Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 5: Plan Your Month To Reach Your Goals

podcasts Jul 05, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling ER and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way. You can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hey, girl. Hey, Welcome back to the social selling sisterhood Podcast. This is Lindsay Dahling Er, and I'm excited to bring you another episode. So today's episode is about planning your new month. So hopefully you're listening to this mid end of a month or a month is just getting started. That's okay. You can still start planning out for having a successful month for you and your team. So I'm gonna go through kind of what I do. What? I encourage my team to dio and give you some tips and tricks for starting your new month. So first things first. I like to either print out a monthly calendar or pull up some sort of visual, whether it's the calendar in my phone. Ah, the calendar on my computer. Whatever you prefer. If you prefer to have a planner, doesn't really matter for this. So pull out something that you can have some sort of a visual to see. How many weeks does the month have? Maybe it's a month where the days fall in the middle of the week. So what when a month begins in the middle of a week? So you actually have, like, five weeks that you can break down and plan events or plan team gatherings or whatever you're getting ready to plan for the month. So I get my calendar ready, and then I decide what my goals are. What are my income goals? My group of volume. So how much joining my team to sell for that month, myself included. And what are the wrinkles that I have? So, for example, next month I'm hoping to a hit the next drink my company. So today I put up what we call a rank tracker, and I put up that ring checker and I penciled in the ladies that are on my team, and I kind of saw where my gaps where I looked at how much money or how much product. Rather, I would have to sell in that month to hit that goal. And then I looked at what I could do to meet that goal. And what that looks like for me is deciding how much I need to sell to my customers. How many women I need to sponsor this month and where I can help my teammates out by placing them So your organization you might not be able to place. We call, we call our ladies stylists. You might not be able to place your stylists or your consultants. It kind of just depends on what your company is. But mine's amazing where we can place people, so we only have a certain amount of time to do it. You have to be a certain rank to do that. But we can place women and help our team grow that way, which is really cool. So I need to decide what I need to dio and break that down even further. So, for example, if I wanted to sponsor for new women next month, then I'm gonna break it down and say one a week or when I'm gonna ready. Talk about next. Is I like Teoh What I call front load my month. So I put a ZMA any parties as many invites, um, as many of my fun kind of sales tactics at the beginning of the month so I can hit my goals early and focus the latter part of the month on helping my team meet their goals. So if you're a leader, I highly recommend doing that. If you are able Teoh, So back to if I want to sponsor for ladies, I'm gonna try to sponsor them. The 1st 2 months are the 1st 2 weeks rather of the month so that I can focus on getting them started, uh, for the rest of the month and getting their businesses off the ground. So again, if you're a leader, I highly recommend doing that. It has been really helpful for me. And then if if say, I only sponsored three women the 1st 2 weeks, then I have an additional two weeks to invite more women to the opportunity and get someone else started later in the month if I need to him. The biggest thing that I can stress here is to take 100% responsibility for your rank advancement, so don't rely on other people to hit certain ranks for you, too. Rank advance because I find that that stirs up a lot of animosity and can bring a lot of pushing from leaders to do things. I'm sure you might have felt this before, depending on you know, your company in your situation. But you might feel this pressure and maybe that's not your goal. And we're gonna talk about that a little bit later as well, about finding out the goals of your teammates because those are really important to. So what can you do to hit your goals? Maybe it's so say, maybe I need to sell $50,000 for my team this month for my next drink advancement. So I should probably sell a little bit more to this month, right? So that I'm contributing to my team in that way into my rank. Advance in that way. So get your goals ready. Encourage your team to do the same thing. Break them down and, um, it's really nice when you and your team are on the same wavelength there because if everyone is looking at their goals, everyone is planning out there month. I guarantee you're going to be more successful. So front load your month if you can. So again, if your party plan business, this might look like putting the majority of your parties the beginning of the month. If you can do that, maybe you're gonna play in your monthly life sale at the beginning of the month. This might mean that toward the end of a month and very beginning of a month, you're giving out a lot of samples so that you can get new people in your group again. It's gonna look different depending on what your business model is, but definitely try to front. Load your month as much as you can. The other thing I like to do toward the end of a month beginning of the next month is to schedule out my posts in my Facebook V I P Group as much as possible so that I could be focusing on actual income producing activities and not like making graphics and making copy. So our company, we have