Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 23: Two Team Tips - Biz Tip Thursday

podcasts Oct 15, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello. This is Lindsay Dollinger and back for another quick episode of the podcast. I was just thinking One of the things that I tell women on my team is they're building their team. Something really important to Dio as you're building your team so that you can keep building your team is to set up boundaries and make sure that you are teaching your team where to find things and how to do things instead of giving them the answer all the time. So this could probably be a much longer episode. But I'm in the car and I like to do these quick little episodes for quick tips while I'm in the car. But especially if you are just now building a team, it's really important Thio start doing these things now so that your teammates air used thio this style of leadership. They're used to you not just handing everything over for them because as soon as you start doing that meaning as soon as you start immediately responding to every single question that people have and giving them the answers like straight up, it's gonna be really hard for you, Thio, break that pattern. So this is kind of what I mean. So way have an on boarding process with our new stylist who join our team, which is great. I think probably everyone has some sort of process that they have right to get people started and then we provide them with Resource is we have a Google doc we have pinned. Resource is in our group. We have an entire hyperlinked Google doc that we made for our stylist just on our team, that they can search pretty much any keyword, and it will take them to that answer. So we have that in place and then we also show our stylists where they can find all the resource is in our back office for our company. So when I start getting you know, messages from someone, or sometimes even multiple messages in a day from people who are not even like my direct down line. Um, sometimes it's people you know that are 234 levels below me, which is fine. There's still part of my team, and I don't mind helping them. But I like toe always point people in the direction where they can find the answer. So if they're like Justin example, um, how could I close the party? I get this one a lot, especially for newer stylist, which is great. It's a great question, right? You've closed, you're done with your party. You wanna close, you want to do it right. Um but we already have honestly, probably three or four documents made up that we'll tell them how to do it. Sure, I could send a quick voice memo that might be, you know, two or three voice memos in a row. Or I could take the time to write everything out. Or I could take a link for something that already explains it all and walks them through it, step by step with pictures on send the link, and I can also say Just so you know, this this document you confined again in the future. If you need to look at again, it's in the resource is section of our back office. So I just want to encourage you to think of those things that you can start directing people to instead of just flat out giving an answer all the time. Um, one thing that, like I have a team page with the other leader on our team that has been doing this pretty much since I started. And it's really our team page. And we have been really good about encouraging our stylists Thio use the search bar in our group. So if someone says I don't know, like something about graphics or something about really any piece of technology or Facebook or How does this work? Pretty much. Our answer for a really long time has been just a really quick comment back and say, If you search in this group with the term Facebook with the term graphics, whatever they're looking for, I think you will find some really great ideas. Let us know if you need us to tag you in them and nine times out of 10 our teammates, you know, we'll just search for it, and then they find their answer, and that's good. And then eventually, those sorts of questions stop until you get like, a new wave of stylists in. And then they asked the same and way point them to the right direction. And it really just teaches people thio take their business into their own hands to be really independent, to search for things. And it frees up a lot of your time as a leader because if you only have limited time to work your business anyway and you are devoting 20% of it to your team like you should be, you don't want to spend that team time responding to those quick messages that add up, right? I'm just gonna tell her really quick how to close the party. Oh, I'm just gonna tell her really quick how to enroll someone blah, blah, blah. That's all fine and dandy, especially if you only have one or two people on your team. But is your team grows and grows and grows. That's gonna take all your time, right? All your time is gonna be spent directing your team or answering questions for your team. And obviously there are some things that are more individualized that, uh, that, you know, do need some of your time. Absolutely. I'm not saying that you never answer your team's questions, but if you can, and I'm gonna use the word train because I feel like it's very like like, boss employee mentality. But that's the best word I could think of at this moment. But you know, if you can train, if you can guide your every really everyone on your team just toe where all the resource is are and how they can best use them and do that early on in your business, you're going to be really relieved a lot later. Okay, so I definitely encourage you to do that. And then the second thing with building your team that I encourage everyone on my team who's building also building a team is to set those boundaries. So my team know is that my messages on my phone go off at 9 p.m. At night. Like I they actually like, blur out. I have my phone set up that you know, all my APS turn off at nine PM on. They don't turn back on until I think