Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 3: Don't Want To Be Salesy? Build Relationships!

podcasts Jun 23, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling ER and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello, everyone. It iss Lindsay Dellinger and I'm back with another episode today. I want to talk to you guys about something that I think is really missing in direct sales. It's part of the reason why direct sales gets a really bad rap is because everyone looks at people. Being in direct sales is being sales E. So today I want to talk to you guys about building relationships, and this might sound like super basic. It might sound silly, and you're gonna be probably tempted to skip this step because it means you're probably going to take a little more time to get to your goals. However, this is the golden piece that is missing for you to do your direct sales company the right way. So I want you to shift your mindset into thinking that you are in a relationship building business. So I tell my team all the time people are not buying our product, which technically they are. But they're not buying the product. They're buying you. They have thio. No, you. So there's lots of ways that this can happen and you can build this up. Um and ah, lot of them are not. I think my bird clock is going off. Sorry about that. Your extra person, the background Weird. Um, but anyway, so people are not are not going to buy products just from anyone. They're going to buy them from you because they know and they love you. So why would people want to buy from you? They're gonna buy from you because they connect with you. They trust you. They know your why, and they want to support it. You can make them laugh, right? No one likes to go to someone's page. And it's all like, oh, dreary and complaining and moaning about things all the time. Right? No one likes to see that. So So you're entertaining or you make them laugh. You can tell or point While they can tell that you are serious about your business because you're showing up consistently, I can't tell you how many people have said to me. Oh, yeah, I recommended you to someone. So because your post show up or I know that you've been in this business for a while and so many other consultants leave the customers. You have also love you because you are going to send them private messages just saying hi or asking how they're doing. You're gonna send them email, follow ups or you're going to text them after they got there, last order and say, Hey, did you get your whatever? I hope you love it. I can't wait to hear what you think or if it's something they can send you a picture of. Maybe you asked him to share a picture with you, and you personally thank them for their orders. I can't tell you how many people I've ordered from, and I never get a thank you and call me old fashioned. But I think you could go a long way, especially in relationship building. Your customers are going to know what you love. This is part of how they can connect with you. They're going to know that you love. Um and here's some of my things. I love traveling. I love fitness. I love self care, which relates really heavily into the product that I sell. Um, they know that I'm a family person. Do they know what religion you are? And you know, you don't have to be any religions or do they know that? And, um, when you share those things, we call them kind of like the Five Pillars. It depends on who you talk to. Some people say you should have 3 to 5. Some people say you should have 5 to 6. But these air kind of the things that overarching make you you These are the things that you were posting about on social media. So that z what I posted I'd post about travel. I post about fitness. I post about business, my family, and then probably teaching or Spanish related things would be my fifth one. And so because I'm posting about those all the time, people can relate to different aspects of those people. Know that I'm the girl to come to with travel questions people know that, Um, I love fitness and I run the Disney Princess half marathon every year. So they come to me with things about that or they share when they see something. When they see a Disney shirt that pops up or they see a really cool new hotel in article, they share that with me. And so those airways that we can connect and they see your post in your visible to them so they don't forget that you are there. Whoever girl, are you their hair girl or you're there now, girl, are you there? Health and fitness girl. So you want to be kind of in people's mind as, Oh, that's Lindsay. She sells this in all of this guy's. This takes time. You can't just do this overnight, Especially when I very first started and joined my first network marketing company a few years ago. I was really private about my Facebook. I don't think I had ever made a public Facebook post. I didn't share ah, lot of pictures of anything besides my family, and I was just really closed off, and I have done kind of a complete three sixties. Since then, it's really funny, actually. Um, but yes, that's gradual. Yes, it's going to take time, but it's going to be so worth it because people are going to be connecting with you now. I'm not saying to air all your dirty laundry, right? Like there's definitely some things that you should not be putting online. But when someone goes to your public Facebook or instagram profile and you don't not have to make your whole Facebook public, I have not even done that yet. A lot of people say Do it. I haven't done that. But I set the majority of my posts to the public settings so that even if it's people who aren't friends with me, they can type in my name and those my post will will come up and they should see ah, wide variety of those five post topics that I mentioned already the travel, the fitness, the self care of the business, the family stuff, Um, but like I said, this takes time. So if you're hearing this and you are not posting those sorts of things on Facebook or Instagram or whatever social media platform you're using, I would definitely start doing it. Do it right now. Make a post a day, if you can, with your face in it. That's super huge. So I heard a podcast. I believe it was Jenna Cultures Podcast, The Gold Digger podcast. And this was an episode from a while ago, but she did a study just informal one with her own Instagram. Where