The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 101- Learning and Action Equal Earning

podcasts Aug 26, 2021

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Yeah, hi friend, Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles. High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller, I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money, you deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Happy thursday. If you were listening to this one, this drops live and welcome back to the social selling sisterhood podcast, episode 100 and one, Can you believe it? If you have not checked out episode 100 make sure you do that. It dropped on monday and I am just so like I don't, I mean I know I talked about this on monday but I'm just so like I can't even believe now I'm in like the multiple three for three figures three digits, but whatever we're gonna say um numbers of the podcast is just so incredible and I appreciate all the messages from you guys um and the love and support and um if you haven't sent me a message to let me know you listen to this, please do it really makes my day, especially when I'm not expecting it and I get a message and someone's like I did X Y. Z. That you said to do on your podcast um on episode blah blah blah and I felt so accomplished today or it really worked or thank you for sharing it or it really helped to clarify things for me. So I'm so glad and honored to be able to give you guys that value. So I do really want to thank you for that. So speaking of learning all the things that's kind of what we're talking about today on this busy tip thursday and um you guys have heard me call myself a learn it all before you got to learn it all to earn it all right, um but I want to take that one step further and just remind you again because I know I've said it before and I know you've heard it from other people before, but learning all the things does not directly directly directly, correlate, gosh speaking and sorry today, uh correlate with earning all of the things, there's a huge important piece in the middle there that has to go on that equation and that is action, so you have to act and you have to do the things implement the things that you have learned. And so one thing that I have started to do is when I am on a coaching call, when I'm listening to a podcast, when I'm at a conference, whatever it is, when I'm listening to, you know, a company call our team huddles, even that my my bigger team holds for us every week, which is so helpful, um but when I'm listening to those things, I kind of have like my inspiration and like, oh my, my little aha moments that I write down in my notes because I'm very much like I write everything down on pencil paper, but on the right hand side and it can be wherever, but I make almost, I get to do list of like my action steps that I'm going to do based off what I have learned from, um you know, our talk or maybe it's not even thing that I've learned, but it's something that I'm like, oh, this is, I've been meaning to do this for a while, it hasn't been on my top three things, my priorities to do for the day. And so I get to do it now. And so these are things that, um, and you can divide them up later on into more immediate action or more kind of long term action items, but I really want you to focus on those immediate action items because so many times we attend or we listen to what we watch these amazing, amazing trainings and we get the inspiration, but then we, we lack the discipline to follow through or we lack the confidence or the means or whatever it is to go through. So, um, I'll give you an example. I was talking about, you know, cleaning up and making better my live videos. So, um, the coach that I was talking to was telling me all these things, you know, make sure you have a ring light in a backdrop, blah, blah, blah, blah blah. And so I was like dropping down things that I needed to go ahead and like by today. And the important part of that is that I've been doing live videos for a very long time without a lot of those things. Yes, I do have a ring light. I've had actually have multiple ring lights. Um, that's not one of them. I do think lighting is very important, but you don't have to have a fancy backdrop. You don't have to have a fancy microphone. Same thing with my podcast. You know, when I was going through trainings, learning the tools in the tech that I needed to get start with the podcast, um, I just made a list and made it a priority to go ahead and invest in those things because I knew once I had the equipment, there literally was nothing holding me back from the action from hitting record, from uploading the podcast onto my platform. Same thing with my website, you know, go ahead by your website domain. Um, you're hosting domain and then you don't have any reason to not do a homepage or do whatever you need to do. So make your list while you're listening while you're on your coaching call, while you're learning all the things of your actionable to do items that you have taken away from that training because if you don't do that, then it's just kind of going in this vault in the back of your mind, like, oh yeah, I'll get to it one day or yeah, I'll do that, you know, next working zoom, I hop on or um, the next time I have a free moment, no, go ahead and either do it now or make a plan of when you were going to do it. If it's something as easy as purchasing, something that you need to purchase, do it now by your website domain. Um, and website domains are kind of tricky. And here's my, this is a totally off topic, but here's my little two cents on that. So I've bought several website domains. My first one that I bought, I think it was the first one I had branded myself for travel and um, I was doing loving life with Lindsay. So I bought like loving live with Lindsay dot com and then I did traveling teachers and then I did teach hustle travel, which my sister's kind of done now. Um, but, and then all those times I was changing my instagram handle to those things to match and my twitter handle and blah, blah, blah, My Pinterest. Here's what I would do if you are just starting out or you're thinking about buying a website, um, even your handles on all of your social media accounts, claim them as your name, your first and last name. Um, if you, if you're known by like a first made a name, married, last name or first middle, whatever, that's fine. But you're gonna regret down the road. I think once you start branding