The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 86- From busy to productive

direct sales podcasts Jun 28, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles. High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Oh, I'm alive. Hello. Hello everyone. What is up? I'm Lindsay Dollinger and I am coming to you tonight. I hope I'm in the right group. I believe I am um watching right now you're watching the replay because it says there are zero watchers. Um so you can fast forward a minute. You're watching the replay. Um but I'm gonna go ahead and get started because it's 8:30 and we're talking tonight all about things, time management. So I want to be really um mindful of your time. So here we go. I'm gonna go ahead and dive right in if you hop on. Um Tell me hello. Tommy replay for catching the replay. Drop any questions you have in the comments. I do have a uh not a stretchy, a power point in Canberra, like a presentation called power point still. Um but I may or may not share it. I might just like look at you guys, we'll see, we'll see how it goes, but drop them, drop questions in the um comments as we get going and I will answer them when I see them or answer them toward the end. So super quickly, I am Lindsay Gallagher. I am a full time high school spanish teacher. Um so obviously I am home for the summer um which is awesome fun. I along with being a teacher then I travel, I travel a lot in the summer. Um I was just at Disney with my team, I did some more traveling around florida, Got back and we're going to Hawaii next week. Um But I'm telling you all that because I I have to have the time management piece. Like the only reason that I am able to work my business and to keep my business going while I am doing all of the things is because of time management and it's because of the things that I'm going to talk about tonight. So I'm going to take, you know, I will share, I will share my screen. Let me get at it, pulled up. Why can I not remember how to share my screen? Oh, here we are. Sure I'm using Stream yard by the way, which I will mention Stream yard a little bit later. Um Let me just do the window to the window. Um Okay. Yeah. But can I not be so big? I don't want to be. There we go. That's better Ciro. I'm just gonna show it this way. Yeah, because I don't know. I think you can still see this. Actually. I'm going to check really quickly in the team page because I want to make sure you're not seeing like my blank screen cause please, let's see. Okay, okay, it looks normal. Okay. So, um, I titled this from business and overwhelmed to productive and Ceo because that is something that I think is so important and not talked about enough as we start talking about time management or if we start talking about moving our business forward is really the mindset of being the ceo of your own business. And so we're going to talk about mindset first slide, which I know you're kind of like, what the heck does this have to do about time management? This is a waste of my time, I promise you once I mastered the mindset piece and all these things that I'm going to mention right here once I really dive deep into all of these things and basically stopped making excuses for why I wasn't being successful in certain parts of my business. My entire business shifted. Um, along with that, my entire business also shifted when I went to a conference in Orlando in 2019. It was really a huge mindset shift for me. So I hope you can either go live live definitely if you can, if you have those tickets, if not, I hope you can hop on virtual and just experience all that is conference because it's freaking amazing. So mindset and what this has to attend. So first one here I want you and you don't have to answer in the chat, but really think about this or come back to this and think about it a little bit later. But what are you telling yourself about time? Because I hear a lot when talking to people in Color Street and other companies that they don't have time to X, Y. Z. Like I don't have time to work my business or maybe the time is about other things. I work full time. I have kids, so I don't have time to X. You know, whatever. So what are you telling yourself about the time you have? Um, and there's a meme floating around, you might have seen it or memoir graphic that I've seen on social media a lot the past couple of days and I actually, I don't agree with it. And it is something along the lines of, not everyone has the same 24 hours, 24 hours in a day. Looks different to someone who's the ceo of a multimillion dollar company or someone who's a stay at home mom. And the point of it was that um, like if you have less resources, you don't have as much time either. Um and I get where it's coming from, but I also, I want to encourage you if you are, if you're serious about your business and I'm assuming you are, if you're taking the time to watch his training that you really start To step into that mindset of, we do have the same 24 hours, I have the same 24 hours that you have that someone else has and we just get to decide one what we're going to do with that time and to own what we're going to do at that time. Because it is totally fine if realistically you don't have time a week to work your business, or if you take a week off to go on vacation or you know, whatever it might be, like, I'll be the first to tell you, I didn't actively work my business while I was in florida last week, I had scheduled post up ahead of time. I shared in my stories, which we'll talk about how those are kind of working or business leader um but I wasn't actually doing reach out to people, I wasn't planning any more parties, you know, those sorts of things, so and that's okay and I'm owning that, just like you get to own whatever you're telling yourself about time. So there are thoughts about our time, I don't have hours in the day to work my business, and then there's the actual circumstance of like, I literally do not have an hour to