Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 26: Team Unity With Power Hours

podcasts Oct 26, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello, everyone. Happy Tuesday night? My name is Lindsay Da Linger. I am I am a senior director, um, under Jessica Ledford. And I'm going to talk to you guys tonight about team building your team culture through a power our So if you have on, I don't know if I can see all the comments or not. I kind of don't think I can. I think you have to do. Since I'm going through stream yard, approve it through stream hard for me to actually see your name. But otherwise feel free. I think I should be able to see the rest of them. So I'm super excited to be chatting with you guys tonight. Thank you so much to just get Amanda for asking me to talk with everyone. So I'm going to actually share. Here you are. I'm going to share my screen and, um, walk you through like a power point. I'm totally a teacher. Don't really a teacher. Um let's see. Here we go. And this is going Thio, keep me on task. Okay? More than anything. So if I missed your questions, I'll get them at the end away. That's not gonna dio I want to present. I'll get them toward the end when I turn this off. So a zai mentioned I'm a senior director. I joined Color Street in April of 2018 and I have loved every second of it. I have done other drug sales businesses before Color Street, which is where I really got tuned into What a power. Our waas. My first company was the health and fitness company and I just remember pulling up YouTube videos of top coaches and watching their power hours. And that's how I grew my business really quickly with my first company. And so I've kind of perfected it as I've gone through my other direct sales companies that I've done before. I did Color street and even within Color Street I have a couple of different power hours I'm going to chat with you guys about, and I'm gonna also talk after we talk about exactly what the power hour is. I'm going to talk to you guys exactly what I do with my team with it, because I think it's really powerful. Um, and my website is down here. Lindsay Dollinger dot com. It's just my name because I do have some freebies on there that you might want to check out, So I'm gonna just dive on in. So what is a power? Our This is super basic. For those of you who do not know if you know this, you know, just hold tight for just a couple minutes. So it is intentional, uninterrupted work time. Essentially, it's an hour. Um, now, if you don't have an hour in your day, break it up into 15 minute blocks, 20 minute blocks, whatever you have, and you absolutely can work more than one power. Our, um I as I mentioned, I'm a high school teacher. So in the spring, we were at home teaching online. I had a little bit more time because I didn't have my commute So I was working multiple power hours a day. I would do like an hour lunch time because I was wasn't supervising kids. They're doing things like that. And then I would work several in the evenings on the weekends and my business really boomed. A za lot of people's dead, but it really boomed. Um, since we had been home and now, especially working full time and being back at school, I have to do power hours like I personally have to do them. It's my focus time. It helps me to stop scrolling. I use my handle that I'm so used to using my hands for showing off my nails. So sorry about that, guys. Um, but the uninterrupted work time is really important, and it needs to be scheduled regularly for them to be effective. Like you're not gonna want to do one power our once a week. Well, you could do it once a week. I meant, like once a month or once every I don't know a few months and expect to have amazing results just like everything with our business. You want it, thio be done consistently. And if you're doing your daily methods of operations, which I mentioned down here a little bit further. But if you're doing those, then you're going to see results. You're going to see them a lot faster than people who are not doing these things. So I do three types of power hours, Um, with my team. Me Now, specifically, I focus on the last two. The first one is like a beginner power hour. And this is one where I have it divided into very small increments of time with a very specific outcome. For example, um, I'll say, add three new Facebook friends and everyone will go through. And, um, sometimes they even give where to find these Facebook friends. I'll have to walk through people who are not Soopers happy with Facebook and say, Go to your suggested friends, go to a friend. You have, um, you know, one of your best friends and see that you've just suggested friends or find people that you have a lot of mutual friends with. Find people in groups, friend, your VIPs, things like that. So very small, specific GMOs like that and I'll break it up over an hour on, and I'll show you some more examples that in a sec, and then we have transitioned in my team from that beginner power. Our we don't really do that very much anymore. We do the general one and this one I have blocked into 3 20 minute pieces of