Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 6: It's Time To Level Up

podcasts Jul 13, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to social selling Sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling ER and I have many titles. High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way. You can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello? Welcome back to the podcast. This is Lindsay Dollinger, and I'm excited to bring you an episode today all about leveling up. Let's get started. So you want to be the next rank or you want to make more money or you want to grow your team, Any of those three or any combination of those three. It's gonna be time for you to level up your business. And what does this really look like? This looks like you unlocking your inner potential. So I just want you to take just a second. And if you're driving, don't do the part where I'm gonna tell you to close your eyes. But otherwise take a second. Close your eyes and I just want you to think What are you really capable of like, if you know, like deep down in your gut that you are gonna go all in in this business for whether it's six months a year, two years, five years? What would that look like? What kind of results are you truly capable of? If there was nothing holding you back, I'm going to give you just a second just to think about that and feel free to pause this episode as well. If you want to journal these ideas, write them out so that you can later put them on your vision board. But But what is this gonna look like for you? What does it feel when you are at your next level? What's it feel like? What do you look like? What does your team look like? What does your customer base look like? What does your social media account look like? What kind of house are you living in? So all of these things? Okay, so go ahead, open your eyes. Now we have dreamed big. I want you to think What are you really capable of? So if you went all in, you invested in a coach, you did all of the things Are you capable of reaching that top rank in your company that you really want to hit? Are you capable of having a customer base with thousands of women in it? Are you capable of having a team of women that is that big? Yes, the answer is yes. The short answer is yes. While it might seem really far off right now, especially a view of a team of zero, it's possible it is 100% possible. So just want to start with that. So now we know that it is. It is in our realm of possibility for you to look level up. I want you to think now how would someone who is a role model or a leader in my team are in my company? It doesn't necessarily have to be in your direct team, but so for me, I am thinking of women in my drug team because they are role models for me. And they are leaders that I aspire to be like, So I want you to think of them. What does their day look like? How will they handle a situation like the one you were presented with last week or yesterday or today. How would or did they handle something that has happened in your company? For example? So I am with a dry now polished your company and long story short, we have grown so so much since the beginning of the year. We were on track to be the number one. Well, we were the number one, I believe, fastest selling direct sales company last year anyway, and then this year we were on track to keep up with that. And then we grew even more, especially during everything that has been happening in the world. If you're listening to this and current time, it is 2020. So you know exactly what I'm talking about. But, you know, with everyone being home, women are doing their nails at home now. In addition, you know it's something fun. We do online parties. There's all these reasons that our company is growing. So because of that, we have had some inventory issues. So when all those were happening as someone who is a leader myself, to a team of amazing women that is growing the crazy amounts every day I really looked at the women in my company and in my team who are the leaders that I look up to and how they handled it. They handled and continue to handle every, you know, small issue, because to be perfectly honest, we don't really have big issues. Let's be real, like someone like we like to say, There's no such thing is in a Polish emergency, right? So, um, but they're handling all of these, you know, issues and different things that are popping up with so much grace. And that is something that I aspire to do because, to be perfectly honest, Lindsay, five years ago, six years ago, before I started doing personal development before I joined the direct sales network marketing realm would have freaked out, and I would have probably been one of those negative Nellies commenting on things like, Why is there only so many? This money's nail strips in stock? And I really want this one. I don't understand. You know, all these things that you can hear in your mind things happening. That's how I would have been. But now, seeing all these women role models who are handling things with grace who are getting the correct information from the company who were waiting before they react. And to be perfectly honest, they don't really have a reaction online because we know as leaders that those sorts of reactions, they're gonna call as negativity, they're gonna cause just a bad team atmosphere. And no one wants that. So they're putting positive messages out there. You know, they're saying that they understand that people are frustrated. They understand