work my business, so um a really cool exercise to do with this top one is um I figure what they actually called it, but it's something like like hourly tracking or basically you track your time for a week and I did this um probably about a year ago and a coaching program I was in and that was during Covid, so my time was completely different um but it was really, really eye opening for me and you can also do this guys. Um I know for your on your iphone, I don't want to mess with mine because my earbuds are connected and it's actually said I'm connected over there, so hopefully you can still hear me. Um Let's see if I can tell if you can hear me or not. Well someone tell me if they can hear me okay. I think so because people are commenting okay, cool. Um, let me know if you can't hear me because it said my airpods are connected to my phone. Um, this okay, here we are. But basically what I'm getting at is I tracked my attract my time for a week during Covid and um, basically I was just wasting it. I didn't realize how much time like I noticed last night. Um, I spent an hour and a half scrolling instagram reels and to me, I was like, oh, I'm saving some to make for later, but that was not working my business. So, um, just some things that, and that's an activity you can definitely do is track your time, maybe only one to do it for a day. But if you're telling yourself that you don't have time to work your business and maybe you don't for a certain day, track it and see where you're actually spending that time, first of all and then after you do that, what are you telling yourself about your business through your thoughts and actions? So if you're telling yourself and you're constantly being like it's okay to work on business today because I did X, Y. Z, which is fine. But then do you have a business or do you have a hobby in either? Also again are okay, But what do you want? Because if you want a business, but you're treating it like a hobby, then you get to make some shifts. And likewise, if you just want a hobby and you realize you're putting 40 hours a week, end it. Then you get to make some shifts. So just kind of owning and being really, really aware of what you actually went out of it and how you're treating it is a huge first step to time management. Next is what are you willing to do to make your business successful? And I think something that's really important with this is especially if you are newer or maybe you're just like reenergizing yourself to get your energy and your momentum back up and going again. Maybe you're like relaunching your business, whatever it looks like for you. Um what are you willing to do, whether that is, are you willing to wake up a half an hour earlier? Are you willing to work your business during your lunch break? Are you willing to have your husband do bath time with the kids an extra night a week? So you get an extra half an hour to work your business, but you get to decide um and you can do this with a spouse if you want to do that kind of communication, but you get to decide. What are you actually willing to do? Are you willing to Um invest a little bit in your business, which we'll talk about some systems later, that can help you? But are you willing to do those things? Are you willing to put $50 into your business in a month in order to get back a few hours of your time that you can use with your kids? So what are you actually willing to do? Um and what are you not willing to do? Because those, again, once you're clear with that, you're going to feel so much better about the decisions you make for your business and you're not going to feel that guilt. You're not going to feel ashamed when someone reaches out and you didn't do X, Y, Z, or you didn't show up or you weren't visible on a training as long as you are clear about these things and as long as you're clear about these things to your team, especially if you're a leader, especially as you are starting from day one, building a team, I think it's really important to be clear. You know, these are my business hours, I will get back to you within a certain amount of time. I've told my team there is no such thing as a nail emergency. And we have created a culture where like if I don't get back to someone right away, then someone else answers and someone else answers and it's a collaborative effort. But as you're building your team, that's up to you as a leader and a stylist to kind of set those boundaries and set that culture from the very beginning. So just what are you willing to do? And the very last thing and it kind of goes with, are you working a business or a hobby? What are your goals with your business? And what are your priorities again, priorities can be a little more business and other things as well. So like a priority of mine is making sure I get a workout in four days a week, for example. Um and we'll talk about where these priorities spit in. Maybe yours is Three hours with your kids after work each night. Um if you have a 9-5 job, that's obviously a priority. So making a list of things that are actually your priorities, your heart set, like I'm doing this no matter what kind of deal. And then we get to play around with our extra little bit of time. Okay? Yeah, I'm just gonna wait and do questions maybe towards the end, since I have this in a separate window and I can't see them. I hope that's okay. Alright, So now once we got the mindset piece and again guys, this slide that I just showed you like this takes some work. Like this isn't something you're going to be able to sit down and tell yourself right now while you're watching this video, if you have not thought about all of these things before um because some of them can be really hard questions. I've definitely had times in my life where my priority was not my business. Um You know, it could have been when I was sick or when I'm on a vacation or whatever. But Here's the cool thing is that if we plan in advance and if we're good with our time