time. Um, the first one is sending love bombs, which we'll talk about what? That is later. So, love bonds, Um, the second one is sending invites, and the third one is follow ups. And those were the three big pieces of our business Are moving your business forward for that general power. Our We don't do things like, um, you know, ship sets write. Thank you notes. Things like that those I would put in the beginner power our for, like, Okay, we're gonna take 10 minutes. We're gonna write thank you's and things like that. The general one that I have divided into the three bigger chunks. The love bombing or connecting Connecting with new people. Uh, inviting and follow ups for those three. That's more. Four. The business owner who already does those tasks, like scheduling posts, um, sending out thank you. Things like that and don't really need, like, the guidance and the push to do it. I find that connecting with new people inviting and following up are the three things that are our biggest income producing activities, but that we usually put those to the back burner. Right. If you're like, I have 20 minutes to work my business, which which is more comfortable for you to dio send out stats you need to send out or connect and invite people to your business opportunity. So that's the general one. And then the specific power hour is when, for example, you're having a booking bloods and you're like, Okay, we're getting on is a team. We're gonna have an hour really focused time. And we're going to see who can book the most parties in an hour, something like that. So that one is really specific. Um, Or if you haven't scheduled your post for the month, the week and you're like crap, I really need to do that. That you would spend an hour just scheduling posts. Um, but the big thing with that is uninterrupted. So if you're scheduling posts for an hour, then you are not responding to messages. You get your phones on silent. Um, you're not getting distracted by other things. Unless it's like, you know, an emergency or your dog has to go to the bathroom. But you're not getting distracted. E just said that about my dog because I saw her that, um But you're not getting distracted by other things like you are working for that hour. So I would like to know, Drop this in the comments on and you may have already done it. Do you do a team power? Our now, I would love to know, take a drink. Liquor. And if so, what do you dio What did you for our? So this is this power hour that I just explained to you. I do this for my own business. This is what I dio, um, but we also do it with our team and so we'll get to the team in a minute. So here's some more tips for your power. Our avoid distractions have a clean working space. So have everything that you need that you're gonna need for your our all set up, ready to roll on a desk, Preferably if you work better on the couch. Go for it. But I find when I'm on the couch. I'm get distracted really easily. Silence your phone. Turn off your notifications. And especially if you're doing the 20 minute blocks and you're sending a bunch of invites during this time, don't respond back to the messages immediately. Respond back to them, either at the end of your hour or whenever you have time to respond to them. But remember, there's no such thing as a nail emergency, and we don't need to respond immediately and use a timer. I just pull up and use the timer on my phone. So I wrote my power from my computer and on my phone I set a timer so that, like, it's specific, right? Like we say 20 minutes or secondary 20 minutes and prep ahead of time. Know exactly which one of those power hours you're gonna dio are going to the specific one? Are you going to divide it into 20 minute chunks or you gonna have like, five minutes to add Facebook friends. 10 minutes to send invites 10 minutes to do love, Bob, you know, what are you doing during your time and have it all like you're basically kind of like your to do list ahead of time. How many minutes you want to spend on each thing Ready before you go? Because if not, you're going to go to your computer. You're gonna be like, Okay, I don't know what I'm gonna do it for an hour. Um, keep your scripts and a d m O's list. I have a Deimos list that you guys were welcome to snag. It's a free thing on my website. Um, it's the one that I gave to my team for our like daily minimums. So if you're working your business and you don't want your business Thio, I don't know what the word is I want to say like, tank, but decrease if you want it Thio to boom, to grow thes air The minimums that we have to dio I also have a d m A list for people who want to, like run with the business with me, right? Because especially as leaders, we we look for the people who want to run with us in our business. So we have all that ready to go ahead of time scripts. There's a ton of scripts in our Google drive folders. I know that there's a ton and he nailed it. Nailed lives, Um, literally all of our team Google drives. And then we have some as well, like on our personal team that we have modified a little bit that everyone likes studios, step team, power hours. Here's