Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 30: Show up to not be weird

podcasts Nov 16, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling ER and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hey, girl. Hey, I am going to do another live video podcast, and so I'm hopping on here to get that going. So I'm Lindsay Dollinger with the social selling sisterhood. If you are not familiar, and I have been listening Thio and at the time I'm posting this on Monday, November 16th. So, yeah, there actually might be a couple of days left, but there's a GoPro recruiting event that it's free. It's a seven day free recruiting event that Eric Warriors being is putting on in a free. It's a public group, actually, so you might have seen some of them if you haven't seen them. The recordings, they're only up for 24 hours, So I was just listening. Thio, raise your book. Brooks was talking a little while ago when I need to go back and listen to some others. Um, Jessie Lee was a speaker. Dean Grass, ZOC, Eric Worry himself. There were just a lot of huge name people on this, um, in this recruiting event that he was doing and it's obviously prepping up and promoting his big event, which is GoPro, which is in December. Um, the recordings of GoPro are not recorded and I'm not an affiliate or anything. I just wanted to share this, but it sounds like it's gonna be a really amazing event with a lot of value. So if that is something that, um, you know, you have not done before and you want to do some sort of a conference, I think that one would be a really great one to do, So I just wanted to share that. Just wanted to put in a little bit about that. But what we're talking about today is, yeah, just the importance of showing up for your business and getting out of your head in regards Thio, such such and such thing is weird or such and such thing is too hard. And I'm not doing it. Um, a really great book that I sent to someone on my team this week is called Eat that frog. And it basically I think the actual title of it has something about avoiding procrastination, which is procrastination when we're not doing the things that we know we need to do in our business, right? However, I think it is more than procrastination. It is that thought in our head that something is too hard or something is weird. We don't know how to do it without sounding spammy or sales E or, um, you know, I don't know all the things that we tell ourselves, but we tell ourselves a bunch of things or I'll do it later. I'll do it later. Is a great one on DSO we do the things that are more enjoyable for us that we really love doing. So maybe you really love making graphics. Maybe you really love, Um I don't know, scrolling Facebook and commenting on people's posts, which are all things that we need to do eventually. But those aren't necessarily like your income producing activities, right? So we've had other episodes about those, so I'm not gonna go into that today. But I just wanted to remind you that we are a relationship building business. So first and foremost, you have to build relationships. If you are not building relationships, Um, I mean the best. The best sales people build relationships, so they go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other, or else you will have, like, one time sales. And you'll have to keep working really hard to find new customers because your existing customers are not gonna be coming back to you. So that is a huge reason to build relationships. Other thing with relationships is as you're building them with people, not everyone is going to become your customer client, right? But those relationships were really fabulous because they become referrals. Those people will refer people to you as it comes up if you are building a genuine relationship with them and they know, like and trust you so that know, like and trust factor guys will come from you being consistent and you showing up daily. So Jessie Lee, from the People's Mentor podcast she has a saying that she has started using with her team and and she I think she says, Are you fit? F I t f stands for Facebook. So, have you made a post on Facebook today? Eyes instagram. Have you made your instagram posts? Like actually. And she's talking about wall posts, not stories, because stories. If you're active in stories, you should be doing with more than one, um, you should be doing at least probably like 8 to 10 is the sweet spot number for Facebook and Instagram, and you could do even more than that because the stories right is where you're going to be putting like your behind the scenes. You could put what you had for breakfast and dinner there. You can put your dog doing some funny things like that, and I actually really love stories for the relationship building side of things. The other thing that's really cool with stories that I love is the ability to put poles on there. The ability toe add things that are a little more animated, you know, like the fund gifts or you can put video in them. You can have your location, which is really nice if you have a public account. So, like my Facebook is not public, but my Instagram is a public business account, so I can tag my stories on different places and people will be able to find those. So f I t f was Facebook. I was instagram t is ticktock. I'm starting to dabble in ticktock. I'm not gonna lie. I have not quite got I have not quite gotten down the business side of Ticktock. She's using it. She loves it. She rocks it. And she has several trainings on using it for her tea maze's. Well, um I've been dabbling a little bit into the instagram riel side of things as well. All of that could be a podcast for a different day. But f I t Facebook instagram, ticktock. Maybe you want to do F i p Facebook instagram Pinterest. Since Pinterest is actually a search engine and not actually a social media tool, However, guys don't forget that Pinterest, depending on your industry, can definitely be a really smart place to be putting new content and valuable content. So f i t b wanna make a post every day, and these will be much easier once you decide on your brand. Once you start narrowing things down on what? Um what you really want to share with the world. Remember, your post should be entertaining. They should also and or get value to people. And that's what you're gonna count is like your one post if you're sharing someone else's post. If you are sharing a meme about something, those those aren't necessarily going to count for your valuable post for the day. So I hear a lot even from my own teammates that they don't want to share that they're even a stylist with our company or they don't want to put the name of our company on anything. Um, which I'm all about building your own brand and you are not your company. 