Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 35: Replay of My Team Leadership Panel

podcasts Dec 21, 2020
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Hello. Hello, everyone. I thank you for joining us. You're here live, and I I think others frozen thistle is real life. Uh, well, we'll see how that happens. But anyway, I guys So I am Lindsay Dollinger, and I am a color street stylist. I'm a color Street senior director with my lovely team. And I have some of my leaders from my team on this call, and we're gonna talk. There are others back, e like frozen like a statue for like, e was like, I think she's not there. Um, anyway, I am here, and I'm going to be chatting with some of the amazing leaders on our team. This is just a little snippet of our leaders. Um, and I just wanna introduce them all to you guys. We're going to talk a little bit. What leadership looks like, Um ah, little bit in our company, but more so with our team. Because while our company is really special, I think there's something even more special about our team and our team dynamic. So we're gonna have a little bit about that. I'm gonna highlight all these women and their amazing strengths on our team. and, um, go from there. So, um, let's see. We will start with Heather because Heather has been a stylist. The longest. Anyone, um, that were interviewing tonight. So we have Heather Pan. Well, we have Amelia Barker, and we have Gresham. Gretchen is your last name? Diem. It is now, right? Dams your maiden name. That's why I always right. I think when I send you stuff from college Yeah, okay. My bad. Um, so how they're joined first how they're joined in January. So super quickly, Um, for an introduction. I'm going to have all of you guys, if you don't mind share. Um, kind of why you joined Color Street. Ah, little bit about, like your strength as a leader and why you wanted to build a team because not everyone joins a direct sales or network marketing company and wants to build a team. So I think that's something really special about everyone on this call. Um, so, yeah, how they're tell us about you. Eso I'm Heather. I joined in January like Lindsey said I actually met Lindsay randomly at a craft show here around where we lived. But anyway, so I joined after seeing different things. I loved the product and was just kind of getting all of my friends and family addicted to them just like me, eh? So I just kind of started thinking like, Oh, like, this would be fun. Um, also something as something for me instead of just being a mom and nurse. The wife. You know, all of those things that, um, women have is labels, labels, jobs, you know, whatever. So does something for me, like a confidence builder. Just things like that. Um, I honestly did not start wanting to join a team. Not that I didn't want to, but I didn't Really. It just really wasn't on my radar. Um, but it was kind of another thing of just, like sharing the nails. Like I just want thio, empower other women and help them feel as good as I feel doing this. Um, so just to, like, share the love and share like this awesome opportunity and all of that stuff. Um, I would say my strength is name being, um supportive. Um, I like to encourage people things like that. And e think so. Yeah. Yeah. And you are expert on confidence, which we can talk about that after everyone goes bios we can, like, go loop back around to Okay. Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. And then we have Amelia who joined in February, right? Yes. And the Fed's work? Yeah, maybe the last day eso I had no intention of joining. In fact, I had no intention of really attending the party that I attended. But I went a little bit begrudgingly, and I thought, Wow, you know, this is really fun. And I found myself really looking forward to the posts. And, you know, if I was having a stressful day at work, I would scroll through after work, Of course. And then, you know, I I looked forward to it in the evenings. Um and and I just thought, Wow, this is really fun. And then I got the polish and I was still a Doubter. I was like, e don't know about all this, you know? I guess I'll try it. And so I wore a sample and I really liked it. And I've always liked literary sparkly nails, but I never really went out of my way to do my nails or anything, so I liked the product. Um, and I liked it a whole lot better than what I was doing before, but for me, it wasn't ever really about, you know? Okay, I want to go and sell stuff. You know, I don't have a long history and direct sales or anything like that. So, um, but I really liked the relationships that I was forming, even with the other people that were in this initial party. And so, um, you know. Then, of course, I started wearing the Polish and I started telling my friends and they started liking it. I was like, Wow, you know, this is really fun. And I'm having fun with my friends while I'm doing this, you know, I think I'm going to keep doing it. And that's, you know, I fairly quickly made the decision then to become a stylist, and I wanted to start building a team. Really? Because I want to be able to share that with others. And, you know, I've seen with myself how it's enriched those relationships. Um, I work from home and I've worked from home for gosh several years, I think, and so I don't get to go into the office and chat with people and have those types of water cooler relationships. And, you know, I've got my church family. I've got, you know, my local friends, but it's different. And so this gives me a really opportunity to connect with other people. Other