Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 22: Treat Your Business Like A Business - Team Training

podcasts Oct 12, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Mhm. Hello? Hello, everyone. My name is Lindsay Dollinger. If you do not know me and I'm broadcasting this in several places. So this is going to depend on some of you know me very well because you remembers in my team. So this is a training that I am doing for my team team Polish princesses. We are color street stylists. And so I should also be live in my business page as well as my YouTube channel. And this will also be on my podcast tomorrow, so nothing like waiting till last minute. Right? Um so I hope my sound quality is okay. You see, I'm gonna move this microphone just a little bit closer, so I hope everyone is doing well. Team um, feel free to leave your comments. I might not look at the comments until later, but Okay, so this training is going to be all about treating your business like a business and not like a hobby, okay? And so if you are doing this like it is a hobby, then you don't wanna listen to this training. This training is literally gonna be on how to be a business owner with a direct sales business, some tips and tricks and some things to make sure you're doing. Um, but if you are just doing this for hobby again, this training probably not for you, but if you're still watching and I wrote out, like, a whole list of notes here, So I'm gonna be looking down if you're watching this on a video, but treating your business like a business. So the important the thing that I have always heard, that is, if you treat your business like a business, you will get business results. And if you treat your business like a hobby, then you're going to get hobby results. So to me, when I heard that for the first time, it was very like, Oh, my gosh, that makes total sense because I have been doing my business like I've been a hobby. I've been posting when I have time or when I remember and not really making a plan. So I'm gonna go through, um, you know, just some of my top things that I have gotten toe work on, and I still get to work on, but especially if you are newer and you're like, I feel like I'm doing all the things, but I'm not getting the results. I encourage you to look at this list of things and determine if you really are truly doing all of the things or not so very first thing. And we've talked about this a lot. Guys, is having, um, at good daily routine on a routine that works for you that you get results out off, um, and having a self care plan. So, like, for me, this means getting my workouts and making sure that I'm getting the amount of sleep that I know my body needs, Um, eating healthy, all of those sorts of things. I don't drink caffeine after. Oh, my gosh. I don't even know, like, one o'clock in the afternoon, because I know I can't sleep. And it has also been recently adding meditation. And so those are the things for me that help me feel like my best self so that I can't even concentrate or focus to work my business, Um, scheduling my week out. This is something that I started doing probably about a year ago. Um, and you guys know that I just launched my direct sales done right? Planner and Tracker system. This is the planner and tracker. I printed it out, but I haven't set up so that you can dio, you know, fill ins like pdf filling, which is really awesome. But I'll show you a blank page, and if you're on the podcast, you can't. I will explain what people are saying. So I time blocked by hours. So I do an hourly time block and I'm going to go through tonight when I get off this recording, and I'm going to block out at least the next two days. Um and additionally, my daily plan has areas of focus people that I need to follow up with. And I don't just do this daily. I will do this weekly, so I'm going Thio, drop down my top intentions for the week. Um, you know, I know I have my application girl boss retreat this weekend, so that gets to be my priority. A lot of that for the week planning and making sure everything is set up for that packing, etcetera. Um and then I also know that I have a goal to get some more parties booked. So it will be reaching out to people. I will be doing my follow ups and I will be getting my parties booked that I need to get booked. So I set intentions and I schedule my week out. If I don't schedule in my workouts, they don't happen. If I don't schedule in, my team calls, they don't happen, right? I just don't remember to do those things. Like I literally just when I was over at my dad's house tonight was I set a reminder, my phone to go over there Wednesday night because I have Thio go to his garden and pick some stuff for our like to get the vegetables for a girl boss retreat for part of our meals. So, like, if I don't set them as schedules as reminders and then they just straight up don't happen. So schedule your week out and schedule in your time where you don't do anything like schedule in your free time. Okay, schedule in your downtime. A swell. Scheduling your family time schedule in bedtime. And I think when you start to really break it down by our and our like, we all get the same amount of hours in the day. It just depends on how you use them. So be a smart business owner and use those hours wisely. And then you're weeks planned out your months planned out. Whatever. But you have to communicate that with your family. I hear a lot from people that they have unsupportive spouses Or, um, you