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Meet our podcast sponsor, Bellabling Shop by Courtnay!

 I'm thrilled to announce the official sponsor of the Purpose & Pixie Dust Podcast, Bellabling Shop by Courtnay!

Courtnay Dollinger is my younger sister, in case you didn't know! She wanted a hobby during the pandemic when she was also finishing grad school, and she also has a love for Disney, so she started making Disney-inspired earrings.  She wore the jewelry she made, and her friends started noticing and asking where she got them. Everyone was so impressed she designed and made them!  This gave Courtnay a big idea: why not turn this into a business? That's how Bellabling Shop started!

(The name of the shop was inspired by our dog, Bella! Here's here in the picture with me at Christmas.)

But Courtnay didn't just stick to earrings. Once she started figuring out how to design even more, she wanted to make clothes that everyone could enjoy.  She loves wearing Disney designs but found so many weren't size inclusive. So, she created a clothing line that's perfect for all sizes. Whether you're playing in the park, running in a race, or just hanging out, her clothes are great for every day. In fact, she wears her clothes to teach math in everyday!

These are two Bellabling dresses we wore for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party in 2023! We got tons of compliments and they were perfect for a hot Autumn evening in the park.

Bellabling Shop isn't just a store, it's a dream come true for Courtnay. She wants everyone who wears her clothes and earrings to feel special and confident. Her designs are mostly hand-drawn with lots of love and care (I know, I watch her design everything and often give feedback!) and are sure to bring a smile to your face.


Courtnay Dollinger's Bellabling Shop is all about making fashion fun and making everyone feel awesome. She has all sorts of designs, clothing styles, and accessories. Her sling bags are her #1 seller! Her shop proves that if you love something, you can turn your passion into joy for everyone.


Be sure to check out her shop and use code PODCAST for 10% off your order!

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