women, especially, um, really, over something that we can all share and enjoy. So for me, it's always been about those relationships and then helping my team to fulfill their goals as their you know, it may be relationships that maybe confidence that maybe earning money but helping them take those steps and become successful. That's one of my favorite parts is really getting to know I was kind of like everyone's wise and what drives them and then also everyone's strengths, because all of us have different strengths. All of us have different things that we bring to the table like we had a call last night. Um, everyone here was on it, so it's not news to them, but we had a call last night for our team, like a team huddle that we did. We did like a little Christmas scavenger hunt holiday scavenger hunt. That was really fun at the beginning Um, but it's just really funny. Thio. See everyone strengths here. Everyone's different. Takes on what they're doing in their group. Learn new things, swap things out. So it's another thing. I think that's really special about our team that I really, really love. And Amelia mentioned that she has done direct sales network marketing before. So if you're watching this and you have done direct sales before, put a one in the comments. If you are currently in a company or you have done it before and put it to if you like, you have never, ever done it before. Um, maybe you're not even interested in it. That's totally cool. But I'm just curious who has done it. Who hasn't? Because I feel like a lot of people at some point have at least dabbled in it, whether you are currently in it or not. Um, awesome. Great. Thank you, Amelia. Alright. Correction. Blanchard e got the right last name. E. Well, we didn't actually technically go to college at the same time together. Um, but I am your elder, unfortunately, but unfortunately, we abutted at some point. Yes, I'm sure like and I'm pretty sure you came back for homecoming. We were in the same sorority. So that's how Grafton and I, um, connected way back in the day. I feel like but back in our youth, um, like Gretchen and tell us about you You joined in July this year, right? July was my first full month. I think like Amelia, I joined, like, the last day in June. So, like, I consider July to be like, my first month. Um, and I am high school administrator and actually, like, my role is to train teachers. So by day, my title is mastery Learning Specialist. So I run professional development. I trained teachers about how to, like, work in their classrooms and best practice. So during covert, I started working from home, and I really, really missed relationships and interacting and helping people and like, training people. And I know that sounds like crazy, but there was something missing as I wasn't able to work with my staff the way that I always had. Um, so, you know, around march, um uh, Christie send me a sample. And I was like, What is this source? Ary nonsense. And it took me about, you know, two or three months to really pull the trigger. And I don't know why it took so long, but it was just kind of like, you know, everyone has to join in their own do time. Eso July was my due time and it was like this this thing in the back of my head that kept saying like this is for you like, do this. It's awesome. So I took the leap, and I'm so glad that I did is the best thing to come out of 20 21st? Er, um and I would say, you know, kind of like my strengths are definitely like team building. Like I feel like as as a person like that, I love to help other people become really confident at something. And, you know, during my day job, I helped teachers become more confident. And in this role, I really like to help stylist learn how to do all the things and become confident in what they dio. Um, like Lindsey. I love personalities, and I love helping women find their strengths and their own characteristics that allow them to be really amazing at this work and then lift those up. Um, and just kind of this overall theme of like cultivating positivity. I did somebody say that phrase to me the other day and I was like, Yeah, that's what it's all about is like, no matter who you are, your personality type, why you love the nails. It's like cultivating and planting the seeds of positivity so that whatever you find that connects you to Color Street or to these beautiful nails like let's do the thing like, let's lift that up in you so that you can continue, um, to feel beautiful or whatever it is that you love about this product. I love it, I love it. And I love how you said that about positivity, because I feel like there are so many times there so many days where, like my business is, ah, huge source of positivity for me, whether it's just like getting the energy from our team or our customers or, you know, whatever it is, it's always a positive thing. Like it's never a negative thing that I like dread doing, which makes it really nice. So we talked to just a tad about how these women are have expertise in different areas, so Heather is kind of our guru on what we call our new stylist checklist. Um, she also really likes to talk about her journey. Um, and it's an ongoing journey like everyone's is an ongoing going journey for everything, but with confidence. Eso heather tell us about our teams like new stylist checklist are on boarding system and how that kind of helps us stand apart. Yeah, so the new stylish checklist I love to talk about it so much because it was like the first thing that I ever used because it's literally a road map to help you get