graphics groups that stylists have made, so I actually don't need to make a ton of graphics, which is so nice. Um, So I go through there and what I do is I have I do this on the majority of time. I do it on my computer and I have a window open for these graphics groups, and I have a window open with my V I P Group and I literally will download a picture from the graphic group. Click to go over to my V I. P Group. I will upload the image, put in my copy and then schedule it so that I have at least opposed today. You need to be showing up consistently in your V I. P. Space, whatever you call that space, but your space for your customers. So not only in that group, but unfortunately, we can't go to a post on our personal wall. But if you have a business page, all those things could be scheduled out in advance. And it's so nice because then if you're having a day, we're not feeling like work in your business. If you get sick, if you go on vacation, all of these things your customers don't need to. I mean, they can know those sorts of things. You cannot absolutely be transparent with them and, you know, be a human with them. But, um, you are still showing up every day to work your business, and that's treating it like a real business. So schedule those posts out. I try to do the same thing with my party's. So, like, currently, I have five parties booked for next month, and since I already have them, I can slowly this week be scheduling my posts out in them so that again when those party nights come, I'm not rushing to schedule things in real time. Or I might not, I might forget. I've totally forgotten before and be like Oh my gosh, I just I just sit here and do do this party post as the party's going on instead of interacting with people, and that's just stressful. So learn how to schedule your posts out. If you don't know how to do this, ask your up line. They absolutely would know. And then you can focus on your income producing activities. Next thing is to play in a life sale or something fun. You should have at least one like actual, legit fun thing in your group a month, so this could be a life sale where you're getting on in your chatting with people. It could be some sort of a theme. I just did a self care challenge in my group where I posted different items every day that my V i p s could do for self care. And then they checked in, and I'm doing prizes from that. So do something fun. Um, we also in our company, lots of stylus two girls nights in, and these are like an hour long, and it's kind of like a mini party, But it's in your Facebook group. And, um, we do like we post pictures of our products and say, like this or that Which one? Which one would you prefer? And it's a lot of fun, and it's a great way to get interaction your group and get your engagement up. So plan something fun. Put that on your calendar. Schedule it if you can make it happen. Now, I want you to think about how are you going to get new customers. So for us, my company, it looks like giving out samples. It could be word of mouth, but I want you to really sit down and think? How are you going to get new customers in your business? Are you going, Teoh? Schedule out front, load the month with your party's so that the party guests become your new customers. Are you going to try to then get them to book parties toward that for the end of the month and get even more new customers that way? Are you going to do a vendor event? Are you going to do an in home party for someone else? Are you going to do an end home event at your house? Okay, so any of that can be ways to get new customers. Um, how are you going to get new bookings for parties, So that can be tricky. And I should do a whole episode on that. But how are you gonna do that? Are you gonna just put outposts in your group or on your wall and expect people to volunteer? No. You're gonna have to invite right. So you have to invite you have to build those relationships with your customers, and you can listen. Episode three. I believe of this podcast for more about building relationships, but you need to start building those relationships, and that needs to be something that's ongoing. So have some sort of way to track, and I can share my tracking my customer management system sometime. I use a trail aboard, but you need to have some way that you can track, because you should be adding at least three new people a day to your friends list, and you should be reaching out to them after you add them in your building relationships. And those people are gonna move from your cold market to your warm market and help you get new customers. Pick a day to send thank you's so ah, lot of times I have new guy or new guys. I don't have any guys, my team, new girls on my team. They're like, Man, how do you keep up? Because every time I get an order and I write a thank you, Uh, so I pick a day and I usually do it on my follow up Fridays. I just kind of include that and following up, and I send a written physical Thank you. Now that someone who orders for me, like every month I might not send them a written physical Thank you every month. But I'll at least send them a thank you message, and I'll tag them in my thank you post in my group. So pick a day to do Thank you is you do not have to do them immediately, But then if you know, like, I'm gonna do them on my follow up Fridays, you know that you're not gonna miss anyone from from, like, two weeks ago if you do it every week. So just pick one day a week to do them that way. You're not feeling like you have to be constantly sending things out. And then, like, I just mentioned right on your calendar that on Fridays you follow up, you follow up with new orders. You follow up with samples you have sent out that week. You follow up with hostesses past hostesses because you're gonna invite them to, um, this