Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 29: DMOs to Work Your Business Effectively

podcasts Nov 09, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling ER and I have many titles. High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. This is Lindsay Dollinger with the social selling sisterhood. And I hope that you are ready to make today fabulous to make your week fabulous and ultimately just kick November's booty, right? I mean, we're a weekend now, so I want you to stop and think How are you with your goals? Are you where you wanna be? Is there some reason where you're not where you want to be? And how are you going to get to where you want to be? So to do this, we're going to break down daily methods of operations because I hear from people all the time. I'm not sure what I need to do to move my business forward. I'm not sure, Um, or I spend all my time on my business, but yet it's not moving forward. And when I hear that my initial thought is that you are daily method of operations probably is not where it needs to be Meaning? What are you actually doing in your business? Or are you scrolling Facebook? Are you creating new graphics? Are you coming up with new creative ideas for things, which is fine and dandy, But you should have your core things that you are doing every single day like your checklist. So I actually have a list for you on my website, www dot Lindsay Dollinger dot com, that you can go ahead and download a checklist of daily method of operations and what you could be doing every day. And it's a freebie. You know, you don't have to do anything for it, But then I'm going to go down through right now and explain everything that is on that list on Bears some extra things on there as well that we're not going to go over on the podcast. But before we do that, I wanted Thio give a shoutout thio start, giving shout outs to people who leave reviews for this podcast. So, guys, if you leave a rating and review on the podcast, I will read it out loud and, um, hopefully get you some cred. So the first one I'm going to read three user name is for Fox sake, and I'm pretty sure this is my friend Chelsea Fox. If so, shout out to you. Chelsea. Chelsea is a boss babe with pharmacy, so you can check her out online and she said, Love it five stars. This podcast is fun and easy to listen to. Lindsey has great advice for those in network marketing or small business roles, trying to gain momentum, build confidence and be successful. She really breaks it down. So it is easy to understand and apply to your own business. Whatever that maybe I'll definitely keep tuning into more or four more rather. So thank you so much Chelsea for the nice review and guys again. If you want your review, read, hop on their leave me a rating and review, and this is on Apple podcasts. I guess I can check on others because someone told me that, um, they left me a review like on Google podcast, and it wasn't showing up for Apple. So I need to figure out a way to check all that up. Okay, so let's dive right in daily method of operation. So So just think of this is your to do list. And I just want to preface this by saying this can look different for everyone, depending on where you're at in your business exactly what your business is. Um and you know, whether you're a beginner, whether you're just now learning your company, whether you're planning your launch party, if your party plan or, you know, just launching your business out into the world andan again. If your party plan, this could be maybe your first couple parties versus if you're more advanced, you're gonna want to start working on your brand, your social media presence, Um and just, you know, more true to yourself and really working on up leveling all the systems that you already have in place. So the very first thing is what I like to call a power hour. And I know you guys have heard me talk about power hours before. I love a power our you could do multiple power hour, So power hours. But during your power, our which is basically working your daily methods of operations. This is when you're going to show up on social media. So I want you to make it a goal to make one post on your social media accounts. So one post on your Facebook wall, one post on your I G. If you have a tick tock Twitter, um, I don't know what else What other what other things? People are doing it at Pinterest one post today, okay, That's going to be a bare minimum, and it needs to be a good quality post. I'm not talking about you sharing. Um, you know, the latest cat name or political name or whatever it is something that is giving value to your audience in whatever your niche is. Okay, so we're doing our social media posts, preferably at a prime time for posting so early in the morning, Um, lunchtime, dinnertime before bed. So if you are someone who maybe you work opposite hours of what your ideal audience is going to be online, that might be something that you need to check out is you know what time people are going to actually be online. Um, and then stories, stories throughout the day. You can post as many stories as your little heart desires. Okay, So this can be where you're posting things like your memes. What you're eating for breakfast. Now, if you're with the health company, obviously that could be valuable content that you could turn around and share recipe with your product or something like that. Um, but you're sharing those stories and a good, valuable post throughout the day. And this will just become a habit. Guys, once you get into the habit of okay, I'm gonna come up with some quality content. Once you get really familiar and comfortable with your five brand pillars, 3 to 5 brand pillars is what we like to say. This will just kind of become second nature for you. Some other things for your daily methods of operations, you're going to schedule your group posts out. So this obviously doesn't necessarily need to be done every day. But I like to so like the end of October. I took one of my power hours, and I scheduled out my November posts. So my November poster all the way down, except I think I have, like, the last four in November to do because I still haven't decided exactly what I'm doing for my black Friday sales. So your group post those air your post that you're nourishing your client relationships, that you are bringing your fun into your group, you're letting