know, I live with my sister, so I have to communicate with her The events that I'm planning my power hours like I'm gonna be unable toe hang out on Wednesday and Thursday nights because Wednesday, just like piece of hair, that's like falling on my brain and started me crazy on. I didn't bother me ties on this recording, But anyway, you know, Wednesday nights, we do team stuff Thursday nights. I'm just gonna take it down. Thursday nights. We have team power hours. So I have to communicate that you know, those air non negotiables for me. And she knows that. And we communicate that, um So make sure you communicate that because she knows my goal. She knows my goal is to be a, you know, a top stylists and our company. And while I've already gotten really far in my business, I'm not stopping like I'm going all the way to the top. My our team is going all the way to the top, so she knows that she knows that's my goal. So, um, you know, she's on board, So communicate that with the people in your life, especially the people who you value their opinions the most. Okay, Um all right, so we got all that out of the way, our next big thing that I have a tone written down in, and I just I just had it all this professionalism. So, as business owners and specifically as leaders, like we're leveling up, we're starting. Thio have teams of people under us. Um, you know, you're taking I'm assuming if you're taking your business seriously, then you're growing and you're sponsoring new stylist and everything else. They're consultants. If you listen to this, not a color street person. So professionalism, what this is gonna look like in your business, this is gonna be providing excellent customer service. So you know you are. If a customer is unhappy with their order, then you're going to take care of that for them. We submit tickets for for the company I am in for our customers. So our customer, like we're like the liaison between the customer and the company. If that happens, that very, very rarely happens. But if it happens, we get it done, and we do it immediately. Prompt, courteous, replies. So things can really easily be misconstrued, especially in written text. So, you know, I like to add in emojis when I can, you know, like a smiley face or whatever, but the prompt part. So within 24 hours, you're getting a response back. But, you know, if people can see your online in your posting, other crap like you should be responding to your customers. Okay? Same thing with your teammates. Whatever. Um, and make things right. So, you know, that's just overall in your business, in your groups so, um, color Street. We have the I P groups where our customers hang out. Every company does. There's there. Start a little bit differently. Here's some tips were in your groups for treating your business like a business stop over posting. Oh, my gosh. I'm like, sometimes I'm scrolling through my newsfeed and I see, like, 10 in a row post, um, from the same person in their group over like, No, you should have 10 posts in a week in a week. Okay, So, stopover posting. This is like a huge, huge thing. Um, you know, I was 123 times in your group. Max Max Max Max a day. The only difference of this would be so in Color Street. We do like girls night in nights where we post like this or that pictures and we do some games. Those those should be once a week if you're doing them, um, and watch when you're doing them. I've seen so many people posting on doing running those girls night ends at, like, 10 in the morning, guys. Unless unless you know your audience. And unless you know your audience is online. A 10 in the morning. I can tell you right now my audience is not online a 10 in the morning. Especially now that we are back in school. Right? Most of my, um most of my ideal customers that I'm trying to attract are teachers. And we're not checking Facebook at 10 AM especially not to play games or to interact on all the post. So really think about that. I really encourage you guys to do those in the evening, um, anywhere between seven and nine. Seven and nine. Because if you get before that, you're competing with dinner. Um, if you get after that, people are going to bed. Okay? So 79 seems to be a pretty good sweet, sweet spot. Remember, you can check your Facebook group analytics as soon as you have 51 people or more in your group. So stop over posting. Stop posting a weird times. Um, and this is a really big one. Do not copy text. So, like a post from someone else. Just don't do it. You can take bits and pieces of it. You can take the idea of it and make it your own words. But if you are a copy and pasting someone else's post one. The algorithm hates that. You know it's going to just shoot it down. No one's going to see it. That's what that means. And to, um, you know, it's kind of disrespectful. So don't don't take other people supposed. And if you want it to be, you wanted to be your personality anyway, because if you're posting stuff and it doesn't sound like you, you're going to either really confuse your customers or they're going to really like, um really like the person that they think you are that you're you know, that you're posting like Okay, um, customer emails, companies and businesses email their customer. So if you are not emailing your customers, you are really missing out on showing yourself in presenting yourself as a true, authentic business and also reaching all of those people who won aren't seeing your notifications because let's be really Facebook algorithm