she did. I think it was a week's worth of post, maybe without her face in it. And then she did a week worth worth of post with her face in it. In the engagement. I don't remember the exact number, but it was like, hugely different. The engagement was so much more when people could see her face. So get out that selfie stick whenever you have to do as someone to take pictures of you. But try to get your face in your posts more. It doesn't need to be everyone, but try to get it in there more. Um, let's see. And don't compare your beginning of your social media journey, using it for your business to someone else's middle or ending. You know where they are at right now in their journey. So if they have been doing this for years. Yeah, they probably have thousands of followers. You don't have to worry about that because you're just getting started and it will slowly build up because you're doing it the right way. So how do you build relationships? It can be hard. It can definitely be hard. There's It's a lot easier to do it in person, in my opinion. So if you are at the gym at work, you are, you know, at Starbucks and someone compliments your eyelashes and you saw mascara. You know that's a great way to get get to talking about your business or or even not even talking about your business. You know, I've made friends with a lot of women over the years and my Zumba classes and orange theory in my Pilates classes, and then I add them on Facebook, and then I nurture that relationship and then eventually my product will come up. So here are some ideas that you can use to connect more with your customers and to get them following you on this journey. So I already mentioned you should post on your personal profile. What are you up to? What are you reading today? Um, What are you deciding between for outfits? Do you have something big coming up? And you want people's advice on which dress A or B or which shoes, or even Maybe you don't even have a Maybe you're looking around Amazon. You're like, Hey, what's the best kind of running shoes? Anything like that. Especially if you have a question in there and you're asking peoples opinions about something people love to give their opinions. Okay, Um so post that in your personal profile, share what you're passionate about. I've been sharing a lot with me and my dog and, um, us being in that hammock and just relaxing because this season of my life right now is just a little more slow, and I am loving it, So it's OK to share about that. Share your workouts. If you're in health and fitness, share your workouts everyday, girl. Put them on your personal profile, put them in your stories. Don't be afraid to talk about the things you're passionate about because you will attract the right people into your tribe and the people who are not right. You know, you don't want to track them in your tribe anyway. if you have a closed, I call it in my team. In my company, we calm v i p groups, but it's like your customer group. If you have a closed group where your customers come to, you need to be posting in that daily. Okay, um, you want to be consistent. You wanna be showing up at least once. I would even say more on the 2 to 3 times a day unless you have something big going on, like a fun game in the evening or, you know, whatever it might be. But I would be posting in their daily. You want to be able to show up on people's news feeds, and you're not going to show up on their feet every day to this is what I tell my team. I'm like, guys were really We're really Oh, what's the word? Um, kind of selfish and thinking that you know so and so is going to see every single one of my posts. No, they're not. The Facebook algorithm does not work like that. So you're gonna be wanting to post multiple times so that your stuff shows up in different people speeds, Okay, but you do not want to make every post about your product. Um, you want Thio, you know, throwing their more of your lifestyle posts. Tell people what you're doing that day, Put a selfie of you getting lunch out, you know, whatever it might be. But don't do every post about your product or you're gonna lose people really quickly. Maybe you're going to go live as you're getting ready when you get out of shower. I do this all the time. You know, I put my make up on I go live and I chat with my V i p Group do a coffee chat. One of my leaders in my company will go on our team page and you know, she has a roban, her makeups not done. She's sitting there and she does a coffee chat with us. I love them because, you know, it's really sh she's really and it helps us just connect and feel more a part of a community. But if you hate Facebook lives and I know there are a lot of people who do and are not there yet, then post a picture with your coffee. Asked how they drink their coffee asked. You know, Did they snooze a certain amount of time this morning? What's going on in their day? Just ask questions. And when people respond now, this is key guys when they respond and comment on your posts and you need to respond back. So we'll just leave all your VIPs and your customers and your friends hanging. You got to say something back, even if it's a thank you. Ah, fun Emojis. Something like that. But you got to say something back, okay? And, um, my last tip is I call it Love Bombing, and you can call it whatever you want. But you need to take some time out of your day when you're working your business and send some private messages, texts or emails to the ladies or the customers that air in your group. And these need to be nothing about buying these air, not follow ups. Okay, but this is saying things like, Hey, Kristie, I just wanted to hop in your inbox and say hi and I hope you're having a great day. It could be something as simple as that. Now it could be more than that. You know, if I know Christie just moved. I could say, Hey, Kristie, I just wanted to see how you were doing. I absolutely hate moving. I know you just did it. How is everything? Do you love the new house? You know, you can definitely make things more personal, and I encourage you to do that. But if it's someone you don't really know that, well, it just totally fine to just send messages like I mentioned first into their inbox and just let them know you're thinking about them. I have had so many people message me back and say, Oh, my gosh, thank you so much for that. I really needed that