what I do with my team. So I make an event in my team space. We used to do them on Zoom, but now we've been playing around and using Facebook rooms, and it works. Justus. Well, um, it's it's actually really easy. So we make a room like when we make the event. We make the room same time and day each week, and we do this weekly. My teams are on Thursdays from 8 to 9 30 I'll explain why it's an hour and a half in just a sec. So from 8 to 9 30 um, you can record it. I was recording it on Zoom. Honestly, the only reason I stopped using Zoom on recording it was because it was my school zoom account, and I found out they have a record of all of our zooms, and I know that we're do anything bad on it. It just made me feel words. So we're using a Facebook room. Um, but I've also heard, uh, some leaders on podcast. I listened to say that they don't record them, because if it is important to their teammates, they'll be there. And, um, I can say I see the same group of women give or take a week. I mean, everyone has something going on. Like I have parent teacher conferences next Thursday. So I'm actually not going to make our Thursday, um, power our But the people who are working your business leaders pay attention because they're the people who are going to show up on your power hours. They're the people who are going to show up on our regional trainings. You know, it's the same ladies. So, um, or gentlemen, and those are the ones you want to run with. Um, so recording versus not recording, that's totally up preference, um, and invite people personally. So, like I said, there's some people that I know that I'm not gonna have to invite personally, they're going to show up. Um, my newbies, my newer stylist, a stylist who I know are like five months of that B. Q Um, really, just anyone that I haven't seen or talked to you in a while. I invite them personally. I say, like, Hey, our team power hours tonight I hope you can come. That's what I've said, I might say, like eight o'clock nine o'clock. And I always take a screenshot At some point during our power our and posted in the group after our power, our and thank everyone who was able to hop on until everyone like it was so great seeing you, things like that. And I don't think I thought I had it on here somewhere. But, um, we do theme ones every once in a while. So we did like a Disney theme, and we had, like, a Disney years on, and I took a screen shot of it. And those were really great to to post, um, if you have a behind the scenes group considering group posted in your stories on your V I p posts, um, let people know that you because a lot of people join our business right, not just for the money aspect, but for the sisterhood and for the friendships Onda support because essentially, it's just support. You don't get that everywhere eso thank them for coming. And then I have to admit I have slacked off on. This is just a little bit, especially when it's the same people. But I try to send at least someone's first time on our power. Our I send them a personal hand written thank you like thank you for hopping on our power. Our were so great seeing you. Um you know, something like that Something personal in it Now what? I started to dio miss you back a little bit. What I started to do probably august, maybe probably August ish waas because our power hours were always scheduled all summer they were I think there were 9 to 10 and then heading back to work. I usually go to bed like 9. 30. I'm like, it's time to go to bed because I get up at five o'clock for work and I'm one of those people. I'm not only get hungry, but whatever the version of that is for sleep slang Gree, I don't know, but I'm like that if I don't get sleep. So anyway, I have noticed that our power hours we're not really an hour. They were like an hour and a half an hour. 20 because at the beginning people were hopping on and they were wanting to chat. These things were going well. These things aren't going well. Um, or at the end, people were trying to say that as well. You know this going well. How do you invite people? Sometimes people had questions during the power hour. So we added from 8 to 8. 30. question time. You can hop on. You can ask questions. Um, I said at the beginning it was specifically for newer stylists, but then I realized the people who've been here for a while also had questions I wanted to brainstorm or just chat. So we're really good about doing that. 88 38 30 comes around like, OK, it's time for our power. Our and, um you know, everyone really just knows the flow. Now they know what they're doing and like we get toe work. So it's really awesome. Um, consider doing Oh, there was the theme. And make sure you meet everyone. You know. No one really has a problem with that. Everyone's used to it now with all these damn things. But you can you on a room A swell. So make sure you mute people. I should probably see if there's questions. