Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 32: Uplevel Your Business with Pinterest feat expert Tammy L Jones

podcasts Nov 30, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Yeah, we are live. Hello, everyone. Welcome back to a live recording of the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger, and I am stoked to introduce you guys to Tammy Jones. She is a Pinterest expert. And I have been in her free group this week learning all the Pinterest things. And I thought it would be awesome to bring her on to all of my listeners and to everyone, um, and my Krekar, the social selling Sisterhood Squad. So, Tammy, without further ado, would you please introduce yourself to us and tell us just a little bit about you? And maybe how you got into the Pinterest? Yeah, of course. We were having a little fun with the dance party there at the beginning. I love the Internet. I'm Tammy Jones and I live in Corpus Christi, Texas. I am wife, Mother Two grown Children have grandchildren who are not here right now or normally. They would interrupt us However the dogs might so just a warning. They will work at some point. They always do. I have been working with Pinterest for 3. 5 years now. I actually got started by just saying the other people were using it to market. I was tired of being in corporate was tired of, you know, having other people tell me when I had to be somewhere If I could take time off if I couldn't. You know, those types of things. So I really wanted to have more control like everyone else over what I do. And when I do it. And I basically just dived in and consumed everything I could find on how to use it. I have a marketing background. I have a design background so it kind of flowed fairly easily into that until you get on the back end of Pinterest and you're like, Holy crap, what we do here, you know, a whole new world a new world. And it takes a little time because you can watch something, and then you go to do it. And you're like, Wait a minute. So you need to go back and watch it again. But that's how I got started. I have worked with individuals just starting out all the way up to multimillion dollar companies organic and paid strategies from $100 a month to $10,000 a month budget. So I have worked with Dammit. Oh, my God, my mind just like exploded. I'm like, I can't even imagine a $10,000 a month. That's a add spent. Yeah, very, very massive. So So I have seen it all, basically, is what I'm saying. Yeah, I love it. I love it. Okay, so the audience, listening to this podcast or this YouTube live depending on where you're listening to this, uh, the majority are network marketers and direct sellers, and I am a firm believer that we're not using Pinterest nearly enough for all of the capabilities that Pinterest has. Um, so would you mind to walk us through? Like, if you Maybe, if you agree with that, Or maybe you're you know, you don't on then some ways that we can get started using it for our businesses because I'm pretty sure probably everyone has a Pinterest account, but we're using it to pin like hairstyles. That's what I always use it for. Like Like, I have a hair appointment next week, and I'm gonna be on there on Monday pending new hairstyles. But, like, I want to use it to grow my brand and to grow my business. So, like, how do I even get started? Okay, Absolutely, absolutely agree. You can use it and should be using it. Okay. To the degree that you use it is going to depend on what you're doing and how you're going to use it is going to depend on what your products or services are. Okay, so get started. First of all, I hear you on the hairstyles. I have I've been on there since you have to have an invite. So I have over 200 some odd boards personally, um, and a lot of those air. No secret. So if you can t o to keep your personal account, you can You can convert it to a business account if you haven't already, and it's a really simple process. Um, I have several short tutorials that show how to do that or a block post or whatever. So if anyone needs help with that, let me know acknowledge that we just went through this week. Actually, the very first day before we even started was showing you how to do that. So, um, it is not a hard process. Here is the caveat to that Back in the day when I started when I switched mine over, it was a little easier to switch those accounts over and have Pinterest pick up what your brand was about. Now, however, there is a lot more traffic. So what I usually recommend is just going ahead and starting a new business account. So is it trying to learn now what your interests are and who to show your content, too? Because before we were pending, you know, for me I have a nail board that is like massive, because before I go get my nails done, I have all these ideas and oh, can you do this? Can you do that same thing with hairstyles? But Pinterest is used to seeing you do those things, so it's a little harder for it to then switch over into business mode. That makes complete sense. I never thought about that s O. Now, to rank quicker and to make sure that your keywords or what's being found and to not confuse the AI even though it's very smart, I have just found that a brand new business account will actually build a quicker than transferring from a personal. Okay, so now I think I switched my business account, like, two years ago. But it was a different business. And what I'm currently doing would you recommend me just starting a new business accounting? I actually would. Okay, okay. Good to know. Yeah. I'm so glad we did this interview already. And it is not even five minutes in e mean good. I