The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 102- Having Courage to Share your Why

podcasts Aug 30, 2021

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Yeah, Hi friend, Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller, I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way, so you can earn the money, you deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way, let's get started. Mhm Hello, Hello, Welcome back. Social selling sister to the social selling sisterhood podcast. My name is Lindsay Dellinger and this is a little unusual. I know to do a monday car talk, but that's what you get today friends because I am leaving work um and you know, I I say my podcast recording largely for when I am feeling motivated to come and share something with you and I'm feeling it today, so this is what you get. Um so if you are facebook friends with me and even if you're not, it was a public live, I did um a public live last night and you know, I don't really know for sure where this podcast is gonna take us to be quite honest because there's so much on my mind and in my heart that I wanted to share, but um so I'm just kind of recapping my live and not not the content of the live, but like why I did it when I did it all those things, so if you didn't catch it, just a quick summary, I shared publicly why I made the switch to a new company to um health and nutrition company. um and I shared lots of aspects of it, it's only a 20 minute ish live I think. So if you want to see it, find me on facebook, um I believe my facebook link is in my link tree, but if you just search Lindsay Dellinger, I'm pretty sure I'm the only and the only person named Lindsay Dollinger, so it should be up there for you. Uh and this is the last full week of august when this is going on. Um I don't know the date even, gosh, I don't even know the date, but last week of august you can find it. So I was encouraged to do that live guys for the first time from my, one of my business coaches. Um I'm not currently working with her in any capacity, but I still talk to her, I talked to her last night, you know, after my live video, like I honestly I consider her definitely a friend at this point um which is one of the magical things about working with coaches and mentors to be perfectly honest, is almost all of them that I have hired, you know, birds of a feather flock together and you know, you are who you surround yourself with. So they feel more like friends, their friends and I'm paying to tell me all the things and look at my content and you know, all this stuff, it's kind of like paying for that best friend who is going to be real with you and be like this is what you need to do, this is what you need to stop doing that kind of stuff. But anyway, mhm I was talking to her in May when I actually was still working with her as a one on one client and she told me then you know, Lindsay, you need to go live, you need to share this, you know this switch and let people know why it is all these things and I wasn't ready and there were so many reasons I wasn't ready and I'll share some of those, but it's not anything to do with lack of belief in my new company because I honestly mentally have been all in, in my new company since the day I started and I didn't even realize it. So you can hear the, you know, part of this in my facebook live if you watch it. But I tried these products in january. Um I got, I actually signed up to be a promoter at the time because it's free to do that and I'm like, why not? You know, I'll see it and then if nothing else and this is what was my thought process. If nothing else, I will see what kind of things are doing with her team, I'll take some of those, I'll modify them, I'll take them back to the company that I am with my nail polish girls and I did, I actually did that with a lot of things I saw their systems, I loved them. And so I was crafting them and creating them for the team that I had built um, with my other company. So that was, that really was truly my intention. Um gosh, why did I start talking about that? I don't even remember now. So she told me that, you know, to go on live and share, you know, share why I had had decided to make this switch and go all in and you know, I didn't really know, I knew all the things that I was frustrated with with the company that I was actively promoting at the time I had been stagnant and one of the biggest things and I share this on my life yesterday was just that I was comfortable and to me being comfortable me and said I'm not growing. Um, and I was comfortable in a spot that was not my goal. Like I want, you know, I want these multiple six figure years and I was comfortable in this spot that I was in, I was recruiting regularly and you know, doing all these things and showing up and it was just kind of like I was spinning my wheels almost and I was comfortable in the like I don't have another literally waking minute in my day that I can devote to this business, like that kind of comfort. So I was comfortable with my income producing activities and the things that I was doing daily and I felt satisfied with those, but I was not feeling satisfied with the results and I was chasing this thing that um you know, I I quite frankly was tired of chasing, so she wanted me to share all my thoughts and I just didn't really quite have a grasp on them. I also had already paid in full for two team retreats for the company, like I was hosting them, I bought my team freaking Disney world tickets um and then I was gonna do a live video a week before that and tell everyone that I was I was not going to be promoting that business anymore and I was like this is crazy. So all summer I have lived with, it's like a mixture of guilt and um and and guilt for both sides, guilt for knowing that my intention and my heart is not in my one business anymore and then the guilt of knowing that there are people in my new business that are counting on me um and not only them counting on me but me, like I know the, you know the opportunity for lack of better word, the possibility in the new business. That's one of the things that drew me to it and yet I wasn't allowing myself to go all in because I still had one ft in the door of my other business, so, and I apologize the room was really loud right there. I'm hoping it's a little bit quiet here right here. But so I um, so she told me to do that live in May and I was like, that's such a great idea and I didn't have the courage to do it then and not only that, but I had all those things that I just expressed and I also just didn't really know what to share because I don't want to bad mouth anyone, any company, you know all. And I knew I wanted to