The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 104- Stop Making it a Big Deal

direct sales podcasts Sep 06, 2021

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Yeah, hi friend, welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, high school spanish, teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller, I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way, so you can earn the money, you deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way, let's get started. Hello social selling sister, what is up? It is Lindsay Dollinger, Welcome back to the social selling sisterhood podcast, thank you for putting me in your ear ears. Yes, those are your ears. I was gonna say airpods and airpods are not the word, it is airpods, but then I realized some of you weren't listening with airpods so yeah, I know how it is. So anyway, I just wanted to come to you um just to kind of share a little motivation like huge because I like to talk to you like where you are besties talking about all of our business things at Panera on a work date, right? Um I haven't had a work date actually in a while and I miss doing them because I usually get so much done and so many good ideas and bounce things off of people so if you have someone that you can do that with, whether they are on your team, not on your team, like I actually really like doing it well both with people on my team but also with people not on my team because I find it brings kind of a fresh perspective and you can hear what other people are doing and then think, okay how can I like make that my own or do something similar in my industry and my business. So anyway, work dates are awesome, whether they're in person or even virtual, but I love the in person stiff. But anyway, I just wanted to give you a little motivation uh and share. So some of you know that I have been working with actually two different live video strategist, 11 on one and one in a group coaching setting. Um The group coaching setting is just like a short four week thing. Um So I'm not actually like talking to her specifically, but anyway, I've been just really working on up leveling my live video game. So I ordered a new ring light because my ring lights were just like awkward to use and like we're basically holding me back and I, you guys know I am all about being super productive, simplifying things because here's the thing like if it's not simple, if I'm not able to do it, you know, easily, simply I'm not going to do it and that is honestly, that's the thing with so much in my business, like if I don't know what I need to sit down and do today what my income producing activities are, what's going to move my business forward. All the things if I don't know which facebook groups I need to get into to make new friends, what hashtag I'm using to find my ideal customers. I don't do it or I do it and I waste so much time being productive getting to the point of the activity, right? So I've got some new equipment on the way it some new backdrops. I'm going to try out just because when I am, you know, quite honestly, I don't like to clean the house all the time and I have a lot of clutter. I live with my sister. Um she does like jewelry and online business stuff and there's just like things, all of the places and I have like my peloton in a weird place in my house because I'm single, right? Like I don't have little kids. So anyway, I needed some sort of a backdrop. Just need to get some equipment. So I've got some equipment on the way. But more than anything I find that I have noticed my mindset toward live video towards going live in general, um has kind of shifted and honestly, really relaxed a lot despite me just now telling you that I just bought some equipment that's on his way. It's nothing fancy. Um, but it's just really relaxed and I don't know if that just came from me like this summer, I really started diving into reels, the team that I'm on, um, with my nutrition company did some real challenges and it was really fun for us to honestly just to be held accountable, like I love accountability, Give me accountability all day long. You guys know, I love accountability partners and accountability groups and all the things. Um, but this group I was in, we just shared every day what are real was the link to it and we could give each other some love and get ideas. So I got familiar with doing reels this summer. I'm definitely not an expert, I love listening to john brock johnson or even what's his name, fraser brooks for that sort of thing because I feel like they're super knowledgeable when it comes to reels. Um, and even tick tocks, but I have just found myself really relaxing kind of even what I'm putting out there, like not getting in my head, not overthinking it. And so I just want to encourage you, I know this sounds like a big stretch stretch, especially if you are in your head and you are overthinking it and you're like, man, I could never do X Y Z, I could never go live, I could never talk about my products, I could never share this fun silly side of me or you know, reels and tick tock, You don't have to be the fun silly side. Like my tick tock that has gone viral, literally, no music, it's three minutes long and it is me squirting toilet bowl cleaner on my shower and showing how I remove the iron water stains. I'm not even kidding that video took me from 300 followers over 2000 followers. So it gave me the ability to go live on Tic Tac and ion it maybe it was that video. Maybe it wasn't even me working with these other women. I don't know, But I'm like, dude, if I can get like, I don't even know what it's at now, like 160,000 views on a toilet bowl cleaner video. You know, like I can put anything out there into the world, right? So I just, you know, if if you need to hear this today, stop taking that pressure or stop taking the pressure, stop putting the pressure push. Can