Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 27: Biz Tip Thursday - Do The Basics Better

podcasts Oct 29, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles. High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello, everyone. This is Lindsay Da Linger with the social selling Sisterhood podcast. Welcome back to another biz tip Thursday. I'm doing this one in the car, per usual. However, I don't have my little microphone, so you're probably gonna hear a lot more road noise and I apologize for that. But I am driving. It's a Saturday night. My sister had some friends over. We're gonna watch hocus pocus, even though we just had hocus pocus night last night with my team virtually on Zoom. Um, but anyway, I'm driving to go pick up the food and I figured 10 minute drive perfect time for a quick little podcast. And I wanted to share something that really is just like the baseline of our business. And that is that the people who are successful are just doing the basics better. So I just want you to think about that. They're not doing anything different than they're doing the basics better. And I heard something on a podcast this morning. When I was listening on, I might mess it up, how it was how she was working it. But, um, she was basically like, you're either gonna have like, most people either have talent or they have, like, a strong work ethic, And the people who have a strong work ethic are always going to come out on top, because if they're putting in the time, because you can have all the talent in the world. But if you're not putting the time in your business, you're not gonna see me payoffs. However, if you have a strong work ethic, the talent will come and being consistent, all of that, it's gonna pay off. Now, if you have talent and a hard work ethic, then your business is just gonna explode. And you know, those are the people that you see climbing really quickly to the top. But that's okay if you're missing skill sets to grow your business is a direct seller network marketer. That's fine, guys. You learn as you go along, right? So do not let that stop you. Do not get in your own head of Oh, I can't dio You know I can never reach whatever your goal is I could never do. This is quick as this person because they have experience. They have more time. They have, you know, whatever you want to tell yourself as the excuse. But, girl, you can do just the exact same thing that anyone else is doing. You just have to do the basics better. So what does this look like? Um, I have a free D M O list you can download from my website literally as soon as you go on. It's probably the first thing you'll see on the screen. My new website is www dot Lindsay Dollinger dot com, and that GMO list is literally the basics. It's talking about the basics that all the things that you need to be doing in your business and you should be doing daily. If you're running your business to be stable or you're running your business to grow now, I also have for my team. I have taken those things and I have modified and tweak them and just added Mawr, um, to them. But it's still doing the basics better. So, for example, instead of adding 1 to 3 new Facebook friends 123 new instagram followers, you're gonna, you know, just doom. Or if you have five more minutes and you've gone down through your daily methods of operations list, you're like I've done on my basics today. Well, now I get to do my basics better. So now I get to spend my five minutes either following up with someone else, inviting someone else, reaching out and building connections with someone else, brainstorming a new sale or a new promotion. You know all those sorts of things, so but they're doing the basics better. So what can you be doing on? I like to say this a lot, especially if you've listened to my podcast a lot, but I love to say do 1% more. What is 1% more that you can do today than you did yesterday? And that's how you're gonna be successful guys. That's what that's literally. All you have to dio is Do your basics better. E. The other thing I want to talk on with that is utilize the training that is given to you. So podcasts are free. 99 right? You can listen to this podcast on. Repeat you. Can I have a list of the podcast that I personally list? Listen, Thio and I actually need to add a couple more to it, but I have. I think it's even spread out over three different block post. But on Lindsay darling, you're dot com, you can search for podcast and you can see my list of podcasts that I listened. Thio. You know those are all free. Utilize your company's free trainings. I look in the resource is section of the back office that my company provides, probably at least once a week because new stuff is added. I'm reminded of things, and I need to know what's back there so I can direct and talk about it to my newer stylists who are on my team, who there's a dear I live in. I live in Ohio in the country and its like dusk time. So anyway, alright, guys, I'm almost my restaurant to pick up my food I hope this helps do your basics better. You know what your basics are? If you don't know what your basics are, snag my freedom. A list that is on my website. Reach out to your sponsor. I'm sure they can, you know, guide you in the right direction on what their basics are, or maybe reach out to someone on your team who's really high up. You know, I've talked to women who are a very, very top ranks and our company I've just reached out to them and like, Hey, you know, I'm on your team and your down line. I really admire what you've been able to do in the past 23 whatever years I would love to know. And, you know, I asked him. I asked first. Can I ask you some questions? And one of the ladies got back with me and said, Yeah, sure. And I just sent a list of questions. Um, you know, they were well thought out questions, But I asked her, you know, why do you think that you were so successful? And one of the things Waas that she mentioned was that she didn't let herself get in her mind like her own mind, and she just went for it. She asked everyone she knew. She, um didn't let her pride get in the way. And I really liked that. So reach out to other people, ask him what they've done. You know, we're not the only ones. You're not alone. Gosh, there's another deer over there. Uh, but do your basics better. You got this girl. Have a great rest of your week. I would love to hear what you're up to. So pop on into the social selling sisterhood squad on Facebook. It is linked in this podcast and update me on all the things that you were doing. Have a good one.

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