be really intentional about how I did it when I said things, how I said things, what words I said all of the things because I've built something really impressive and that I really love in my other company. And so, um you know, I've been struggling with that all summer. So then I'm talking to my live video coach who I am currently working with and she's like, you know, you need to do, you need to do this live and all this, all these things. Um, and so finally, I, I don't even really honestly know what was the kind of the straw that broke the camel's back, but I was like, I've got to do this, I've got to do this. I cannot live in these two worlds of like halfway showing up for something because that's not my, that's not how I roll, like I am all in or I'm not in and that's how I am with pretty much everything in life. Like I am doing all the things or I'm not doing other things. Like I am following this diet or I'm completely 100% not following this diet right? Um and I'm saying that just because I'm doing 75 hard right now and right now I am all in um asked me a day 15, we'll see if I'm still around. This is the furthest I've gotten guys. This is so amazing. This is the furthest I've gotten with 75 hard and it's only day four. So I'm actually really, really proud of myself right now. Um but trying not to get too proud because let's be real, I have 71 days left. So anyway, completely different story. So, um you know, she was telling me to do this, I was seeing other people sharing their stories and it just was I finally was like, you know what, I gotta do it. Um So I came home from school, I honestly, I don't really know what motivated me. I will say the company has this new product that you take after lunch and it like um It's supposed to speed up your metabolism and give you like this really clear energy and I think that was honestly part of it. I've been like, jazzed up kind of how I am feeling right now, leaving, leaving school, heading home, which has been actually very helpful for my 75 hard so that I have the energy to do a second workout. But anyway, so I came home from work, I pulled out my no pad and I immediately was jotting down like bullet points that I wanted to talk about because I knew there were certain things that I wanted to for sure say and that's a huge tip for when you're doing a live video. If there is something for sure that you want to make sure you say Whether it's a quote, whether it's a certain just like bullet point topic that you want to make sure that you hit, even if you think you are going to remember it, I will say nine times out of 10. There is always always when I turn off a live video, I'm like crap, I forgot to do this thing and I even did this guy's on Tuesday night so again we're talking a little more about live video right now. But so I wrote out, I think I had four main bullet points, I wrote an intro sentence that was like a quote um and I wrote a conclusion quote and I didn't write and I totally should have you know, let me tell you one thing that I wrote the very top I wrote hashtag live hashtag replay because I always forget to say that. So here I am feeling all super proud of myself for asking for a hashtag live hashtag replay and people were people were writing it and I was like, yes. Um as soon as I got off, I was like, I and it even felt kind of weird when I was, I was wrapping the video up. You might, you might notice that if you watch it, I was like, thank you guys so much for the love and supporting me always. And I meant that that was completely genuine and then I was in my mind, I'm like, I should be saying something else right now and I, my mind just went blank. I didn't have a call to action at the end. I didn't have an open invitation saying, if you want to hear more about this business opportunity, if you want to jump on board with me and build this empire along with me from day one, this is the day one, this is time to join me, send me a message, ask me questions, let's have a conversation. And that would have been a perfect way to in that video. And instead I'm like, thanks for the love, Give me heart's blah blah blah and I like, awkwardly ended it and I'm like crap. So this is again like a like a side tension going off on. But if you have something important or if you're like me and you always forget a call to action and you have a specific call, the action you want to have in your video, jot it down, put a post it note, have a tablet like I did and especially if it is a topic that is controversial. If it's a topic that you're really emotional about. Like I was extremely emotional and it might not have seemed like it on my video last night. Um but I was extremely emotional taping that and um you know, as comments were pouring in and there were some of the comments that weren't as positive as I was hoping. Um mostly, well all all honestly coming from women in my in my company. Um I got especially emotional about that because, I you know like I've said and you guys know, this I put my heart and soul in my 100% passion into everything I do. And so if I commit to something, I commit and I go all in. So for me to admit that I was at a point where I'm throwing up the white flag and saying I can't do this anymore. I am switching my focus was so hard. So when some comment and they weren't even that negative, I'm gonna be honest, they weren't even that negative, just they were hurtful to me. Um and I got emotional about it and so just know if you were like me and you go all in and you take things very personally. Um and it's so hard guys, it's so hard, like I will sit here and tell you as you're as you're informal coaches your mentor to separate the emotion from the business side of things, I will tell you that all day and I have to tell myself that as well, um but you're gonna have your human moments where someone says something and you're like, man, that hits hard. Um and I cried, I mean I got off that video and I cried, I held it together really well, I was doing that and you know, I was just kind of like a closing of an error or a pausing of an error era, none error and era. Um and it was hard and I want to encourage you two have the courage to do the things that, you know, you need to do, um you know, I, and I again, I shared this in my life, you can go watch the live, but I knew in my gut, something was up with how I was feeling in my business over a year ago, It was July 2020 when I said for the first time in my private, one on one coaching with the coach who in May told me that I needed to go live and share the things. So almost a year later I knew when I told her and she was coaching me through visualization and belief and all these things and I really