management, it's OK that your business isn't your priority 24/7 and I think that's a really important thing to be aware of. All right, so thinking about what you can outsource or streamline and outsourcing most of these things cost money, not all of them. Um But here's when I went to point out about this, what do you not enjoy doing or what do you personally not have to do? So I'm going to talk about, what do you what do you not enjoy doing? So some people really hate making graphics okay? Or maybe you like making them, but it takes you an hour to make one graphic. That's an example, maybe you really don't enjoy following up with people. For example, what do you? So I make a list of that, first of all is what I did when I first started doing this. And then what do you personally not have to do out of those things that you don't enjoy doing? Like do I personally have to be the one that makes graphics for my team and I'll tell you a story about this. Um It was probably april last year and I'm good. I mean I made this on camera, I'm pretty savvy with Canada, I love camba. Um I pay for camp a pro. I actually should have put this in here under tools. Um it's like the best $129 of my life spent but and I like making graphics. Here's the thing, however last April I was trying to make this graphic of everyone on my team who had bonus qualified, there was over 100 people I think who had bonus qualified ends. There was no there's no easy way to copy the report from the back office and put it into the graphic. So I'm like typing out all these names, I messing with the fonts, doing all these things and so I sent it to my leaders in my chat to double check. I forgot this person as well. This person's name wrong guys. It took me 3. 5 hours to make this graphic one graphic. I'm not even crapping you right now. I'm a sudden a different hard but um and that's something I'll tell you what, right after that I was like I'm finding a V. A. And it took her, I don't even know like 30 minutes to do the thing that took me 3. 5 hours and I paid her $17 an hour. So it costs me um What, 78 8850 to make that graphic, Which seems like a lot. However It took me 3. 5 hours to make that. So divide that by three is my time worth less than $3 an hour. No, so that's something I want you to think about. What could I have been doing in those 3. 5 hours? I could have been reaching out to new people. I could have done a party, I could have done a live sale, I could have sent emails and sold something with a flash sale and made so much more money than the return on my investment on that graphic, which actually was zero because the one of my team space and no one knew solid. It didn't do anything to bring the income. Does that make sense? So what do you not enjoy doing? What do you personally not have to do? Those are the things I want you to think about and then here are some tools that might help you with some of those things. Um So Schedule Ear's, if you don't use a schedule or for your parties for your posts, you can use facebook has one already built in. Um If you do this, make sure you have like once you do a party one time have your google doc with um you know your party templates, we have a bunch of our team google drive folder that you can use have that saved so that if you are doing a facebook party you're copying and pasting and scheduling one time. Um Another cool thing that I do for streamlining things is I only do mega parties, I don't do a party for one hostess anymore, I do one mega party a month, all my hostesses for the month get dumped into that party, so I schedule all those posts one time once a month. Um Again maybe you really enjoy scheduling posts and you enjoy having a party three times a week that didn't fit into my schedule. Um And my parties were just as good if I did one mega party versus um because I tracked him for several months versus if I did eight nights of parties and think about the difference in the amount of time. So for me, one mega party is the way I do it. Um So these are the different schedule or options plan really is just, I think it's just instagram. Um There's lots of other ones, but those are some things that you can look into post. My party was the one that was really big when I first got started with Color Street. That one you can just have party templates and you can like seven, like your hostess, your link, things like that for video streaming art is a really great thing. The thing I like about Stream yard is you can stream it into multiple places if you have the paid subscription. Um Including so like if I do a training for my team for example, I will stream it um and I actually don't do this tonight. I should have streamed this in my actual time. Casey, I could have done that but I can stream it into three places and those can include Youtube. Um and then you can also download the video. So this is kind of like working smarter, not harder if you are doing videos so you can do that with with your um parties. If you like to do live party videos, you can make a generic one and stream them. Um You can also stream stuff onto Youtube. So if you're doing your your nails one night and you're doing your your manicure application video, you're teaching about whatever piece of content you have, you can stream that to your facebook page, you can stream it to Youtube, you can download and upload it to an I. G. T. V. Um So that's kind of the thinking smarter. Not harder being visible in multiple places with making one piece of content which we'll talk about matching. Um Next well not next toward the end. One stream live. This has been a game changer and I almost did it tonight and I almost I almost regretted not doing it tonight because our internet went out right before this video and I was freaking out. Well one stream live is is you can take prerecorded videos um plug them into the program and it streams live as though you were actually live at that time on any platform that's on their list. Youtube facebook