it's five AM during the school year and I don't respond to anything. They don't pop up on my phone. I don't check them and I will get to everyone after the school day the next day. You know, I'm not. I'm not going to set the expectation for my team that I'm gonna be checking and responding to things from 5 to 6 in the morning when I'm getting ready for school because it's just not gonna happen. So I don't want to set that expectation. I'm not going to start doing it, even if it's a quick message back. I'll look at it and I'll make a mental note to respond to it later. One really nice thing is, as my team has grown, we have created little group chats for kind of like the different branches or legs of my team, which has been phenomenal because again, everyone is just kind of used Thio using those team chats for those questions like, you know, Hey, I had this issue. Has anyone had it before? Anyone know what time the launches today? So it was there a lot of questions that had I been getting them individually one I would have taken a while to get back to them. But to those air questions that like I don't necessarily have to answer right, anyone can answer those and give their input. Or if it's something that is kind of common knowledge, anyone could answer, they don't need, like like expertise from a top leader, if that makes sense, so utilize group chats as much as you can, but also have boundaries in them. You know this. This chat is for talk about Color Street. Yes, you can talk. You know, we can do a little bit of non color street stuff from time to time. But, um, you know, I asked that if you are, if it's not something that he's message to really late at night, or if it's not something that is good for, like the whole group, maybe don't stick it in this group. Chap right eso setting up those boundaries, giving yourself boundaries as well. You know, there's way like to say my company, there's no such thing as a nail emergency. It's 100% true, like there has literally been nothing going down in our company. Knock on wood. There's no blood in this car, but knock on wood. Um, that, I would say, is an emergency. So, like, don't feel like you have to get right back to everyone and every second in the day, or you're gonna get burned out, you're going to get frustrated, and you're going to get a message from someone for the 15th time. And it's going to come in at a bad time when you are grumpier in a bad mood and you might not respond in the nicest way. Yes, I'm telling you that because been there, done that because I'm bad about it. I you see a message, and I'm like, I gotta respond. I gotta respond. But as as much a discipline as you can give yourself and that Hey, I'm working my business hours this afternoon from 3 to 6. That's what I'm gonna look at it. I encourage you to do that because as soon as you start building those boundaries around your time, your team time your business time, your team's gonna respect you a lot more and they'll get used to him, and it will just be part of your systems. Right? So create those systems. Make sure your leaders are on board is Well, um you know, I've chatted toe all my leaders like, OK, guys, we're not approving posts in our team space. That are. I came to think of an example right now, but our our posts about policies and procedures because everyone should be reading policies and procedures and should have it down line. So we're downloaded. So if you see one pop up, um, you know, please don't approve it, but send them a message directly and direct them in the the way of finding the policies and procedures in the back office. Just as an example, Um, so, yeah, get those systems in place. And I'm telling you, once you kind of streamline the process is in your team. It is going to open you up mentally. Thio invite way more people because you're gonna feel not overwhelmed, Which I know we talked about a previous episodes a few weeks ago. Um, but you're not going to feel the overwhelm you're going. Thio feels that you can handle it, and then you know what your team is gonna feel as though they can handle building their own teams because it could be really intimidating to think that. Okay, if I build a team, I'm gonna have to devote all this extra time. I'm gonna have to be available at people's back and call to answer questions. And I don't want time to my phone. You know, I have a lot of people who think that, but I have set up my systems and my team in such a way that that is not my experience. So I don't want people to think that, you know, they have Thio. They have to be performing that way to have a team. So I think if you do that, you'll see a big kind of mindset shift in not only how you view your interactions with your teammates, but also your teammates. Willingness Thio, um, you know, build their own teams themselves. So I hope you found that helpful friends. Um, I met us up. Stop place or stop saying I can't do two things at once. Apparently. Um but anyway, I hope you're loving these biz tip Thursdays. I kind of decided I'm going to try to do these while I'm driving in the car they're going to be like my shorter episodes on Then reserve my Monday Monday podcasts for, you know, more in depth trainings or interviews with people things like that. So, guys, if you have anyone that you would like me to ask to be a guest on the podcast, please reach out, let me know. I would love some ideas for that or any other topic you would like Thio have covered. Let me know that as well. And guys, I have a new website. If you have not been there, it is w w w dot Lindsay Dollinger dot com on and that is spelled with it anyway, So go check it out. Let me know what you think. But please screenshot this episode posted in your stories tag me and I will re share it. And don't forget to subscribe and leave a five star rating and review. It would mean the world to me. I appreciate you all and I hope you're having a fabulous week. Tomorrow's Friday so buh bye, guys.

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