The Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 108- Social Selling Secret #1- Mindset

direct sales podcasts Sep 20, 2021

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Yeah, Hi friend, Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dellinger and I have many titles, high school spanish teacher, dog mom, world traveler and direct seller, I empower women to run your direct sales business is the right way. So you can earn the money, you deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello, Hello, my name is Lindsay Dellinger and I am the podcast host of the social selling sisterhood and I am a coach and mentor for women in direct sales, social selling and network marketing and I am super excited for Live one. So if you're catching me live, let me know if you're catching me live or if you're catching the replay, tell me where you're from. Tell me if you have your own business yet or if you're planning on getting started with it because no matter what, um you're welcome and I think you're going to learn some secrets and tips from this series. So I'm super super excited. So secret one, I'm sure you've heard this talked about before and everyone, especially if you go to network marketing or direct sales conferences and really any sort of business training, I feel like starts here. So secret number one general please is that you have to get your mindset right and what is right now because right is different for all the people. Right? So, um your mindset, maybe you're having mindset blocks and it has to do with your confidence or your skills or lack of skills or maybe it is a money mindset, maybe you are scared to make money, which is actually guys where I was because I love my daytime teaching job, I am a teacher in my high school spanish teacher and I really, really love that. So a huge part of me for the past two years has been kind of blocking myself from going even further with my income because of my money mindset, because I feel like when I get to a certain point then it's going to feel a lot of pressure on me to stop a job that I'm really passionate about. So mindset, no matter whether it's your money mindset, like I said, confidence, belief in yourself, belief in your products, your company, no matter what Hello Lauren, we gotta get our mindset their first so I listen to a lot of podcast is actually one of my tips um is to do something to develop yourself personally, whether that is through reading books podcast, whether you are in different free groups, I actually have a free group on facebook, if you are on facebook, it's called the social selling sisterhood, you can find it should be linked in my bio um but you know, surround yourself with people who are up leveling you and you probably have found some of that at some point in your communities. Like I said, if you are already partnered with a company, I'm sure you have found some support in some sort of way, but surround yourself and really dive into those communities really, I know it can be hard but put yourself out there because you're not going to grow if you stay in your comfort zone, the scariest and the best things in our business and then our life literally in everything we do are going to happen when you let yourself get a little bit uncomfortable, learn a little bit new and just and men and be okay with the fact that you might not know all the things right. And that's the beauty of being a business owner is you get to take control of that and you get to start investing in books, podcasts, personal development because I promise you if you start working on this mindset piece, um it's really the foundation for you to be able to take these skills and the tactics and the social media training and all the things put it together and it's like the icing on the cake that is going to bring your business to the next level. So, mindset mindset mindset, so that is my secret number one. And here's the thing guys at the end of the day, This was the thing that really shifted my business. I was at a conference a couple years ago. Um it was probably the last conference actually before the pandemic 2019, I was at a conference and I was just watching these women walk across the stage and be the speakers and the women that everyone was looking up to and they were building these huge massive teams and when I was hearing them speak or when I was meeting them, I just kept thinking the back of my mind like they're no different than I am, they're nice, they are educated. Um you know, some of them don't have a college degree and I think that's the beauty of this industry, is that literally you can educate yourself on google university and surround yourself with the right people who are going to uplevel you that way. So these women were good people, they were moms, they were really busy. I'm not mom myself, I'm a firm mom but I still, I have I'm the mom to all my Children at school. So I count that as those is my Children. Um but there are women who want to travel the world, There are women who want to be able to retire at a decent age and live their life to their fullest. There are women who invest themselves, invest in themselves, learn the things and then implement the things I'm like that's no different than what I'm doing. And so that's simple mindset shift Got me to the top 1% of my company pretty quickly. Um and so like I said it was the mindset obviously mixed with, okay, I'm going all in because when you decide when you commit, when you're not just interested anymore, but you actually commit to your business but you really commit to yourself because that's what you're doing when you're committing to your business. You're saying I'm important enough, I'm smart enough, I'm confident enough I am blank enough to be able to take your business to the next level whatever that level is for you. And that's an important