um I don't know if I g I don't think I g. Is connected, but any kind of facebook group facebook page whatever, so when I bash content, which again I'll talk about a little while, um I can set it to go live now if it's longer than five minutes Um and you schedule more than one out, you do have to pay for it, so I pay for a monthly subscription to that, but to me it works because I get to be visible and seeing in multiple places. Um And I batch a whole bunch of videos at once when I have my hair done and my makeup done and I'm ready to go, so that's one stream life, this last one and I have a whole nother training on this, I can totally do at some point, but virtual assistant, I don't think you need a virtual assistant until you're maybe a team leader and above once you hit that team leader and above unless you're like a senior stylist and have a giant team and just things aren't aligning yet for you to be a team leader um a virtual assistant. I feel like is almost a must especially if you are not doing this business full time. So some things that your virtual assistant can do for you, okay Can schedule posts, nail fees. Um they can do reach out. So like when I have someone new joined my V. I. P. Group, my virtual assistant will go in once a week and send all of my new members a message and say, hey Megan, thanks so much for doing my VP group. Have you tried Color Street before? And then she doesn't respond once they respond back to me because she's logged into my account. Um Then I respond and it's something that I personally have to respond to right because she's not going to know necessarily all the answers to the questions but I don't have to be the one to personally reach out to her to begin with to the new person. Does that make sense? So um she does reach out um follow ups. I don't currently have her doing follow ups because I like to do that but she can do follow ups. Um If you have a big team I have my virtual assistant run my reports and do my graphics for my team. All sorts of stuff like that. Uh Send samples and emails again. I don't currently have my doing it but I know some women on my team have them do it especially if they are local to you. They could send samples for you. Heck they could even come to your house then it's an assistant. Not really virtual but send out sets and hostess packets, literally any portion of your business guys. That doesn't have to be, you can be outsourced um and it can be outsourced super cheaply and again I don't want to spend too much time on that because that doesn't pertain to anyone or everyone, but let me know if you want more info about the virtual assistant because I do already have a training made on that. Okay so here's the good stuff, income producing activities, friends stop spending time on things that aren't making you money. I mean let that sink in because income producing activities are super super important and it can be super fun to spend 3. 5 hours making a team graphic or it can be really, really awful depending on what your idea of fun is. Um but I love making graphics, I'll show you what I've done with here, my Campbell pages, like graphics galore, I love doing it, but I also know that I'm not technically counting that as my time working my business and I get to do that while I'm scrolling are watching netflix late on a saturday night, it is not the chunk of time that I'm sitting down to actively work my business. So when you are, especially when you are tight on time, if you're working full time, if you want to spend more time with your kids, stop spending time on things that aren't making you money. And I don't remember exactly the expression, you guys probably know it, but gosh, how do they have? I've heard it word in several different ways, but basically it is um you can have time or you can have money but you can't have both in the beginning of your business. So you either need to be willing to take some of that money and invest it in these things that I mentioned here um like a virtual assistant, like a good plan er whatever um in order to get some of that time back or you're going to be spending all that time in order to make the more money. I hope that may, I didn't say nearly as eloquently as I heard it before, but that's something that really stuck with me. Here are some things that don't make you money making graphics, scrolling, facebook, instagram, Pinterest, ticktock, all the things listening to trainings and not taking action. And here is kind of my rule of trainings. Um if you have five hours a week to work your business, for example, just because it's easy math, No more than 20% of that time should be spent on training. So five hours would be like an hour week tops. Because trainings themselves don't make you money. Trainings will give you ideas for different things. They can give you maybe a little bit of motivation, but they're not actually the things that make you money. So they're kind of the extra you do need to do them, you need to get your basics down. But once you get the basics down, then you get to really be intentional about using that time to make you money to move your business forward. Same thing with your team. This can be really, really, really, really easy to do, especially as your team grows. Um, but do not spend more than 20% of your business time on your team. This includes one on one with your team. This includes recruiting to your, well now recruiting to your team would be your own business. Um, but you have your team and then you have your personal business which includes sales and recruiting. That's your two pieces of your personal business. Um, so do not spend. And this is a really, really eye opener when I'm talking to my women, especially team leaders and above and like, well how much time we were working in business and we'll tell me, I'm like, okay, how much time are you spending in the chats, chats kill us time wise. You do not realize how much you are on that chat. Um, and one of my time, my