Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 7: Being a leader with any size (or no) team

podcasts Jul 20, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling. Er and I have many titles. High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way. You can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hi, friend. Welcome back to the podcast today. I'm going to talk to you about being a leader, even if you don't have a huge team or a team at all. Okay. So first I'm gonna talk about what to do. What? How to be a leader, whether you have a team of one or a team of 10,000. So we're gonna talk about it first, as though you have your team. And then I'm gonna give you tips at the end of the podcast on ways you can be a leader when you have no team under you at all. So as a leader and I'm calling a leader literally anyone with one person that you have sponsored, the very first thing that you need to remember is that if you are spending, I don't know, five hours a week on your business proper. You're probably spending more, but 100% of your time is not on. Sponsoring is not on your team. Actually, 80% of your time should be working your own business, meaning getting new customers, um, nurturing those relationships you have with customers doing all the things to grow your own business and then 20% of your time throughout the week. So again, if we're spending five hours, that would be one hour week is what you're going to spend dedicated to your time. Now this might shift a little bit as your team gets even bigger. I know this is shifted just it had for me, but I really try to stick to that number because as a leader, I want to show my team that you need to keep growing your personal business because that's where you're gonna meet. You are next rock star recruit who's gonna come into your team eventually and be a leader herself. Okay, so as a leader, my number one thing that I do is I came to get my sales goal done quickly So if you listen to Episode five of the podcast, I kind of went through how I planned my month. So I do that the end of the previous month or if I'm really on top of it. I plan a couple months at a time. But let's be real. That usually doesn't happen. So I came to get my sales gold on quickly and that by done, I mean, I aim to hit my minimum. Whatever minimum I set for myself, Whether it's $1000. 2000 dollars, I aim to get that done quickly in the month. So I'm pretty sure I hit my minimum that I like to sell the very first week this month, and that's that. I feel really good about that. So anything that I do the rest of the month and I do have several parties booked for the rest of the month, that's kind of like my above and beyond May above and beyond sales, right so and aiming to get my sales done quickly in the month. The other thing that I am doing quickly in the beginning of the month is I am planting the seeds of women. I want to bring on my team, so I'm focusing on recruiting my posts. You can see that it's really heavy toward the beginning, middle of the month, sometimes at the end of the month. You know, I don't like to never post in the, you know, the last week of the month about sponsoring your recruiting new people. I always want that business opportunity to be in the back of their head, but I'm going to focus on recruiting at the beginning of the month as much as I can to do that, though I will start well, I'm always planting seeds. You should always be planting seeds as well. But I will be planting or following up with people toward the end of a month so that at the beginning of the month is when I'm getting those people signed up. I hope that makes sense to hit my recruiting my sales goals. I also planned my party's heavy to be any of the month again. I went over all of this on Episode five. So then I am booking more parties from those parties. I am following up with customers from those parties toward the end of the month because they should have gotten their product by then. And then I'm booking product booking parties rather for the next month. So if you do all of this at the beginning of the month and it's like your focus, you can sort of tie up your loose ends towards the end of the month plan for the following month and then kind of do it all over again. Which makes it a really duplicate herbal system now moving on to how I how I am a leader, actually for my team. So I show up, and I think that's one of the biggest things that I have seen in other businesses that I have been in other network marketing companies is. Sometimes I would have leaders who were telling us to do all these things, but you could tell they were doing them themselves right. So they were telling us a sponsor they were telling us to recruit, and then you would never see their name on on any sort of a leader board or any sort of shout out or recognition for signing people up in the business. And then you kind of get in the mindset of Well, why would I do that if my up lines not doing that. So as a leader, I never asked my team. I never encourage my team to do anything, anything like that that I'm not willing to do myself and that I am not modeling to them themselves or myself. So I'm not going. Teoh, I don't know, tell people to send messages to 10 of their customers. If I'm not also sending messages to my customers, I'm not gonna encourage my girls to do Facebook lives if I'm not willing to do a Facebook life and it's not always telling, you know, your team to do something, but it's modeling it. They're gonna see what you're doing. So if you post a training about showing up on social media and then they click on your Facebook profile and you haven't posted anything in all week, are they gonna do anything? No. So you have to model to them. You