thing to remember as well with mindset is to put your blinders on, it doesn't matter what anyone else's goal is what they are reaching their rank, their pay, whatever. It doesn't matter what they want yours to be either because that is something that I run into a lot with network marketers and direct sellers is the, well my up line is reaching out to me the last couple of days of the month because they want me to reach X. Y. Z. So that they can rank advance. Um First of all that's like a whole other thing I could talk about about picking a company. Um That does not require other people. Um Other people's success directly to affect yours which is um like I said something for another day but also like that's a really crappy feeling right? So blinders on hopefully you're not surrounding yourself or have been um scooped up by people like that. But it happens. It does happen. We're human. We've all made mistakes in the network marketing, direct sales world. We can admitted I know that I totally when I started my journey was that person. So I feel like it's okay to say that. Um But you know, blinders on while it would be nice for you to rank advance, sell more recruit more whatever for your up line and the other part of the team, it's your business. So don't worry about what other people think. They don't pay your bills, they don't know what you're spending your time on. They don't know that you're busy doing X. Y. Z. They don't know if you were sick, they don't know all of these things. And that is, I mean it all plays a part. So if you are able to have the blinders on because it can be a lot easier said than done. It's definitely a muscle. I feel like we get to work um not only as social sellers but also as women in general. Um You know that not, I don't want to say not caring what others think but not letting what other people think dictate what we do, how we do it when we do it etcetera. Like I said, they're not paying your bills, they're not giving you the money to do the things. Um And at the end of the day it's what you want, what do you want? So really thinking and writing out and I also like wording and giving you like all kinds of tidbits. I like to watch my wording because I don't want to say I want to be X, Y Z, I say, I am, I am a 200 k with my company, I do bring home Four figures a week, five figures a week in my weekly paychecks, so whatever your goals are um really making sure that you know what those goals are, what you need to do to get there and then why not, why not you? Because everyone else around you that you see hitting these things are no different than you, I promise you that there are no different than you, they don't have anything that you don't have, you have everything that it takes, so take your mindset, dust it off a little bit, become confident, Stick on that smile, do something that makes you a little bit uncomfortable and work your business because you can, so those are my mindset tips, but I'm going to show you a couple of things that I mentioned, so some things, if you're like my mindset, maybe not the best, like I could definitely work on my mindset affirmations. So saying those things, I am enough, I am pretty, I am confident. Um I am an awesome recruiter. People come to me, social media comes easy, even if you don't believe these things yet guys start saying them and saying them over and over and that is one thing that really, really helps. Um a cell of affirmation cards, These are super fun, I just got these ones, I have Gabby Bernstein snacks upstairs, spiritual junkie, and I forget what the other two are. Um I love them, like, literally love them, so let me know if you have used cards before affirmation cards, um actually not going to show you these yet, because I'm gonna pull one for you at the very end, so affirmation cards are really fun, you can do this in the morning. I actually have an evening set, it doesn't have to be a specific evening set, but I like to buy things. So I bought the normal affirmation ones from this company and then they have like a morning set in an evening, so that's what I like about it. So I have these, I'll show you the books that I'm reading right now, think like a warrior. So this one, um I'm not really sport into, like, I'm not a sports person, to be perfectly honest as a power lifter, I was a cheerleader, was a cheerleading coach, um but I never, like, I like watching sports, but it's not like, it's not much. So, but anyway, this one is uses sports analogies and it's like a sports story throughout, and it's actually super, super, super good and brings in a little bit of those, I am statements throughout, but in a really cool way, so if you have a guy in your life, maybe even who is not jumping on the personal development train um or you're like, I don't really like all the, you know, the self help books or whatever. Give this one a try, Someone recommended this to me. Um think like a warrior, I don't know if you can see that because it's like backward, but think like a warrior, the five inner beliefs that make you unstoppable by Darren Donnelly. So this one was really good. Um the prints kind of big too. So it's like a really as a super quick read. So I'm almost done with that. Um, and then I ordered fraser books like books, fraser brooks. Um, three pack of books. I love following him for social media tips, network marketing. His podcast is amazing. So I'm giving, giving everyone the shout out tonight, but I just got literally today in the mail. So I'm super excited. This is the first one, there's an I dare you. And then there's an eye double dare you. Um, and then they have a tracker or he has a tracker as well. So this is, this would be an example of a really great, um not only mindset, but also like strategy book. So if you're like me, I like a little bit of the mindset with the strategy. Um, but one of the