biggest time management um, tips and I don't even think I have on here was about a year ago. I turned off all the notifications to make these with Messenger. I didn't have facebook notifications on anyway, but if you had those on, I would turn them off and then I checked my messenger twice a day, morning and night, maybe mid afternoon or lunchtime. Now that I'm home for school, but that's it. And um, that is not only a boundary that I've done, not only with my team and my customers, but it allows me then to be intentional about working my business without troubleshooting and doing all the things that other people on my team. Because here's the thing guys, the majority of the time, the questions your team have or has half past can be found in our one million team groups by using the search tool on facebook. So once you show them how to use that, show them where our google drive is. But we also have an amazing app and our resources and our vo are top notch, you can go down through and literally find pretty much anything that you could ever want to know how this is different when I started 3. 5 years ago, that was not the case, but literally everything. And even now if I have a question, I go to those resources and I pull it up um so being really um mindful and and kind of rigid with that 20% of time on your team is so important because then you're building leaders. Otherwise if you are in your D. M. S. With your team every day, all day, all the time, you're not building leaders and you want to be building leaders so that you have the time because the whole purpose of working in network marketing businesses, that flexibility and that freedom of time of finances, right? So um okay, I'll get off my soapbox about that. These are all things that don't make you money. Yeah. Things that do make you money, connections invites follow ups and that's literally what I follow in my power hour every night, connections invites follow ups. I'm connecting with new people, I'm connecting with my current customers. I'm inviting new people to join my VIP to sample, to have a party. Um, I'm inviting my current customers to have a party to a sale, whatever to the stylist opportunity and follow us. Hey, last month I asked you having a stylist, um, and you told me that message you back in a month here I am. You know, I have to work your personality. I would definitely would not say that if that's not your personality, but that's my personality. So, um, those three things in a nutshell, those make you money making sales, doing sales a life sale. Your parties are going to make you sales because we are a party planning company. Um but honestly guys through connections, I don't want this to come off the wrong way, but I make more sales in connections And emails, which is not on here, but I'm counting on his connections, then I do in my VIP Group 100% because I follow, I follow this and I'm very consistent about that. Um So making sales, you gotta be making that money and then on boarding new stylist in a simple way and an onboarding process that is not last month's because we're all adults here and you know, um if you want, if someone wants this business to work, they will find a way to make it work if it's their time and some people guys won't work the business right off the bat and they'll work at three months later and that's totally cool. Um but onboarding your new stylist in a simple way, getting them a win quickly showing them where resources are and supporting them, um and then here is like kind of formatted weird, but I heard this on a podcast a couple months ago and I really think it's true, the people who are at the top, um you know, the top of any company, they're either good at content, meaning, you know, they know their brand, they're putting out consistent content, it's not all about their products, you know, they're sharing about their dog life and their travels and the things that are important to them and they're educating they're gonna content or they're good at connections, which connections, you don't always see connections are a lot of times behind the scenes, or the ones at the very, very top are good at both. Um Okay, now we're getting I feel like I've talked about a lot of things that aren't necessarily exactly time um but they but they are so now now that we have all this scheduling your time. Mhm. What I like to do the beginning of every quarter is to look big picture, so um summer months, wait, I don't think quarters in february March, april may june yes, so we're in a quarter right now, so this is a great time to look ahead, july august september and I like to do it on a actual piece of paper, you can do whatever you want, but I feel in big things coming up, so like august is going to be back to school um july I like to do christmas in july I'm gonna be talking about conference uh september, we have Labor Day weekend, so you could do some sort of a sail around that somewhere in there. We will have a fall launch. So I like kind of tentatively like stick them in conference. We usually have our intensive trip announced, which is a great time to start talking to people about the business and sharing all the, you know, getting people on boarded so that they can start earning that trip. So I like to think big picture and then break it down monthly with the closest month first. So july I'm going to go ahead and play in july out. I'm going to mark that we have fourth of july we have conference and I'm doing christmas in july so my july is pretty full already with what I can be planning out. Um, and then I'm gonna put anything else in there. So I know I'm going to be an early indo from, you know, basically like a week in july and I'm just gonna use old schedule because I don't currently do this, but um you know, I used to show animals at the fair, so like the last week in july was like kind of sketched out and so you might have kids who show animals at the fair, so you have a week of july that's gone, maybe you're