The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 89- The 3 C's to success

direct sales podcasts Jul 12, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello! Hello Social selling sister, what is it? But welcome back to another episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay dollars year, the host of the show. And I don't normally do a car talk episode for monday podcast relief. But this is what you're getting this big friend as I um you know, I love to bash record, I love the badge, anything actually get things done ahead of time and I am working on getting podcast episodes done um because I leave for florida, this is going to date when I'm doing this, but I leave for florida again um for a conference is Disney and Universal Time in less than 48 hours. So I realized that I don't have any podcast side too. Um to air the week that I am down there. So I am doing this now and it works perfectly because this was on my heart anyway and you know, I love to share with you what is on my heart, like we're talking because we are selling. So, um my team is doing one of the teams that I'm honest because I am currently um into network marketing companies and I know I preached not to do it. I have all kinds of reasons which I would love to chat with you about one on one, so send me a DM chat, but nutrition stuff will make company that I have partnered with because I'm obsessed with their product and my team is absolutely phenomenal. And so my team is doing something that we well know actually some months, like the next 30 days called five to thrive. Um, and we're all making like, uh, these ensures of our hands out with our five fingers up and the five to thrive is really just like whole body wellness. So, the five things that we are focusing on this month, uh, our nourishment. So, you know, your nutrition, all every, every aspect of nutrition and you can decide what that means to you because it is different for everyone. So nutrition nourishment is 1 82 out of getting enough water. And because hardly anyone gets enough water and, and we don't have enough water and then you don't have the energy that you need to do all of the things. And it's busy entrepreneurs especially, you are listening to this of what you are um you know we have to have all the energy so 82 hours, the second one sleep please go right along with that. And it's so interesting because you know something will get angry, I do get angry but I also get whatever the version of that is for sleep so I don't get enough sleep and guys, I'm not even gonna lie when I say I need anywhere between like 7. 5 to 9 hours of sleep like that. I sound so like coffee or whatever me that like no, I don't think so. Leave the third one, gratitude which can be meditation whenever gratitude looks like you and then the last one, okay we'll be uh moving your body because we have to move our bodies really that quarters all that dress to feel good. Those endorphins. Um it's just you know, overall be a healthy person. So again they are nourished water one um gratitude would sleep. And uh we actually without moving it is the month. So anyway, I love how simple just those five were can be to uh you know we don't need these long dedicated checklist and you don't need to know that all these parameters on a healthy lifestyle, right? Um and I promise that kind of business in like two seconds to stay with me. Uh um But I just love how simplified this method was because I find so much that we're like okay I have to get like I was explaining 7. 5 9 hours sleep. Um And I have to do a gratitude practice for 20 minutes and I have to do, I need to get my 10,000 steps that plus do a palace on ride and I'm doing my palace right, a little of it and it can it can just be overwhelming and kind of stress. I know if you're like me just kind of stressed me out a little bit when I'm, you know, starting a new program, I'm like, okay, I'm ready to get healthier, I'm going to do all these things and it's so much easier for me to fall off that way than if I have five simple words. It's like I just explained like water and yeah, my goal might be easy drink. Um I don't know, eight cups of water a day, but if there's a day that I don't get that, if I only get to seven, it's not like I um I feel like I completely fell off and have to restart again because I still didn't get water is right. So it just kind of a simplification of those words to me, just makes the entire process being a lot easier, a lot more doable and a lot more sustainable, manageable, et cetera. So I'm thinking about this this morning driving because um we're doing this in our team, customer group or team has a customer group and everyone kind of contributes, and it's really nice because we don't have to run our own group, and so we're doing this in the customer group and everyone is, you know, excited and contributing and everyone has kind of their own take on those five words. Some people, for example, for gratitude, straight broke meditation, because that is there one word for gratitude, which is totally cool. Um and it was, it was interesting to see everyone's take on those five words. And so I started thinking about this for our business because I feel like so many times we get in our own mind if you have our own mindset blocks and um you know, we put things off, but that are really so simple to do and if we would just simplify them, but the way my team did the five to thrive, but I think we would have so much more success. So what I've been talking about this and kind of