The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 100- All the things from the last year

podcasts Aug 23, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend, Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, high school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller, I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money, you deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello, my beautiful social selling sister. It is Lindsay calendar, the host of this podcast, the social selling sisterhood and I hope you're having a fabulous day and guess what Today is drum roll please episode 100 100. My mind is blown. When I started this podcast a little over a year ago, I literally was telling myself um the things that I had been told by my coach at the time and that was you know you do an episode once a week or maybe every once every two weeks and don't be afraid to do seasons and it's gonna be, you know, I was just in my mind that it was gonna be hard to keep up with and I wasn't necessarily going to love it and I wasn't going to um feel any effects of it and blah, blah, blah blah and all the things and I did it anyway and I am so glad that I did it anyway, So this episode is going to be about some of the things that I have learned the last year on this journey um and some of my takeaways from starting a podcast. So I hope you will share this out with your audience. Um it would mean the world to me on episode 100, if you would screenshot this right now, put it in your facebook and instagram stories, Tag me tag the social selling sisterhood. Um let your friends know that you listen to this podcast. Let other people know about this podcast so that we can all up level each other together. Because if there is something that I have learned, it is the more that you give, the more you get back in return. So if you want people to share your posts, you're whatever you are doing, your products, your services, if you want those referrals from other people, are you giving them yourself when you see something that you love if there's something that you're using every day um if there's a podcast you're listening to regularly, are you sharing it out with people? Because guys, even if that even if you're not supporting people monetarily or anything like that, you don't have to do that. But that appreciation from that share that referral. That like that, love that comment. Um it means so much and I know you know it means so much so please take a second and do that for me. I love you. Love you. Love you literally sending you air kisses right now right through the podcast. So I am pumped. Happy monday. If you were listening to this live, If you're not listening to this live and whatever it is happy whatever day it is, um, I hope you have a blessed day. I hope if you're listening to this later in the day that it has been a wonderful day full of lots of things that you can count your blessings for, because we're all, we're all just so blessed. So okay, here are the things, you know, I like to keep it as short sweet and to the point as I can. But here are the things that I have learned because I have had several people reach out to me through this journey, curious about the process of starting a podcast and guys, I would, I would almost wager that uh, starting the podcast itself was equally as difficult as um, just the consistency and continuing it and I'm going to explain to you a little bit why, but just do it. Whatever that thing is that is on your heart, that it's on your mind that um, you know, keeps coming up, it keeps showing up on your vision board. Um, for some reason, like it pops into your mind when you're checking on a target, I don't know whatever it is. You know what that thing is and maybe it's several things, maybe it's a shift in a career, Maybe it's a shift in your company that you are partnered with because we are social sellers. If you're on here. Maybe it's a shift in the products that you offer. Maybe it's a shift in the people you surround yourself with, whether that is a friend group, your business partners, maybe it's a shift in your brand. Maybe you've been known as the person that does X, Y, Z and you don't want to be known as that person anymore, you're interested in, um I don't know, you're interested in crafts and you don't wanna be the girl that's only known for running, you know, whatever it is, you know what that thing is that's on your heart. Maybe you know that you need to be more positive person and you really want to do that, but you're just not sure how um you want to practise more gratitude, but you feel silly doing it, you know, whatever that thing is, just do it, find the means, figure out how guys, we are blessed in a world with amazing technology, we have google university where we can literally find out just about anything. And so what it boils down to is are you driven, are you motivated? Do you really want it? And stop ignoring those? Like those hunches that intuition, those thoughts that are keep popping up, stop ignoring them. Stop putting them in the back burner because what is happening when you do that, like you're living another day, but you're living another day, that is not your ideal life. And guys, we have one life like this is it, you are currently in it, How are you using it? Okay. And so that's what I just want to say because this, Starting a podcast literally came up for me in 2017. I started listening to personal development um, with my first network marketing company that joined. I started reading it first naturally because I didn't really, I was hesitant to get on the podcast train the people who I knew, who were listening to podcasts were listening to true crime podcasts um or things more on the personal side, not really the business side or listening to education podcasts and um, I'm gonna be honest with you, there's nothing that I really hate reading um any more than it is an education book. Like I literally want to poke my eyes out and I'm a teacher, but I don't want to read and someone telling me how to be a better teacher, I don't know that's just me. Like I, I would much rather sit in a conference or learn hands on or watch and model