have to show your team what it looks like to be a leader, to get to the top of the company, to do the hard things, and then they'll do it. But keep in mind, this is, and I heard this statistic somewhere before, and I'm like that makes sense. I don't know who who said it, and I don't know if it's actually anything scientific behind it, but I have heard that your team is gonna put in 75% of the effort you dio now. Every once in a while you'll have a rock star who say you put in 10 hours of your business. They come in and they have a really powerful Why maybe, you know, they just lost their job. Maybe they went Teoh a plan a big family vacation and travel the world, You know, whatever it is, Every once in a while you'll get a rock star who comes in and they out perform you and hey, who all want one of those rock stars on our team, right? Like, why not? But generally speaking, your team is going to put in, and I should add this word maximum of 75% of the effort that you do. So if you are talking about how many parties you have booked for the month again, my company's party plan well, it's actually a mix like a what's called a hybrid, but anyway, we have parties. So if I am telling my team that I'm doing five parties, are they gonna wanna book 10? No, they're not going to see. Need to book 10 because you're doing just fine and you're doing five. So I tell my team, my goal every month is to book 10 to 12 parties, and I showed them that I'm doing that because they're seeing me sponsoring new people. They're seeing that I am hitting my sales goals and targets. They're seeing that my numbers and my V i. P group are going up things like that. So I am modelling to them that I'm doing 10 parties, so hopefully they'll do seven or five. You know, even if they do five, their business is still going to be going forward. So model what you want your team to do. And just remember that the majority of the people on your team are not gonna do more than you're doing because they're thinking that you're doing it just fine. Now. One thing wrong with that thinking is that every that is assuming that everyone is on the same, um, like it, same experience, same network, you know, all of that. So I also tell my team Don't compare your beginning to my middle. So I've been doing network marketing Drax sales for a while, and I have lots of women on my team who joined, and this is their very first direct sales company. So it's gonna take a while to build up the momentum, to build up the following to build up the credibility. So it's really important. But you expressed to your team, or even if this is you and you are just now starting out. Or maybe you just started this year sometime. Don't compare where you're at with where I'm at. Don't compare where you're at with where your plane is. That etcetera. So don't let that comparison trap stop you from from you know, your big goals, other things that I would like to do for my team, no matter how big they are. So I started doing this when I had one lady on my team working the business with me as recognition for your team. This could look like lots of sorts, of of things. It can be a call out on your Facebook wall like hey, so and so hit this rancor. This level where this number of sales, they books their first party. Uh, in my team, we like to drop post, um, in our Facebook group like our team group and say someone so stomped out there. Zero meaning they don't have zero showing in their back office anymore because they've gotten there first sale. So it could be anything. It could be something really little. It could be something really big, but I like to do these recognition posts for my team as often as I can. Now, I don't want my entire Facebook profile to be recognition recognition Recognition posts because then that turns off the public from looking at my, um, profile. However there it's, you know, it's kind of word vomited for lack of a better word all over my team page, and that's where I want it. I also share that recognition. We have a teen group for potential stylists, so people who are interested in the business opportunity we have a group. I guess it's like an opportunity group, and we share our recognition in there as well because I want other people to see as much as they can, especially if they're considering joining our team won. How supportive we are into all of the really cool things that can come out of being a stylist. Maybe you hit and got a certain bonus. Um, maybe you sold a certain sales amount. Maybe your team has grown by x amount. I mean, it could be anything but recognize your team publicly. Other things I like to do when my girls had a new rank and also I interchangeably used the word girl and woman. I know some people that, like, really offends, and I'm really sorry, but it's just what I do. So if I call people on my team girls, obviously their women. But I just said girls. So, um, another thing I like to do is when the girls on my team hit like their next rank. I send them something, you know, something little in the mail. It doesn't have to be something big. Other things like we do team incentives. So awesome them a gift card for we're hitting. You know, maybe it's a sponsoring incentive for that month. It could be all sorts of different things, but as long as they are done, you know in your private group. As faras incentives go, you should be OK. Um, another thing that we do and you can do this again. No matter how big your team ISS is, you can share business blessings with your public audience in your closed V I P Group and with your team. So this could be I'm so proud of so and so for getting their first bonus check for getting their first paycheck writ literally. It could be anything. I am so thankful for