The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 85- Don't Make The Minimum your Maximum

direct sales podcasts Jun 24, 2021

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Yeah. Hi friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay, Dellinger and I have many titles. High school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello! Hello. Welcome back to another episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. This one is going to be a nice short one. As I'm in the car driving you probably hear the road is like super loud where I'm at right now, so I'm going to try to talk louder so maybe it's not quite as annoying, but yeah, okay, so I was listening to the people's mentor podcast with Jesse lee ward um in the car I was driving from Camp Unicorn, I was with Beth holding Graves, a bunch of really amazing people from my level team um and I had to drive from her house out in lake placid up to Orlando to go to the airport. Long story short, anyway listening to the podcast, um, and she had just dropped a podcast. I think it was titled something with consistency and you guys know, I love consistency, I think consistency and your content in your connections. The three C's are key to growing your business. Um, So one thing that she said that, that just really stuck out to me and this is something that I had heard from a color Street training a while ago. One of the leaders, like top leaders, she's always topped at sales and recruiting said that. Okay, so let me explain a little bit about the com plan with Color Street. They have a minimum, it's called bonus qualifying at $300 a month as your sales and then you can hit different ranks and they call it advanced enhanced commission. So it's like $600 at $1200 at $2400. And up you get more money out of your commission checks. So I was listening to a training from um Gosh, I think it was julie crews. Um I'm pretty sure. But anyway, she was saying from day one in her business, it might have been actually might have been Lindsay per coco. They're both women and Colour Street that I listened to a lot. But anyway, maybe they both said it From day one in their business. They never let the minimum the bonus qualifying the 300 b. Their goal. Their goal was always to hit the top enhanced commission, which is $2400 in personal sales. Um And I thought that was so interesting because that is not the mindset at all that I had when I started with Color Street in 2018, when I started with Color Street, my goal was to hit the $300 because I'm like that's my minimum and then I'm good um and then if I went above it, it was great and I quickly did go above it every month, but it was never like my goal when I was looking for the month and when I was booking parties and doing all the things was always at minimum. And um when I heard them talking about that, I'm like oh my gosh, that's so genius because if you can start your business and um same thing with, you know, your new your new consultants or stylist or whatever, if you can start the business and get them those big winds right off the bat, then you're setting that up, that that is your minimum and you're hooking people in because they're hitting the top of the comp plan in the sales volume every month. So jesse lees podcast, she said, um don't let the minimum b or maximum. And I was like, yes, that is so true, because there's so many people and I see this on my team all the time, who are fine with the $300 Hitting the $300, hitting that minimum and they're letting it be their maximum when there is so much more potential in the calm plant. There's so much more potential in your business. Because what does it actually mean when you are selling that max amount to hit the max commission level in your company? Or maybe this, maybe your company isn't set up this way. Maybe, um, maybe we're going to talk in terms of ranks or things like that was selling ranks because I know with, um, the health and fitness company that I recently partnered with it is um, the ranks are by total volume. So like you have a four K rank, you have a 12 K rank and the next one is 40 K. So like, why would why stop at the 4K? Why make that your minimum when you could be shooting for the 12 K this month? Like, the only thing difference between 12 K and four K is another eight K. So like, if you're if you're going to hit five K anyway, because you're going to hit your minimum of four K, why not keep going? Because what it's going to mean is that you are reaching out and that you are connecting with more people, You are creating more customers who are falling in love with your product, who are going to keep reordering month after month and they're going to tell their friends and it's going to grow and grow and grow. So if you're making the minimum your maximum, if you're making 300 year minimum, then you're only really talking, talking to or getting orders from what, maybe 10 customers. Whereas if you're making 2400, your minimum goal and you're working backward to hit those minimums every day, then you're talking to that many more people, you're literally talking to eight times more people, clients, whatever you want to, however you want to refer to this. So stop making the minimum your maximum. And here's the great part about that is then if you don't hit your new minimum, it's so high that you've already hit the minimum that you normally would have set for yourself. You've definitely hit the company minimum, right? So it's kind of like that saying like if you reach for the stars and you miss you'll still land on the moon or something like that. Um Kind of the same deal like you're still gonna hit all of these awesome things. You know if I'm going for 12 K. And I end up not hitting it, I'm still gonna hit four K. So that's better than if I was just trying for four K. And I didn't even try for the 12 K. Right? So I want you to encourage, I want to encourage you as you are planning your business for the month, the quarter of the summer whatever Is to stop making that minimum. What you're hitting for, start going at least for the next the next rank up the next sales minimum. So if you're in the nail strips business stop making 300 year minimum your minimum now 600 because then you're going to be getting that much more commission. You're going to be having that many more customers and clients. Um And honestly it's not even that much harder to go from one to the other but it does take that consistency that showing up in a little bit of planned effort. So I hope this encourage you. If you liked this super short episode please screenshot this, shared on your stories. Tagged me, leave me a rating and review. I love you all and have a great day, Go work your biz.

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