started, which is just amazing. I have never done direct sales before this, so never thought I would either. So just going in blindly is kind of like So it's that kind of it's it's hella scary. Um, it's a very it's a good, scary what's exciting and scary. So to have this, this Mac of, you know, just awesomeness that tells you what to do is just amazing. So I followed that. It gives you different, um, ways of setting up your group of making different forms and setting up parties and just all kinds of things that you need to be successful. Um, it tells you how to set up your V I P Group, which we have different private groups for and by different I mean, we each have our own, um, private V I. P s. We called the eyepieces for our customers. Our clients. Um however, you want to say whichever Where do you want to use for our very important people that we love so much? Um, so it it just walks you through, you know, setting all of that up. And it also helps you nurture that group to make it so that it's not just about selling nails. Um, we have a fun place for people to go, especially with 2020 2020 has been a crazy year. So I think every single one on this call it and everyone on our team also. But we have groups that are not just about selling nails. It's about positivity. It's about fun. It's just this bright light that someone could go to to escape whatever is bothering them or to just have a good time. So it just kind of helps us, you know, nurture that group to become this amazing place that people could just feel and be a part of a community. So we have that checklist we also have. And on on on morning, um oh, my gosh, I'm forgetting the word. I'm warning the things. No, Golden Doc. The Golden Dawn. How do I forget that? I don't know, man. I'm pretty proud of our golden dog. Yeah, our golden doc is amazing. So it has even more stuff in it. Um, all of the important groups to be in all of just all of the things that are just so anything and everything that can help you be successful, but it can be a little overwhelming. So not we're not going to just throw this at you and say, All right, have a good time. We haven't on boarding call, which is with the person that you, your stylist, that you know, and then also, a lot of times it's Lindsay. Um, and we just, like, walk through that and kind of just help you get started, even mawr, and just answer any questions that you have just like a lot of support. This team is just in staying with the amount of support that is available to everybody in the positivity and and all of that. So these these things are one of my favorite things. Love it. Absolutely love it. Yeah. Eso we were talking about Amelia or Amelia. We weren't talking about Amelia. Yep. Way we're talking about V i p groups. And Amelia is kind of our expert on V i p groups with, as far as, like, engagement. And she's like, Argh! A master. You can see her nice backdrop up there. Um what, Amelia, first of all, tell us about your back job. So I actually just changed it today, I'm a little behind, so it's got my little holiday things. Um, this is not normally where I do my color street business. I'm also an s L teacher online. And so in the mornings before my day job, I'm teaching English to kids in China, and so you never know when I'm gonna pull out a random, proper something. You know, it all just depends on what's going on. E don't know how to work that into the conversation for me, E. Okay. I'm not calling anybody a cow. Um, no. So yes account. Um, but no. Um, so I'm in my classroom. I just redid it for the holidays with some little Christmas lights and things. Um and so I do like to have fun. And, you know, I think we've touched several times on personalities, and I think it's really important going into this that you don't think. OK, well, I have to have cows and backdrops and fun. You know, you might think that those air really lame and you might hate cows, and you might not like playing games. Um um and that's okay. You know, everybody brings their personality to the table. Um, and so in my day job, I've talked all around my day job, So I teach in the mornings. I do my color street business in the in the evenings and weekends. Um, but I do have a day job, a zwelling, and I'm a project manager for a technology company, and you know, so I'm I'm all about customer service because we're in the customer service organization, and we actually have ah metric called customer satisfaction and specifically, specifically net promoter score. And so you guys have probably done the questions on the surveys before. You know, when you called into To talk to somebody or, you know, you go to a restaurant and you call the number on the back of the receipt and we want to know how are we doing, right? It's one thing to say. Okay, well, we had a lot of people come in for lunch today, but we want to know. Gretchen, how did you feel about your visit today? We want to know specifically with net promoter score. Will you come back? Will you bring your friends? And that's the true sign when things were going well. And I think that that's very, very important in our groups as well, because you have to understand what, what your customers, what your friends, what your VIPs look for. You know what's going to make them want to scroll through your group after work. What's going to give value to them? Because I could sit here and and talk about, you know, dinosaurs all day. And if nobody likes dinosaurs, then you know it's not going to do anybody any good, and nobody's gonna want to see that on. I should warn you guys something in my analogy