leaving this through, but I've never really felt it out this way about, you know, how we can simplify our daily method of operations and you know, yeah, there are some days you're going to have to specifically do follow up and yeah, there are some days you're going to specifically have to do samples and like they're going to be different tasks that you know, come up through your business. But I was thinking I'm like, okay, how can we simplify our daily method of operation and daily list of tasks that we have to do for some people that will work great, especially if you've been in business for, you know for a while, Some people, especially if this is your first time in direct sales and you need just a little bit more guidance, this is gonna be too broad for you and that's okay. Um and actually you can head over to my website www dot c Dollinger dot com and always wanted to show up and right at the top of the page, it says grab, I think it's like grab my free Gmo checklist, that GMO checklist is going to be a little bit more specific, like connect with three new people today and a little luck. Okay? Um it's simply for you to enter your email and you can download it and that would be what I would recommend if you're just starting out, you're like, I have no idea what exactly you mean by connection. Okay, so that's where you can go. You can also grab my uh direct sales done right? Standard tracker system is also on my website and that will give you even more of the detail that that you want um that you might be wanting. But to simplify, I came up with the three these three ft for working your business okay? And that is going to be every day, no matter what you are going to have have content connection and conversation and I 100% then you believe that you can build a business with content connection and conversation. Um and I guess there might be days where you know, you have not samples on on monday or you need to go into your sample site and approved some samples. You know, that is kind of like the above and beyond. Um technically do we have to send samples in order to have a successful business? I'm going to argue now just like how I have argued with my nail strips style it for a while. I don't think you have to have a V. I. P. Groups to be successful. If you are creating on your on your wall, on your feet of your social profiles, quality content, if you are making connections with people and if you are taking those connections one step further and having conversations, you can get rid of a lot of the extra stuff that you were doing, press okay. Um So what is this? You know, and I have several podcasts that those were almost 100. I can't believe it, I gotta think of something fun coming up in the next um, almost month, I guess probably like that in august will be episode 100 which is instant, but I have lots of episodes, you can go back and listen um about creating content about connections and conversations, people, etcetera and on my website, but basically when they stepped down to is you are going to show up with a post, that post on your, on your, on your feet, um that is going to help people get to know you and periodically mentioned or weave in your product and your company or service, you know, whatever you have to offer, so that people know that you're in business and they know that they are able to work with you. Um Additionally, with content and my current believer, it's showing up in your story because here's the thing guys, if you are leaving one of the aspects of social media on charges, meaning some people are going to get on facebook and instagram and they're going to throw the feed, so if you're only doing that, you're gonna catch those people. But what about the part of the audience that gets on those platform and they don't throw the feed, they scroll through the story and if you're not showing up on stories and they're not going to get to know like trust you, which is the number one thing that has to happen for anyone to partner with you, whether you are in a direct sales company and you want people to buy your product or if you have a service and coaching offer, whatever that might be, so you have to be showing up. So I like to see that kind of almost equal amount of effort and so, and that's a really cool thing about this is um and I don't want to go like to be down to exactly what the player, but for me stories is like your behind the scenes, your real life, you can be a little bit more um talking about products, services, stuff, I feel like in your stories, whereas when people go to your wall, they're not going to necessarily want the product every day, and I actually discouraging from talking about your products, your services every day and you're on your data wall, you're going to leave a lot of followers that way. But for example, I mentioned, you know, I started with the nutrition company that I'm obsessed with it. And so part of the nutrition that um I do every day starts first thing in the morning, so I'm able to put my three steps that I do my supplement and my shape an idea of the that I put on my skin every morning in my stories, and there's nothing wrong with that, because that's part of my daily routine and people love me that getting in your stories. Well really any of your content honestly is a really great way to start the next you see, which is connection because in your stories and your wall, um you can be throwing up the whole, you can be asking questions, you can see who is commenting, liking whatever your content, and that's a