right now is all kinds of crazy, um, and to most of sales transactions are not happening on social media right there happening in your inbox. So make sure you are emailing your customers. You should be emailing them. If you're color street person or any other really company anytime you have a big launch. Okay, So if your company is something that you have new stuff like you know every two days, probably don't email your customers every two days. But you know, my my color street customers are getting an email, every single launch that we have. Um, there are also getting random emails that have nothing to do with business. But, you know, maybe it's an inspirational quote, but it has to. It's something to do with my brand, and it's something that I want to show them that that we are rather I want to show them like who I am so we can build like a stronger relationship if that makes sense so that they know like I'm a real person and I love Disney and I love this and you know all those things. Um, let's see. And for those those emails that you you are going to send guys that, like I said, are not business related, it's totally cool toe have links to your the I P Group toe order to join your team, etcetera at the bottom of all those like I don't mean to leave all that stuff out. Definitely. Still include that in emails. Team chats. All right, this is a fun one. Um, fun fact about me. I do not know. I despise group chats with a passion. Like, I don't know. I don't know what it is. I've always been this way. I do not like group text I don't like basically because I feel like people abuse them in that. To me, a group chat, like text messages, my friends or anything is is like, not a place to, like, hang out. It's a place to get information. This'll is very This is very like my business brain, like my like, no nonsense brain. So I think group chats or team chats should be a place. It shouldn't be a place that, as leaders were using Thio get, like, the lazy way out of checking in on our team. You should still be checking in with every single consultant teammate. Whatever you guys call them in your company. We called them stylists and Color Street. You should be checking in with every single person, one on one at least at least once a month and if necessary, more than that But, you know, if my if my stylists have it going on, if they've been in the business for a while, if I don't think they're having issues and I did my monthly check in, I'm not gonna keep messaging them about things. Okay, Um, I think actions speak louder than words. And the people who want the help. The people who want to run with your business, the people who are treating it seriously, you're going to see them showing up. You're going to see them on your team meetings. You're going to see them in the team power hours. You're going to see them, you know, sewing up, showing up on social. Um, and so that will be your way to know that you don't really need to check in. Does that make sense? So I'll going back to the chat. Um, s o I like to make it a, um, take, I want to say the word boundary. I don't know if it's quite the right word, but, you know, kind of set a boundary and our team chats like I use my team chat with my down line. I let them know of any special incentive that I'm offering for that month. If I do one, I don't always, Um And if I want to make sure, like okay, I just heard that are breast cancer strips launched and they're up on the site. So I will send a super quick message in that chat, and I'll say, you know, sets her live. But other than that, if someone has a problem, if someone has a question, you know, I would prefer that they message me or message someone one on one. I don't necessarily think group chats or the place for that. Um, I do think there is value if everyone is on board in doing some sort of, you know, brainstorming or whatnot, um, from time to time. But I do think group chats could be really, really overwhelming for a lot of people. That brings me on to my next point. I do believe Yeah. Is, um, use your resource is before you ask. And so I think we've done a really great job on our team of doing this, but we really encourage our stylist to use the search bar. You know, we have pretty much everything that you can imagine. It answered for you and already created for you in any one of our multiple team groups. So for, like, color street specifically, I'm talking to my team right now. We have, um, team now that nail vibes team really deal team polished and pretty. And then our team pages, five team pages, Um, and actually didn't even mention mentioned rainmakers, which is all the way up in the top rainmakers training. So we have 16 pages. Um, that literally. If you go on that search bar, you could type in anything you wanted to know. You know, policies and procedures, parties, vendor events, um, hostess rewards and and scroll down through there, you know, take a little bit of ownership in a little bit of control over finding out these ideas and looking through those. So you guys know my story? Um, when I joined Color Street, my my up line quit after, like, e don't know, maybe a month or two. So I when in all the team pages, and that's what I used to answer my questions to build my business. You know, they're so much value in those pages that we we take for granted, you know, we forget about. And, um, you know, when I am cleaning the house or I'm doing something, I'll go to those team pages and all type in recruiting or sponsoring, you