Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 9: Your Vibe Attracts YOUR Tribe

podcasts Aug 03, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling ER and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way. You can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. We'll come back to another episode of the podcast today. I went to a chat with you. It's gonna be pretty and formal because I don't have many notes. This is just something I was driving. I was listening to a couple other podcasts and something just clicked for me. I was going to share it with you guys. So I say all the time, like literally all the time to my teen, especially when we're talking about sponsoring or finding new customers, is that your vibe attracts your tribe. And again, we're talking about your tribe of women who are going to join your team. And I'm talking about the tribe of people who are going to join your VP space so you revive attracts your tribe and on the flip side of this, I want to point out when you're selling toe everyone, you're attracting no one. So you really need to dial in on your Facebook profile and in your V I p space or whatever closed space you have for your customers. For my company, these air, usually by P groups that we have, I want to really die, Elin. And make sure I'm talking about my 5 to 6 brand pillars or some people call him brand buckets. So let's talk about those really quickly. So what does that mean? So my 5 to 6 brand pillars, your buckets that I talked about and that might be I, P's and the friends all that are seeing my personal profile on Facebook? No, I'm interested in travel. I love travel. I normally I'm traveling all the time in the summer when I'm off work because I'm a teacher. I take kids abroad in the summer for trips. I went last summer to Chile in Argentina with the U. S. State Department, So I like I've loved travel, and that traveling pillar also brings out lots of other kind, like sub pillars or subparts of my brand as well, But it also shows people a little bit about my personality, right? I'm fun. I like Teoh do new things. I'm adventurous. I, um oh, what's the word? I admire and respect other people's cultures? I'm always trying to learn. That's what you think of when people like to travel, especially if they like to travel internationally. So when I write about travel, people can really get to know that side of me as well. So one of my brands is traveled then. I also obviously love to talk about nail polish nail polish strips of part of my company, but I'm not necessarily talking about my company or the products, but I'm talking about my team and the business side of things. How I love to teach people about the business tips, tricks, strategy, mindset that is a huge part of my brand, right? That's the brand I'm building, and people know that. So people know that they can come to me like I just got a message today from a woman who is on the big team. I'm on, um, winning some help in some advice so people know they can go to me for that other. Another part of my brand is my family. I am my family and my dog. Because I count her as part of my family. My Bella, Um, she's a sat Oh, from Puerto Rico. So we picked what? We didn't get her from Puerto Rico. We got her from the Champagne County Animal Welfare League here by my house, but she was a street dog in Puerto Rico. So talk about that. You know, I am with my family a lot. We do. We do trips. We post about how we're together. That's that also tells people that I'm a family oriented person. Um, and that family is really important to me. Fitness, my first direct sales network marketing camping company that I was with was Beachbody. I think I can say that here, but I was Beachbody. Fitness is a huge part of my life, You know, I was a cheerleader growing up then. I was a power lifter in high school, which always lets usually like my fun fact. Um and I've always loved lifting weights. Now I dio the Disney Princess Half Marathon 10-K challenge. I did the challenges past year in February before everything closed down. So fitness is a really huge part of that brand. And as as part of that, then like I just mentioned, I get to mention my trip to Disney. Everyone knows I love Disney. That also kind of goes in my travel, my travel pillar. But you get what I'm saying, so you need to have five or six things that are really you that share not only your interests, so that other people who are like you are interested and those things will find you. But they'll also show your personality. You know? What does it say that I enjoy doing half marathons? Besides that, I'm like crazy. It shows some mental toughness, right? It takes a lot of dedication. It takes consistency and planning and practice to be able to do things like that. So there's lots of things that can be read about a person very subtly based off their interest. So I want you to think about your five or six things that make up you thes might be things that you really enjoy. These are things that that you do all the time, or that you find yourself naturally gravitating toward um and then those are the things you need to be posting about. If I go to your Facebook profile and I'm scrolling through and it takes me 10 posts to find anything that you have created yourself that's original content that's you sharing pictures that's you, sharing what you're interested in if I all I'm seeing is you sharing news articles and you sharing funny Jeffs and names while all that is great and funny, and you can do that from time to time. But if that's all you're doing, guys, you're not building a brand. And if you're not building a brand, then there is literally no way that you are able to attract your tribe, and there's no way that you're able to attract the right people to join you in your business. So I really think that this is a huge part of how I have been able to attract to my team that I am on such a strong team of powerful women who love the product, who really want to learn more about the business and take it to the next level. They want to earn that incentive trip because that's cut the kind of person I am, and I let people know that. So, like, you know, when you were joining my team, what you were signing