maker has been broken lately. I just come up with these weird, weird analogy, You A s. So I think that that is super super important when you're in your community and when you're building a team, you know what's adding value to them. Um and so of course I do things that I think are fun. But I'm also constantly asking for feedback. And I look at the numbers, you know, as as silly and as fun as I am and as many little props and games and things as I have. You know, I look at the numbers because Facebook We'll tell you how Maney active members do you have. How many times do people comment? You know, I could have a million people, but if they have it blocked with all you know and nobody ever reads anything and nobody plays along, you know, that tells me that they're not really engaged. So I want to know, not just, you know, do I have a couple of people who have a good time? That's great. But I want to make sure that that continues to grow and that as people change that I changed with, um So what are some ways you do that in your pipe group. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I pull monthly reports, um, to check number of members to check my top engaging people. That's probably not throw it with my top contributors, um, to check, number of comments, number of reactions, all of those types of things. And And I can tell you know when when I do. Ah, Scrabble game, for example. I hate Scrabble for for my V i p s. If you're watching, you know, I'll put those little words scrambles up and y'all I cannot stand them. I'm so bad at them. But the people in my group loved them, and they're very, very good at, um and, um, they, like, go to town. And I am in awe of how many words saying come up with. But like just a little handful of letters, um and so I pay attention to that kind of thing. You know, we have regular game nights once a month, where sometimes it's family feud. Sometimes it's trivia. Sometimes it's just, you know, little games. So it's it's different. We did a murder mystery at Halloween, and, you know, I asked my group for suggestions. You know what will they think is fun. I tried to take out we have a little game called this or that where you show, like an outfit in different types of nails. And I didn't do that one time in my game night. And I heard about it. Yeah, so they were like, we need this or that. I don't know what you were thinking about. We need this or that. So I haven't left that out again. Um, okay. Super cool question with that. Where do you So we're talking about, like how our team is kind of different or apart, or are, or organization. Where do you get your graphics in such for that? Because I don't think we have touched on that or some of your ideas, because I know you come up with a lot of them on your own. I like that, though. I like to come up with things. Um, to me, it's like a creative outlet, but there's a lot of things that I don't come up with. Two. We have a number of groups out there graphics groups that have all sorts of pictures. You know, it's really hard. It's really hard to take a nail fee without looking like you're gonna claw somebody's eye out s. Oh, yeah, There's pictures out there that stylists do this amazing thing with their fingernails. Um, and like the games we did, um, one today, actually. And I think Jean, one of my one of my VIPs and good friends, is watching, I think. And she was playing along. It was like a battleship game on Lee. We used a monkey and some bananas, and I came up with that idea from somebody else. Like I didn't I didn't create that. And she did eventually find a monkey, by the way. So, um, but I never in a million years would have thought about playing battleship on Facebook. So if you like creating stuff like that, you're gonna love it. If you hate creating stuff like that, you don't have thio because there's there's people like me who do it and and who love it and who come up with amazing things. So, yeah, I think that's that kind of wraps back to our everyone has, like, their different styles. Um, and one of the cool things with our team specifically, but also our company. Um, basically, when you join a network marketing drug sales business, you are getting leadership training. You are getting, um, business training, and it's all for free. Like people pay a lot of money for that in courses and in college and all those places. Um, but you you essentially get it for free, with all the resource is that we have the trainings that we have and going back to that I found out through one of the trainings that my what we call a brand India graham or a brand archetype, my creator. So I love creating things. Um, but there are people who hate creating things. Um, there are also times, though, when I'm like, Okay, I have literally no time to do anything right now. So I'm going to the graphics group and I'm stealing all the things and I'm scheduling all the post, and my business is still going to run. You know, no one's going to die because I didn't create a graphic. So I do think like that's a really important thing Toe point out is you don't have to be tech savvy. We help you with all of that. All the things love it all right, Gretchen, Gretchen is are kind of a recruiting superstar. So she has you are you are Girl. I don't even know how many people since you joined, but it's a lot e nine. Yes, love it. And Okay, so can you just talk to us just a little bit about what that experience has been like? Um, you know, actually, because you mentioned that you really pay attention to personalities. You're taking some of your stuff from your day