today. You know, we never know what people are going through. You might be the only person who told them that you hope they have a great day today. So don't discount the power of your words. So send those private messages. It's different. Sending a private message than slapping up a post in your group and saying, I hope everyone has a great day today. It's not the same. Um, an additional thing that I encourage my teammates to do is to friend your customers on Facebook, and you want to do this so that they know more about you, but also so that you know more about them. Because if you see a pop up that, you know, maybe they lost their job Now is probably not the time to send them a PM about buying your newest product launch. Right? So knowing those things about your customers can go a long way. Um, let's see what else I have on here. But at the end of the day, you wanted to feel natural. When you're messaging them, eso if you message them and you must, you know, and they don't respond. I probably wouldn't sent him another message like that for probably another month. But this is the step that is going to build your life. Loyal customers. Okay, this is the part that help so that when you do have a product launch, you do want to ask them to host a party. You do want to bring up your opportunity to join your company. They're not going to think it is spammy and sales E because you have already reached out to them. You have already made a relationship with them. They've already seen your posts online. You've seen their posts online and you've commented on them. Okay, Hopes. I realized I had a window open. I didn't want open on to close that, Um And so this is the part that and this is how I ended up with my team. If you are clicking on that Facebook Messenger button and you pop it up and it is blank So like I pulled out my friend Christie and in my message history, you know, it's blank because we've never messaged each other. I will not send her an invite to be a hostess. I will not send her an invite to our stylist opportunity because I don't have that relationship with her yet. So I need to at least send a couple of messages, and it's not in genuine right. You genuinely want to get to know these people because if not, you know, how do you know that they're going toe? Be the right fit for your company and your opportunity? You don't know. So you want to take this extra step at the very beginning to build these relationships with your customers. Additionally, when you are being, you know you're being public you're being more visible on. I'm using Facebook as an example, because that's where I primarily do my business. But when you are being visible on social media and people are seeing about your product when you send thes thes love bombs, these messages to people, whether they're already in your customer group or not, I can't tell you how many I try to say maybe five a day to people who are not customers of mine yet. I can't tell you how many people respond to me. I'm doing great and I'm blah, blah, blah. I love my new job. Oh, hey, I would love to try that product. You know, they say my product name that you post about all the time. I've heard really good things about it. How do I order? And while that is not the intention at all of me reaching out to people in building relationships, that's definitely a nice park, right? So don't skip this part, guys. It can be a little scary at first, but come up with a little quote unquote script or something, general that you can say to people. Um, and I wouldn't send it to any more than five or 10. I would put their name. Don't just say, Hey, girl, no one likes, Hey, girl messages. So that's why I'm using example. Hey, Kristie. And as an added, um, I guess bonus. If you want to feel even less sales E and are more likely to get a response, send a voice memo, so click and hold down your voice memo button in the Facebook Messenger app and send it as a voice memo. People will hear how genuine you are. They will hear your excitement and they will hear the positivity and smile in your voice, and they're gonna want to respond to you. So all in all, as you were doing this and as you're building up these relationships, then when you invite people to whatever your business opportunity to buy from you to host a party from you, you're going to be more successful now. Just because you've built up a relationship with someone, does that mean they're going to buy from you? Not necessarily. And that's okay, right? Um, but they might refer someone else to you. I've had a lot of referrals this way, so don't discount referrals or just completely write people off because they're not current customers of yours because you never know when they're going to become a customer. In my very last point, really quickly. It just don't get discouraged. Like I mentioned when we I very first started talking about this. This is all going to take time. You are rocking it. And you know, if no one has told you about this step before, if you're applying, didn't tell you that you should make relationships with people before you send them a message inviting them toe X Y z That's not your fault, right? You don't know what you don't know. So now you know, Um and a really awesome book that I just read is called The Power Our Boss. It is by the creator of TMZ, which is a CRM tool, and he talks about this really well as the first step in building. Basically report with your customers. Right. So you have to be You have to kind of build a relationship with them first, and then you can invite them. So I know with some proper time management, you can squeeze in these small It could be 10 minutes, guys. 10 minute increments of messaging people. And doing this over time is going to build up so that you're building a direct sales business the right way and you're never feeling sales or spammy again. And definitely check out that power. Our boss book. It is probably one of my favorite books, and it's a really quick read. Um, it just came out, too, So definitely check that out. I will put a link to it in the show notes. Let me know, guys, if you enjoy this episode, I would love if you would share it with your teams in your communities and help me get the word out about this podcast and go out there and build some awesome relationships. I'll talk to you guys all soon. Bye bye.


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