100% you are not your company. However, I'm not a big fan of the attraction marketing where people have to guess and you ask and ask people what company there with. And they're like, Oh, I'll tell you after you watch 10 videos. No, just cut to the chase. I want to know what you are. What do you sell? Whatever. So I don't hide the name of my company. Um, but I've had some styles, and our team mentioned that, you know, they don't want to share about the business opportunity. They think it's fami. They don't want to do business blessings. They think it's fami. Well, here's the thing, guys. If you are not sharing it, if you are not letting people know that you are an open storefront and people can shop from you for whatever your product or service is, you're not going to get customers. Or if you do, it's gonna be really, really, really hard for you to do that. I'm not saying that every post on your instagram or your Facebook or whatever needs to be about the company or are with that is definitely not the case at all, and that's not what we're going for. But okay, you need to be sprinkling it in your post like it needs to come full circle. Somehow, it's and again, not every post, but you know, at least 20% of your post need to mention your opportunity or your business in some sort of way. Now, I m you know, I sell nail polish strips so I can post a picture and we can talk about my coffee and my nail Polish ships could be in it, and they can just come up naturally in conversation. Um, you know, you could definitely be creative about it. But you also want to let people know by blatantly stating that people can learn more about your business opportunity. If you are not sharing that with them, then someone else will. And guess what? It's not weird. It's not weird at all. But what's going to be weird is when your friends joined someone else because I didn't know that you were selling X y Z or they knew you were selling it. But they didn't think you were serious about it because you ever posted about it, right? That gives you credibility. That makes you the expert. People know that I have been with my company for almost three years now. It's been over 2. 5 years. They know I'm not going anywhere. They know it's safe to sign up with me because I share about how I provide all this amazing leadership training and all these opportunities, and there's so much to support and you're never gonna be alone. I shout out the people who are on my team publicly so other people can see it. Does that mean everyone's gonna join me? No, like people will see it and keep on scrolling or people will see it and say, That's awesome, Good for you That's not for me and that's totally fine. But you need to find a way to do those things in a non a key way. Um, which people shot up stuff all the time? You know, Do you think it's weird when your when your friends say that they got engaged on on Facebook? No, it's not weird, right? It's not weird when people say they got a new job. It's not weird when they say they got a promotion. It's not weird when people say they got an award at work. It's not weird when you get a new dog or you post something that your dog did really funny or, you know, it's it's social media. It is to be social. The end. It is weird if you are choosing not to use it to its fullest potential going off of that because we're building businesses on social media, we use it a little different. We do it a little different before your time in your social marketing business. I'm sure you didn't go on. And like, how maney friends can I add today? How many new connections can I make, right? No, we're not doing that. But we're using social media as a tool for us for our business, because it is an amazing gift. People built direct sales network marketing before social media. But I can tell you what I know I wouldn't have time to do that, right. One of the amazing things with building a business with social media is all the time freedom that you are able tohave while still building a business. So, you know, choose your weird. Is it gonna be weird for you when your friend joined someone else because they didn't know they could join you. Is it weird for you to sit and wait for your paycheck to grow with you not doing anything? Or is it weird that you make a post about your business opportunity and people can join you on a call to learn more about it on Thursday night? Don't use your weird. Choose your heart. Some things that you can do to find some new people. So I did a an amazing podcast it was something along the lines. The title was your cold work. Finding more people in your cold market when you've run out of your warm market. So, like your war markets, your family and friends that you talked to all the time, you're cold market or people who don't really know you the relationship. Maybe it's not, um, not super strong. So some way to get some more people into your cold market and then you can move them from your cold market to your warm market. These were some things that I mentioned in my other podcast, but I just want to remind you, get into groups, find some groups. There are groups out there for literally everything, literally everything. Like I don't even know. I'm probably in, like 1000 groups. At least I'm in a lot of groups for, um, you know, business women or for network marketers. I'm in groups for mindset. I'm in groups for different health conditions. I have I'm in groups for Disney. I'm in groups for dog moms. I'm in groups for Harry Potter. I'm in groups for the peloton. I'm in groups for weight watchers like like all sorts of things, but find some groups. I hear this is your homework. Find three new groups today. When you're listening to this, whenever you're watching this, you're listening to this. Find through your groups. Join them. Introduce yourself. Most of them have an introduction post. Don't just introduce yourself, though, but scroll up and look at other people who have introduced themselves as well. Are there people in there that say that thistles? The first thing that came to my mind? It's kind of weird, but or maybe not weird, depending on your point of view. But are there people in your Disney Princess group that air like my favorite Disney princesses? Pocahontas. And you're like, Oh, my God, girl! Me, too. I love Pocahontas. Pocahontas was actually the first Disney movie that I saw in a movie theater. I could comment under someone's post like that, and we could have a conversation as soon as that person comments back. What do I do? I Facebook from them after I kind of look at their profile just really quickly. Make sure they're not like like a stalker, some strange stuff going on. But if they look normal, I'm gonna Facebook from them. And I'm going to send them a quick message about something to do with the group or something to do with Disney or something like that along those lines. Okay, so get in those groups, you find people, you add them