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, There are some comments. Love power hours. I do a power at least 33 times a day, three times a week. Okay, Slang Guerry. My favorite. Connecting time. Okay, Alright, guys, I'll go back to this, Um and this is a related to a power our But I just wanted to share this because I also think it builds team culture. Um, so I started for my team. What? This is middle of October, beginning of October. Like the last 90 days. If you follow Rachel Hollis, she does last 90 days, like leveling up your life. So I offered the last 90 days for our our team, and we call, like, a push group, something like that Push mastermind group and one of the things that we do in there. So my power hours on Thursdays and Willams our weekly accountability meetings, and we do these on Wednesdays and these air open toe anyone who is in that group. Um and so for our leaders, same time, The same day, each week, Wednesdays, we do that 8 30 to 9. 30. Sometimes it doesn't last till 9 30. E think we've ended around 9 15 a couple nights, and it's just a Knauer of catching up of brainstorming. We talk about what we want to put in our behind the scenes group, and it's really great because it allows me a space to delegate with all the leaders on our team because there are so many amazing women with so me. Awesome talents like, um, I can think of one in particular. My teammate Amelia rocks games, and she we do some game nights with our in our considering group. We just stayed family feud. Amelia was in charge of it and which, actually, she should be totally probably do a training on this. Jessica, not anything of this, but, um, So anyway, that's how we got the ball rolling with all of that was that was are kind of like our brainstorming time together as leaders, we start with roses and thorns. So if you don't know what that is, um, everyone like on the screen will go around and say like they're high in their low of the week. And it could be color Street related. It could be non color street related, and I have found that when they are color Street related, it's a really natural way for everyone to be like, Oh, here's my idea with this. Here's what worked for me. I've had the same thing in a little bit of validation and just really natural brainstorming that it doesn't seem, um, forced it all. And I think it really, really strengthens our leadership on our team and, um, gives us a place to be excited for our teammates and that also, same thing with that half hour at the beginning or end of the power hour, if you can do it also really builds. It builds excitement and build commodity. It helps your teammates one. Get to know each other and put a name to a face. You know, people's personalities come out. Um, you know, half the time we show up in our pajamas because it's late at night for some of us. Um, you know, sometimes people rolling with the drink and it's not always water, right? So it's just things to talk about, and it really helps helps build not only those relationships for your team. Um, but those women on your team who are your the love language that is quality time are really gonna want the power hours or the weekly accountability meetings. Um, I had one more thing with that. Yeah, it'll come back to me so super quick. This has nothing to do with the power hour. And then I'm gonna show you one other tool for a power. Our, um here's some other team culture tips that you probably do in your team's anyway. But I just wanted to run down through and just in case not recognition is key. And we do it everywhere in our team, like our maintain group. Obviously in the in the other bigger team group SA's. Well, the behind the scenes group that we have on our personal walls stories. And we tag everyone that possibly could be related to that recognition. And we make them public so that people can see them. And then all of our leaders always comment on all those posts. So as our team has gotten bigger, um, you know, there's a ton of more comments that are on there, and then since our leaders air doing it, the newer stylist on our team who are not yet building teams are saying, Oh, everyone else's commenting. I should probably do that too, right? Because you ever you know, it's a sisterhood. It's a part of your team. So, um, that would have been really helpful. And people see them. So it's a great business. Um, I want to say business blasting. I don't know if that's quite the right word, but it's peppering in the business, you know, love bombs. Getting to what Those? Well, I just explained. It s so LaBalme is just literally a message sending love to someone it can be. Hey, your name popped up on my wall. Um, it could be something about a post that they made. Like my kids are back to school right now, too. And it's been crazy. I hope things go well for you this week. That could be totally yet. Um, I since I'm Hey, happy Monday. I hope you have a great week. Uh, and sometimes it's just the story is that sometimes they're longer if they're women in my V I p Group, I said I will, you know, thank them for being a loyal V i p. It's nothing to do with selling lots of times. I don't ever mention color street the tying this back to my team. Um, I sent live bombs on my teammates, so I don't know if they have noticed it. I'm sure they probably have. Hopefully they didn't think it was weird or