just I just have seen personally that when you started out with being exactly what it's going to be about, it just makes it that much simpler for the AI to pick it up and for you to start ranking for those keywords. So I mean, it makes sense for sure. I definitely would recommend doing that on Ben. Um, doing your keyword research during your market research right in the platform. So whatever it is that you're doing, so if it's color street. If it's Monday, if it's and I'm not saying that, right, I'm sure, e. Or if your service space you know you want to do you're searching on the platform itself. And if you are a direct sales or something like Color Street, I'm not sure if those direct sales or network marketing, which one that would be. But we're technically a combo, but I think a little closer to direct sales. Okay, um, take a look and see if the main company, if the parent company actually has a profile oh, and get ideas from what they're doing and what they're sharing, because if they're doing it and they have a lot larger budget and ad spend, then what you're gonna have you can get ideas off of what they're doing. You can also then follow them and start sharing some of their content so that while you're building your account up, you're not having to create as much and still reach the people that you're wanting to reach by sharing their content. Okay, um, now that was a huge question I had. So how much? Once I have my business profile set up and I do a little bit of my keyword research. Um, how much do I share versus how much do I need? To create my own. That's gonna depend on how, what your band. With this, it will create enough content to be consistently putting out pins each day of your own content. You don't necessarily have to share anyone else's. Most do not have that band with, especially not in the beginning. So you know, we can do a couple of our own brand new pens a week and then be sharing other stuff that's relevant, like nail ideas or hair ideas, things that are gonna attract our audience without us having to spend that time creating that content and then slowly, more of yours less of theirs. And and until you are up to either all of your own, if that's what you choose, or to where you're at, like 75 80% of your content and very little of others, okay, now does Pinterest like favor original content? Absolutely. Now what it favors higher than original content is fresh new pins. And what do you mean What? Yeah, What do you mean by that? What that means is a brand new pin image. So say I have a pen that goes to one particular set of nails or one particular set of hair products. I'm just gonna use those because those are the ones that most familiar on. And I'm going to do different headlines, and I'm going to do different colors and I'm going to do different pictures now. They're all gonna lead to the exact same spot, but they look different, so as long as they look different, Pinterest considers that a fresh new pin. No, that's awesome. So you could feel like that's so easy to do, right? It is a lot easier to do than it is to create constant brand new content with a new your oil every week. So they made it a little simpler in that aspect. And here's the reason why when you land there, you want to see new stuff. You don't want to see the same stuff that you saw yesterday when you got on there or even an hour ago. Okay, so they need people to create that brand new content that's going to show up so that when someone refreshes that screen, more stuff pops up and it's not the same thing. Very interesting. Alright, so you can add a mural. That does not matter. Um, if you have more than one place that you can lead, absolutely do that. So for you, for instance, if you were trying to, you know, grow your group, you could have pens lead to your YouTube channel. You could have pens lead to your group. You could have pens lead to your website. You can have pens lead to Facebook lives. You can have pens that lead to instagram. It's wherever take them. That's really cool. Um, because I feel like that's a little different than what we're used to with Facebook, where Facebook doesn't really want you to leave the interface. But Pinterest is kind of set up for you. Toe. We've leave and come back. It is it absolutely is. It is set up for people to click off of the platform, which is part of what makes it unique. The other thing is that the pen, once he created, is on there forever. It does not go away. I mean, I've seen some crappy pins that I created through E. It's a It's like a bad ex boyfriend that you'll never, never quite get away from. Benefit of, that is it really is keyword based. So I know that even though the pen I didn't feel looked all that good, it's still showing up because of the keywords and the descriptions that I used. So I love that now. Okay, Um, so speaking of descriptions, how should we format? Should we do our descriptions and, like, a paragraph form, Can it just be random keywords like, what is Pinterest like for our descriptions? Absolutely. Do not keyword stuff. You will see it done. And you will see people do that. But their their accounts do get d ranked in the algorithm. Okay, we just can't see that, you know, on our side, because we're scenes, but absolutely get us many keywords as you can in there and different keywords. So all the places you can use keywords. First of all, your profile name, your profile description, your board names, your board descriptions, your pin titles, your pen descriptions and even on the pins three. I can read the pins themselves. I like the image. Oh, okay. Cheap for you that I do if you have books