really great way to connect with people. Um, and those connections, like I said to be from ever reaching out for you, really got to them and from the connections that you start bringing conversation, the conversation friends does not need to always be about your products business, whatever it definitely can be. So if you throw up a hole in your stories and you have your, you know, your three step nutrition in the morning and your polls that have you tried it yet, which like example of some of our yes, but then yeah, you can have a conversation about your product. Um you know what the people say thing, if you, you having about joining your teen, I had people um and it doesn't happen you super often, but I've had people say, what did you really earn a trip to? You know, I could be placed with your company and I'm like, yeah, like great idea. You never know what is going to attract people. So it's really important to talk about all aspect of your business, your product. Um and again, not all at the same time, but some people are going to be in it for the money. Some people are going to be in it for the intensive tripped, Some people are going to be in it for the connection in the community, Some people are going to be in it because I just really love your product and they want to discount um you literally never now, so mentioning all those things in your content, allowing yourself, even if it's one connection today, maybe you're commenting on one other ideal customer client um person's facebook will be whatever you're connecting in some way and you are starting a conversation in some wine and I promise you if you are showing up consistently in that way, if you are creating content every day, if you are making new connections every day and if you are having conversations with people every day, even if it's just one literally one. But I can tell the people um you know who are serious about their business when I go on their social profiles and if they have a story up because someone who is committed to their business is never going to let that story, you know that little ring around your profile picture depending on what you're on, but they're never going to let that expire because they are showing up at least once every 24 hours for their business. You and it's just it's a really easy way. You know, some people, especially, you know when you're talking to people on your team or you're talking to other people, we need your company in there saying they're stuck, nothing's working blah blah. I guarantee you go to their profile and they're not showing up every day or if they are maybe the content is a good quality or they are lacking in either connection or conversation. But so I hope this is helpful. I hope simplifying the process a little bit. Get you thinking about, okay, what can I really do today and lets you see how you can actually work your business every day in a really manageable way without getting overwhelmed. So your checklist again, a content. So connection conversation and that's all you need to, you can even whatever you want. I don't have anything like catchy, like five to thrive. Um but for your business, the three ft that will move you forward, I promise 100% promised, proven all those things. Um, and if you want to join my team, five to thrive, challenges completely agree. Um let me know if you will be asked to add you to the group, there are giveaway prices and all that stuff. Um, so you cannot do it on your own because I I'm a firm believer. This is a huge reason why partners again with the health company that you have to have, have a healthy body, like completely healthy. My body soul in order to take your business to the next level and to grow your business where you want to throw it. And so encourage you whether you tell me or not, I'd love to know, but if you wanna do it really, that's cool too. But I encourage you to try the five to thrive because you were trying you through these simplify all these areas in your life and I think you're going to see some massive changes. I friend, if you love this episode, the screenshot it, share it with a friend. Put it up in your stories, attack me. I will give you a share well and please take a second and leave me a five star rating and review down below those are really going to help you be able to keep doing these episodes of providing value for you so that you can take your business to the next level for completely bringing Yes, I absolutely think and if you want a little bit more deep dive into some of these things that we talked about and you did not get um and on my foundations of social selling small group membership that we had back in I think april um don't worry because I taste all of that content and it is all available on my website. Um I believe it is on that the homepage www dot com home page, you can pick it up in a sport format, you can have that information forever. It comes included with my direct sales done right later and tracker systems to like literally everything is there for you that you could possibly want to get all of these basics down that I have been talking about. You know, your content, your connection sponsoring new people coming up, um, you know, creating events literally anything that you could imagine for these basics of for business. Because we know that we have to get the basics down in order to advance ourselves to the next level. All right. I have a very happy if last week and I will talk to you all so soon. Bye bye.

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