The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 109- Who Wins When You Show Up

direct sales podcasts Sep 23, 2021

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Hello, social selling sister friend, what is up, how is it going? My name is Lindsay Dollinger and I hope you are having a beautiful day, I'm coming at you for a quick Thursday tip and I just want to talk a little bit about mindset mindset has been something that I have been really focusing on this year and I think it really started from just my overall sense of burnout because obviously when you were getting burnt out um your mindset can get pretty crappy really quick, you know, you start to hate your business, you start to hate or whatever else it is because you can get burnout and lots of things other than life, maybe your burnout with your workout routine, um you know, a relationship, your work, your day job, um you know, I've, even honestly in, in times of my life and burn out on my faith um and had to readjust and you know, find some, find some inspiration and anyway, I won't go out there and all that, but you know Bernarda is, you've had it, so I've just been really focusing on mindset, so when I hear things mindset related, that really sparked something for me, I want to share them with you, just like, I share them with my sister and my biz bust is, so that's not gonna do with you today. So I was listening, you guys know I listen to podcasts in the car, much, like I record podcasts in the car, what I'm doing right now, I am actually getting ready to go take tickets for our first um our first home football game, because you guys know I'm a high school teacher day job and it's our first high school football game that we have had in person that Spectators other than family could go to for this is two years and I have always taken tickets, I didn't last year because of everything going on um because I don't, I don't even know if they did tickets or they did them online, it was like super strange. So anyway, I'm actually super excited to get out and to see people again um even though I told her any teacher today, she was asking me about taking tickets and I was like um it's not always the most fun because sometimes, you know those those people that you have met in your, in your life who will send you those rude emails, sometimes they say right to your face. So I've definitely had some interesting encounters taking tickets at the football games, but anyway, I usually love it, so I'm looking forward to it. So that's where I'm headed right now. So you guys know I'm all about multitasking when you can fitting things into your schedule so that you can do all the things that you want, because I think that you get to do all the things that you want, not necessarily all at the same time, and like there are reasons that I haven't built my podcast even bigger before because I was focusing on other things and right now my podcast is getting to be my focus again. So like I'm super pumped about that. So anyway, that's a whole other story. So what I was saying was I was in the car on the way to work one morning this week and I was listening to keisha Fitzgerald's latest episode um and I I never do this justice because I'm always talking about what I've learned and I don't have the things right in front of me, but her podcast is called, I believe it's called empower her. And like the word power is all caps and I have, you know, honestly I've recommended her podcasts as so many people on my team, not on my team, just because she usually does one episode a week, that's like basically like get your crap together, but she says it's super cute and really inspirational, e if that's a word and then she has other tactical episodes, so that was her, her monday episode this week was about that and her thursday was, you know, all, all of her, like get your butt together. Um and then thursday, it was like tactical how to get your act together. And one of the things that she was talking about specifically for, you know, remembering why you did your business is, so when you're thinking about what your goal is with your business and when you're having a day where you just don't necessarily want to show up and there's no real reason, like tonight is a Friday night and um, like I am mentally like, okay, in between people coming, I'm gonna be sending connection messages, like I'm gonna be working my business in these small pockets of time. And so when I find myself tonight not wanting to do that and scrolling Facebook instead or instagram or Tiktok or whatever, instead of working my business, bringing my mindset back to like, okay, if I don't show up for my business, if I don't show up for myself, who else does this effect? And so like meaning long term?

So like, if you don't show up for your business, if you don't hit your business goals, if you, whatever it is, does that affect your family, your friends, your, you know, your place of employment, whatever. And then, so now let's think on the flip side, when I do show up, if I do show up the way that I know I'm able to show up and do the things that I know I'm able to do and provide quality content. Make even more connections, inspire more people like who, what who is that going to affect? Like who can I impact? How does me showing up? How does me growing this business and showing up every day? Okay, you know, how does that make a difference? And when I started thinking about that like, okay, how does this make a difference when I show up, who do I impact? Oh my gosh, it's raining. I'm not prepared for rain guys, I am not very in dressed and this rain came from nowhere. So if you hear political platter, that is why hopefully the audio is not too awful bad on this. Oh my goodness.