anything, but, you know, I want to check in. I want to see how they're doing. And as your team gets bigger, it obviously is going to be harder to do this. Like for Jessica doing it with 1200 people in Amanda. How? Maney. I don't even know how many people are under Amanda a lot. Ah, lot. Ah, lot more than I have. So make a schedule and split it with your leaders. And what I started doing with the leaders on our team is we started messaging women who are not in our down line who were in our sidelines, You know who are under someone else in our team. But we're in our team space, and that was really cool. I think we had some really awesome relationships built that way. And I saw 22 women who were under me, Heather and Britney did a live together and their wall like putting their nails on. I was like, What is happening like this is awesome on DATs what we want, right? We want that camaraderie. We want everyone, um, to feel a part of something. So, you know, send that send that love and it doesn't have to be like it's super nice. When it's a card, I try to do cards to people. I just started sending a handwritten card to everyone who joined their team, but at the same time just a quick message. Voice memo. Totally fine. Um, encourage others to lead trains, share cool ideas, share the runs. Um, it might be hard to do it first, but people will start catching on and we'll start loving to do that. And I think it really creates, Um, What's the word? I teach Spanish that sometimes English words are hard. Um, it really creates, like buying or like ownership of the team. So again, and it helps, especially if you're a leader with a bigger team. It will really help take some of that pressure off of you. Um, I love to share my favorite professional development podcast So I listen to one every morning on my way to work, and I will either screenshot it or or share the link and encourage people to listen to it. Uh, not every day. I don't always share them every day. That's a lot. But I share a lot of them. Um, and then team get togethers as you're able to do. Like I just did a retreat with some of my teammates this past weekend. Um, you know, we're planning on doing something for Christmas. A lot of it will be virtual this Friday. We're doing ah, hocus pocus. Virtual. I don't know for sure how we're going to do it, but I did just see it's on Disney Plus, So I guess we're going to zoom and watch hocus pocus together because there are girls on our team. Have not seen it. My mind is like blown, but, you know, and like I mentioned, no, your teammates love languages, So if it's recognition, that's why we do the recognition piece quality time. That's why we do the part of the reason why we do the Power hour also to get the things done, because a lot of people do not know exactly what they need to do to be working their business or they think like, Oh, I'm working it so much. But we're not really doing the things that are making us money. Um, I can't think of other love languages off the top of my head. Take that love Languages quiz. You can just google it. Um, and I asked my teammates to take it, you know, take the love language quiz. Tell me what your love language is. Um, it was really interesting. So I would love to hear what you do to build team culture while I pull up. We see if anyone else has Oh, my gosh. You've never seen hocus pocus either. Oh, my goodness. Love it. Okay, let's see. That's holiday. Here is one example. I believe I share this in here in the spring. Here's one example of a power our like a simple template that you go down through. So you know this ad this many friends connect with these people. So this is just sending a Facebook message. One of my favorite things to dio gonna show you on my phone and messenger if you don't want to sound like a hey. Happy Monday message. If you go to people, you click people in your own. If you do that, if you click Peep. Wait, I'm sharing my screen. You're not gonna able to see that. How do I ensure my screen? Mhm. Um, remove. Here we go. Alright. Um, you can click o'Nuts. Okay. You can click people down here, there and then up in the top, you can click stories. And this just has people's stories, like right here super easy so you can scroll through. Like, obviously, I don't need to comment on all my team stories. Those are the ones that are showing up at the top for me. But, um, Monica, to be honest, I have no idea who Monica is. Imagine finding 11 friendship in one person. Okay. Sounds great. Like like Okay, So, like, that's what um and don't just like like I did like, actually write a comment. Oh, that's so cool. I have no idea what that is, but hopefully it was cool. Okay, um, but the intentional ballot about it be, um What's the word? Authentic. I know that's kind of like a buzzword nowadays, but be authentic when you're sharing and your messaging people. Um and then when you're done with it, you're done with it. You're moving on to your next task. Okay, so I do that now let me go back. Yeah, this back to the stream. Eso that is connecting invites. We all know what invites are that's inviting people to the business opportunity or to be