going to go on vacation the third week in july. So plan in all of those things that are either going that are affecting your business directly or indirectly, and then after we break it down monthly we break it down weekly. So okay if I'm gonna have a sale in my group over three days or fourth of july weekend, then I'm going to start promoting it. Or maybe you're getting hostesses for your girls night in the week before. So when I look at my june calendar and I need to put for my thursday the last thursday in june that my priority. Do I have priorities? I think it's on the next line that my priority for that day is to get hostesses for my july block party or whatever it is. I hope that makes sense. So by breaking it down into smaller chunks and thinking big picture to most recent picture, I'm able to make sure that it's not the day before my july 4th black party weekend and I'm like crap, I didn't invite anyone or I haven't made my graphics yet or whatever it might be. And so then I break it down even further into daily and when I do with my daily um I literally just cleaned all my stuff off my couch. Uh Let me see. Mhm. I don't think I have well what I do daily, I know it's here. Here it is. Uh huh. Is I do hourly planning? So I'll just show you guys since I have it on here anyway, This is an old one, but I do the date, I do my top three areas of focus, these are things that have to get done today, so like this day it was updating my website page because I have a separate website. Um Not like my color, she won make videos which was um I put here how to apply the nail polish trip. So I made a video that I put on Youtube, so now I send my own video and something, someone else's video. Um And then I put scheduling posts. Those are the three things that I had to get down on this day. Um I also write down three things I'm grateful for, I'm really big into gratitude. Uh and then I right people I have to follow up with today. I wrote on here um, last month parties, ladies who claim sets in last night's lives and then people I'm going to invite today. This can be people's names or it could be people from last month's parties and then three daily self care habits I have on here like drink 100 ounces of water, exercise, 30 minutes, eat greens for lunch, okay. And I have an affirmation of here, I can do anything. Um, and then I block in my hourly time. So this was the day I had a mastermind for master and program within, I blocked in my mastermind driving to the mastermind where I listen to podcast. That's another kind of tip. If you um don't listen to podcasts yet, I highly recommend them. I can give you some great ideas for podcast you can listen to. But I also listen to like to connect the dots, old Tuesday trainings, you can listen to those in the car or whatever. And then, so in my mastermind lunch even wrote in here, go to kohl's and target. I forget what I even had to go to kohl's and target for, but I apparently needed to go. Um, the next, I had drive and record podcast and I had the title of the podcast that I wanted to record because I also do have a podcast. So I record that a lot when I'm in the car. That's another thing I do to take advantage of my time because I realized at first I was hesitant about doing it because I didn't want the background noise and whatever. But I realized that people who are listening to my podcasts don't care like done is better than perfect. So if I could use that time, my 45 because I live in the boonies that 45 minute time more effectively, which for me meant recording my podcast. That was 45 minutes. I could get back when I was at home and I could be doing something else. I could be playing with my dog, be writing my palate on whatever well and the next peloton. So I scheduled in my workout time and then eight p.m. That night was website scheduled. Post 10 PM was movie. Yes. I literally wrote in here when I was going to watch a movie. Um because I wanted to make that a priority, your personal time, your time, not doing your business is as big of a priority guys as your business. So if you need to write in here Bedtime play with kids make kids dinner, all those things and do it because what you get written down, um, I forget the statistics, but it's like 60% is 60% more likely to get done. Things that you plan and then you get worked um, that you get written down. The other fun statistic is if you plan out your week um, in this hourly time like this, you get back, I think it's 10 hours according to trail. Oh, you get 10 hours of time back from, because you know what's going like you have spent however long an hour a week on Sundays or Saturdays or whatever day planning out your week with intentions and looking like, okay, well I know I need to do this because it's july blah blah blah. Um, and so you're not spending that transition time like, oh, what should I be doing? Oh, I don't know. So I'm going to check instagram and oh, I got a message from a teammate. I have to respond right now. You don't okay. So by, by having those boundaries and by doing a little bit of planning, you actually get way more time back. So when I'm doing my planning, I put on my non negotiables, I put in my business time. That to me is a non negotiable And power hours. I did a training in here about utilizing power hours with your team. If you just search power hour, it'll probably come up and I shared what I do for my power. Our, my power, our essentially is 20 minutes of connections, 20 minutes of invites, 20 minutes to follow ups. Um, but if you're doing that every day, you might not have follow ups one day, for example. So then I use it for scheduling my posts, you know, other things that you have to do with your business sitting out samples, et cetera. Just did an awesome training in here about using friends list to stop your scroll. So I have a friends list on facebook that says color Street team so I can pull that up and spend five minutes and go down through and see everything that is going