job, and you're putting it into your color street business, and it's obviously really paying off. So what does that look like for you? Um so, you know, as I run my parties and as I get to know my VIPs, you know, we always talk about, like, building your dream team, which I think is really interesting because, like when I think of my dream team, I literally, like, have this rainbow of different personalities that I'm like, I want these kind of people on my team. So when I meet people in my V i p or in parties, it's almost like this little thing goes off when I'm like, Oh, yeah, that person would kick butt at like this Certain element, Um, I tend to be very right brained and like, crazy and creative and like whatever I often struggle with really like delineated tasks. So on my dream team, I'm always looking for people. Um, that would be really, really good at, like, organizational techniques. And whenever I see our teammates that are really good at that, I try to, like, build ideas from them because that's always something that I'm kind of trying Teoh get better at myself. So a couple of the people that are on my team now are people that I've said like, Oh dang, like shooting this thing And she would be so good because I know that's something that I want to get better at. Let me see if she's interested in, like, joining this like crazy Rainbow Squad Squad of women. Um, so that's one thing that I always keep in my head. Another thing is just like a natural love of people and a personality that, like like, even if your personality is not super duper outgoing, if you love these nails and you can tell like this is somebody that would love to share that with others, I think that's something that always snaps with me. So a few of my ladies, that air under me that might even be like, maybe quieter women, But you can tell when they're talking about color street they light up on De. So a few of my amazing team members under me are people that you know when I've talked to are like, you know, I don't know if I have like it to do it. And I'm like, You do have it. You don't even know you have it. Let me show you how you have it. Um, kind of just like you know, my love of personalities. Like I try to build within people that I think would love doing this, that confidence that, like you would be awesome, like give it a shot. Here's how I can help you along your journey. So e think it's kind of my outlook and again like that is kind of also my day job, just with teachers. So I like doing that. I like helping people kind of get their feet wet and learn all the things. So I mean, that's kind of it. In a nutshell. I love it I love that. Yeah. I don't feel like I do anything really different than anyone, I think. Or at least you know, at least the people on this panel and our leadership. Um, it's just helping women feel amazing about themselves. And then with that recruitment or the sponsoring, Um, that not only do you are you amazing, but like you could also be here with us doing the thing. Because because you're amazing. Yeah, I love that And that. I think that's such a big part of being a leader is identifying the potential in people and instilling that belief in them. Like you can do it. Um, You know, I I see it and you run with and just never giving up on people not being pushy, but checking in, providing people with the resource is believing them. And then when they're ready, they'll run with you. Add to that. Yeah. Please, dio So as someone that, um, doesn't have much confidence. Definitely. Um, when I first started, you know, I've always struggled with it, but, um, the new stylist checklist also helps that, but anyway, like, all of these women are so incredible to do that like what? Lindsay and Gretchen, We're just saying, like if you don't have a lot of confidence, it's still totally doable on. And I'm saying that from personal experience, Um, you always have someone that's going to tell you You really can't do it like I can see it in you. Like even if you don't see it in yourself. They see it in you and they're behind you, like supporting you 1000% s So it's just really amazing. And you really can do it. If it's something that you want to dio Bond, you're not gonna be alone, which is also amazing. I love it. I love it on. And I also think that's one thing that kind of separates the four of us, not necessarily from everyone on our team, um, are not necessarily from anyone on our team but separates us as a team from other ones. Um, is that positive mindset and just really instilling into people that well, really just a positive mindset? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know how many more words than that, but you know, a positive mindset, Um, because you can look at things like things that have happened this year when inventory was low or right now shipping a slow and you can get in toxic environments. I've been in toxic environments with other teams and other things before, and people can just really bring it down really quickly. Um, and I think your vibe attracts your tribe, and we've done a really, really awesome job with that, for sure. And I know I say that all the time. That's kind of my others. Others is a new stylist checklist. Amelia's VIPs. Gretchen's positive that you mind like your vibe attracts you drive like That's my my slogan. Um, Okay, ladies, what do you all love about being later on our team? And I don't care who goes first. I can jump in because as you guys were talking, I was thinking about this and and I love this for myself, and I strive to do the same for my team. Um, whether I have a