or, you know, like the ipads or the computers, you can pop something in there that actually has more keywords in it that's gonna tell it what your pin is gonna be about what people are gonna find Planner sitting on the desk. I could do 2020 Pinterest planner. Or we could do 2020 top nail designs or anything anyway, like from keywords. I'm gonna put him That's not stuffing necessarily that Z That's right. That's right. So I can make them like, teeny tiny on my graphic is what you're saying and it would it would still like Catch him it can, as long as it's not too Script E. What do you mean by two scripting? You know how the real pretty scripted fonts okay, you can't read them interesting, either. And people can't read them because most people are on a cell phone looking at the pins. So be very cautious of those really pretty scripted fonts. Go for something. We're bold, more basic, and you'll have better results with that. You know, that's the whole point of that was used different keywords in each place, but definitely use keywords. Aziz. Many as you can get in your description without it sounding like all you're doing is just spinning out word vomiting, a bunch of keywords. And if we're including ah, link to take them other places like I'm envisioning like the pin set up when I'm going to create a pin. Should I put it down there where it says, like linked to U R l or should I also put it in the description or doesn't matter? Description? Because you're losing space there because people are already trying to click the pin to go off of it to get where you're putting them to. Okay, how am I ever recommend putting a link is when you're doing story pins, because at this point, they are not clickable. So in your description or on the last page of the story, you want a link for them to type into New York oil or copy and paste over so that they could go Okay, I didn't even realize there were story pens. This is telling you the last. I don't think I've been on Pinterest in like two or three weeks, but I didn't pay any attention to story pins. Three pins have been around almost a year now. Not everyone has accidents. They wait. What? Not everyone has access yet. They've been beta testing and started rolling them out for everyone here about a month, month and a half ago. I think Don't hold me to that. Um, you can request access, and that is popping up on a lot of accounts right now. You'll see it when you go in there that says, Hey, we have this new feature. Do you want to be included? And you're gonna hit the button. Otherwise, there is a place to go. There's a girl that you could go to and the request that accesses. Well, um e have to have you share that with us. Yeah, I'll put that in the show. Notes. Uh, but they are E. That's the only they don't care for, but they are very, very good for getting more engagement for building your impressions. People can react to them so you can now actually leave like a little emoji idea or, you know, different things like that. So they're very good for that for boosting impression. So if you have a new account and you can get access to them, it's a really good way to start building up very, very fast. Okay, now you just had impressions for all of the people not familiar with Pinterest terminology. Would you explain really quickly without this? Impressions are basically the number of times that your pin has came up to where someone could see it. So whether that be, by search or by their feed, their feed that they see on day, that's where your keywords coming. So the better your keywords, the more you're going to show up. The more impressions you're going to get, the more impressions you get. The more possibility of people to interact and engage with your pin to them click through Save it all of that. So impressions or your very first step in that process. Okay, don't look accounts either, and think well, they have millions of impressions. They must be doing good, because I could tell you I've been behind the scenes them some accounts who share all the most popular stuff at the time to get those impressions up and get left five clicks a month to their to any of their products or pages. That makes sense. So you just have to gauge, you know, if you're showing if you are if there, then interacting and eso there's different steps for that. So and I've been behind accounts who have less than 100,000 impressions per month and are getting thousands of late clicks because they're so honed in on their audience. Yeah, that they're showing up exactly where they need to be, So it's kind of a vanity metric. Okay, it plays into If you don't have this, you're not gonna get that. You're not gonna get that right, right, for sure. So say hi. Hypothetically, I were starting my business Pinterest all over again because that might be happening. Um, how do I build up my followers is just kind of organically by me re posting things and sharing out my content because I don't necessarily want back in the day when I joined Pinterest that you could e think I linked it actually to my Facebook. So, like my Facebook followers were invited toe, follow me on Pinterest. Um, but how do you kind of get that organic reaches it just strictly like your content that you're creating or sharing. Uh, well, story pens are very good for that also because because what it does is over the side. It actually shows your account profile and they can follow you. Oh, God, that I do is go in and, um, follow some relevant influencers or companies, depending on what it is that you do our times, you'll get followed backs from that. Another way is through tribes by tellin tribes, which