know, because people can call it different things or new customers or party ideas. And we'll listen to different videos and different trainings that have been done. And I'm sure, hopefully if you were listening to this on the podcast, um, that you are involved in a company who has a team structure like that that also provides you with those resource is, um, you know, speaking again to color street specific stylist. We have an app. We have our back office. I'm pretty sure every company out there has a back office that has resource is in it. So use them. You use them wisely. That's part of the professionalism that's part of taking ownership for your business and not treating it as a hobby. Okay. And then if you look through everything and you really can't find anything, that's when you reach out to Europe line. Hey, I can't find X y z, um, using resources wisely, um, kind of going back to chats, kind of going back to customers. It's okay to not respond to people immediately is well, just keep that in mind. There's, we like to say there's no such thing as a nail polish emergency S o. I don't know what company you're on if you're listening to the cylinder podcast, but, you know, I would assume that's the same for most people. There's no such thing as, Ah, clothing emergency. There's no I mean, well, I mean, I guess you could you could have, like, a situation, but you know what I mean. So it's okay to not respond immediately, and especially as you're building your business and as you are developing as a leader, I encourage you not to respond immediately to things because if you immediately respond all the time, it is setting a precedent that that is how you are always gonna handle situations. And then when you're having a day where you're like, Hey, it's Saturday. I don't wanna talk Color Street today and your team is messaging you about stuff that is not a nail polish emergency. Um, they're going to expect you to return. Return it immediately because you normally dio so just keep in mind it's okay to not respond to everything right away. Um, same thing. Withdrawing prizes for incentives in such. I try to do them right away just because I know I will forget. But you don't know that to anyone. You're not telling anyone that I'm getting some X y z out to you in the next 24 hours, right? So do what you can, Um, because most people, if you're listening to this, you're probably also working a full time job like I am working and it's a lot. It can be a lot to juggle, especially if you're not doing all of these things. If you're not treating it like a business on expecting business results at the same time, um, along with you know, those clear expectations of, like, I'm not going to respond necessarily to you immediately. Um hmm. This is a little bit more directly to my team, but for, you know, if you're an admin of a group, it's OK to not immediately approve a post in a team page as well. So, like, um, you know, especially if it's not quote unquote like your team page that you're in charge of. If that makes sense, you know, Take a second stop. Should I reprove this post right now? And if I'm not paying attention and I you know, I am, like, blindly because I have done this. Guys, I have been not paying attention and just click to prove on post. And that is totally the opposite reason of why we have post approval on way have post approval on so that we can read it and digest and then decide if it is something that is valuable to our group to post in our group. So I've done this on my my V i p Space. I've done this in our team page, so take a second. It's okay. We can wait. We can improve post when we have a minute again. There's no such thing as a recognition that needs done right this second or, you know, whatever. Um, so take a second and look at those and that. That should be one of these things in general as well. To just, like, slow down. It's okay to slow down. It's OK to take a breath. It's okay to do things well, um, you know, we always say done is better than perfect, and I totally agree with that. But we don't have to be rushed all the time. Um, sorry, guys. I I was trying to look at my camera, and I missed I'm got off my spot down here. Oh, um and then the last thing with using our resource is Do not take your own time to recreate the wheel if you are like, um, you know, I feel like any of my own team group. Okay, that's fine. But just know that your leaders who are putting in their time and their energy into creating awesome team groups, um, that's just one example or a new hostess template or a new spreadsheet to organize things like all of that is fine and great if you have the time for it. Um, but if it's just something that you're doing because you love creating, which I'm a creator, So I'm allowed to say this, uh, you know, if it's just something you're doing because you love creating or you're putting off the things that are actually gonna move your business forward like talking to more people getting samples in the mail, um, booking parties, those air things that are actually gonna get you money. Move your business forward. But, you know, recreating the wheel is not going to do that. So I encourage you. Don't recreate the wheel, use what's already given. And, um, that's gonna help you up your business. I mean, you're gonna have so much more time working in your business, not on your business. Show up. So up. So up. So up. Show up. Um, as a leader, I think we have about 100 women on my team. Now. I can 100% tell you who is going