other people, but reading a full book on teaching. Like, so when people were telling me they were listening to podcasts on that, I'm like, okay, well then podcasts are definitely not for me because I don't want to do that. Um, and I'm gonna be honest with you, I think the only reason I got started listening to podcasts, I don't remember the first one I wish my app would show me, but it was either Rachel Hollis because I read her book that had come out around that time um, or I had seen Jenna culture on instagram and she was talking about our podcast and or it was Charlene johnson because I have been obsessed with her since college when I did um her turbo, it was turbo jam back then and that's actually how I got involved with my first network marketing company as she was affiliated with them when I, when I first got started. So anyway, I was, I was like playing around with the idea of social media and selling things and whatnot and I have been doing it for a while and so I kept seeing and I was following, you know, Jenna and Rachel and Schilling and they were talking about their podcast, I was like okay, fine. Um, and then literally I became obsessed over quickly. So this idea came into my mind about starting a podcast. Um honestly in 2017 when I started feeling really good about my business, when I started um, you know, really just doing well. I was doing well, I was getting lots of questions, coaching sorts of questions and I just felt really confident about teaching people what I know about social media, about doing direct sales the right way and about my ability to talk to other people who knew more than me because here's the thing. Um, and this was part of the reason, I think it started with it, but also part of the reason. Um I think we can really get in our head about doing things like um sorry, my phone's ringing about doing things like, you know, building a business, building a team, et cetera, and that is that we're not experts, and if we're not experts at something, then we're afraid to start sharing with other people. And the thing with starting this podcast, and the thing with starting conversations with people on your team or whatever it is, is that, you know, a little bit more than the person that is listening, or maybe you don't maybe they know more than you, but that you don't have to be an expert, you just have to have some experience that you're willing to share a different perspective perhaps. Um and just share it like this. Like, just the fact that you were listening to me talk and that you show up and listen to me talk on the weekly um is such a what's the word? I want to say? A blessing. Like a gift. Like, the word is not coming to me right now, it's an honor. That's it. It's an honor because you're listening to me, it's like, we're chatting, I guess it's kind of one way chat in my, in my mind, we're chatting back and forth, like we're friends and you know, that's I don't know, it's just such an honor. So just do it, do it messy. So I decided in 2017 I put the podcast on my vision board and I was thinking about it, I didn't really know what I wanted to do. Um I was playing around a lot with the topic of travel because travel is still a really big part of my brand, I love traveling. Um I actually had a travel blog for a while. I don't know if you know that and was building that up pretty heavily um In between network marketing companies like super heavily had a website all the things and and then it kinda got pushed to the backburner again when I jumped into another network marketing company and I was going on in that um And I didn't want to lose focus on that so it kind of got pushed to the backburner all the things and then for some reason in January of 2020 I got a, what's it called? Like an email. I subscribe to something called app sumo a P. P. S. Um Oh to their emails and they send like new and upcoming apps and programs and websites and things like that. Four entrepreneurs people on social media. The text base online business etcetera. And it's kind of like Groupon if you know a group on is like Groupon living social where you can buy at a very discounted price different programs and things to try out different apps. So one day it just popped up and it was a podcast hosting website and I was like awesome, so I click on it, I mean I was at work, I was lunchtime, I click on it Um it was like 50 bucks And at this time I looked around a little bit different podcast hosting websites, I knew they weren't cheap, I also knew there were free versions. Um and so I'm looking at this one, I'm like 50 bucks and I'm reading all the things and it's like unlimited, this unlimited that they will send your show to all the major things for you. You have a website, I mean literally anything I could think of that would cost Hundreds of dollars if not more a month and other hosting sites, it was $50 for lifetime access, so I'm like okay, I feel like this is a sign, so I bought it um and that was january and then I did nothing with it. Okay, so that was step one, that was like a kind of commitment that was like dipping my big toe in kind of commitment um and so I have it, I can use it at any time, right? Um and so then I get into a mentorship group, I get the idea of the social selling sisterhood rolling. It literally guys came to me in the shower because I'm like, what am I gonna call it, what am I gonna do? I don't know what I'm gonna do, uh and I was in the shower and I was like listening to a podcast on some bluetooth speakers. Actually I have a bluetooth speaker waterproof one in my bathroom that I listen to podcasts and that's I listen to them there and usually in the car are my two main places, but also like cooking dinner last night. I was anyway and so it just came to me, I'm like okay, this is it, and then it was another month or two and I did the things I took the free courses, I signed up for A friend of mine who does a podcast course, like kind of like a 101 frequently asked questions like our long private coaching. Um and actually before I met with her, I recorded which I had already read how to do it, I knew I could do it on garageband because I have a Mac. So I recorded three episodes and out