you tell I can't talk at the end of the school day, I'm just not leaving school and I'm like all the words. Um, but stop putting that pressure on yourself to show up. Excuse me guys, I like a frog in my throat to show up in a certain way and that certain way is perfect because people don't love you for being perfect. You being imperfect is what makes you perfect is what is making you the perfect person that your ideal client needs to hear from today because your imperfections make you you so if you're going to show up, people know that I'm goofy, but I can also be this like strict teacher face. Um, you know, people know that I love the color pink and I love Disney and they know that because like my silly, like I had a coworker who told me she watched my real of me putting on Disney ears and saying I could never have enough like on repeat. And it's someone, I think I've mentioned that before and here, but it's someone that like we I haven't I haven't talked to her really talked to her probably in about two years, like had a legit conversation. Um so like literally you would never know does that have anything to do with me selling my nutrition products or my coaching services or my direct sales? Don't write planner and tracker. No, like nothing to do with it at all. But it's just it's letting people know me and like, the camera angle was super funky. It was like literally laying on my bed, you guys the camera and I was standing up so it's like not exactly a flattering angle at all. Right? Um So like, just be you just be you and show up for you and if people love it, then they love it. And if they don't, then they're not your people, you know, so like, don't pay attention to the likes the loves the hearts, the comments. Um if people do comment, absolutely comment back, right, that's like, number one, Number one rule for sure. um but you know, put your blinders on and just give it a try and I promise you, the more you show up on video whether it is real ticks talks live videos in your stories, all the things, the more you are showing up every day like that, the more your audience is getting to know love and trust you, but the more comfortable you're going to get. So like strip those expectations, take them completely off, you don't need them, they're not serving you. And anyway, all those expectations and all that perfection is doing to you is stopping you from being the woman, you know, you can be from being the business owner, you know, you can be from attracting the right people into your teens, into your clientele, right? Like people are never going to buy from you, they're never going to trust you, they're never going to join you if they don't, if they don't see your face, if they don't know that they want to be a part of your world. You know, you're going to attract the people who are like you and who are the kind of people that you want to attract by showing up on video, like end of story done and done. Um and the only way you're gonna get comfortable doing that and really showing the real you, unless you are just freaking awesome anyway, which I know you all are, but for me it's just taken, you know, practice consistency and knowing like pretty much at least every other day I'm showing my face live and I try to do every day, some sort of video in my stories. So if you are nervous, if you're scared starting your stories the stories are a great place to start getting used to being on video in a little trick with this is record the video story over on instagram because it'll be the right length because if your facebook and your instagram accounts are linked um if you make a video over on facebook where it automatically sends it to your instagram stories, if it's too long it will get cropped and it's like really awkward. So there's a lot more filters and features anyway over on instagram. So I make all my stories over on instagram um because the way it's worked because my facebook personal account it's so weird. My facebook personal account is linked to my instagram account. My instagram account is linked to my facebook business page. So like if I post a story from instagram, it posts on instagram and my facebook business page. If I post a story on my facebook personal profile, it posts there and instagram I have no idea how this works. If anyone knows how this works, please send me a message because I have tried linking and doing different things in it like nothing has has helped. So anyway that's a side story. But anyway so what I do is I make my stories on I g add the features I want and I add captions if I am talking this is like a must must and this is literally the only reason I don't do these video stories on facebook is because facebook at least for me the stories feature does not have a place where you can click the button to automatically add captions. So I add captions to any video stories that I make over on hygiene and before I post them I click to download them. So I download them into the little file clips right under my phone. Then I opened up my facebook app. It really only is like one extra step downloading it and then re uploading it on facebook but still you know it's kind of a pain but we do what we gotta do. So then I go to facebook upload it and that is the way I get my captions into both. So if anyone that was an easier way to do that, like I said to actually link my profiles on the right way uh let me know but that's what I do and that's honestly really where I started and I started showing up that way super consistently in my stories. Um Gosh I don't even remember when I'm sure I made a podcast about it. So I could look back but I would definitely start there if you are nervous doing your videos start there, you will see the awesome response eventually it doesn't happen overnight, but eventually people will start showing up regularly to look at your stories. I mean I know I have certain people