on with my teammates and I can comment on it. And that's a way for me to build connections with them for them to know that I'm still here that I'm supporting them. Um, and then I know why someone so hasn't been working their business because they're sick or their loved one passed away. Right? We don't want to be those a holes who are like, Hey, why are you going to qualified? And their dad just passed away Like, so you do need to take that time to connect with your team. I'm not saying not to connect with your team and be very, very, um, you know, hands on, but you do need to have those boundaries and friends. This is a great way to do that. Um, I also have friends, friends list and my current customers. I have a friends list of potential teammates for example. And so during my 20 minutes of connecting time, I maybe spend. I'm intentional. I know what I'm doing heading in maybe Mondays is my team time. Maybe Tuesdays is my potential stylist time. Um, yeah. Crm, I'll show you what that means in just a second because that helps with time management as well. All right. And I think this is my last, this is my last night work with intention. So if you have a half an hour, great. Um Yeah I like to go into the day and I mentioned it already what three things need to be done that day. So like this day that I mentioned was scheduling post um updating my website and making my application video for now polish. And so if I if I knew I only had and I wrote all this because I knew I had a mastermind where I had time to get some bigger things done. Um But say I needed to follow up with some people scheduled posts and that's something that takes a little bit less time. Um Let's just say there's just two things really scheduled post, maybe for a party scheduled posting my V. I. P. And follow up. Great so if I have 30 minutes I'm gonna give each task 10 minutes. Or if I know I have a crap ton of follow ups, maybe I'll give that 20 minutes and the other two. I'm like okay you got a schedule post like rapid fire or something, I don't know. Um But I like to batch work and what I mean by batch work is doing all of my follow ups in one chunk of time because I find that when and this is like proven, I forget who it is, it says this. Um My memory is really bad, but um you know, if you're doing follow ups and then you get distracted, like I'm going to schedule some posts and find some graphics and then I'm going to go back to my follow ups and oh this person message me and I need to message them back right now. The amount of time that it takes your brain to switch tasks between your tasks. Um I don't remember exactly what it is, but it's like five minutes for every, like, task that you switch between. So that's kind of why I do my power hours and three big chunks now um is to kind of batch work the stuff that needs done. The other thing with patchwork. So if you are doing a if you're scheduling on your parties, for example, I would sit down and make like, like I'm going to schedule all my parties for the next two weeks in this one city, and then tomorrow I'm going to sit down and I'm going to um right out emails that I'm going to send to my customers and I'm going to save them in a google doc so that I just have to copy them and I know I'm gonna send an email out once a month or once every two weeks or something like that. But that's another thing that you can do that can save a lot of time. Some people hate patchwork. I love patchwork, especially with my podcast. I just try to like batch him and get him out when I'm like in the groove. Um, and this is like totally off topic and Jared, sorry if you're watching this, you're dude watching this. Um, I'm going to get off here because I've been rambling forever. But um, I have heard a couple of really interesting podcasts lately about working your business with like your body's natural energy meaning like if it's that time of month ladies, that's not a good time to be inviting people for your business or doing a live sale or anything like that because your energy usually is like, um, so I kind of think that and like, no, your body like what when you're looking at your calendar, like, what time a month are you like right now? I'm like, ah like all the energy, This would be a great time for me to do a live. This would be a great time for me to share the business with people. Um So maybe even not going as deep into that, but like if you're low energy, if you are exhausted, if you are not excited about whatever, don't be sending messages to people about joining your team that day. Save that for another day because your vibe is going to attract your tribe and if you're sending these messages, like, hey, you should join my color shooting because it's real fun, like no one's going to be all about that. Okay, so it's like, I get another separate thing. We're talking about time blocking. Um and this is totally not me plugging at all for my podcast, but I had a podcast episode. Um it's called the social selling sisterhood podcast. I had a guest on today. It's blair crit. She is one of the co leaders of blessed mama bosses and producers, her podcast in her free group. If that's religion in it, if that's your thing. But she was sharing how she time box, like I do on a paper calendar and on her calendar on her phone, but she color codes so and you'll have to watch it or listen to it because she gave each thing of color. Like her team had a color, her personal business had a color her kids had a color um, like her health and stuff had a color and so she color codes for the week if that's your thing. I'm not quite there yet. But she color codes and basically she's able to look across it and also go back and look at previous weeks two and see like okay if I'm seeing a lot of green and that's like team for example, then I know that like I need to be added in some orange, I need to be added in some purple, Same thing. If you are like a workaholic and you need to spend more time with your family, you