Want to be a Color Street Stylist?

Jan 11, 2020

In April 2018 I tried Color Street nail polish strips for the first time. I was at home sick and a friend was having an online nail bar, and I was intrigued. I had tried another company before that were more like nail stickers, and I hated them, so I wasn’t setting my bar super high but figured I would help my friend out at her party. I got the sets in the mail, googled the company, and joined as a stylist that weekend. When you know, you know, I guess! Here are some top questions I get about becoming a stylist. I hope these help answer some basic questions! For more info, please send me an email or request to join my closed, private Facebook group with lots of info about becoming a stylist! Curious just what the nails are? I have my VIP Facebook group linked here.

Is there a minimum monthly sales goal I have to meet?

Each month, no. At least once every six months though, you need to Bonus Qualify, which means selling $300 in one month.

What is included in the stylist kit?

The current kit includes: 13 full sets of the hottest selling shades, two finger testers to start your business off right, nail files, brochures, catalogs, cuticle pushers, prep pads, nail polish remover, a cute tote, and more! The cost of the kit is less than the cost would be for the full sets themselves so it’s a steal!

Is there a monthly fee?

There is a monthly website fee, yes! This is where your customers go to place orders so you don’t have to do shipping or enter orders, ever, and paying for this is a blessing. You get your first two months free and then the fee begins. It’s less than $10 a month!

Is there training available?

There is SO much training! Color Street just made a training series of videos in our back office that are well-made but additionally, the team I’m on has endless trainings. We have a google drive of templates and weekly video trainings in our Facebook team groups if you’re interested! Also new this year are regional trainings all around the US. There are several here in Ohio and they are monthly trainings facilitated by stylist leaders in the area. The one I go to in Tipp City, Ohio, is full of information and motivation. My leader, Jessica, goes above and beyond! She’s also my upline so it’s a nice way to see my teammates if I can attend monthly, too. Gotta learn to earn!

Is there an annual conference?

Ohhhh yes! The last one was in August 2019 and it was in Orlando–and it was a BLAST! I met so many amazing people and learned a lot about the company. Hearing the founder’s , Mr. Park, story was incredible. The conference was the most well-organized conference I’ve attended for the number of people, we got some meals included, and there was lots of amazing swag, including free nail sets, exclusive stylist conference attendee jewelry, and more! I also was invited to the leaders only meeting a day before the general conference began and it was amazing. I am PUMPED for the conference in Las Vegas in July 2020! Seeing my teammates again, meeting new people and being surrounded by so much motivational Color Street love, sign me UP! I am so excited for July!

How much of a discount do stylists get?

It starts at 25% rebate and goes up to 35%! Additionally, stylists are eligible for hostess rewards and amazing stylist-only promotions throughout the year. There’s always a fun surprise for us stylists! There are TEN ways to make money as a stylist, did you know that? Our compensation and team building plan are unmatched in the direct sales industry! Plus, if you hate it, no worries (you won’t haha!) but you can get out at anytime. No hassle and no worries!

Do I have to have inventory?

Heck no! After my last direct sales company (hint: it was clothing), I did NOT want a company where I had to have on hand inventory. That’s what the website fee is for–Color Street processes, charges, and ships all the orders for us so we do none of that! It ships directly to the client even when a party is still open.


I’d love to chat with you more! I have a team of over 25 women who are supportive, intelligent and fun! We’d love to see if you’re a good fit for our little Color Street family and if this business could you serve your “why”.



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