to be successful and who is actually going to rank advance and who is actually going to x Y Z, I can tell you that. I can tell you that about pretty much every single person in my team. Um, one, because this isn't my first rodeo. I've been around the block, but two. I see how people show up. I see the women who are on every single power our that we have as a team. I see the women who are in our pushed group showing up to our masterminds every single Wednesday. Um, I see. I see the back office numbers I see the woman who are hitting our bonus qualifying by the 10th. I see the women who are booking parties. Um, because I see some of them talking about it in some of the chats. I see the women who are offering value to other people. Um, and that's success. I mean, that's what it iss. So if you want it, you got to show up. You have to make those little sacrifices. Uh, you know, would I rather be watching hocus pocus right now eating popcorn? Probably. I mean, I really enjoy doing this. So, like, I'm not gonna, like, hate on hate on doing a podcast or doing a training for my team. But, um, I also make those sacrifices, right? Like I'm not going out like the What's it called? The Bachelorette starts. I think it's next Wednesday. I'm not moving my my calls with my team because I wanna watch the Bachelorette, even though I'm obsessed with the bachelorette. Um, you know, it's just you. You make sacrifices for things. So while I'm not able like I'm missing our power, our at the end of the month I have parent teacher conferences, you know, that's something for my full time job that I can't get out off. But as far as, um, you know, skipping up a team power hours so I can watch a TV show. Or, um, I don't know what else people do in the evenings. I'm feeling easy what I can think of Get my Palestine Palestine right in because I didn't get it in. Um, it's not gonna happen because I'm taking my business seriously. I want to get to the next level. I want to help my team grow. And by me, showing up is the literally the only way that our team is going to grow, right, because the the speed of the leader is the speed of the pack. So if you're trying to be a leader of your team, but yet you are not showing up forever, anything that speaks volumes like you can say you're working till you're blue in the face. But if you're not showing up a team things, but it says something. Um Mm hmm. One more thing with our team groups, I just have, like, two more points, I think total. So we're almost This is good. This will be about 30 minutes. Um, while you're in team groups because we're working this as a business and not a hobby. I encourage you not to get caught up in any sort of drama or negativity and especially don't be the person to start it. So, you know, if someone makes supposed, um, like, I just did bonus qualified by the 10th, which was yesterday. And, you know, if you don't bonus qualify, then maybe don't comment on that post like, you know, that post is like for people who bonus qualified. So if you're struggling and this wasn't your month, maybe we need Thio Rethink that thinking, you know, and okay, it's okay. I didn't hit it by the 10th. I have 20 more days. I'm going to reach out to my sponsor. I'm going to be proactive and type in the search bar in this group. Bonus qualified because I'm sure their ideas because I know for a fact, you know, I personally this Now I'm talking not third person anywhere, But I know for a fact I personally have posted in there, you know, ways to bonus qualified. I think we have, like, 15 or 20 ways to bonus qualify in 24 hours. So, you know, if we're not putting in the time or the energy or we're not making it a priority, then I don't really think anyone has the What's the word? I'm tired. I'm telling tired. I don't know that anyone has the opportunity or the right that that's the word. The right thio, um, complain about that. So keep the complaining and negativity out of it. Shouldn't be in any team space team chat team group, etcetera. Business owners don't do that. Um, or at least successful business owners don't do that. So let me see if mm I can't see comments in my team group. That's really change. Um, but business owners, I'm going to complain or, you know, public. Or what's the word? Successful business owners Air. Definitely not going to complain. And, um, you know, level up. This is our like our wrapping up, but level up if you have something that you can help the team with, even if it's something that you're like, Okay, I kind of do this wealth curl. Reach out, reach out to me, reach out Thio, your closest team leader, and say, Hey, I would like Thio. I'd like to do a team training. I would like to tell the team how I'm using whatever. You know, we just had joy come live. And she gave some really amazing tips for getting a party booking from a party. And I was like, Oh, my gosh, I never thought of doing any of those things. Those air also smart, you know, like you never know what people haven't heard. And even if they've heard it, Guys, I've said everything in this training tonight a million times in this team space, depending on how long you've been here. But I've said it all a million times. And for some people, this is going to be the first time they listened or the first time they heard something. Or the first time something stood out to them. So, you know, ask level up, be a leader if you want to be. If you want to be a leader, if you wanna have a super successful business, step into that role now