up for you are signing up to get endless support, your signing up to get all these templates. You were signing up for an up line. Who really cares about you? Who is going to be checking in on you? You're signing up for team and sent. You know, all those things. You know, you're getting that for me because I let people know that. So obviously, some of that I can't share on my my public balm Facebook profile, but I'm sharing it in my V I p Group. I'm letting people know that I give recognition to the people on my team because they see it, they see my posts. They see me saying that so and so has hit this huge milestone that so and so has got a got the bonus this month. So and so hit circle of excellent. Someone so earned a trip. So they're seeing me sharing this and that I do out also share in my Facebook profile. And if you're not shouting out, your team's publicly on your Facebook profile. You are missing out on an opportunity toe. Let other people know that one. That's the kind of leader that you are, and to those of the opportunities that can come from your business. But that's a whole separate, you know, chat for another day. But you have to be sharing those things. So if you are not, I want you to kind of think ahead to the week that's coming up and plan out, and they just have to be anything formal. But in your V I. P Group in your group, you can schedule outpost. So go in there, schedule out some posts, schedule out. You know, um, I just started Weight Watchers. So I I threw up some posts that one just federal this morning, sharing a candy that I have found out only has three points, and it went perfect because today was national Sour candy day or something. And it's a sour candy that has three points. So while I was able to share that with some pictures of what did they call it, like thumbnails of nail nail strip colors in it, so it ties nicely with my product. I also was able to put on there. Hey, just in case anyone else is doing Weight Watchers, Okay, so now I'm automatically talking to a certain group of people, which is fine. This candy only has three points. If you have any others that are like that or any tips or tricks, let me know. That's another way to build relationships, guys. Okay, so you want to be sharing those parts of your personal life and peppering them in your post as much as you can. You don't need overshare. You know, you don't need to go crazy about anything like that. Um, if one of your brand pillars is like, say, you are so into politics, you know, there's definitely some some topics that are gonna be controversial. And it's fine if you want one of your brand pillars to be politics. That is great. But one you need to make sure you have thick skin and to you need to know that you're gonna be alienating an entire pretty much half of the population that does not agree with you. So pick and choose. You know what your brand pillars are? What you're willing to put out there? What you're willing to like, literally fight for like, I feel so passionate about traveling about health and having a healthy body and my fitness about my family, about my business that I don't really care in the haters come at me. So if one of your brand pillars is something that you're like, I don't really feel comfortable sharing that with with people or I know I'm going to get a lot of hate. I don't think I can handle it. Then maybe maybe don't start with that one. Maybe add that one. And later, when you get a little bit more confidence and ability to deal with those kinds of things, so just think about your interests. Okay, So that's what I'm getting at. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Think about what five you're putting out there, what are your interests? And then also, how are you? Wording Those posts? Are you doing it in a positive way, or you doing it in a negative way? I definitely have post every now and again where I am complaining about something. I was just complaining about the post office last week. Okay, guys like they're definitely things that come up. I am human. I complain about things as well. Not everything on my Facebook profile is completely professional. I'll be the first to admit, but, um, just I want you to think about if someone is looking like if some new customer found your personal facebook page and scrolling down through it, are they gonna feel inspired, positive drawn to you? Are they gonna want to buy from you versus someone else? Because I'll be honest, someone else that they know a selling your product. You are not the first person. Okay, maybe you are if your company's super new, but they can always find someone else to buy it from right. You are not the only person who sells whatever doesn't matter what your product is, so they're buying from you. Don't forget that they're buying you. They're not really buying the product even though they are technically. But they're buying it from you because I want to support you because they love you because they connect with you. So your vibe attracts your tried and if you are finding that you know you're recruiting or you're sponsoring is kind of stalled, it's not really what what you want it to be. This'd is a huge part of that huge, huge part of that. So if you are posting all your posts about your kids every day, that's totally fine. But you need to be thrown some other stuff in there, Guys. Okay, You need to be throwing in these five or six things if you're only doing kids and, like I, for example, don't have kids. I might not be attracted to joining your group, even though you're you might have the most amazing team ever. I'm probably going to find someone who who I have just a little more in common with. Although maybe we do have a lot of comment. Maybe you do love Disney and Harry Potter like Ideo. Maybe you are also a teacher, but I never see you post about any of that stuff. So, you know, unless we're really building a relationship in our inboxes with these people, which we also can be doing, it should be doing. But if you are, if you can set up your personal Facebook profile in your V i p group so that it shares more about you and all the pieces of you, you're gonna have to do a lot less of that work in the in box, so it's gonna be a lot