people really see your personality. So make sure you take the time to schedule those out. So you're not waiting until last minute to get something done. Party post. If your party plan take a day, a week. So, like I'm scheduling my party posts out for this week tonight as soon as I get off of recording this podcast. Same thing I know. I need to record podcast. So I schedule a time to record my podcast. I set a reminder on my phone and it gets done so that you guys get your podcasts every Monday when people are responding. Thio your post that you make in your group on your personal wall, your stories you need to respond toe every comment that you get. Um, now I run something called Girls Night in in my group, where I'll put like this or that for different now colors. I don't always respond to every single one of those, especially if there's, like 15 in a row there that but there are other posts that require a little bit more thought from people those I'd absolutely respond. Thio make it on your list. Thio do personal messages and engage on other people's posts as well. This is something that you're gonna want to set a timer for. So like, OK, 15 minutes. I'm gonna love bomb people, which is like sending them hello messages. Sending them some positivity. 15 minutes. I'm going to engage on my target audience and or my dream teams post as well. And engaging is something that is a meaningful comment. It's not just saying like hey girl or something like that. Okay, also, don't say Hey girl, um, another thing that should be on your daily to do list is following up on orders now. I actually definitely go by, and this is another tip that I'm going to talk about later seeing days. But my theme day for Friday. It's follow up Friday, so I like to follow up on Fridays for all of my orders that I've gotten in the past week, um, orders that have been shipped that customers should have gotten. So I follow up on orders on Fridays, but I make sure to follow up on prospecting or potential samples that I've sent out throughout the week. Prospecting I already kind of mentioned on prospecting, is going to be talking to people that you want on your dream team, sharing the opportunity with them. Okay, so we're not just talking to them. We're not just love bombing them. Eventually, guys, you have to move them down your pipeline to inviting. Inviting. It's so important. If you do not invite either one someone else will or to the person is never going to even know about the opportunity. Okay, if you have to have to have to invite, and the more you could make this part of your daily method of operation, the less one sales that you're going to feel like it is. But it's not sales e. Okay, so start thinking of your business opportunity. Just like another product that you are selling, you know, we sell now strips in the company I'm with now Polish strips. So now Paula Strips is one product, but my other product that I can offer you is an amazing business opportunity to be a part of my team. So, um, make prospecting part of your everyday, uh, you know, tasks that you do for your business, and it's going to feel natural. You're going to get better at it. But if you only talk to people you know twice a year about your business, then guess what it is going to feel weird. It's going to feel awkward, and you're gonna get in your own head about it. Get out of your head and just do it. If you have a team already, then you need to check in on your team. If you don't have a team already, you need to go back to what I just said and start actually inviting and sharing the business opportunity with people. Another thing guys that will help with the inviting is making sure that you are peppering in your business opportunity in your customer groups in your emails that you're sending out to your customers because I know you're sending an email to your customers at least once a month, right and then, um, peppering it in on your personal social media accounts as well as you start peppering it in three. Idea is going to get in people's minds if they're seeing your stuff. And don't forget, some people aren't seeing your stuff. Hence why we reach out. It's also really special when you reach out to people, and when you check in on your team, it lets people know that you are interested in them. They're not just a number and you're building a relationship, So check in on your team. I try to check in with my team at least weekly. I like to talk to everyone who I have personally sponsored, or at least I see their comments in our group chats, and I know that like they're alive and kicking and they probably don't necessarily need anything right now. But it's so nice to check in on people. Don't forget with the team, though 80% of your time, so 80% of your daily methods of operations of your time. If you have an hour, the majority of it needs to be on your business. Your team is not your business. Your team has their own businesses, right, so 20% of that time is in your team. So especially for launch days, I find myself spending 100% of my time on my team, and that's fine. But then I have to make it up the other days. So it really just keep that in mind. Um, in order to help my team with that and to help myself with that, I schedule a weekly teamwork time. So we have a weekly power, our It's an hour long, and prior to that, our I have a half hour. I'm available for my team. Anyone can hop on, we can ask questions. We brainstorm, um, and then one step further. My team is doing a 90 day challenge. Not really challenge like a 90 day, I think I call it Called it like a push mastermind. We started the beginning of October. We're running with each other through the end of the year, and for that we have a weekly what we call away, um, weekly accountability meeting. And so those air on Wednesday nights and, um, they're like 8 30 to 9 30. Sometimes they're a little bit shorter than that, and that's been amazing. Time to connect with all the women who truly are my leaders and guys. As you are scheduling these out as you are doing your power our as you're doing your wham a couple things that I want to point out with this number one be prepared. Know what you're going to dio? Uh, number two. Uh, make sure that the schedule works for you. So this is something that I still have to tweak a little bit because I find myself staying up later on these nights and then I'm not getting enough