as though those things were already there as though you already have a giant team as though you are already making X y Z money that you want to be making as though you are already that rank. Um, we talked about this in my up level podcast. I think maybe episode four or five can't remember off the top of my head. But, you know, if you step into that as though you are already those things and start training, start doing those things that those leaders would do. It's a huge mindset shift, huge mindset shift. Which I should have talked about that. But I feel like I talked about that all the time, too. And so people don't do it. But, you know, personal development, personal development. Start your day. Put that it's part of your daily routine. Um, but listen to some positive things that pump you up that give you positive energy. It's not necessarily always business development right up. Personal development is different than business development. And the very last thing, um, is that if you are really ready to treat your business like a business and you need to reach out to your up line for coaching to bounce ideas off of them for, you know, support for accountability for check in, find an accountability partner to do all those things with us. Well, if you're up line, isn't, um maybe doesn't have the time to do that if you know they have a giant team. But here's the thing about that on Lee. Reach out that you're wanting to go to the next level. If you are actually ready to do the things if you're ready to create massive action, don't take people's time and accountability. Person's time, Europe lines time. The people in your group chats time. If you're not willing. Toe. Actually, listen to what people are saying. Let that sink in for a second, because again, we all have the same amount of time in the day. Guys, we all have the same amount of time. And so it's really unfair for us to think like, oh, I'm just gonna chat with so and so for half an hour about my business, and then I'm not gonna do anything about it right there. If people are willing to give you that amount of time, they're willing to give you that amount of time because they believe in you that they think you're coachable. Um, but you have to do something with it to so as business owners. We have the opportunity literally. We can do whatever we want with our business. It could be a big It could be a small um, it can be a snitch, snitched down literally like it is just There are so many opportunities of things that you could do with your business if you treat it like a business. If you wanna work it as a hobby, that's totally fine. Totally fine. But don't expect to three years in have grown your business like if you work, it is a hobby. It's going to stay the same. You can't expect to sponsor people. You can't expect your sales to go up. Um, if anything, if you're only working as a hobby, I would say it's going to maintain, and at some point it will drop down if you were not doing some of the things and start at least starting to treat your business like a business, So I hope those ideas were helpful. I know this was a little more more tough love type training than I normally dio, um, but I'm just put it all out there because I know this is the way I like to learn thes air, the tips that I would have liked to have gotten. This is the type of recording that I would have watched a couple of times and taken some notes and really started to take a good hard look at my business. Where am I doing these things? Am I doing these things? Oh, no. Am I? How am I showing up in our team page? How am I showing up on my my team chats. How am I showing up to my customers? How am I showing up on my pro social media profile? What's my presence like? What's my energy like, Um, and if it's time to make a shift, it's time to make a shift. You know, there's nothing wrong with the way you've been doing things, but it's just time to up level. If you're wanting Thio to treat your business like a business, I signed up level, so I hope that this training was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. And, um, if you were listening on the podcast, please, uh, subscribe. Leave a rating and review and, um, definitely take a screenshot of the podcast like cover art. Share it in your instagram or Facebook stories, and I will reassure you also. Guys, check out my website Lindsay Dollinger dot com My team. You guys already got the copy? You guys already got direct sales Done right, Planner and tracker. But if you are not on my team, you have not received this. Um, and like I said, I don't want to do my own horn, but it's a pretty amazing I'm getting ready to as soon as I get off of here. Um, plan on my week in it. It's It's nice. I could take it anywhere with me. And, you know, I know what I always need to be doing. I know that people I'm going to be following up with, I know that people I'm gonna invite. I know my self care habits. I know the three things I am grateful for today. And I always write three different things because we're so blessed that you should never have to repeat anything and my top three areas of focus for the day. And I'm gonna jot everything out hour by hour. And this is how I'm going to be successful. Okay, guys, I hope you have a great rest of your day. If you're listening as a podcast, this drops on a Monday morning so great rest of your Monday. But I hope you guys have a fabulous week and we'll talk to you. Bye bye.

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