that we might have to pivot our businesses. And then they give ideas to the their teammates on how to pivot, how to change their businesses, things that are working. And they provide forums for other people to share that friends. That is what a leader does. So the that's what I want you to remember as you are stepping into that next level you is. How would someone who is my role model or a leader in my company that I aspire to be like, How would they handle this? Next time you get a message and it's ah, unhappy customer, it's an unhappy teammate. Take a second before you respond. This is something that I have learned in teaching to you. Never respond to a mad email immediately, especially when you're upset about it, right? Um, but take a second. Because those people, they're not getting mad. They're not talking trash. They're not running down other people. They're not running down their company, right? That's not who you are aspiring to be like. I feel like no one wakes up in the morning. They're like, Okay, how am I going, Teoh ruin someone's day today. No one does that. So how can you take a situation and walk through it as a leader? Are you gonna post negative things? No, you're not. So I really want you to think about that next time you get a message or get faced with the situation and you want to be reactive, think about how those women or men in your company who are your role models and who are your leaders? How would they handle it? Additionally, I want you to take a look at their social media profiles and do like us social media audit per se. Pick someone in your company. It doesn't even have to be in your team. Maybe pick up a few and then see if you can find leaders and other top, uh, another direct sales companies. Other top leaders in those companies look at their profiles. Where do they look like? I can pretty much guarantee they have a public profile or the majority of their posts or public. Look at what they're posting. Are they posting stock pictures of their of their products? No, probably not. I would almost secured. Do you know? Are they posting political things? Nope. Are they talking about, uh, cold in 19? Probably not. Great. So that's another thing in the process of levelling up. If you want to be at that level, you have got to start acting like you are in that level that you want to be at. So now, still talking about social media. What what else can we do to level up our social media? Our brand you can find brand you confined articles on bringing all over the Internet can go on Pinterest You can take than either of these social media tips for network marketing or direct sales, social media branding and you're going to find so many resource is take a minute. But no more than more more than a minute. Probably like 20 minutes and do some searching. What did they say to do what are some colors that you feel like, really match you? We've talked before on what are your top 5 to 6 things that you want to be known for? That's part of your brand. Make your picture on your social media profile. A picture of you. We'd love to see your family. Maybe maybe do your family as your cover photo. But your profile picture needs to be a view that's part of your brand, and it needs to be you Looking Semiprofessional doesn't need to be a head shot, but it needs to be you looking nice. Not you wasted at a bar with the bull in the background. Right? Unless that's part of your brand, um, but level of your social media. Clean it up a little bit. Take off some of those political posts. Take off some of those shares in those means. You know that's OK every once in a while, but the majority of your content on there if you are leveling up, if you are playing like you are that next level you if you are modeling it after the people in your company that you have seen success is going, Teoh, be clean. It is going to be on Brand and it's gonna attract people to you. So if you feel like you when you look at your social media profiles and you're not really capable of making a decision without being biased about whether your profile looks nice or not, reach out to someone. Reach out to a friend, ask them and you know, or maybe it's someone you don't even know or don't know that well, and you want to send them your profile and say, Hey, would you mind when you scroll through my profile? What do you think? What? Words come to your mind? Don't be offended. Take some criticism and then change it right. Once we know better, we can do better. What can you do to level up your role in your team? Whether it is your up lines team, can you show up there? Can you help other people? You know, I feel like when you help other people in your company, especially you're helping other women. You know you're helping other people grow their business. That's like putting goes good vibes out into the universe. Nothing bad is going to happen to you by helping other people run their business. It's just not right. I'm scared of that. I definitely won't be making this podcast because I've been giving this value to my team this whole time. But I want to share with other people because when other women and direct sales succeed, we all succeed. Think about your role with your your personal team that you have built. How could you show Oppa's the next level now? This doesn't mean, you know, investing all your time in your team because we've talked about this before. You should be spending 80% of your business time on your own business and 20% on your team. And you really do want to nurture you