more time. I'll with word conserving. Is that a word time conserving? It's gonna save your time. If you are kind of killing two birds with one stone, you're attracting the right people by one post on your Facebook wall every day versus you having to send messages to, you know, the 300 people in your V I. P. Group and become BFF with all of them, which no one's got time for that, Um, so I hope that helps. Let's see. 01 other thing with your Facebook profile in your group. Make sure that not only are you making posts that share your personality, but you're finding the posts from your customers and your potential stylist consultants, whatever you call them, that you're looking on their profile and you're commenting on their posts because if you're commenting on their social media posts one it makes them feel really loved to it helps the algorithm, so they're going to see more your stuff if you're commenting on theirs and three, when you're commenting in your commenting legit, um, responses, they're going to connect with you more. Okay, so definitely be commenting on other people's posts. And also make sure that you're replying to their comments on your posts. Because if you're not replying to their convents, when you put a post on your VP group or your personal wall, they're gonna think you don't really care. So do that one. Then they'll know you care. And two, you'll improve the Facebook algorithm so more people will continue to see. See your posts. So it's a win win both ways and very last thing with your vibe attracting your time. And it kind of goes along with those five or six brand pillars going in the end. Niche down niche, niche Whatever you say needs down ends when you need it down. So, like, for example, I like my ideal stylists for my team is I love working with women who have full time jobs because that's what I do. They're working full time, and they're trying to balance family life and their business life. I mean, I love working with women who don't have full time jobs. Don't get me wrong. One of the leaders on my team is a stay at home mom and and she's doing this full time. I absolutely love her, but she's not necessarily part of my niche. However, she connected with my other interests, my other brand pillars. And so while she wasn't necessarily my quote unquote ideal stylists bringing her on my team, I absolutely love her. So that goes back to when you're selling to everyone. You're attracting no one. So I'm kind of selling this idea. I talk a lot in my group and on my my personal wall about how easy this business is to build while you are working full time because we have templates. We have, um, you know and happy that has all these all this stuff in it. We have graphics groups. You can schedule things on Facebook, so So I'm really need itching down to attract that sort of woman. But I'm I'm not turning off everyone else who wants to do it. Who's also attracted to my brand by teaching down? Does that make sense? So I'm not necessarily excluding other people, but just like my target audience are like teachers and nurses and women who have full time jobs. But then everyone else is absolutely welcome, so I hope that makes sense. So, you know, I heard a training this week. I think I was actually one of my bigger teams spaces. I'm on And she she was saying to sell to everyone to not teach down. And, you know, I don't agree with that because while yes, everyone has fingernails. But if I am not looking out and you know, putting my vibe about that, you know, I am helping helping moms and I'm helping women with full time jobs have financial freedom, have something that is their own, have a way to build friends and community and also have a quick, professional looking manicure all the time. But like that's what I am looking for. I don't want every person with fingernails to be in my Facebook. You know, my Facebook group there might be a bigger That's not what I'm trying to attract, so I hope that makes sense. Um, our guys I told you this was gonna be short and sweet, And so it is, But your drive a tractor tribe take a really good look at your Facebook profile. Your groups and, um you know, Instagram, even you could do this with Instagram. You can do this with stories, but take a good look at what you are putting out there. What people are getting to know about you, what your interests are. And if you are one of those people who is guilty of sharing, sharing all the things because you think everyone needs to know other things. And while I do agree with that, um, I definitely want you to stop and think about it before you share it. Think about, you know, Is this a thing that I have shared today? Is this really helping people get to know me better? Um, and don't forget to that people react better when they see pictures of you when they see things that are not like graphics or images that are shared. But I've been shared all over the place. They want to see your face in them. You know, if part of your brand is that your mom opposed to picture with you and your kids, even if it's the back of their heads, if you know they're playing or something and you're taking a picture and they don't even realize you're doing it and you're in it as well. You know, whatever it needs to be. If part of your brandis fitness take a picture of you working out next time. You know, sweaty selfie, whatever it part of its traveling shares, some travel pictures. But the more you share that is yours, that is. You like your personal experiences, the more I think you're going to see your engagement go up and you're going to see the right people being attracted to your V I p space, your group and your team. It's just natural. It's just gonna happen. Alright, guys, I hope you enjoy this episode. I hope you found it really helpful as always. If you did, please take a screenshot and post in your Facebook stories or instagram stories and give me a tag. Um, just let dogger is my name on both platforms. Also, don't forget to join the free social selling sister squad and please leave me a grading you on iTunes or wherever you were listening to this and share with you. I really appreciate it. Guys. Have a good day. Bye bye.


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