Okay, Anyway, minor detail. Um so I started thinking, okay, so if I stop posting online inspirational content. If I stop sharing my fitness journey, if I stop sharing my nutrition supplements of people, if I didn't create a team and empower those women and men who are signing up and enlisting me as their leader. Um you know, to be on their team. If I didn't do all those things, then what would my business like? Like what would happen? Well, they might not have the money that they mean or you know, someone might be really depressed and I am able to help them. Like this is no medical claim or anything like that, but you know, someone might be really down. I guess I should say that someone might be really down and having a really crappy day and they watch one of my videos and I make them smile so like who, this is gonna be really long range and I'm so bomb because I'm sure you're able to hear this and this is so annoying because I am so motivated right now. But that's okay. Maybe I'll talk louder, Maybe it'll be okay. My podcast, my, my virtual assistant Megan. It's gonna listen to this audio and be like Lindsay. This was like so crappy, you need to edit this out. I love you making Iraq. Um, okay, I'm gonna, I'm gonna power through Anyway. Hopefully it's okay. Like it's son is sunshiny and like pouring rain. Like what, what is happening? Okay. I think maybe we're through the worst of it. So anyway, focus Lindsay focus. So I, you know, I just really started thinking of it like that and that empowers me so much to want to show up to build amazing products that people want to buy. Like I am giving a gift and I've shared this before and other podcast, you know about being a good leader for your team and building a team and all that.

Like it is literally a gift for people to work with you. It is a gift for people to have your friendship and your inspiration. So you know whether it is affecting people just in that way like you're putting a smile on someone's face or whether like people are going to be able to quit their day jobs because they're going to join you in your network marketing team and they're going to be able to come freaking become like freaking millionaires and your company. Like literally the possibilities are endless of what you can create when you put your mind to it and who you can impact. Maybe it's your family, your kids, your spouse, your roommate, your your siblings, your parents are happier, they notice the difference in you because you want to I don't know go hiking with them this weekend because you shared your nutrition supplement with them and their joints don't hurt anymore.

Like I literally have heard that from people um that was my applying story with with our product and she's able to play tennis every day and um you know most of the people at her tennis club are customers of hers and so think like if she hadn't shared that with them or if she had said no to her opportunity or decided I'm not going to work my business and share this with other people, All of those people at her tennis club are probably gonna have kids or they're not even going to be playing tennis still um you know that's what she was saying, she wasn't even active anymore because it was painful to be active and now she is taking um you know our three step system and other a couple other supplements and she's able to have a healthy life and like that energy exudes from her. Um and that's how, honestly, that's how I was attracted to her and um hired her first as a business coach and then joined her her team, which I'm so glad I did side story, but anyway, you see what I'm saying, So like what had happened if she had either said no to the opportunity or had been like, I'm not going to show up today, I'm not going to make the podcast. That in turn I listened to me Lindsay Dollinger and I listened to her one time on a podcast, found her website, sign up for her program. Like signed up for all the things because I loved her energy. Like what happens like what would have happened if she hadn't shown up that day and made that really awesome piece of content, right? Like I never would have found her, I never would be in a new company. It's just like a chain, a train reaction almost. So I want you to think about that in your business. Like we get to, we get to change people's lives in such a magical way.