yourself more as you unless as um you know the product that you're known for now that being said, I do have an instagram page that's Lindsay Dollinger now. And then I also have my social selling sisterhood because I like how that looks and translates on instagram. Okay, so anyway, I'm getting super off topic here, but that is my advice about I'm going ahead and buying like your U. R. L. Um and going ahead and just making your, because it drives me crazy when I'm looking at someone's instagram post and like especially if their faces in it and their instagram handle is like, I don't even know what it is. I can't tell who they are. I can't tell what they do. It's like Farm Farm L. D. one. Like what? No, what is that? So stop doing that please. Okay. Anyway, so as you're listening to these trainings, make an action plan and again, if you can as soon as you get off a call, at least do one thing to move your business forward that you have learned new. So if you're listening to something on live video, you should maybe be inspired to go live and do a live video when you get done. Um you know with your live video training, if it's about connections and customers, that would be a great time to go ahead and check in with one of your customers one on one or reach out to someone new, it literally guys takes two seconds to pull up your messenger or text message or whatever it is and message one person, so you know, stop getting in your head to stop coming up with excuses and definitely make sure that you're getting a nice balance of learning and action into your business because if not you don't have a business like you just don't um and you've maybe noticed this, maybe you've noticed your business installed or you're not getting sales or whatever, it is, a big thing I would assume is the lack of action and so, um you know, it is important for us to always be learning new skills and to get inspired and you know, depending on what your instagram, your human design, whatever you believe in is. Uh there are definitely some of us who are more inclined to wanting to learn all the things. That is definitely me, but I also know that I have to have action, I have to do something and at the end of the day, if I only have time for either learning or action, I really want to encourage you to do the action because you can do the messy action, you know, at least the basics in your business, you know, you need to be connecting with people, you know, you need to be building a brand that is you and not your product on social media And you know, you need to be showing up and being visible and at the end of the day, if you only have 15 minutes and you're like, I can listen to a podcast in the training or I can, you know, message people, I could spend that time crafting a really great post. I can spend that time emailing my list, you know what you need to do you know, you know, so stop avoiding it. Stop with those avoidance behaviors of avoiding those actions that might make us uncomfortable because if you stay in your comfort zone you are never going to get to the next level, You are never going to grow your business, You have to get uncomfortable. Do you literally know how uncomfortable it was for me to record my first podcast episode or to put myself out there that I even started a podcast. Um I know people talk, you know, I'm in a small town, I'm in a very small rural area in Ohio. Um I don't know anyone else that I grew up with that does any of the things that I do, I don't know anyone else who is in um direct sales or network marketing. I don't know anyone else who has an online business. Um like personally personally that I graduated with, I don't know anyone else who has a podcast. Maybe they do, I don't know, but I'm just saying like you have to put yourself out there, like I was the girl who I was in four age, like I was four age, I wrote for um, what did they call it? Like the newspaper in town, They called it something like they had like a youth column that we got to write a page. It was actually pretty cool. Um, you know, I was valedictorian and a band nerd. Um, there's also a cheerleader and power lifter. Like I was just small town girl and that small town girl mentality can be really hard to break out of. So if that is you girl get uncomfortable, flaunt it, People are gonna talk about you, They are, they are going to talk about you and the quicker that you accept that and embrace that and be like, yeah, I'm going to give them something to talk about, the better it's going to be, not only for your own mentality, but you're just going to show up more free and more you on social media. So anyway, that is a little pep talk on all the things I hope that you are creating massive, massive action. Um, if you are and I know you are screenshot this, put it in your stories, tagged me today and and tag and tell me the one thing that you were doing today, the one action item that you were doing today to move your business forward. I want to hear it. I'm gonna know if you're listening to this podcast and if you listen all the way through if you follow instructions because that is what we do as teachers, we are back to school now in a while. I just started with my students yesterday. Um you know, so we're back to school time and I want to see you doing your homework because here's the thing, I'm a spanish teacher y'all and I can tell the kids who are, who are practicing and who are doing the action items and then I can tell the kids who are sitting there not doing any of the things right. You can, you just can so which person, which student do you want to be in your business? This is your business. You are choosing to do this. So I hope you were like my students who are in my levels for an Ap class who are choosing to be there because they love spanish so much that there is nothing that is going to stand between them and succeeding in spanish. That's how I want you to be about your business today. I want you to love it so much that there is nothing that is going to stand between you and the business of your dreams of doing the things. Even if it makes you uncomfortable, even if people might laugh at you because you say a word wrong, I'm I'm giving some spanish analogies now or if you make a cultural boo boo, like things are gonna happen, but you have to put yourself out there first or you're never gonna know. Alright friend, love you much, connect with me over on socials and I will see you soon.

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