stylist opportunity or the consultant opportunity and follow up with your team. So pick those. My team. I don't follow up necessarily every week. Um, and that's come getting ready to come up what I do with my team. But, um, my team I reach out beginning of the month. Teoh here their goals midmonth to see how they're doing and in at the end of the month. So follow up on Fridays, invite the whole month. So I never stop inviting. I invite people at the beginning of the month the middle of the month, the end of the month, to try a sample, to do a party and to the business opportunity. If you stop inviting, you are going to stop growing. You cannot stop inviting. Okay, so if you stop inviting, you're gonna stop growing and inviting. We talked about it a little in that building relationships episode, but inviting is gonna look like private messaging. It's majority private messaging. It's gonna be more one on one And, um, the end of the month or the beginning of the next month I start thinking about my team recognition. So, like, today is the end of a month. Uh, well, actually, we have one more day, but basically the end of the month. And so I started shouting out all the women on my team who got enhanced commission for the month who have sold at least certain amounts. And I want to start doing that now. So it's not as much to do with the beginning of the month, but I start shouting them out and I shot them out not only in my team page, but I also shout people out in our on my personal profile and in our considering group, like are Considering Opportunity Group, which, if you do not have one of those for the big team you're on, I highly recommend getting one. They're very effective. I like to also look at my calendar and playing my team events. So I just started doing this a couple months ago and it's been a lifesaver because I was just doing like, random times. I would go live in work, a power, our with my team. So now I do. We do it on Thursday is and every other Thursday is a guided power. Our it's it's a guided power, our slash team meeting. So I'll get on their You know what issues air people having? What wins do we have and then we work our business and then on the Thursday that is not the power hour. We do a zoom opportunity call, and these have also been amazingly effective. So women who are already. Silas. Hop on. And we we kind of, like interview each other. Like what? What was something that held you back from starting this business earlier? What was a big misconception? What is something that our team does that is really helpful to you? How did you get started? And we kind of just bounce questions off of each other and the perspective stylist can listen in. Um, another thing that we do with the styles cause is we all introduce ourselves. So he's like, say something fun, you know, kind of like an ice breaker. And we ask the women who are on the call list thing to do the same now, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they're really shy. But we encouraged them to do the same just so they can get a feel for our team. So if your team start doing that again, I could do a whole another podcast on that. We should probably actually write that dumb, but it has been really effective for my team. So I plan out those those team events for the month, and I put them on the calendar, and then my team trainings air kind of done. I might pop in my group and do something quick. If it comes to me, I'll do like live videos like I did one today about setting goals, but, um, formally, those There are four events and people know Thursday nights at nine o'clock, we have a team of it. One other thing speaking of your team that has worked out really well for my team is doing what we call a makeup party. So this works while if you were in a party plan business if you're not, I don't really know what it would look like for network marketing, but you could do some sort of a team event basically, like it's like a a team party and we call it a mega party because lots of members of our team participate. And we invite women like everyone gets, maybe 10 invites, and they get to go into our team mega party and we do just a normal party in there. But it's really cool because there's so many people. So there's lots of engagement and she's something really fun that we dio. So that's something. It does take a little bit of planning, so you're definitely want to put that on your calendar and and plan that with the leaders on your team. Another thing you're gonna want to do with your calendar is put in your team and company training. So schedule those. And so I mentioned like I do. I do trainings on Thursdays for our team, but we're also on several other teams who also due to hangs and the trainings could be really overwhelming, especially for new people. I totally get that. So maybe ask Europe line. What days air? Different teams training. So, like we have one on a Tuesday and we have one on a Friday and you don't have to listen to all of them, especially if you're newer in the business. And it comes between listening to a training and working your business, doing an income producing activity. You are going to want Teoh, maybe save those team trainings and listen to them later. Saving is super easy, especially if it's on Facebook. You can click the three dots to the top right of a Facebook video. If you're looking at at it in like a like a thumbnail view. Not if it's like the full page. If it's the full page. I think it's on the bottom, but you can then save them to collections. And I do that. And then I listen to trainings. You know, when I'm in the shower, when I'm driving or when I'm multitasking. But I still schedule those on my calendar so that they're there. And I remember like, Oh, I have a team. Whatever training today, one thing about oh, let's see so more about