can see those colour codes. So that might be something to um, help you kind of figure out um where you're spending your time and if it's where you want to be spending it and where you need to be spending it for that moment, do what works for you. Okay. So just because working your business an hour a day works for me does not mean it's necessarily going to work for you. Maybe you are in, um we kind of talked about relaunching your business or just getting started and you're in this phase where you're ready to go all in and put a little bit more time in it right now, knowing that it's not forever, that you have to put in that time because you just really want a good foundation then this is your season where you're going to be putting in some more time and maybe it's not and that's okay, puzzle analogy. This is the last thing I'm gonna leave you guys like um so I and again, I just take this for my podcast, so it's like fresh in my mind, I heard this in someone else's podcast about puzzle and they talked about how um like basically when you're a baby you get like a The cardboard puzzle and it has like five pieces and even though it's so simple and so straightforward, literally, like the cow has to go in the cow shape, right? There's no can't fit in the horse shape. Um you still can't get it sometimes because you're not ready, you don't have those skills yet. But once someone shows you how to do it, then you have the resources and skills and that you're able to do it. And so we don't throw a 5000 piece puzzle and a baby. And I kind of, I love this for our business because I feel like sometimes you get you get stylist, maybe this is you come in and you want to do all the things you want a huge business right now, but you're not quite ready there yet because you haven't done all these things that we've talked about, like you um you haven't put in the intention quite yet or you're not exactly sure what it meant to connect with people or to invite people. And that's okay. That's why we do these trainings. That's why you learn these skills. But the important thing is is that you are working and you are trying at that puzzle piece by piece every day or as close to every day as you can. Because if you're like me and you start a puzzle and then you get up from the table, I might not go back to that puzzle unless I need my table space. And then I like throw the puzzle in the box and forget about it for like another week or two weeks. But if I go back to that table and I put one more piece on my puzzle every day, I'm going to get it finished a lot quicker than if I wait a month. And then I'm like, oh yeah, I should really work on my puzzle because in a month is tomorrow, so I'm gonna like frantically try to get on my pieces together. Um So I really liked that analogy because we've all been there, we've all done that where we don't necessarily move our business forward, even if it's something really, really super small um every day. So I just talked so much, I did want to show you my crm, I think I did a training in this group one other time I used to Hello. Um but this is another time saving hack that I have, it took me forever to um get this set up, you will see my via is on my board as well, but I have, and this is guys, this is a script, but it gets changed when I do things um but I have, you know, I block out my time that monday I'm connecting with current clients, Tuesday love bombing. That's again, connections. Um This can be with people who aren't clients, but I want them to be clients. Wednesday is when I invite people. And again, this is just a sample in case my via helps me, but it's not something that I always do um invite people for parties or for to join. My V. I. P. Thursday is more connection Fridays when I follow up with people, saturday's when I engage and then I have different cards for um you know, personal stylist don't love bomb them. Um Other things like that and this system works really, really well for me, but you have to find what works really well for you. I'm going to stop sharing that. Um Okay, let me see if there's any questions. Okay, you're good. I hear. Okay, a bunch of them just say facebook user. Uh huh Okay. Does anyone have anything else before I hop off of here? I know this is kind of long. I really didn't mean to talk for that long, but I was just like sharing all this stuff. Yeah. Um if you do have questions guys for freedom, message me. DME I'm in here a lot. Um and I can share any of those things. Like I said, I'm pretty sure there's already a training that I didn't hear on power hours. I also think I did a Crm one if I did not. If you just type in Crm or trail. Oh, I know. At least I shared the template. Oh, you're welcome, jess. Okay. That must be you. He says facebook user, but I'm assuming, I'm assuming it's the only Jared. Oh, I'm not listening. Okay. That's probably when I was talking about it being that time of month. Alright guys, well I appreciate you guys. I know we appreciate jerry and Jessica and they've been bringing some really awesome people in here to share some tidbits with you guys. I hope this was helpful. Um you know, the biggest thing, honestly with time management is just making it a priority scheduling some stuff out and then streamlining what you can, if you can match some stuff do that. Use the graphics from the graphics groups if you have to hire a virtual assistant if you can have someone help you out if that's not in your cards yet. The really cool thing is that they are super affordable. So like for example, with my girl, I could sell to more, buy three, get one freeze and that would pay for over an hour of her time. So that's why I'm like, okay, well if I can just sell to more, buy three, get ones on the website that I can pay for a virtual assistant for this week. Um So that kind of helped my mindset and getting started with that as well. Alright, friends have a great night talk soon, bye bye.

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