that I'm in their stories every day checking out to see what they're doing because they're really interesting and I like to follow them and stop thinking that your life isn't interesting. That is one of the biggest things that I hear from my clients is that they don't want to post anything in their stories. My team doesn't want to post anything in their stories because they don't think they're interesting enough. Guys, people will literally watch videos of women like putting on their makeup, applying mascara. We have all applied mascara. Like why are we watching someone else apply Mascara because it's interesting and we're bored and we watch stuff like that, right? So I don't think your life is too boring. Look at someone else that you like to follow, see what kind of what they're posting and then do it for you. You know, if you, the type of stories that you like are people getting ready in the morning or asking questions about their outfits or their nails or what to eat or they're showing off what they're eating, they're showing their protein shake like whatever it is, then add that if you like to see what people are doing for their workout today, that when you do it. Um one thing that was really, um, I don't know, it was fun, but my, my life coach encouraged me to do because she said she liked looking at him and I'm like that's true, I kind of do too, is to make a checklist of um and share this in your stories, but make a checklist of what the things that you have to do in a day and kind of show people one all the things that you are doing and to kind of how you fit it all in to show them that they can do it too if they had you as their mentor. So like I, you know, I started this when I was going back to school once a week, I have like just a little checklist template that I made on Canada, which is super easy and I have Campbell for my phone. So I make it, I make it on the computer, I find it a lot easier to design on my computer camera and then I pull it up on the app, downloaded directly to my phone from the app and posted in my stories. But I just make a little checklist of all the things that I wanna get done for the day. So I put like um listen to podcast on the way to work Teach until 3 15, um go to occupational therapy for my wrist, do a workout, make dinner, do a power hour with my team, live coaching call with joy dad, like all the things read 10 pages, do second workout for 75 hard drink on my water, um start a load of laundry and I just like make a giant list, which actually kind of helps me to stay on track to, but I posted in there once a week and I always have people and usually it's like random people, but I always have people comment and be like, wow, that's so much stuff. Although like comment on a specific activity, like how much longer do you have therapy? And it's a really, it's honestly a really great conversation starter and I should probably do it more than once a week. But I know there are people that are looking through my stories because they're curious, they want to know what I do all day, right? So there's an idea for your stories too. So anyway, I could literally talk about this forever and I don't like the episodes to be that long because I wanted to be short, sweet to the point and some tangible tips for you. So get out of your head when it comes to video or whatever. The thing is, maybe you rock videos and you're like, I just really, I need to reach out to more people about inviting them to the opportunity that's fine. Whatever it is for you, it doesn't have to be video, but get out of your own way and stop making it like, stop putting whatever that thing is on a pedestal do it imperfectly do it, scared and nervous or whatever and the more you do it just the more casual you'll be about it. Like I'm like, yeah, it's no big deal. I'm doing a live later. We'll have a live interview tonight with someone on my team at seven. That's another great thing you can do. This is we have a tangerine like, Oh yeah, that's an idea. That's an idea to, if you're nervous doing lives to live with a friend, go live. You can go live on instagram tiktok now with other people facebook but playing alive, do it with a friend, do it with someone where you're going to ask him some questions and share testimonials or whatever, but go away with a friend. Be perfect. They can share it then to, to their audience, you can make it public, tagged them, They can, then it'll just pop up on the wall then once they approve it. Um, you know, that's, that's a great way and then then you're not so nervous. So anyway, get out of your way. Do the thing. The more you do it more casual you'll become about it, the more of a are the less of a big deal. It will be, the more of a little deal. Um, the less of a big deal it's going to be and it will just be a natural part of your business. So do the thing girl. You know, I'm rooting for you. Um tag me in your next live video. I want to watch it. Seriously. I'm not even kidding. Tag me in it or send it to me or whatever so I can watch it. I won't even give you feedback if you don't want it. No, but I'll interact with it. I'll tell you hashtag replay and all the things, but I'm here to support you and cheer you on and I want to be your cheerleader. I want to up level our industry. Like literally that is why I show up every week. I want to uplevel our industry. I want to empower you to literally build the business and life of your dreams because we are going places together and we can't go to the places if we're not together. Like that's just how it works. Like we all have to uplevel together so I'm so proud of you sending you lots of hugs and good energy this week, please screenshot this episode. Tag me shared in your stories. I do re share them. So we'll give you shout out lots of loves um and have a fab rest of your week friend by

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