is a whole another topic, uh, also a plug in that you can put on your website. It is like $10 a month, but it's called Milo Tree, and it actually pops up and it says, Follow me and you can choose Pinterest and then they can just follow directly from there, and it goes over your Pinterest page. So there's several different ways to get those followers. But story pins right now are one of the top ways and follow follow back kind of until we're getting a good reach. And then those will just we start increasing right because you're hopefully your keywords in your S c O r. Improving as you get better at it as well, and people are following you. Um, is there a sweet spot for a number of boards that an optimal profile hazard does not really matter? I don't think there's necessarily a sweet spot for the number, but I would recommend at least 5 to 10 to get started. Okay, not to at least fill the screen when people land there. So depending on if they're on mobile or on a computer and how wide their screen is because you don't want them for laying there. And there be two boards because that really doesn't show that you're very active on the platform. Show much variety for them. To them, you know, kind of binge some of your content, shall we say, And it's not hard Thio get that many boards because if you think about it, you have a YouTube channel. You have your main website. You have interests that you talk about. You have things that you're sharing with people, so you want to have boards that are going to touch on all of those aspects. Okay, other thing. You want to have our boards, that air, just your content that you never, ever share anyone else's content to and boards that you do share other people's content to. So when looking at that, it's pretty simple to get minimum that. But 10 even is fairly great for sure. That makes that makes sense. So that's what I usually recommend. That's the base that I do when I'm starting out. An account with someone is 10, uh, and if they have more and we can do more, that's great. But just started. That is the base that I would recommend. Okay, now I know there's an optimal, like pixel number for your pins because they like I'm a certain shape. Um, do you happen to know that off the top of your head E 02 to 3 ratio right now? And I say right now, because things change. Right now, the optimal size is 1000 by 1500 pixels for a regular pin for a story pin, it's 900 by 1800 pixels, which is a little different, but they want and videos don't matter video. It doesn't matter what size there, whether they're square, whether they're tall, whether they're wide video, they're pushing videos so highly right now, it really just not matter What What? Video format use. Okay. So videos would be a good thing Thio be putting on our Pinterest to repurpose over there. Absolutely. Okay, here's the thing. I want to stay with video. You don't want to take the whole YouTube video or the whole Facebook video or whatever the video is, you're sharing and place the whole thing there. Okay? We want to take a snippet of it with a called action to get them to click over. Okay, if you leave the video on their people on Pinterest or not necessarily going to sit there and watch a 10 to 20 minute video always begin with, that's not where they're on their some will. But I can tell you from working with multiple YouTubers. It doesn't happen very often. And these were very, very good YouTubers. So they have a huge following. Yeah, they're really known Andi. People still will not sit there because you can see the number of views You could see how long people stayed on there. You can see all of those analytics in the back. Okay. And they just don't sit there and watch the whole video. Yeah, so it makes sense. Put a shorter amount with a called action. The optimal amount is about 15 seconds to 60 seconds. Eso really short there? Yes, Thea Other thing is remember, people probably don't have their volume on. So you need to have subtitles or some type of way for them to understand or to tell them turn your volume on. You know, with a little little sound. Things come up and pop up on volume or whatever. Yeah, something like that. So that they will, because we generally have our phones silenced for that kind of stuff. That's so good. Yeah. Yeah. Even on what they called like Tik TAKS and all those short videos they were I was listening to a training on that, and they were saying to put the words throughout so that if people are standing in line somewhere and scrolling, which is what I have done a Pinterest to, You know, I'm at the hair hair salon looking, and I don't want everyone to hear all my stuff. So my value is definitely off. Yeah, I'm same thing with story pins. You can use video on story pins. Oh, fine, fine. Five second max clip per s. So if you have 10 slides that you're doing, you have to cut the video in five second increments. It also for someone like me, he was very o c d about stuff like that. I would try and get it to stop right at the right point. Gave up on doing videos on stories. And I'm like, e have to redo this again. Thanks. Five seconds again. I talk too long. Yeah, I would totally do. You mean, unfortunately, it the last time I did it, which was about two weeks ago. It doesn't automatically cut. Kind of like what? Instagram stories and Facebook stories. Well, for you literally go into Canva or Photoshop or whatever it is and cut that video yourself loaded. So it is very time consuming to do it that way. Yeah, that makes sense. Um, okay, so, video, it doesn't matter, but are other pins have our dimensions? Now, what about the aesthetics of