a hostess or to try to try a sample. This guys is not putting up a post like a generic post and asking people to do it. Those rarely work right if they do fabulous but invites or like actually personal messages. Same thing with follow up for follow up. What I like to do is I like to go back through anyone who's got an order from shipped from Color Street or shipped from me that should have gotten it in the last week. And if you keep up with your follow up, if you literally do it weekly, um, or even every few days it doesn't seem so daunting. I promise some daily habits, making sure you're posting your V I. P Group 123 times, um, posting on your personal page once a day. Uh, that's a really common thing for people to post more than once, but the magic number is once stories air huge and the more you, um my team has really been focusing on stories. The more you use stories in, like 8 to 10 is the suite number. With stories on Facebook, the more you use them, the more people actually see your stories because it pushes yours to the front. Um, and like my story views since doing it consistently for a couple of months now are so much more and I don't know, I can't remember the exact percentage. But, um, my, I have a coach, a business coach, and she told me that on your personal page, your posts on your personal page on Lee, 1 to 4% of your followers will ever see them. But in your stories, I think it was like 40 to 60%. I mean, it was a lot. It was a huge difference. So posting and stories is definitely where it's at, um, getting your personal development. And I cannot tell you how hard it is. Just a small development Wrong. I think I did. I don't think there's any Oops, um, no one's over that, but getting your personal development and is huge and checking in on your team, making sure that you are doing, um, you know any of these team culture things, but just making sure you're there, you're visible. Uh, you know, I pop in my team page. I do a lot of car ride chat chats. I don't actually do a live video when I'm driving, but I'll record it and I will tell them You know what's on my mind? What I've learned from a podcast. Give them inspiration for something. This has been really hard for me this week to this is what I'm doing to fix it. E think it's really important to not just say this has been really hard for me, but also say, and this is what I'm going to do to fix it. And then here's some weekly things to make sure that your scheduling your girls night in or something fun your team call. Check your video. You should be checking your video weekly on sending your samples, and thank you's You don't have thio send samples and, um, male your nails out every day And this was a huge thing that I had to talk with my team about Waas. People were getting overwhelmed with shipping things. Um, you know, we're not Amazon. We're not Amazon prime. You can ship once a week, twice a week. You don't have to be shipping stuff every day. Especially if this is not your full time gig. So just remember that as well. So when you're working your power, our shipping does not always need to be in part of your power. Our one more thing I'm going to show you, and I'm gonna hop off because I could talk for a long time. I'm gonna show you my child born. Well, this is a template trail aboard. I actually shared this earlier in, um, team polished and pretty. So you may have seen it, but I can throw the link up in the comments as well for this. And, um, the demos thing for everyone. Let me diss stream again. Okay, so this I made when cove it happened and we had to start using inventory a lot. Um, I was drowning. I did not know how to keep track of everything. It was just like a hot mess Express. So let me scroll. This is where I'm really working in my power hour and again. This is a template, so there are no names here. Um And you can do this on a Google spreadsheet. You can keep a pen and paper flip thing, you know, whatever you want to dio. So every single person in my V i p group has a card and whoa! Oh, no. Where to go? So every person has a card. This can take a long time if you are. If you are just now getting started and you have a big pipe group, but, uh, let me just right, just the blackbird. Uh, obviously this because this is a public thing, so I can go in one. Okay. Mm. Oh, wait. This is what I wanted to dio. Okay, so I have a sample card here, so I make a copy of this, and I'm call it Jessica Ledford is in my current client list. Okay, She's here. I need to let this one while I'm thinking of it. So on here, I can put any of these things how we met, what her wish lists is her favorite products. I know she hates glitters. Um and here's some things to keep me straight on this. Have I sent her? Thank you. Email. Have I connected with her on social media? You can literally just check them off. When you do that, you can also set a date a due date. So if I know, I will need to follow up with her next week. I'm going to say that as my due date, and she's gonna have a little back here. So I know when I need to follow up with her and and actually will send me an email to if you like that. Okay, so she's