The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 106- Are you depositing or withdrawing from your community?

direct sales podcasts Sep 13, 2021

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Yeah, Hi friend, Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money, you deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello! Hello. Welcome back to another episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. My name is Lindsay Dellinger, I'm your host of this show. I hope you are having a fabulous morning or afternoon or evening whenever you are choosing to put me in your ears today, I just really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. So I wanted to start out with that little bit of gratitude because I am so thankful for you and I have been starting my mornings with gratitude. I've been doing it like on and off for a while and to be honest like writing my gratitude in the morning, especially because I get up so early to go to work wasn't necessarily like my cup of tea, which is so funny because I've always loved writing in my life, but so what I do in the morning, this is completely off off topic today, but what I do in the morning is before I get out of bed I say thank you. Like sometimes I actually say that last, sometimes it's just in my mind, but I just you know say things that I'm grateful for, Thank you for giving me another morning. thank you for um like my body waking up and not being in pain, thank you for my good health? Thank you for this house, thank you for my job, you know, just all these things um and some of them aren't always like as broad as thank you for my job this morning, I said thank you for my awesome student aides that bring you so much joy in my class period, thank you for my students who are committed, you know, like more specific things than that. But anyway, it's kinda helped just really shift my really just like my whole day gets me off on the right foot. I don't check my phone first thing in the morning, all those things, but anyway, this episode is not actually about a daily routine, although I should probably do one because my routine has changed a lot since I think I did a a routine podcast back when I very first started over a year ago. So but anyway, today I just wanted to talk to you about something that I've heard a couple of times in a few different shows. And it really struck home to me this like, analogy. So you might have picked up on this by now, but I really love visualizing things in my business and that visualizing what are they called analogies. So I heard like I said, I heard this on the podcast and it was just a simple question in your business, on your social media and your relationships whatever you want to specifically hone in on are you depositing into that bank account more than you're withdrawing or you trying to withdraw A k. Are you trying to get customers? Are you trying to get comments like follows more then you are depositing and we all know and you know using the idea of a bank account if you are withdrawing more than you have or more than you have put in, that's not gonna work right, you're going to overdraft, you're gonna be in some big problems and eventually it's gonna be empty unless you're using a credit card and getting up in some debt. Um it's going to be empty and you're not going to be able to withdraw anymore. And for me this was an awesome visualization because I was able to really think okay when I am expecting people to comment like share whatever my videos um you know my lives when I'm on their live, am I doing those same things to the people who I'm hoping comment on my things. So like am I going over to their page and by interacting with them on social and my interacting with anyone on social or am I like I don't have time to do this today but I do have time to do a quick 10 minute live and then I'm going to get off the platform altogether. And so this kind of snakes in with the algorithm and that we know that facebook and instagram specifically reward you if you are on their, on their state program platforms a little bit before your lives or your post and a little bit after interacting with other people and that is the key interacting and so let's take it a step further, not just the algorithm when you are reaching out to people or when you're talking to people about your products and services and we know this is a key and Sammy so I hope no one's doing this anyway, but I just got a message like this this morning from someone that um I talked to only the only time I ever talked to her was two years ago um or maybe not even two years ago but a year ago welcoming her into my social selling sisterhood group for this free group for this podcast which you are all welcome to be in. Um there, I'm going to be amping up that group a lot more of this fall. So I'm hoping that you were in there. The link is in the show notes, but anyway, she was one of you all who I love. I love you all you know who I'm talking to right now. Maybe if this is you. Um but we, we really don't have a relationship other than me having reached out to her before and saying, hey welcome to the group, thank you so much. How did you find me? I hope you provide value, yada yada yada. Um and I didn't really get a response back, so there was no conversation which is totally fine, we're all busy, but I did, you know, I do like to let you guys know that you know, thank you for being in my group for being in my community for being in my world. Um and then I got a message earlier this week and it was along the lines of I have a business opportunity for you, let me know if you want to know more. I know nothing about this lady. Um I know nothing and I don't really know before we send these messages guys, I just wanna encourage you, like take a look at their profile, anyone who follows me, hopefully um my social media, I take a lot of pride on my social media, I feel like it's pretty on point for the most part at least facebook, which is where this conversation was going down and my instagram I'm working on improving um but it's still pretty good and I'm like what would have made someone think that I'm open to a business opportunity and not only that I'm open, but that I'm not happy with where I'm at. So you know, I have been super vocal the past really month, but specifically the past month, but even further than that about joining with a new company and really