them? Because we talked about kind of the words being bold. Um, but so I'm thinking, like on instagram how it used to be really popular for everyone. Toe have, like, the same look like everyone. You know? You used your brand colors and all your pins are rather all your instagram pictures that looked the same. Is Pinterest kind of like that or not? Really? Not so much. So much. Okay, You can actually stray away from your brand colors as long as you keep your logo. Andre have said that logos performed better and for brand recognition toe, have your logo or your website in the top half of the pin. Oh, my parents, as you're scrolling in case you stop on something, your pen maybe cut off halfway, but people are still going to see that and get that brand recognition in there. Yeah, that's so smart. I usually put mine at the bottom to everybody. Has everybody on? Uh well, they came out this during the creator studio or creator conference and said, Hey, put it at the top. You know, put it in the top half. People will see it more, which is true. You know why we not think of that? E don't know. I don't know. You just I'm like, Oh, my gosh, that makes so much sense. Because even if we are going to click on it, you know, if they're seeing all the text and everything in the top part, and they don't ever scroll to the bottom there never actually going to see your logo or your website. So it just makes sense. But looking with the same colors for brand cohesion, it looks good. But for Pinterest purposes, as long as you're pensively talk to what you're talking about and show up where the people are searching for it, it is much of a thing to worry about. Okay, that's good to know, because I know that could be something especially for a newer people that it's, like, really stressful to try toe, make everything look beautiful in all the same when you could just be in your content out there and still reaching those same people. Yeah, Yeah. Perfect. Exactly. Yeah. Now I get it. We're all we want to do. You know, we want to do a really good job, but at the end of the day, you're like, what? I'd rather get two pins up today. Or maybe not even one, because I'm worried about it. A graphic. We were worried about how it looks. Uh, and the story friends especially they're more about showcasing what you have to offer. And you know what your company has offer or what kind of a transformation you're gonna be giving the people. And they're really looking more for that daily kind of life just like they are on other platforms. I'm just a little bit different formatted. Um but yeah, so definitely doesn't have to be perfect and all. Pretty pretty. Thea Other thing. If you use the same colors, I will tell you Pinterest is still heavily female oriented, even though 40% of sign ups this year are men more than ever now, more than ever. Really interesting. But millennials are the main people on Pinterest to, so that makes more sense growing up with these devices and with all these platforms and being comfortable with all of the, um, But when you go to do your keyword research, you're also looking at Penn styles. And if everybody in white, pink and your brain colors or light pink, do you think you're going to stand out a fade in the background with everybody else? E use a blue or a purple or yellow or green. They're going to stop because they're gonna Whoa, that color is different, you know? Yeah, I never thought about that. So we're almost again, always, always testing different colors for different times a year to depending on the seasons. So it doesn't hurt to try out some of the seasonal colors. But again, you don't want to use the same thing. Everyone else it is. And sometimes we have clients and say, No, I only use my brain colors only use my brand Fox Whether they know that's gonna hurt them or not, that's just how they want it. And they want everything to look that way. Yeah, yeah. Now I heard somewhere on and this was like a year or two ago, back when I was actively blogging that Pinterest is always kind of like a season ahead. So, like if I wanted to, you know, it's November Already. People are probably already thinking I had to spring break. Or maybe not now, with everything going on, but in a normal year, they would be going ahead and thinking about spring because they if their pensions people, they're probably already planned out for Christmas. Is that kind of true or true? You always wanna be ahead. Minimum 45 days. Okay, No, if you're looking and a lot of times, especially if you have products and the company doesn't put out those products ahead of time enough, you kind of can't get back far ahead. Do your best to start drawing in that crowd ahead of time, maybe showcasing last year's favorites to boost this year so that when the new about people are already primed and looking for that, that makes sense. Yeah, that's awesome. I never would have thought to use last year's toe start promoting for this year's launches. Yeah, take what was the most popular last year, or what was the most popular the time last year. And put that out there. Another really, really cool tools that Pinterest to come up with was the trends tool. So you can actually go in there and search trends and see what's trending at what times of year and compare phrases. Um, so, like the one that I use most often is from a blogger. It's a food blogger, and she was comparing chocolate chip cookie recipes, toe oatmeal, chocolate chip cookie recipes and found which one worked better. Which one had the higher rankings and guess which one she made, the one that was already being searched more for even though it was the same way. