uh, is, you know, moving my body fueling at the right way, getting the sleep, doing the things that I know are my d stressors. And again, that comes with knowing your body, but like I've been going for walks outside at lunch. I sometimes there are only five minutes, sometimes they're 20. Um, but just going out, being able to clear my head, moving my body, getting some vitamin C and getting some sun, getting some fresh air. And also along with that, I'm plugging from my phone, I'm not looking at my phone during that time when I buy myself, sometimes I listen to podcasts, I'm doing it, but I'm with a co worker, you know, scheduling those times to see your friends, to chat, to vent to whatever you need to do and then rain it back into your positivity, clear your mind set, and get back to doing your things. You know, I noticed, and I don't know about you, I noticed that I'm in such a better mood when I'm drinking all my water, so keep that in check as well. Your physical body is just as important as your mental state in running your business effectively. And if you're like me, my physical body is like one of the first things that I tend to neglect, because I'm like, okay, well I have an hour so I can work a power hour or I can work out. Um and thankfully I've Mhm. Sometimes, not so much right now, with my wrist went on, but I'm able to kind of multitask with my treadmill or my peloton bike and respond to some messages, or listen to some training while I'm also doing that, so I can feel a little bit like I'm getting a little bit in in my business, but you know, find the things that work for you friend and don't be afraid to take that five minutes away from your business, take that five minutes off of social media to really reset and get your mind to where you need to be because it will make your business so much better. So I hope you found these tips helpful. I hope you were able to just really align your energy and get in a good place. You know, I know when I am surrounded by the right coach, the right team mates, the right customers, my right friends, you know, I have people that don't even ever buy for me but they're my rock stars, they cheer me on all the time. Those are the people that you want in your life. So I know what I'm doing that when I'm getting quality rest when I'm really getting aligned when I'm getting in my personal development and when I'm taking care of my body, I am able just to be so much more productive to attract the right kind of people to me instead of attracting people who are negative and who don't want to put in the work. Um you know, you know the kind um but I just really noticed a huge change and just my overall happiness in my personal life and how well my business at that time is doing. I hope you find this helpful Come find me over on the social selling sisterhood squad, leave me a rating and review. I would love you forever friend. You have no idea and share this out with someone who, I'm not gonna say who needs a little bit of an energy check because then they're gonna listen to this at the end and be like, hey why did you say this? But you know what I mean? Right, alright friend, I'll talk to you soon, bye bye.

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