know your new ladies that you're bringing on. But what what else can you do in your team? Can you do a little incentive? Can you send one more private message checking in on someone? Can you share with them a new party script that you just made? And it has worked really well. So how can you up level in that space? I want you to think about that and remember, if your team is still small, definitely. Lee boo that was hard. Definitely used. The trainings resource is and incentives that are provided from Europe lines. There's no need to recreate the wheel, right? That's just silly. Especially with a small team and again, you spending 80% of the time on your own business. You don't need to be spending 50% of the time in your own business and 50% of the time on your team, because what you gonna do, girl? When you get another 25 women on your team, when you keep growing like you want to grow to level up right, you're not gonna be able to handle it. So use your team trainings. Resource is incentives. All of that that is already given to you from Europe lines as much as you can. But also start building your team culture now. So from day one of you having someone that you have sponsored start with private messaging people so that you get to know them and I just have to be anything long. It could be a couple voice memos here and there. Make sure you are doing some video calls now. When I started doing these. I do, um, on Zoom. And when I very first started in, my team was kind of small. I would do one, maybe probably once a month, and I would just do a power. Our I would say, Hey, guys, here's a zoom link. If you guys wanna hop on and work your business with me, I will lead you through what I do and will work it together. And now those have grown and I do them for a little while. There I was doing once a week, and it wasn't quite a set schedule, but now we do him every other week, and it's really nice because I can record them for the ladies who can't make it on at night. Everyone knows Thursday nights at 9 p.m. We're doing something with our team because the off weeks I do a zoom opportunity called with my team so that everyone can invite perspective stylists to it. And we can really get people to know kind of our team culture, which again it's starting building routine culture now. So no one told me to start doing those, you know, it just it came about from me starting my doing. Facebook lives in my V I. P Group about the business opportunity, and they went really well. And I got to thinking, Well, I could really kind of kill two birds with one stone from these individual messages that I was sending perspective stylists by inviting them to a team zoom opportunity. So we do that and, um, I do training says I think of them. So if I'm driving in the car and I hear really awesome podcasts like me and I should really share some some tidbits with my team, I will make a quick video uploaded on my team page for them to look at. So start building that team culture. Start planning those seeds of what you want your team to look like and what kind of women you're hoping to attract to your team. And it will grow. One other thing with building your team culture now, as you're starting off small, if you're getting the same questions over and over again. I worked with a team leader and my down line. Her name is Joe me, and while we have been home, we created a document. It's a Google doc, and it basically has every single question answered that you could ever want to know to do with our company. You know how to get started. We have a new stylist checklist linked in there. Um, how to create a Facebook group? Best options for shipping if you need to ship something out. Uh, recruiting. We have a, you know, a category. And they're about recruiting. What to do when you have sponsored someone new. These are all the team pages you should request to join. This is how we make our graphics. These air graphics groups, you can report. I mean, like, literally anything you could want to know because people were asking us these questions. And as were getting so many women on our team, it's so nice to to be able to copy a link and say that questions answered in here. Check it out and then let me know if it doesn't make sense. It has saved so much time, and we actually have that document pin to the top of our team group so that everyone can check it out whenever they need. Teoh, I highly recommend doing something like that. I also spent some time this week making loom of videos. It's free. And I made one on how I use trail. Oh, for my business. I made one on using Camba to create personalized graphics for you're not only your personal page, but also your team and your V I p. Space. I did one on Oh, I did another. What was it? Um, I'm trying. Remember now some something about with my our web. Oh, yeah, How to navigate our back office Because that could be really intimidating for someone, especially someone who's never done direct sales. And they're seeing all these things. Then they're like, What's his group? All. You mean, what does personal value meat, Right. So if you have all those in one spot So we I linked all those loom videos in our one doc that has all the things, and I also posted them on our team group. If you're getting those systems in place right now and you kind of train, you are new stylist or new consultants, whatever you call people working in your business, whatever title they have, if you're training them as they come in to find those things themselves, it will help you. So