the friendships that I have. Maybe you are doing a an online power hour or an in person work session with your team. Take a picture, take a screenshot of your next room, call with your team and share that publicly. That's a business blessing, right? You are surrounding yourself with amazing, awesome people, whether there are five people on your zoom call or whether there are 50 people in your resume call. So let people know what a blessing your business is. Let them know that on your your profile, let them know that in your closed the eyepiece base and never never stopped telling your team how grateful you are for them. Tag your team in your posts as well. So when you're talking about, you know, we have our virtual conference coming up this week. You better believe I'm gonna be tagging people left and right for my team and my post this week. And when I make those post public than those will show up on their wall is well, and this could be really helpful for ladies who are just starting the business. And maybe they're a little bit shy about posting things on social media. So when you do those recognition posts and when you do those business blessings posts Wow, that's really hard to say. Business blessings post, uh, and you tag them in them and you make in public, then will show up on their wall as well, as long as they have their settings turn on that, you know, posts that they have been tagged and show up, and then their audience will see them as well, so that can kind of help them get a little bit of mo mentum in talking about the business. So other people will see hey there with whatever team or whatever company your with another thing that I recommend you do as a leader from the very first day that you sponsor someone is to start building those relationships with your team members. And this doesn't even have to be people that you sponsor. This can be people who you're up line has sponsored, and you're in the same team page. Build relationships with those women. High Facebook, friend. Everyone on my team, I unless they have their profile set up weird where you can't like, request it. But I want to know what's up with them. You know, I don't want to be sending a message like, uh, hey, just wanted to remind you of X y Z going on. If I see on their profile that they had some kind of family emergency or something, right? So I want to be able to send a message and say, Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. Please let me know if you need anything, and that's what happens when you build relationships with your team. It's almost I Sometimes people said that you shouldn't be friends with everyone in your team. I kind of think that there's nothing wrong with being friends with the people on your team. These are people that you want to support. The only thing is, as a leader, you do have to have boundaries. So, um, let me think of an example. So if I am having a bad day or one event about something that is going on, technically I should be reaching out to my up line. So you complain up, you don't complain down. That's the one thing about being friends with everyone on your team is you have to also remember those business boundaries. And you have to be able tohave those courageous conversations, which is a really good book, by the way, if you have not read that courageous conversations, but you have to be able to have those courageous conversations with people. So make sure that if you are friends with them, you know, you're still able to do that. Um, one thing that I like to ask my ladies when they joined my team and it's actually one of the questions, uh, you know how you could do like the membership questions on Facebook is how they feel about tough love, because I am totally offer tough love. But every once in a while, if I've been a bad mood. I'm like, if you give me tough love, I'm gonna hate you. So ask them how they feel about tough love. Some people don't like to be called out on their crap. And some people do. I like to be called out of my crap. So, you know, if I were to send a message to my up line like I'm not I'm not sponsoring the number of women that I wanted to help get started with my business this month. And then I would want her to be able to say to me, Well, are you doing X Y Z? And I can really take a good hard look at myself and say, Actually, no, I'm not. So I asked them how they feel about tough love and then don't be afraid to give it to them. And that kind of goes off of what I was just saying about Definitely be friends with the people on your team. But be ableto have those tough conversations if you need Teoh. Another piece of advice that I talked about in my last podcast episode about up leveling shop like your next rank would. So my current rank is director. I am so close to being a senior director. Like I can taste it. It's like right there. Okay, so I'm showing up as though I am senior director. Like I You know how they tell you when you're manifesting things you should write out? I am senior director, actually skipped a, had a few ranks, and I wrote I am National executive Director, which I think I also mentioned on my last podcasts. But show up like that person would do, you know, How are they gonna act? What's their social media presence gonna be like? How would they talk to the members of their team? Would they go months without talking to them? Probably not. Or at least I hope not. I hope they're checking in on people. So show up as though you were already that next rink show up as though you have a team of 25. 