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So you could also go to Pinterest to get ideas for your content that you then in turn, put on Pinterest. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Well, to your advantage, the other thing is really good for is every industry has natural dips and you can see if your account has taken a dive. Last month, I got X amount of this this month. I'm about 100 short or whatever those numbers might be. You could take a look and see if that's normal during that time of your there is kind of screwed up, and that doesn't count for anything. We're gonna look back at trends next year. We're gonna be like, Well, people were already searching credit with liberals. Not that, uh, yeah. Overall, if you haven't had an account for more than a year, you're not gonna be able to go back to your own numbers and see where you were. You're not gonna have anything to based on off, so you can go to that trends tool, and maybe it will give you a little more reassurance of okay, It isn't just me. It's this time of year. That's just natural. Okay, normally, I'm not gonna be searching for swimsuit in December, But if your swimsuit seller you know, come February, you're gonna spike because people are already planning, you know, spring break and vacations through the summer. So same thing, um, with everything. Okay, even really, Like people search Pinterest marketing more certain times a year than others. People search for, you know, all kinds of different things at different times. So it's a really good tool for that so that you can see that it's also really good. Like you said, for planning out your content to know. Hey, this starts getting popular this time of year. I need to be looking ahead. What do I have that I can repurpose or what do I have that I can create that's gonna get me in front of the most people and start getting those people to click over? That's really good. I'm just thinking, like in my head, on my trail aboard with my content, how I can totally start planning out way further in advance. And I have if I just spend a little time on Pinterest looking at some of the trends and thinking ahead for that. Yeah, And then you already have an organized. Yeah, and a little easier when you do go to create the content so you can just kind of better together. Um, if you do any type of paid ads, you're obviously going to get a quicker return because you're paying for that to be shown. So you're gonna rank higher for those keywords faster. I was just gonna ask you about ads. Can you give us just like a shortened version? Like when? When some of you want to do an ad and you know, if they're worth paying for, they absolutely are. You're going to get the lowest cost per conversion on any platform on Pinterest. Okay? Right now. So, um and this has been for the last couple of years. Um, well, that changed at some point. I'm sure it will, but right now you can still get the lowest cost conversions. Is it worth it? Absolutely. I even recommend if someone can to do. And if you can't do 100 a month due 30 40 50 a month just to boost those keywords that you really want to rank for faster and to start building those audiences so that when you do decide to do and add an actual full scale add, you already have all of that in place. Okay, so is there a boost in an ad that are two separate things, like how it is on Facebook, where you can like boost post? Or you could do a Facebook ad? Or or do you just mean like an ad, like a smaller ad, just a smaller at lower cost? Add There is. Sometimes there is a way, and I don't ever recommend this. But if you want to do it, you can. It'll show you top pins and ask you if you want to put some money behind it. Kind of like what Facebook does with the post, Um, but it's not really hard to set up and add just for the traffic and for the awareness. It's not process. Um, the biggest thing is just watching it and making sure that, uh, it gets approved and then monitoring and making sure if it's not spending your money adjusting it just a little bit. Okay, get those numbers Pinterest has and I have not used it has, uh, come up with the way that they will decide for you what you need to spend what you need to bid and all of that. Okay, Haven't tested it. I know a few people who have had, um but they've also been people who have done ads on their own and know how to tweak them and make them work better for them so they didn't care for it. The people who have been running ads, you know how to change them. So for someone who's just doing one just to begin with, a good option to look into the biggest thing is the same thing with Facebook. You wanna make sure that you get your Pinterest tag installed on any landing pages that you're going to be sending those pins too, so that Pinterest can then start collecting that data and have that information so it's just you put it the same place you put the facebook pixel. It's just a matter of going into your account. Going under adds creating the tag and then installing it on the head code of your website or of caja B or male champ or wherever it is that your housing, you're often that you're sending them to. So I'm going to admit I try to do a Pinterest at and I got stuck on that part that you were just talking about. Yes. Yeah, like a job. The website, but and sometimes getting a b A and paying them for half an hour toe, have them and quit. Yeah, that's kind of what I'm thinking. I'm gonna ask my v eight. Did you actually, because when you just said that I was like, That's why my I'd never, never got all the way through because I didn't get through that part of the