trying to promote that If you look in my stories, I talk about it every day. Um And it's a nutrition company as a health health and wellness supplement company and I'm obsessed. Like I love it. I love my team there. I love all the systems and support. I could go on and on. So I'm like, what would have made this person think? And the short answer guys is just that we didn't have a relationship. The deposits were never there, she never got to know me. I really never got to know her either. Which is also why I'm not reaching out to her and saying, hey, joined, joined my company because I don't know anything about her. Um So I didn't respond, which is fine, which I usually like to respond. I don't like to leave people hanging. That's a huge pet peeve of mine. But I just didn't have time to respond. And I, you know, you know how it goes with Messenger. So anyway, I got a message back this morning um and it's like a message again when I didn't respond and it gave more details about this woman's company um which honestly was just super spammy and you know recruit three people and get 10 customers and you get $1000 bonus and I'm like no wonder this is so anti everything that I teach in this group. But anyway, all of that aside, you know, I just responded. I said no thank you. I'm not, I'm not really sure what made you think I would be interested in joining a nutrition company because I'm already in one and I'm obsessed with it. Um, but like had that message, the first message were you, are you open to hearing more about a business? I have told people that before and recently because they're not always network marketing businesses and am I opened to other businesses that are not network marketing right now. Yeah, absolutely. You know, I'm growing my coaching business. I'm growing and doing more. I'm planning more products with the social selling sisterhood. So yes, I'm absolutely open. I am very entrepreneurial. Um, but the message came out of nowhere. I had no context and you just kind of trust your gut, you know, with some of those messages. So that's an example with a relationship message. So I would love you to think about when you are reaching out to people and kind of like, not that you need permission, but you kind of earn that permission to talk about your products and services by those deposits that you are putting into a relationship with someone. If you are checking in on them, if you are on their profile and you're commenting and you know that their kid is sick or you know, they are sharing recipes or asking for recommendations and things and you are interacting and you're getting in their PMS, but I do not encourage anyone's first or even second message to someone being about a business opportunity or to be to try your products like ever ever, ever ever. And we've talked about that before. I know I gave you guys another example of someone who reached out wanting me to buy Like $500 knives from them two seconds after I accepted their Facebook friend request and they're the reason that it came off. So icky and Spammy and I had that response was because there was no deposits made. You don't earn the right to talk to people and to to ask people to support you just by clicking accept on a friend request. Um So I just really want you to think about it. But I don't want you to get in your head too much because I do find that we deposit, we deposit the deposit we deposit. You know we build, build, build, build, build these relationships and then we're too afraid to ever ask for that withdrawal and there has to be a good balance. You have to figure out what that is for you. Um But but literally I feel like this can go in so many parts of our business. So you know, in your content again, asking before you throw up a post and I wouldn't I would never wear this this way anyway. But before you throw up a post asking people to support you in your new business adventure, Have you given value or look back at your last 5, 10 posts on social media, Is it all about, you know, your kids, your work, your whatever and there's nothing that's actually helping or inspiring or making people laugh, you know that entertainment or the education. So are you, are you depositing into your followers to be able to, I almost, I don't know, I hesitate saying earned the right to, but it kinda is like in my mind, it kind of is you are earning the right to be able to post and um you know, that's what I I shared with my nail polish strips team. Like I have deposited and given so much of myself into that team that I have earned the right to not do that, you know, so that deposit in that withdraw and think about how you want your actual bank account to be like we started this, this talk with, do you want it to be nice and full? Yeah, So you need to deposit more than you are withdrawing and that goes for your social media, for your content, for your relationships with people. Um you know, like I said, really honestly, lots of things in your business. Are you providing that free value to people over and over and over again and to the point where people are like, oh yeah, I should definitely sign up for her program. I should definitely try her products because I've watched her live videos on whatever for the past two months and they crack me up and yeah, I'm definitely gonna try a sample of her product now, you know, that's how people feel. Um I know that's how I feel and you probably feel that way whether you even realize it or not. Um So anyway, deposit more than you withdraw. My friends give more than you take. I don't think it's a bad philosophy to have, but also don't forget to withdraw, don't forget to ask and to take what you need when you need it because that is something as women I feel can definitely hold us back. Alright friend, have a fabulous day. If you've got any value out of this, please screenshot it shared in your stories. Tagged me shit, Send it to a friend to go down. You can click share, you can click copy link when you click on the title of the show, I believe. Um and share this with a friend today. Send them a quick message, say, hey, I think you might like Lindsay's podcast, the er er er to um I would just really appreciate that so that we can get the name the name so that we can get the word out there and help all of our social selling sisters do things the right way. Fabulous day, friend. Bye bye.

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