55,000. Even if you have one person on your team, show up like that person would lead by example. So again, your team is gonna be watching what you're doing. They're going to be modeling what you're doing. So if they see you working power hours. If they see you showing up for trainings, they're going to do the same. So lead by example and very last thing. If you already have a team, is show your current team the perks of building a team. Why is it so awesome? You know, I get to work with and mentor and learn from myself. Ah, group of amazing women every day. That's a huge park of building a team. Obviously, there are also financial parks, so make sure your team knows and understands the compensation plan, especially if they have told you that. There. Why ISS Financial Let's be wrote. This is a business. So the majority of the people, while they might say it is, I'm in this company for X y z reason that is not money, it is money related. There is some sort of why that it's money related, and the way direct sales and network marketing teams or companies rather are set up is a huge park off. Building a team is the extra income. You're gonna make more money building a team, then you are selling the products. It, at least in the conversation plans that I have seen so building a team. You know, that's something that you want to get started as quickly as you can. Talk to your up line about supporting you, especially if you don't quite well, the first thing when we talked about recognition before and you can do this anyway, whether you already have a team. But recognize the women who are on your team, who are what we call sidelines or you're up lines. So recognize your sponsor, your sponsor sponsor for doing something really cool. Shout them out in the team space, shot them out in your personal profile, like when my up line hit some big goals, especially ones that I want to achieve. I definitely shot her out because those are amazing goals, right? Those air amazing achievements that she has hit. So I want everyone to know that because those are the possibilities with this business. So shot them out, make sure that they know that you are there, that you are supporting them, that you're proud of them and then others will see that, too. And that's kind of I am a different way to do a business blessing, share other people's stories, so ah, lot of people, especially when you're getting started out. You know, you feel like your story isn't strong enough. Maybe you didn't have all these struggles to overcome like other people did. Maybe you aren't doing this for the money, and the money part isn't necessarily part of your story. So share other people's stories. Did someone earn the incentive trip last year on your team, shot them out, share their story, share how they decided at conference that they were gonna win this trip or earn this trip? Rather and they did it. So share other people's stories. Everyone has a story and you'll find yours. But someone else might relate to like someone on your profile might relate better to someone else. The story. So share those right because everyone on our team is different, and that's how you're going to attract the right people to your tribe. To your team is by sharing other people's stories from your team of other teammates stories and then don't forget people come first. The business comes second, so if you're building a strong community, if you are showing people how much fun you're having in this business, because guys, this should be fun. If it's not fun, then you're in the wrong business or you're in the wrong company. Just a hint. But build a strong commit community of customers and teammates, and people are going to see that you're gonna be peppering that in your posts. You're gonna be sharing them on social media and you're not even gonna explicitly need to say my team is wonderful even though you're probably are going to say that because people are going to see that you're gonna they're gonna see your excitement. They're going to see how happy you look in your pictures, right? Because you are posting pictures that have yourself in them because you are trying to build your social media the right way. So people are going to see how you feel about your company, make your post public maketh, um, positive share about your teammates, share lots of pictures. And, you know, don't forget that that's not the only thing that you're supposed to be posting online, but you're sharing it often. So people first relationships, first business second. All right, friends. I hope that helped. I hope that you can feel like a leader whether you have zero people. Whether you have five people, 10 people, however many people that you have on your team because you are a leader, you have the ability to do all of these things. You have all of these traits now, one thing I forgot to mention really quick before I hop off of here, leaders listen to or read professional development and you're already doing that violence into this podcast. So kudos to you collapse. But if you're a leader and you're developing all the skills that you need to take yourself to the next level, your team's going to see that people are going to see that. So never stop learning. You have to learn to earn right, so never stop learning. And you are going to reach any leadership level, any leadership ability that you want to reach that you want to become alright. Friends, please take a second share this episode with your audience, share it with your teams. I hope you got some value out of this. As always. I would love to hear your feedback. Please leave me a rating and review and also let me know what you want to hear on episodes coming up. What do you want me to talk about? We talk about building your team. About your customer base is anything. Send me a d m. I would love to hear from you. Have a great day and go rock your business.


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