of the three, only one of them had sound quality that was even like kind of Like you can even kind of listen to the other two and her and I tried to edit them. Um the other two, I don't know what it is, I'm actually recording in the same room that I am now. I don't, I literally don't know what happened, but um it was like almost like a screeching echo, it was horrible. Um and so obviously I got my head a little bit when that happened and I'm like well like I just spent all this time and I didn't even know there's really no way for you to test the sound quality until, until you're done. And so I felt a little defeated. I'm like, you know what? I'm gonna do it anyway. So I re re recorders the other two. So I had like three ready to go and matching. And that's another thing that I learned the more that you can match your work, whether it is your content, your podcast, whatever it is your emails, you're going to send out for the next month if you can match it and put it in a dock so that you are ready to go and you have no excuses to show up constantly. It is so much better. It's like, right now I have, I think only four podcast episodes matched. It is on my list. Um, this week when I get home from school and this weekend to batch some more so that I don't feel like it's a chore to do what I love to do, which is to podcast. Same thing with your content. It should not feel like a chore. Whatever you're doing, your content, your business should not feel like a chore. And that is one of the things, a big thing that I have learned um, in the past year, since I started this podcast. Um, you know, you're going to have the times where you don't love doing it or where you don't feel like showing up? Like I had Covid um that was very unexpected. I had risk surgery all of the things and I did not miss a show. I did not miss a show because I was committed to showing up for you guys now when I first got started, I was doing one episode a week and I don't even remember when, but somewhere along the lines that started to two episodes a week with the best tip Thursdays um because I just, I just like dogging really? No, um but I'm so proud of myself for that consistency and a big part of it is because I love doing it and the same thing goes for your business and I noticed this with a business that I was really all in in last year and then I noticed something happening where I was dreading it and I was coming up with every excuse not to work it to the point where I would physically feel ill sitting down to work a business and that should not be the case. Like if you are in that position with anything in life, it doesn't even have to be your business. But listen to your body, listen to your intuition, listen to your mind. That is one of the biggest things that I've learned in the last year. Pay attention, pay attention to what you're excited for and okay, let's let's be fair. Um do I dread sometimes getting on the spin bike? Yes. Am I always very proud of myself and do I enjoy myself one time on it? Yes. Okay, that is not the same thing as like feeling physically ill and putting off things all the time. Okay. I hope you can see the difference, I'm sure I'm sure you can and if you have been in this place, you know this feeling, um and I think it's time for us to put that shame and that guilt away for the things like there is a reason if your up line is messaging you and you're not responding, there's a reason you're not responding, it's not because you're not you're too busy because we're all too busy. Um you know, if there's a reason that you have never gone live in your team page to share a fun tip, it's not because you're shy and you're afraid of doing lives, okay, so like I want you to be really, really intentional and really hone into that intuition and some of us can do this better than others I've actually learned as part of human design, which I'm still hoping to have my friend on here some time to talk about that. Um and I and I think I shared this on my other podcasts, but she told me like, I think there's like five, some things that tell you about your intuition, like if you're a super intuitive person and I have like four of the five of them, like ignited or whatever. Um and so that means that I am super intuitive and I need to listen to that. So when I last and honestly this happened about when I started this podcast and I was feeling myself pulling away from my other business, I should have listened to that instead of pushing for something that was not right for me. So mhm Do it anyway, just do it, do the things that you want to do that, let you up. And if there's something like starting a podcast that's on your vision board on your bucket list, um you know, just do it and you'll find like do I sometimes gripe about having to sit down and record this because I've waited till last minute. Yes, but that's also called procrastination, it doesn't mean I don't love it, but if that were happening every single week, you would see this podcast ending because it has to be coming from a place of joy. So I want you to think about that with your business literally with any aspect of your life, your fitness routine, I've been on diets before and I'm like not following them, they're not bringing me joy. Um and they're not, there is like some sort of disconnect there. So if you are at that place I want you to explore that disconnect because that's one of the big things that I have learned in the last year, another thing I kind of mentioned this before. You don't need anyone's approval. So like I almost didn't start this because my coach was like, you need to focus on things that bring you income to reach your six figures and blah blah blah, which is true, but I love doing this, I love doing this, this has really helped me shape my brand, this has put me in front of different people and different audiences and why I might not be while I might not be monetizing it yet. Um it is something that will be happening um and I'm really proud of that. I'm proud of the fact that I'm showing up every week and giving free value to you in this sort of way. Um and that, you know, like I said, I don't need anyone's approval just because it didn't work