your team building your team. If you do not have a team recruiting group like a considering being a nail boss group, I think it's Lars is called with our team name, but if you do not have that group, you definitely need a group like that. And we just started doing this and we call it Well, we didn't call it. This is other people made it, But it's called the A T M method, and it stands for ad tag message. So you're gonna have all kinds of content in this group. You can have all kinds of info. You're gonna do lots of of consultant in stylist personal stories because everyone has a different story that's going to relate to someone else, and you're gonna do you shout outs your recognition in there too, So want to add people? You should have some sort of video that they can watch is kind of like a nice over Vo. You're gonna add people to that group, you're gonna tag them underneath that video and then message them asking what questions they have if they've had time to watch the video. So that's something that is something else that should be, like ongoing, So encourage your team to be posting in there all the time. That's kind of like your V I. P Group. You're definitely nurturing those relationships. So someone from the team should be posting in their daily. So that's something else that you guys can schedule out. You can decide in your team who's posting what day or what not, And it really shouldn't just be the leader posting. So, like in my group, my team gets to dio Ah, little bit better job of posting a little bit more in there. I we're still trying to figure that out, but it shouldn't just be one person posting. We want to see everyone posting so that everyone has that authority in the group and very last thing, but not the least thing at all is scheduled check ins with my team, like I mentioned earlier the beginning of the month, middle of the month end of the month. And this is important because you're you want to know what their goals are, and you also want to build relationships with them so that they could be honest when they're struggling. They should tell you when personal stuff they don't necessarily have to go really in depth. But they need to be able to say, like, Hey, my, my nail businesses, not my priority right now. This is why, or I'm expecting to be like take off for a week or, you know, whatever they need to dio. But then, as you build those relationships as well, you'll know if the people on your team want you to push them or they want that tough love. And if you don't definitely asked like Hey, do you want? Do you want me to push you and help you to get to your next goal? And you also want to know if they want toe work their business and build their business because there's a lot of people. And I think the statistic is like 80% of the people on your team aren't trying to build a huge business and that they don't necessarily care about the rink and they don't care about They're just doing it for fun. They're doing it to be, as you know, a part of a group of women, etcetera. So you need to know that so that you're not pushy if they don't want it so that you're not counting on them to build a big team, too. Increase your rank so that you know that you need to find more business builders. And finding business builders is very hard. I will tell you that, Um, and that's another bad gas for another day, for sure. I should also write that window. Um, but if you guys have some suggestions for the podcast in different topics, definitely let me know. Find me on social media, and I would love to fill you in, um and share what I do know on the topics that you recommend. So again, beginning of a new month, print that calendar out, find what works for you. Um, you know, it's gonna look different for everyone what your month is gonna look like and what works best for you and your team. But what's worked for me is definitely front loading my month, putting as many of my parties as many of my invites at the beginning of the month so that hopefully those people join and I can spend the rest of the month, um, coaching and training them and my team. But sometimes it doesn't always work out that way. So if you get started early thebe any of your month, then you have the whole month to reach your goals. So that's my biggest thing is the counter for planning and also scheduling things out and then breaking your goals down and making sure your team breaks down the schools so that everyone is on the same page. Are you guys? I hope this was helpful. I hope you find that planning your month out helps your business grow even more. Like I said, it can take a while toe actually like, get in the groove of things to figure out what works, and I definitely take trainings from other people and utilize and try the things that, um, that work for them. T put in my business and weak as well. So try these things out, See if it works, let me know. And I think that's it for the Subsys episode. So definitely it. Share this on Social police. Please, please take a picture sharing your stories Tagger friend shared with your team If if you found this helpful and I hope you did, and definitely also check out I have a free group. It's called the Social Selling Sisterhood Squad. I was gonna call a pad squad, but the podcast wasn't actually out yet. So I was like, That would probably confuse people. But we have a squad in there. I post Daily Post just for motivation. A little bit of tough love reminding you to follow up. So I would love to see you in there. So that, again is the social selling sisterhood squad, and I will ding bat in the show notes and again, I would love to hear what suggestions you have for the podcast because I would love to bring that value to you. Thank you so much for listening. And I hope you have a great day

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