much and allow you to really level up. So I definitely think that is part of the level up process. And now we're going to kind of switch back to thinking like your next level self. I want you, Teoh. Envision what rank and we're gonna talk about rank. And while rank doesn't necessarily mean everything, for sure we could we could do a whole another episode on that. I want you to think in the perfect world in the perfect situation. What rank in your company would you love to be? My guess is it's probably near the top, if not the top. So in my company, we call that a national executive director. So if you hear me talking about that, I'm just gonna use my company's terms because that's easier for me to think of on the spot. So I that is obviously my goal. So I am starting to think like a national executive director now, and I have to do that because if I'm not thinking like a national executive director would, I'm never going to get there. So what do those women think? Like, what's the mindset like? Are they going to be negative No, probably not, or they're gonna have their negative times, but they're not going to show that necessarily to their team or to the public. Right? What's a day look like for a national executive director? Are they sleeping in working for an hour here and there with Netflix on in the background? Probably not. I would imagine that that women who have made it that far and been that successful their days probably pretty structured, or at least the portion that they are working. They have a set work time. Whether that is, you know, three days a week, four days a week, seventies a week. They put in some time. They're providing excellent customer service. They have systems in place for their team, right? So if you can envision whatever team page you're on, that's like the highest team page that's probably got thousands and thousands of people in it. I can envision mind right now. How did they do? Things are there, you know? Is it just like random stuff posted? No, they have, like, a training schedule. I know that I can go on there every Tuesday after the our company's Tuesday training cause and I can see the recording link. I know there is going to be high quality trainings in that group. I know I can go on there and search any topic I want and confined anything that I could possibly want to know. Okay, so that is what I am trying. Teoh get started right now with my teams so that they know that my page is just like that page. I mean, obviously a smaller scale, right? I have about, you know, we have less than 100 women where we're going to be at 100 very quickly, but it's very it's a different kind of feel than a group of 1000. But I want to keep that small feel as long as we can. And don't forget how you do anything. That's how you do everything. So if you're slacking in one area, it's going to show up in others. So for me lately, and I don't know if anyone else can relate, I have been really slacking on clean eating and not snacking and making sure I get in my workout because we've been home. I'm not normally working at home. I am normally, you know, teaching in a school building in an actual school setting. So and now that I'm home, it's been a difficult transition to get into that schedule and to make sure I am eating the way I want to be eating and I'm getting in my workouts and things like that. And I can definitely tell in, you know, my energy level some days or in guilt for eating really late at night, so slacking in one area is definitely gonna show up in others. And outsourcing is something that you can start doing for right now, whether you are already a national executive director or whether you are our first. Our first drink in our company is called a bonus qualified stylist. So no matter what, if you have no team, if you have a team of 18,000 women, you cancer outsourcing, so outsourcing can look like several things. It could be a meal service, like a meal subscription box. So, like I, I use Green Chef during the school year. Absolutely love it, I get. I think it's three meals a week and I use those for dinner. That's one last thing that I have to buy at the grocery store, one last meal that I have to actually plan in my mind, and I could go in there and pick like I want a vegan dish this week or I want to eat paleo are you know they have all kinds of options, So you do a meal service, you can do housekeeping to come in. It doesn't even even have to be. You know, once a week you can start off small. You can get a virtual assistant to help you with messaging people, and you can get a virtual assistant guys for pretty reasonably priced. Maybe you want some graphics made. Look on Fiverr dot com. I think it's F F V V E r or F Ivy are off the check. Let me see if I can pull that up really quick. But, um, if you goto fiber yeah, F I v e r r is fiber. You can outsource all sorts of, um, images being made. Its you know, its a freelancing site. There's another one called up work. There's all kinds of things you can find on there, and some of them are people in different countries, so outsource some of that stuff that you don't have to be the one doing so like you don't have to be the one shopping for groceries. So maybe you do the Kroger click list or giant Eagle click list or whatever they call it in different stories. But, you know, maybe you do your grocery shopping online and it's either delivered for you or you just pull up and they put it in the car, your meal planning. Maybe some of that can be outsourced for me as well. I do