out for someone else doesn't mean it might not work out for you. So don't, I guess I should wear this, be careful whose opinions you are asking and what sort of weight you are putting on them because there is something to be said if ever literally everyone, you're talking to, your family, your close friends, your business partners, whatever. Like, oh I don't know about that, but again, you have that intuition and you need to trust it while also being really educated on that note the basics of pretty much anything like I mentioned before, you can find on google university, so don't wait and let technology be a reason that you can't do something, don't wait and let a lack of equipment or whatever, it might be stop you from doing things. The basics you can figure out. Um, I still record my podcast, You guys know my thursday mostly thursday, sometimes monday's too, but mostly my thursday podcasts are recorded in the car. Um, if the audio bothers you, then maybe don't listen to my third thursday podcast and listen to the monday once where the audio is a little clearer and I'm normally recording it um, at home in a place where there's not the background noise, but that's again super basic. Now, I have advanced equipment, I could totally use it when I'm at home. I'm actually not using it right now. Um, but you don't have to have all the fancy stuff, but I will say once you get to a certain level in your business, in your podcast, in whatever may be in your training, you know, if you are wanting to improve your fitness goals, you know, you can start walking every day. I'm just giving us an example, you can start walking every day and then if you're unsure what to do next, that is at the point where you should reach out to a coach. Okay. And I do think everyone should have a coach. Um, I don't know if you necessarily have to formally pay for them all the time, but you do need someone at least who's a mentor and if you're really serious about your business and you want to take it to the next level, you need a coach. You need someone who can look at your, well, first of all you need someone who has done what you want to do. You need someone who is able to really take a full picture, look at your business and find your holes and tell you where to fix them, where you can improve on them. And you also need someone who's honestly who's good at social media, who takes their business seriously and who's going to show up for you because you are a paying client. So that is also something that, you know, I have, I've been burned. I'm not gonna lie, I've been burned with coaches in the past. Um It's a learning, you know, it's something that I've learned through and it also reminds me just like with teaching guys, right? You have had teachers, I'm sure in school that were horrible. And so like for me as a teacher now, I try to remember those times and be like, I don't want to be like that, so I'm going to fix and be a better teacher because I don't want to be like that person, X, Y. Z. Right? Same thing with our business when you've gotten those icky cold messages from people, we're like, okay, well now I know what not to do. Um So keep that in mind when you're hiring a coach. Okay, I have a couple more points. Um Oh, don't forget. And again, I mentioned this kind of at the beginning, I just like an intro with all my boys. What you put out to the universe, you will get back. Okay, so this not only means you're a positive energy, but also your likes your comments, your shares, whatever. Um and so I have been super intentional about this since starting my business. You know, I want people to comment on my things. So what do I do? I spend dedicated undistracted time every day. That is my social media time where I am interacting with people, I'm making connections. I'm commenting on their stuff. Um I had a post this morning about going for the first day of school and last time I looked it had like 180 uh interactions with it. And I'm like, this doesn't happen. Like it was literally the most boring post ever, but it is because all of those people I have made feel special. So what I am putting out into the universe, I am getting back. So if you want people to share your posts, then share other people's posts into your stories. If you want people to like and comment and engage on your stuff, then you need to spend some time liking and commenting and engaging on their stuff and on other people's things. Not only is that a great way for you to be seen, but that's how you make people feel loved and appreciated and like you are the client and the friend or whatever that role is that you are to that person and that's how you want them to feel, you want them to feel that appreciation. Otherwise they're not going to have that brand loyalty T. O. So that is one thing that I've definitely learned and honing it and not even so much with my podcast. Um although I do I take pictures and I share, I try to share daily. I don't get to it all the time, but I try to share daily at least one person's podcast that I'm listening to. I tag them in my instagram and facebook stories. I share it out. Um and most of the time that person will respond to me and we'll have like a short little conversation. But I want people to know that I'm listening because that content from your podcast is free and I want people to know that I appreciate that I have learned so much through free content so much for through free content. Um ask and this is what I'm doing right now. And then I do on pretty much every podcast you have to ask and you have to tell the people what you want them to do. So this is kind of talking about call to actions a little bit that we talked about um on the podcast last week, but you know, ask for the share, asked specifically take a screenshot of this, share it into your stories tagged me um ask people to drop a certain word in the comments. If they want more info, ask people where they're from, ask people if they're tuning in life or the replay, like you have to have that interaction because if not we watch the things we listen to, the things we, you know, we whatever and I have no idea who is actually listening, watching whatever, even though we do