credit her a lot actually for, um, you know, my belief and a lot of the wu so to speak and I know some people hate the word route. I actually really love the word well, but I knew and she knew and when I was like, I really want this rank, but like I like I can't see it. Like I don't know what that's gonna look like. I don't know what my reward is going to be like. I actually cannot envision ever being able to retire from my teaching job from my current business. And the reality is because I would never be able to do that. And I knew that and I heard it in my head and I heard it in my heart, but I had put so much blood, sweat and tears into my business and into my team and into my customers and into trainings and mindset and improving and all the things that I just was not ready to admit that out loud. And it took, you know, timing is everything you got to do. You have to listen to your gut when you have that little thing telling you. And sometimes guys, it's doubt. Sometimes it's um, all kinds of other things. But when you have done as much mindset and belief work, when you have done the trainings that I have done, when you've done these things like I knew, but I was just unwilling to admit it and I want to encourage you to get to that spot where you're able to admit that you're not actually showing up for your business every day and so you get to improve where you're able to admit that, hey if I went to bed 15 minutes, earlier I could get up 15 minutes earlier and I could be more productive where you can admit, yes, I signed up for weight watchers, but I actually haven't opened the app all week, that's me. I mean whatever it is in your life, like have the courage to have that real talk with yourself, to listen to your gut, to listen to what yourself is telling you. Um and gosh, I think of all the time, I think of all the time and the money and all the things that we could save ourselves if we just listened to that intuition, if we just listened to what we were being called to instead of being reluctant and pushing it away and having that. Um, so I guess that's what I just wanted to chat with you about was just, you know, that belief again in yourself and I feel like this has been the topic or I've come back to so many times in the last few weeks. It's just because that has been such a big and pivotal, pivotal, pivotal um thing in my life in my business so much recently. And I wish that I had heard these things from a friend before. I got to the point where I'm having breakdowns after I do a live video because I have been holding it in for so long, you know, so that coming back coming clean, almost that being vulnerable. Um and I didn't cry, I didn't cry on the live to um the public, I did cry on alive to my team in the business that I had grown for 3. 5 years, that I was not, you know, that I told him I wasn't growing it anymore. Um and I did, I let that raw emotion out and it's not a bad thing and I for so long, like until like, I don't even know, You know, honestly, I do know, actually until my mom passed away in 2015, prior to that, I rarely cried, rarely, rarely, rarely, rarely cried. I just have always held that in. And I don't know if this is a part of like, you know, my personal development and my growth and all these things, but I am so much more vulnerable and showing that. And guys, I got so many messages from people who are not my customers in any in any business, you know, they're just my cheerleaders or even silent cheerleaders. People who, I had no idea even watched my stuff messaged me last night sharing their stories. Like someone shared a story about how she had been feeling um you know, a certain way for taking a recent promotion at work and my video really helped her process all of that and um take away the guilt from accepting that promotion. I don't know the whole story behind it, but I'm just like, that's really cool and I'm really glad that my sharing my story, even though it was completely unrelated to what she was going through, was able to help someone else process something that they were going through. So never discount, never think that whatever your story is that you have to tell the world is to, you know, is to minimal or is too is like no one's going to care because they will, especially, especially if you do a catchy title like I did about switching companies because everyone wants to be nosy about that, right? Um but you know, come up with a catchy title, it was like, mine was literally like five words. Um it doesn't have to be anything long draw people in, share your story, do a call to action and get out of there. Okay. Um you know, do your little notes onto the side again, especially if it's something that you're like, I want to say this for sure if you're someone like me who always forgets a call to action, jot it down on that note card. Um but don't be afraid of doing those live videos because I connect with so many, not even more people, but different people doing lives than and even in stories actually um than I do on my on my wall post my static posts or a picture post. So you never know who you're going to touch with your story. So I just want to encourage you to share it and to listen when your intuition, when your mind is telling you is telling you want to share something do it or if other people, several people are like you need to share this with people, maybe that's another sign to that, you should listen to them. But at the same time everything has to be right and your timing, it's not anyone else's timing, it's your timing. So if you are, if it takes you another 34 months to come to terms with the fact that you need to, I don't know, jump on a weekly power our something really minimal. But hey to you might be something really big because you've never been on a power hour and you're nervous to do it or you are afraid of that commitment to your business, you know whatever it is. I just really, really want to encourage you just to do it. Do it, scared even if you have to cry later. No, but do it scared and I'm proud of you, I'm proud of you for whatever that thing is that's been on your heart. It's been on your mind. Like I said, it could be something really small, it could be something really big. But do it girl. Alright Fran, if you got any value out of this, if you could screenshot it, share it in your stories. Give me a tag and scroll on down right now. Do it? Do it, do it? Don't turn this off so scroll down right now. Give me a five star review please, please, please. It means the world to me. I love you all so much four wheels um and I can't wait to hear what you're doing, scared, message me and tell me, bye bye.

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