sleep, so I'm cranky, and that's infecting my overall well being. So you know, if this is important for other people as well, they're gonna pencil it into their schedules, and they're gonna make it a priority. So they're going to be there in leading off of that. Pay attention to who is at thes the people who show up for your weekly accountability meetings. Your power hours, whatever you wanna call it for your trainings. The people who Well, yeah. I mean, those people, those air your true leaders, anyone can have a giant team under them, but are they showing up? Are they actually doing it? Uh, you know, I think asking one hour a week, one dedicated our of week for your leaders to show up for the power hours and or weekly accountability meetings. I don't think it's too much to ask. So schedule those times pay attention, who are at those and run with them sometimes throughout your day. It doesn't necessarily need to be. When you're sitting down doing focused work time. I send happy birthday messages and I do them in the D. M's. So I d m people. I tell them. Happy birthday. Sometimes it turns into a bigger conversation. Sometimes people just say thanks, but I think it's really nice to send those in a private message, and then you can also see, like I've done this before. I'm like, Oh, crap, I sent them a sample, like two months ago, and I didn't follow up with them, Um, and so I might throw that into the message as well. The biggest thing with all of this guy's you need toe work, your business in the pockets of time that makes sense for you. So if you're a morning person and it means you could get up a half an hour earlier so that you don't have to do some of these things in the evening when your energy is not high vibe. Then you need to do that, You know, added into either your morning or your evening routine your lunchtime routine. But you need to make it part of a routine. I heard today on a podcast that somewhere between 40 to 45% of the decisions that we make in a day are purely habit based. We're doing them because we're used to doing them, and that's a good thing because it requires less thinking, less mental energy. It's less training, you know, You get in the car to drive toe work and you're just there. You know, sometimes you just show up like I don't even remember the drive. It's because that's one of those things that's our routine tasks showering. You just do it. So if we make your daily methods of operation just part of your daily routine, you make it a habit. It's gonna not that it should necessarily drain you anyway, but it's going to take a lot less of your thinking. You're going to get in your head a lot less if you just make this a habit. Um, I like to You guys know I like to do hourly time blocks. That's what I do with my direct sales done right planner and tracker system that you can also grab on my website. And, you know, I plan everything out. So when I get off of here tonight, this is Sunday evening. I'm gonna go ahead and play in my week out, hour by hour. And, um, even within that hour, sometimes I split it into 20 minute chunks, so all right. Like, um, love bombing, comma, inviting comma and follow ups all within an hour. And I know mentally that I'm gonna split it into 20 minute chunks, set your timer for things that is going to stop you from love bombing people for 45 minutes. Okay, you don't need to do that. That is not an income producing activity. It is an activity that is helping you build relationships. But it is not something that is immediately getting you money. So you need to be doing the things that are going to get you the dinero right. And my very last tip, uh, that I do every day, is I listen to some sort of personal development. This could be a company training. This could be a podcast. Ah, YouTube training. There's so many free groups that I'm in that provide a lot of awesome value. But I listen to those while I am driving to and from school because I'm a teacher while I'm scheduling posts while I'm packing orders, Um, or while I'm just doing household tasks while I'm in the shower while I'm watching the dishes, I listened to personal development literally all the time. Eso That's an awesome place to get in your podcast to get in the things that you don't necessarily need to be sitting down to dio now every once in a while, especially for a company training that our company does a short little training video Monday through Friday. It's really, really awesome, and I don't always catch them all but some of them when I'm listening, I'm like, Oh, I need to write this down so I just pause it, go onto something else. And then when I get to a stopping point in whatever I was doing when I was multitasking, I'll grab my notebook or whatever and take notes over what I need to take notes over so that I'm not necessarily listening to thing to things two or three times, if that makes sense. Okay, guys. So those air my daily methods of operations again, if you want it in a pretty little checklist form and a little bit more detailed, you can snag that for free. Over on my website, www dot Lindsay Dollinger dot com. You can also grab the Direct Sales Done Right Planner and Tracker System. It has a little video that goes along with it. I think it's about 20 minutes long exactly how I use all the things that I just said. So it has a demo checklist. It has everything that you need for your daily weekly monthly planning, and it's just amazing. So anyway, I will stop talking about it. I didn't promise, but I hope you guys have a fabulous month. I hope after you get off of this podcast, you go ahead and you download that GMO sheet and figure out where you're going to fit all those things into your day. I promise you, if you do this in a power hour in an hour of time and you can even chunk it out. But it is dedicated. Time to work in your business. Your business will move forward so much more than you ever dreamed possible. Go ahead. Leave me a five star rating and review and I will keep reading these ratings and reviews for the next podcast. And make sure if your name is some use your name that I can't tell what your actual name is. Stick your name for me in the review and I will definitely give you a shot up. Thank you so much. Guys. Have a fabulous week. You've got this and I will talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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