because they didn't ask. So you have to ask um that goes for eventually when you have been talking to people, you need to ask them if they would be interested in trying your product, ask them if they would be opening to open to learning more, you won't know unless you ask and I'll tell you what friends, if you don't ask someone else will. Um and the last thing um and I pretty much pretty much said it already, but you have to love what you're doing and that really has been really evident for me with the podcast. When I started, like I said, I literally had convinced myself based off conversations with other people that I wasn't going to be consistent with this, that people weren't going to listen, that I was going to have to do a season and then I would get too overwhelmed with school and then I would have to stop and blah blah, all these things in my head and I did one episode and I loved it. I loved how it made me feel. I love getting the messages from you guys telling me that you listen to it and you really liked this episode or you're doing this and blah blah blah. Um I love seeing new people join our facebook group and they're putting in um like, how did you find me question on their membership question and they're saying your podcast and if someone knew that I've never met, like, that is so exciting to me that we have this this technology, but you have to love what you do, because if you don't love it one, it'll show, and no one's gonna want to participate in whatever you're doing. They're not going to want to watch your life if you act boring and dull, right? That's the bu times too. So if you're not loving it, it's gonna show people aren't gonna want to follow you, they're gonna think you're fake and all those, all those things. Um but also remember that your results aren't immediate and this is with anything, especially in our businesses and well, we always say 30 60 90 days down the road, you'll see some of the results of what you've been doing now, but it's just some of the results, you will have, people who follow you for years and never buy your product or never like or anything. And then they'll mention it one day. They might not buy it yet, but they'll say, um, I'm trying to remember who, oh, someone from work who um, honestly, I didn't even know we were connected to on facebook turn to me in our opening day and said, I love your, I love your facebook. It's like, oh, I was like, what do you love about it? She was like, I've watched your real from Instagram that you re posted on Facebook with your Mickey Mouse Ears. Um, probably 50 times a day since you posted it. And I'm like, what? Like I, okay, first of all, this girl has never bought anything for me. I think I've mentioned before that I don't do any sort of business stuff with people from work. Um, but like she's never commented anything. Like I said, I didn't even know we were, we were connected clearly. That brings her joy. You know, something that I was doing was bringing her joy and she really liked it. Um, and again, that makes me love it anymore. But remember your results aren't immediate and this person may never buy anything for me, ever, ever, but you know what? I bet she will refer me when she's talking to her friend who says that they have joint pain or they're really tired or um, they need Disney advice, right? Even if she refers them to me for Disney advice and I give them Disney advice and then we become connected on facebook and then she's watching my stories and she's like, dude, how does this girl have so much energy? She just taught all day. She's going to see that I'm talking about this new product that I took, which is actually a true story on this new product that I took and now I'm jazzed up about life. Um and it's also a little bit annoying because I just kind of want to take a nap and I don't have the energy, right? But here's the thing. So they might not be your customer, but they might refer you, they might become your biggest fan and when they do eventually comment on a post because they love it so much, it might pop up on their news feed to their friend, like you never know, you never know those connections. So those results won't be immediate. And the only thing that will get you through your business, get honestly get you through anything through weight loss journey, whatever is that you have to love it. Because if you don't love it, if you're not feeling that passion, if there is a tiny bit of you that has a little bit of doubt um that you just can't work around because some of our doubt is just ignorance or some of the doubt, you know, it's just because we don't know all the things that we need to know. Um but if there's something about it, you don't love and you're not feeling it, you'll never be successful and that is a really kind of the nutshell of what I have learned since starting this podcast and kind of my business journey for the past year. If your heart is not in it, if your passion is not in it, you need to stop, it's time to stop Okay friends. So I hope that you found this inspirational, I hope you heard something today that you're like, yes, I needed to hear that. Um if you did like, I have been talking about, please share this out, please leave me a five star rating and review down below you can even just say, I like listen to this podcast on Mondays boom, don't enjoy okay, but if you want to leave me more than that, I would love it. Um thank you for being on this journey with me, I look forward to 100 more episodes. I look forward to seeing what this business will bring. Find me over on instagram. I do have my um my personal account which is at Lindsay doll anger, but I also have a social selling sisterhood account and a free facebook community. Um the social selling sisterhood squad, it's over on facebook, be looking for some things coming up for planning fourth quarter because we are going into one of the busiest times of the year for social selling and I am looking forward to providing you all the resources to be successful in this time, Friend, take care, sending you all of the hugs, all of the love and I will talk to you on thursday, but by.

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