things, you know, I just like super quickly flipped through it, rejection failure speaking in front of others. Okay, so he's going to talk definitely cover some of the mindset before diving into the strategy and then like I said, I listen to podcasts, I have my own podcast. If you do not subscribe and do not listen to me. It's the social selling sisterhood podcast. Again, it will be linked to my bio. Um and I also have on my website, also linked to the violence down longer dot com. A list of personal development books and podcasts I listen to and recommend. So definitely check those out. And then another kind of card that I just got the sacred creators oracle. So this actually has a book through it and it's a little bit more woo for mindset, but mhm I'll pull a card for each one. Why not? I haven't drank all my pre workout yet to do my workout. So I'll pull out, I'll pull out all the cards. So we'll start with an affirmation card if you were watching live, if you're watching later. Oh yeah, here's all the ones that have, they have a ton of them. So if you just type in affirmation cards on amazon, you can totally find them. Um so you're supposed to shuffle them. Mhm and like feel called, So I'm gonna feel called to pull out this one okay, worthy nests. What a good card for getting your mindset Worthiness. I am worthy of the ultimate happiness I deserve and accept it and damn it. I'm not going to feel guilty about it when I get it, guilt is not invited to my happiness party, I won't even tell him where it is. If he asked about it, I'll be like, no, I think you're thinking of something else and then I'll quickly run away. So these ones are kind of silly to, but like how weirdly perfect for this video. Right? So there you go. There's an information card for you. So these are really fun. I like to read one of these in the morning. Um, sometimes I'm just like, those are silly, but sometimes I'm really like I needed that today or later in the day. I'll be like, I needed that today. Okay, so that's an information card. These are really great to read two guys before you go live. If you're afraid to go live, if you are getting ready to reach out to someone and share your business opportunity. Reading information card because you're freaking awesome. Okay. And then this is the sole creators card I'm going to read for you. So this is a little different because you pull a card and then it has like the accompanying book with all the things. So if you like these guys, if you like his car pools, let me know. I can totally do more. So um, and get ready. Tell me what you would like me to talk about the other secrets because I have them planned out. But I definitely want to share what you would like to hear. Okay, let's see what I'm feeling as creators we need to hear today. All right, This is good. Make a mission statement for your soul? Okay, so then for this Make a mission statement for your soul. It's card 58. It comes with a little book and you can read what goes along with it, which is pretty fun. Um I won't read the whole thing. So essential meetings, soul journey finding meaning in life and work guaranteed success and happiness. So mindset I need to ensure you are on the right path, believing that happiness comes after things, chasing money and material things. Okay, so here here's the mind, here's the mindset. We love this. Let go of that big overarching life purpose thing and make a mission statement for your soul. Whatever that looks like today, don't get tricked into spending a lifetime trying to pinpoint the perfect be all end all goal? Uh huh. Anyone else feel that? I definitely feel that um, assembly move toward what makes your heart happy and you will be perfectly poised for social or for sole purpose success. Sacred tasks aren't always logical or rational and they are certainly not going to fit squarely into an old school template or life plan. They come from your spirit, you will recognize them by how propelled and inspired they make you feel. Okay, so there's more to that, it says right your mission statement. What do you want to focus on? What are you passionate about? What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to become? that's a really big one for mindset, who do you want to become? Why are you doing what you do? How do you feel compelled to help and what motivates you to change? Okay, I feel like that's a perfect way to end that video. Stop this. Realigned it. Listen to those questions again. Those would be great journaling. If you're a journal or or if you want to become a journal order, this would be really great journal questions again. This is the sacred creators oracle, really, really recommend these decks. So that's it guys mindset, getting your mindset in the right place and everything else will fall together. You know, you'll start making time for the things in your business that you've been avoiding. If your mindsets right, you'll start going live if that's been the thing you've been avoiding, um you will start talking to more people, you will start planning that power our into your time. You will start taking a walk to get your exercise in while you're messaging people to double dip so that you can get it in. But you'll start doing those things you're avoiding if your mindset is in the right place and that's really what I what I'm hoping for you. So make sure you share this with a friend. Um, you can share into your stories, you can tag a friend below, I would really, really appreciate that and let's get you know why not get everyone's mindset in the right place. Like literally our world could be so much better of a place, right. If everyone's mindset was just in a positive, let's do this kind of uh, kind of place for sure. So have a great night friend, be safe, go out there and make your dreams come true by.

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