and you message them and that that order. I mean, I don't know that that is specifically from him, but that is something that Fraser Brooks was just sharing in the GoPro um, training that I mentioned, but add some value. Um, my mentor Beth Holding Graves. She has an amazing podcast as well. I forget the name of it off the top of my head, but you can search for her. She's also a network marketing. She's also a leader on DSHEA is also now my coach and I was listening to one of her her podcasts recently. I don't again. I don't remember which one. Sorry, Beth, but she was saying that she gets in groups and on Mondays every Monday she has three different groups that she pops in and she provides some sort of value in a post. She shares something that is valuable. Maybe it's a recipe. Um, if she's in an instant pot recipe thing like a recipe group that maybe she shares this recipe she made this weekend and it was really great. And does anyone have anything similar? Um, another thing that you could do instead of sharing value. If you're kind of struggling with, like what That sharing value looks like you can pop in and ask a question. Just make sure it's not a question that people ask like all the time, because sometimes the admin will get, like, sassy on your post, like you said Search Bar. But ask a question about stuff you know I'm in the peloton group, and especially when I was getting my bike was on the way. I was in there asking questions all the time. I was asking questions on whether I should buy the warranty or not. I was asking questions about what I should expect on delivery day, Um, and then I connected with people in that group. I Facebook friend of them. I messaged them, and now we're Facebook friends and they're working their way through my process of building a relationship, and I'm engaging in their stuff. So find some, find some interest groups. I know there's something out there for you and stuff could get really, really, really specific to. So do a quick search. Find something today. Add three new Facebook groups. Uh, this type is straight up from Frasier. I haven't tried yet, but I'm getting ready to do it as soon as I get off of here today. He mentioned you know, the holidays air coming up. So people are thinking about gifts that they're buying for themselves or their family and friends. He recommends searching for those gifts either, like in the search bar on Facebook or the Hashtags on Instagram. Look for those gifts to say you are wanting to buy one of the shark robot vacuums and you search that and you see your friend Laurie has one. I'm going to send Gloria message and be like, Hey, Laurie, I was thinking about getting one of these shark vacuums. I would love to hear what you think of it. Okay. So you can message people you already know, and maybe you haven't talked to in a while. Or if you were searching Hashtags on instagram and you search that and someone pops up and you can look at their profile and you see, if you're not a creepy person and they're actually someone that you might like to eventually work with or get to know, then you message them with that. You add them and then you message them and you say, Hey, Glory. I was searching this hash hashtag on Instagram because I'm thinking of buying my sister one for Christmas. I would love to know what you think of it and just go from there. It's a relationship, right? It's not anything crazy. It's a friendship. See, you could meet some really, really, really amazing people this way. Um, another thing going off of Christmas for finding new people, uh, depending what your product is. But my product is nail strips. So I can message my friends, husbands and boyfriends and say, Hey, just wanted to let you know that you know our nail strips Where the number one Google Beauty product for 2020. So if you're looking for an easy gift for your friend, I would love Thio or for your friend is my friend. Um for your for your wife. I love Thio. Help you out. I love to hook you up. Let me know if you want some more info and I think that's it. We already mentioned being fit. That was the last thing on my list. So, guys, I cannot get into your mind. Um, enough about the things being weird. I want you to take the word weird out of your out of your vocabulary when you're talking about your business. It is not weird for you to use social media. Um, in a way, Thio, grow your business to promote your business. To grow your following thio Thio Position yourself as a thought leader. As a leader, you're all leaders. Whether you have someone on your team or whether you don't, you're a leader. So start acting like a leader. Start showing up like a leader start, you know, talking about your team or to your future team if you don't have a team, but you have to show up again if you are not the one doing it. If you're not the one building the relationships, if you are not the one sharing about your product or your service or the experience of working with you from start to finish, if you are not doing the one doing that sorry. That was my dog. If you're not the one doing that, then someone else is going to be. And then then how is that gonna feel? It's not gonna feel weird. It's going to feel very discouraging. And then you're probably gonna get into your head about Sure. I knew my dad was gonna distract me. Um, you're going to get in your own head about you know, about not being able Thio, grow your business. You're gonna give yourself some other kind of excuse when the excuse from the beginning was just that you weren't showing up for your business. So show up. I know you can do it. Um, make today awesome you have. So if you're watching this live it is a Sunday evening so you can get planning for your week If you do not plan for your week, Um, you need to start Do it now again. When you get off of here, your homework is Thio. Join three new Facebook groups. Introduce yourself and interact, build some relationships and then I also want you to make sure that you have planned for your week that you have written out your top three things that you need to get done this week that you have prioritized everything else you have brain dumped. I brain dump my stuff almost almost daily. But I definitely do on Sundays. And then I plug it into my, um, direct sales done right planner and tracker system where I have everything broken up by the hour. Because if I don't plan it, it doesn't get done. Alright, guys, I hope you found this helpful. Um, let me know if you have any questions. If you're watching live, you can tag me. Let me know how it goes. Getting into groups. I'd love to hear the same thing with the hashtag search for your Christmas gifts. Let me know if you have any success with that as well. And, um, just show up. Do you think Talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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