workouts through Beachbody on demand, so I don't really have to think about what kind of workouts that I I need to plan, like they're already up there. There's already a schedule of workouts, so if I print that off line, I can just follow it and it takes out some of the deciding factor. So I really want you to think as you're becoming your next level you. And as you're stepping into leveling up where you can outsource some things so that you can be the one doing the task that you need to do in your business, you can have someone else going live for you. You can't have someone else sending voice memos for you, right? Because your personality, your people are buying you. So I definitely think about that. And consider that one of the things that when talking with women who are really successful, they wish they would have outsourced earlier. And I guarantee you will probably think the same in a little while. So definitely consider that when thinking as well again about that national executive director right, that I'm going to be. What does her mindset look like? So we've already brushed on this a little bit, but I guarantee that person that role, that you want to step into a gear and t that you have to do personal development to get there. I guarantee those women are are reading or listening to some sort of personal development, probably every day. And if not every day, that at least Monday through Friday, probably every day, I almost guarantee almost there, probably investing in some sort of coaching, too. So while one on one coaching may not be in the books for you right now, that could definitely be something that you're working toward. But you can also find a lot of value in Facebook communities Facebook memberships. While you can get a lot of value and free groups, I definitely think there is a space in your leveling up where paying for some sort of membership or some sort of coaching is definitely going to be needed, not only for the value that you're going to get, but I know for me when I am actually paying for things I'm going to put in more work, right? I'm gonna hustle to make my goals and my dreams come true because now I'm investing in myself. So personal development, investing in coaching and when thinking about that national executive director, how are they building relationships? Can I up my game in that area? Absolutely. I could talk to one more person a day, could you? Because you talked to two more people a day, and it doesn't even have to be about your company right now. But could you build a relationship with one more personal and social media day or two more people or three or four? What could you really do? I bet you could. Now every level has a new devil. If you haven't heard that I ever heard that a lot. I You know, I don't even think I have heard that since this year. I don't know if that's because I have risen Teoh higher levels in this company that I'm with and I have been before, but they say new level new devil, so just be prepared. It's not are gonna be sunshine and rainbows. You're gonna get discouraged along the way. There's gonna be ups and downs, right? Not everything is positive and happy. Not everything is going to be like a straight or I guess it would be a downhill. You know, Breeze, you're gonna have those uphill moments where you're gonna have to work a little harder to be positive. You're gonna have to work a little harder. Talk to some more people. And with more customers and more teammates, there might be a potential for some issues here and there. So just be prepared for that. But if you are stepping into your next level self and you're stepping into how those those leaders and those role models of years really think I know you can handle it Absolutely. When you step into that leadership role, your mindset is going Teoh improve and you're gonna truly up level. So with that friend, I want to leave you with a coke. A quote from Mel Robbins. And I heard this. One of my friends shared it on social media, actually, last night, and I was like, Oh, that's so good. Your doubts create mountains. Your actions move them. So, you know, you know, deep down inside, you can be that next level self. You know, you can be that rink. You know, you can be that National executive Director. Is it gonna happen tomorrow? No. I mean, unless you already, like one person away or something, Right? Unless you already really high up there. But it's probably not gonna happen tomorrow. It's gonna take time. It's gonna take consistent action. But it is time for you to step into your next level self. Your doubts create mountains. Your actions move them. You know who she is. You know exactly who that next level self looks like. You can envision exactly what she wears. You can envision what she looks like. You know what her social media profile looks like? You know how she treats others. You know how she shows up in her team space. Can you see yourself walking that stage A conference next year. Can you see your face when you get that email? Notification that you have hit that rank, girl, You got it. So go forth and make it happen. Thanks so much for listening today. If you found this valuable, I really hope you take this and share this with you. Our team take a screenshot of this episode and sleeping the rating of review. I would really appreciate. It helps my podcast get out to other people so that other people can't enjoy it as well. And I would love if you hit, subscribe. Have a great day.


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