just setting it up and I youtubed it and I thought I had it. Yeah, I'm like, Oh, this is good. Just getting It's not on their thing. Yeah. Sometimes it's better to hire someone and let them everything you know, But it's that kind of stuff when you're dealing with code on websites and different websites at that and different platforms, they all have a different way that they want things. But on there, it's better to get someone who knows the platform to do it and some of the platforms are really, really good. If you just send a message and say, Hey, I'm trying to get this done it's not working. What do I need to do? They may have people that can help you and walk you through it. It's very true on a job. He does have awesome customer service, so I probably should just send them an email instead of frustrating myself and trying to figure it out. But actually, how I should do it. Here's what. Here's what I'm trying to do is not working. Help? Yeah, makes me, um the other thing you can do after that is when you go to do a full scale ad. So you really want to put some money behind something, whether that's gonna be a freebie or a product or whatever it is, um, you can actually set up those conversions also, So whether it's a sign up or whether it's a purchase, and then re target them the same way that you can retarget with other ads, that's very cool, but splits them into different audiences. It'll build audiences and all of that so you could build a lookalike audience off of people who have interacted with your pins. You can build a look like audience offer people who have actually went to your website and you can actually upload your entire, uh, you know, emails just like Facebook. Okay, but I think in my mind is like, so weird, like it Z like, really creepy that we can do that. But at the same time, like it's really helpful to us. Is marketer E for someone's email us. We know that's what it iss. We're giving them our information in exchange for information from them. For them to be able to then target us in the future for more things. It's just the way this down in Britain. Very true e mean, it is very true, like obviously an exchange. Like I'm getting my freebie from you. You have my email address so you can build audiences and try to target people who have my same interest like I'm totally cool with it. I'm just like, you know, like I'm just like, Oh, this is like, very big brother that we know all of this. This is how we how we buy a pair of shoes a target and they show up on our Facebook feeds, like, 30 seconds later. And you're like, I just bought those shoes. How do they know we're talking someone in the same room? And then all of a sudden, those ads start popping up. That's where it gets really creepy. That is true. That is very true. That is way creepier than what? What we do targeting it. So is my phone e No, you're like, Okay, they call it a smartphone for a reason. E o things off to where that can't happen. But that is just the way. That's just the nature of the world that we live in these days. Unfortunately, uh, unfortunately, because at the same time, the other way to look at it is instead of bombarding a bunch of people who have no interest whatsoever, at least we know they're people who have interest in what we do. Exactly what we were talking to our audience. Yeah, we're not just putting it out in front of, you know, maybe we have hair stuff for women and it's showing to a bunch of guys they don't on. We're wasting our money on that aspect. Is really good. Yeah, it was different with Pinterest ads versus Facebook ads. There's a lot of differences. The biggest difference is you have to have patience just like the whole platform. It is not an immediate thing. It takes Pinterest 24 or more hours to even approve a pin. To be run is an ad after everything set correctly. You don't want to make any changes whatsoever for seven days at all after it's running. And let me tell you when you are working with the $10,000 a month out spending the company who has made millions and millions and millions of dollars off of Facebook, they do not get that you can't patients. Yeah, we don't have that. Well, in Facebook, I can change it in an hour. Okay, That's not facing a Facebook. You can put a post and have immediate response on Pinterest. You put a pin and it takes time for it to build their ads the same way. Okay, It just takes a little longer for all of that to get going. Okay, that's awesome. That's really good to know. So if you do get one up on going, um, don't start making changes to it right away. And it should come up and tell you, you know, don't do this. Leave it alone. Okay? Can't off. Yeah, kinda like that. And you want to see what it's doing? You want to say, why isn't this working? But it really takes them that long to start optimizing it, and we'll start showing it to the right people. So if you're not getting any ad, spend right away. It's okay. They're trying. Toe it out. Okay, lets say. Well, then you should be good to go. That's where you could take a look at what Keywords aren't performing and shut them off. Okay, so that you're not paying for those keywords. Also, that's when you can take a look at say, you put five pins in and two of them are really working really well, the other ones are getting some hits, but not really good. Shut him off. Put all the money behind the other ones. Oh, that's good. But you just time to get there. And I never, ever, ever recommend only doing one pin for an ad multiples to choose from, because again, the ugliest one that you think is the ugliest one. Okay, so you just That's what I just did too. I just