Whether that is through, like I said, making someone feel better, making someone feel loved and belonged because there are so many people who don't have that and I don't think you realize that maybe I see it so much at school as a teacher, I'm looking out of my students and I have these conversations, like it's so easy to just assume that everyone has, you know, the gifts and the love and support maybe that we were given and that we had growing up, and then when you start to hear stories, like, I mean I'm not going to share stories on here, but when you start to hear stories from other people, not even, not even just students, but like people in my life that I've grown up and I'm like, oh my gosh, your childhood, like, you know, just putting yourself in other people's shoes, you never know who needs that little bit of love, who needs that inspiration, who's watching your lives and is like, wow, she really inspires me. There are so many people working, right? Um and again, you never know by sharing your product because you all have some sort of a product or service in here, if you're listening to this, um you know, you never know by sharing your coaching, sharing that product that you love so much that you got behind it to promote, um and the opportunity to work with you whether that's in a service, whether that's with you as their mentor and you're going to help them build a business with your network marketing and direct sales scheme, like you literally literally never know that could change someone's life in so many ways, even if it's just a small check each month, you never know who needs that small check, you never know who without your opportunity would not be able to go on a family vacation this year has never been a Disney world and really wants to take their family, like all of those things that I mean I'm guilty of, I have taken a lot of it for granted because I have been, you know, just really, really blessed by all of that, but I also on the flip side say yes to opportunities and I am very careful about the opportunities I choose and I pivot when I need to so that I'm able to Be with my people, you know, um impact the most people in the best and the most effective way. Um and that's definitely my goal, that's 100% my goal. So anyway, that's what I got out of that. Well that was just one of the things, but that is one of the things that I got out of this podcast this week that I sat like I said, just really, really struck home. Um and I wanted to share that with you and invite you to think about that in your own business, in your own circumstance, you know, who is impacted by you showing up, who is impacted by your business hitting X wise high cannot dog X, Y. Z. Goal. Um and I don't really like to put it in the negative, but you can think about who's going to be affected if you don't, if it helps you to think about it that way first, so maybe start with the don't show up and then flip it to all the cool things that could happen when you do. Um and I encourage you even to write it down, write it down if you're the kind of person that it really sticks better when you write things down, you know, write it down and put it somewhere that you can see it. Um you know, almost like your vision board or your affirmations, but like, you know, when I show up to work my business, my Children benefit, their college funds, benefit our future trip to Disney world becomes fruition, uh you know, whatever it is, my dream to retire from. My teaching job comes true like whatever and like that is your motivation to show up and then how does that person show up? Like what do you do, what is showing up mean? You know, what do you have to do every day to get closer to that goal? Is it more connections? Is it quality content, Is it making sure to post in your stories every day? Like what exactly is it? And then, you know, doing it, doing the thing, you have everything you need, you have all the power you need, you have community, you are hopefully in the social selling sisterhood squad if you're listening to this actually I took the name squad out of it. Um the social selling sisterhood over on facebook are free facebook community, you know, get in there, I'm actually revamping the group a little bit, I'm hoping to make it even more active with trainings and all the things. So definitely make sure you're in there and make sure your team and your other boss babe friends are in there so that we can just really work on up leveling literally everyone who sells online, whether it's network marketing, direct sales, social selling Etsy shop owners, your own business, you know, invite them, invite them into that group, let people share and network and let us collaborate and work together like that is what community is about and that's how we get to the top of our business Is by those connections with other people. You never know what connection that you are making that is going to affect you down the road. You know whether it's next year, five years, 10 years connections are literally gold, so make them. Um and this is airing on a Thursday, which means last night we had our pajama party, happy hour for american business women's girls night in. So I hope I saw you on that if you did not, I'm sure we will do another one. Um so make sure you're checking in that group for events and all the things and there's also a big giveaway coming up, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for all that goodness. So if you loved this, um if you love my community and my content, maybe you just love me because I'm freaking awesome. I'm just getting I kind of am no, um no, I'm really getting but seriously, in all seriousness, if you would screenshot this, put it in your stories. Tag me, share it with a friend, leave me a five star rating down below. Leave me a little quick review. Um I would really love that because that helps me to be able to keep doing this and provide you content, get the word out there so that we can grow this community and help all the women do all the things and show up really big for themselves. Alright friend, have a fabulous day and I will talk to you so soon. Bye!

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