random question or I need to learn a new skill or I'm trying to build consistency in my business. There's always people there to help, and I'm super excited that, you know, coming spoiler alert. I guess that going into next year. You know we're going to be having multiple work sessions throughout the week, so you know you can come and you can participate when you're able to, because everybody's schedules are different. You know, I don't happen to have little kids with bath times, so I'm I'm open in the evenings. But but those who do, you know, maybe doesn't doesn't work well for them. I'm an early bird on the weekends, and I love that. There's always somebody there who's who's willing and able to help. And like my the person who enrolled me. She works overnights, and so I can I know I can message her at 4 30 in the morning when I wake up and say, Hey, Jackie, you know I need to talk to you about this and she'll message me in between classes, you know? So it's just a very caring and supportive environment, and I, like I said, I tried to do that for my team is well because I have a nurse who's working extra shifts right now. I have you know, ah, mom of ah little baby, you know, have a teacher and we all know how busy teachers are. I mean, that everybody's got literally everybody. I couldn't go through my whole list, and everybody has stuff going on in their lives. So are they going to be able to come and work, you know, from 6 to 7 o'clock on Tuesday? No, Maybe not. But, you know, there will be me and the rest of my team here when they've got availability and they need help, we're going to be there for them. And I just think that's so amazing. And it's such a supportive environment. Yeah, I totally agree. I'm in a mastermind right now, and the work sessions are always 5 to 7 a.m. Monday through Friday on I Yeah, first of all, I'm like, Yeah, Amelia would love that. I, on the other hand, and like, I'd rather stop my eye out with a four e before 7. 15, Which is my contract ID teaching time. Seriously? Yes, I go in, I drink that coffee, and I'm like, Dear God, please let me be a nice person today. I'm not, but yeah, I think that flexibility of offering multiple times for our power hours I'm really pumped about that because I think that's gonna be really good too. All right. Heather. Gretchen, Who's next? The question was, What do you love about being a leader, by the way? Thank you. I need Thio e outside. Um, I love getting to know my team and becoming friends with them and just kind of sharing all this awesomeness. Sorry. My dogs coming in so distracted with my mind You're doing the same thing. Um, heimer, um I just totally lost my table. What do you love being on their team? Being a leader on their team? Oh, yeah. Getting thio, getting to know everybody and being friends. And, um even like the V i P group, you get to know them and become friends with them. So, like sharing that possibility with your team. And, you know, just like having this big community of women and men that are just, you know, amazing, supportive, and you're just having a lot of fun with with nail, which seems so, like, little and silly. But it does, doesn't it? They're amazing. Awesome. Brach, Um I think one of the things I love is when, like, your VIPs group almost seems like it's running itself. And I don't know if you guys have ever felt that before, where it's like your VIPs get so excited and they're posting nail fees and they're doing all the things which, like there's been days when I watch my V I P Group and I'm like, Dang, we've really made this a community where, like, I'm it's not about me. It's about us. And these people that are in this group have gotten to the point where they love this so much. They're not waiting for me to like post something. They're just doing it themselves and they're interacting with each other, and it's It's like a beautiful thing. I think that, you know, when it got to that point for me and I was like, This is what I wanted I never wanted to be about any individual or myself. It's about how how are we working together and how are we enjoying this as like, you know, a community. So I think I absolutely love that, and that goes for the same with our with our leader spaces or our team spaces, especially like our behind the scenes page. I love that page, and I really like, um, I really liked going live. You guys probably have noticed like it's truly like there never planned. It's not like I have some, like, grandiose, like mission. Like of all the things I want to talk about, something will spark in my like, literally not because it's not how I roll Generally, ever. But something will spark in my brain. And I loved it like, share that with people that are considering joining us, because I think for me that was always one of the things is like there was always a little like voice in the back of my head trying to pull me back. But then there was the, you know, the angel and the devil that, you know, I knew I should do it. But then there's always the voice that was like, No Mm, yeah, but have self talk like Why? Why do you need to do that? You don't have time to do that. Why? You know. So I'm being the person to try to, like, you know, beat that voice down. E. Yeah. Go on. Go on. Say I was gonna add one more thing to the list of what I'm going to like about being a leader on this team. Um, I don't like it yet because I haven't done it, but I cannot wait to travel with you ladies. You know, I am going to be on the beach with Gretchen. Um, if I have to smuggle away in her suitcase, Um, s so excited about the