did one pin. Don't don't, don't. I'm like all these things I'm like, Okay. I have some Have some work to do tonight. We Oh, no. But this has been a good of any sort. I'm sorry. What did you say? I said don't put your eggs and all in one basket of any sort s. Oh, I should have known that, Uh, that way they can and you make. And it's crazy part. But Facebook, I'm sure, is the same way you can have the exact same wording with the exact same copy, at least the exact same place and one pin will get approved. And will will not. Then you have to go back and go. Okay? Why? It's the same. The other thing, if you're doing a paid ad, is you have to have a called action. People have to know that they are going to have to sign up for or purchase something when they leave the platform. Other pins as relevant, but as a paid ad, it has to okay, not get approved. Okay, So you have to have a called action. And there you have to let people know that they are going to be either signing up for something or buying or going to shop for something or buying something. Okay, so that's another thing to take into consideration with that. Okay, that's great. That's really good to know. Um, all right, Tammy, are there any last minute tidbits it or any motivation? If someone's like, Okay, I'm really overwhelmed. Like Pinterest scares me. Do you have any motivation for us to go ahead and just get started? Do it anyway. It is overwhelming. It's gonna be overwhelming. But think about looking back a year from now what you're gonna be missing if you're not on there. Because this year alone, Pinterest has went from 319 million people at the beginning of the year that around every month to over 425 million people. Now, that is a massive increase in traffic in the number of people on the platform. And people are on their searching every single day, every hour, every minute for the products and services that you have. So don't feel like you have to get on there and start pumping out all these pins and all this stuff. Just get started. Get the business account set up. Start setting your boards up. You know, slowly but get started. Okay? You're from now. You will be thankful that you did. You won't regret it. Not regret it whatsoever. Absolutely. And if you need help, tell me. Yes. I was just going to say Okay, Tammy, how can we find you and connect with you outside of this podcast? I am all over Facebook. I don't do a whole lot on Instagram. I am on Facebook. Um, Tammy L. Jones, 73 I have tons and tons of free content. I will be doing another free challenge coming up in January. I love answering questions. So if you have questions, shoot them to me in a message. I have no problem. If you get stuck with something, let me know. I'm sure I can either help you with it or point you in the direction to get the help with it that you need, uh, putting the copy on the website. So I'm going to tell you to hire somebody. Because when I get back there, too sometimes it's just a pain in the butt and I end up contacting whoever it is. Anyway, you have to support for sure. Now, you were telling me that you had a freebie for us? Yes. I have a Pinterest audit and optimization checklist and it walks you through step by step. The different things that you need to do at different steps of the process on guy will give you the link for that. That is free. You do sign up for the email list. Eso I will send you different tips and things like that to help you along the way. I have a free group that I am restarting up. It has been dormant for a little while, called Empire Builders. And it's not just Pinterest. It's also I bring in other experts and things like that to talk about marketing and self care, and you name it. If it has to do with being a female entrepreneur, we talk about it. Um, but yeah, those air Those were the two places you'll find me the most. Obviously, I will give you that freebie as well, then I have lots of cool stuff coming out. Uh, from now until the beginning of the year. Also, that will help. Told you. Yes, people. I will put all of your lengths in the show notes so everyone can find them really quickly on Ben really quickly. You had a paid way. We could work with you as well, right? I have several page ways you can work with me. I have a tool kit. However, that is, I'll tell. I have been doing so much also talking about you don't have to get like, all the details that you could kind of for 20 training videos for Pinterest, Tailwind, Canva and trail Oh, you get a trail, Oh, organization system for Pinterest. So it walks you through, tells you what to do and seven different spreadsheets to track all of your metrics to track all of your pins and your pin titles and their 60 plus templates. So you don't even have to create your own. You just customize them, don't have to stress about making them. You just put your content on their and post. Um, that's awesome. Yep. So I will put the links for all that guys so that you can connect with Tammy. Um, you can find me in her free groups as well. Because I have learned so much from Tammy, even just from her group her pop up about Pinterest this week. And I am pumped toe. Look at that Pinterest optimization list. Was I revamp my Pinterest? I am so motivated now, But thank you so much for really sharing all of your all of your info with us. And I, I hope everyone finds you and connect with you. And we rocked interest in 2021. That's definitely the goal. That's right Going Thank you for having me on your welcome to you. Awesome. Well, thank you so much, guys. And we'll talk to you all later. Bye bye. Yeah.


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