a current client. I'm going to send her a message and just say, Hey, Jessica, I saw you went back toe work working. So working nights are working days. I e forget test, but you're working the opposite of the one you were working. Um, so I've just been thinking of you, and I hope you have a great week. She responds. Thank you so much. That was so sweet. Okay, then. The holiday line is coming out tomorrow. Now I'm going to send her an invite. I'm gonna say, Hey, Jessica, I know you're loving your color street nail strips and I just wanna let you know that the holiday line is coming out tomorrow. Um, and I wanted to see if you wanted to open up a holiday party. Link ended at that. See what she says? Um, she says she says, What would she say? Yes or no On based off that if she says yes, then I'm going to move her. She is a schedule party. If she says maybe next month, I'm gonna move her to potential. So I remember to follow up with her. If she says, Yeah, let's get started. I'm gonna move her to an active party. When her party's over, I'm gonna move it to pass hostesses party. Um, and the past hostess. This is really nice, because this becomes my pool for potential stylists. Okay, So say she says, Um, no, no party. Not even, like later. Um, so then she's gonna go on my follow up, and I'm going to follow up with her about, you know, strip she ordered or follow up with her about the mega party my team is having. And we followed up. We've done these things. Now she's in the engage column and engages literally, pretty much just love bombing. I'm still commenting on her stuff when I see it. I am, um, you know, because I'm always friends with my V i p s. So that's how that happens. I'm sending her happy birthday message, things like that. I don't really move anyone to pass customers unless they are like a family member of someone who signed up to be a stylist or someone that I'm like. Homegirl was originally, and I don't really want to talk to her anymore. Okay, so that would be passed, customer, that doesn't usually happen. Or someone who, um, you know, go send me on paying stuff. Don't have time for that. And then I added some other things to the sport as well. When people become your stylists, which hopefully they will, they can come here so you can keep track of your stylist on. Then you cannot hear vendor events and any trainings that you want to keep track up as well. So I'm gonna go ahead and delete Jessica from that to see if I have any questions. Um and yes. So this is also a super easy way for you to keep check of your power hours. So back when I mentioned the general power hour that's divided into 20 minute blocks, my 20 minutes will be loved. Bombs invites follow ups and it will literally be that. And I'll have either my phone out, um, or another window open, and I literally will just keep dragging people through the thing. And so it's always always updated. Alright, guys, does anyone have any questions about anything? I hope that makes sense. I hope that's what you guys were hoping for when you tuned in. Um, you know the power. Ours is just really great because it helps everyone work your business, including you, which is really good. So even the person leading it like I look forward to the power hours because it holds me accountable for getting my work done like I could be distracted. I could be doing all the things. But if I know I have a team power hour, I'm not gonna let my team down, Right. So you're going to show up? Um, they've really helped our team hit some really amazing goals, and people still keep coming. We've never had a week that no one was on power. Our, um And so it's just been really, really fun. And we have fun with it. You gotta have fun with it, right? You gotta have fun with it. You have to be positive. Especially if you're the one leading it. Um, but you also have to be really like, Yeah, this was, like, a weird day. Can we just talk about a weird day? Like I told ghost stories that one of my last week? Because, you know, it happens. I live in an old house. All right, guys. Well, I'm gonna help off of here. I hope this was helpful. I will drop the links to the things that I was mentioning, and I encourage you Thio. Just make sure I don't I didn't miss anything. I don't think I did. Um, I just really encourage you to give one a try playing one for your team. It can be. You could have literally one person under you guys or one person working the business under you. And you could do a team power our like you could get on. You guys could get on a messenger room like this? Um, we're not like this. This is a messenger room, but you know what I mean. Ah, Messenger room. You can get on Zoom. Um however, else kids were doing it these days, Facebook or whatever everyone uses. I don't know. I'm not super techy. Um but you could get on any of those and literally you just need one other person to do a team on. And then otherwise you do it for you. Right? Because ultimately you are the one in charge of your business. Alright, everyone have a great night and I will talk to you guys. I'll see you. Bye bye. 

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