incentive trips that are available. Um, I'm so excited about conference. And so, you know, I think this year it's gonna be in Orlando, and we already have plans for an Airbnb and the world of Harry Potter and Disney. Um, but really, you know, I even got I I told a few people I got really psyched with the virtual conference that they did, and I fully went into it, guys thinking it was gonna be lame. Um, I just I was like, Okay, it's gonna be online. It's not gonna be very interesting. I was ready to multitask, and I got nothing done because I was so enthralled with it, and I just I know it's going to be even more exciting sitting there with you guys, you know, experiencing it so I cannot wait to be face to face with so many of you cannot wait. I can't wait for you guys all experience it because just some back story for people watching. I'm the only one of these four who was a stylist back when we could do it are last in person, one on. But it was literally so fun. It was also in Orlando, and so when they announced it was in Orlando again, I literally got on Airbnb. And I was like, team houses. They're, like, booked two new I'm like, I don't even care. At the time, I think our team was like, 60 people and I booked spots for, like, 30. I'm like you girls air coming like we're coming. We're invading Orlando. And now I think we have about 120 people in our team. I'm like, I'm gonna have to book more houses. Like thinking to get on this. All the things. Yeah, I'm really pumped. Um, and also, there's a leader day. I don't know if you guys knew that, but there's a leadership day at conference, which is really sweet. Um, yeah, so I could go on and on about conference. Um, I won't do that, but yes, I'm very excited for that too. I'm excited for our trips. Um, definitely a lot of perks for being a leader as well. Like, obviously, there's all the things with helping our team grow. Um, in the amazing woman we get to work with that there are a lot of of really nice leadership parks to which is we can't We can't be sad about those, um and Gretchen you were talking about with your V i p group and your team, Um, and how it's just starting to, like, run itself. And I literally, every time I, like, scroll through my newsfeed. Like I saw Heather collaborate with Britney a couple of months ago. I literally, almost I was like I was like, these stylists don't even actually, like, know each other in person like it's my friend from college. And it is Heather who I met here in Springfield, and they've never like they've never met. And they're collaborating like Britney lives in Las Vegas. I was, like, so proud. They didn't even tell me they were doing this on like, it's just gotten better from there. Like people are hopping in our team page live there planning things. Um uh, joy and I forget who she did it. What did like a live sale battle, or was that you, Amelia, did you about okay, it wasn't you. I'm thinking. Was joy with someone? Um, she was Alissa. Yeah, I was thinking maybe Yeah, listen, listen, likes to go live. She likes her tic tacs. To her. To talk is wonderful, ladies. Um, but yeah, it's just all these really cool things, and I just feel like a proud mama bear every time I like. And I'm like, yeah, you're actually listening to the trainings and you're doing the things And, like, I can't even believe it. Like it's just like falling into playing claims. So proud. So, um, that's kind of like where I'm at my reason for being a leader, and but I've loved about it has obviously, like, evolved as our team has grown. Um, but it's just really cool getting to connect with with everyone on our team because we have some really amazing women. Um, okay, so let's see if there's any other questions that I miss Anything lady is that we chatted about we're talking about Can you think we covered, like, a really nice gamut of things. Um, So, hopefully guys, you got a little bit of a taste of what? Um, again, this is definitely not all the leaders on their team. We have lots of leaders on their team. We have a leadership chat, and we keep adding more people to it because people keep hitting ranks and breaking ceilings. And, um, you know, adding more American girl Boston for our team. Right? Um, we're growing absolutely love it. Everyone has different strengths. Everyone like you can see just how different the four of us are. Just from our chats. Um, So there's definitely room for you in our team. There's room for you in leadership at our team. And we would love to chat more with you about it. We will link after I get off here live. If you are not watching this in our behind the scenes group, we do have a behind the scenes Facebook group that Gretchen chatted about. Amelia chatted about, um where Gretchen goes. Live a lot, Amelia. And how they're both post a lot. I wasn't, uh um but where you can connect with us, you can learn more information about the opportunity you can scroll through and look at the info. And it's a really cool, like, hands off approach. But we're also here to chat with you as well. So reach out comment below, reach out to one of us. If another silence from our team invited you to watch this, reach out to her. Just talk to her about it. Um, tell her what you really loved about our video because I'm sure there is something that you really loved about our video. Ask any questions Were an open book. We will share anything with all of you.  Thank you for listening to the behind the scenes of being a leader with this. Thanks, ladies, I really appreciate you have a great week!

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