Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 20: Takeaways From A Leaders Chat

podcasts Oct 05, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling. Er and I have many titles. High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello? Hello, everyone, This is Lindsay Da Linger. And welcome back to another episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. Um, this is gonna be a shorter episode for a Monday. I, since being back to school, have been taking a lot more of these in the car, so you can probably hear the road noise. I apologize for that. Um, but just like everyone, While most of people listening to this, you're probably building your direct sales business while also working full time or doing some other sort of role. So you just gotta do it when you could do it, right? So anyway, I just wanted to hop on here and share because I just left my up lines house. They had, like, a little like a little meeting, I guess you could say, like a little get together of some of their leaders who could come. And I want to just share the importance of having people that you can bounce ideas off, particularly people who are not on your like, immediately like immediate down line team. So, like I got to hear from leaders who are on, you know, they have their own teams under, um, my up line. They're not on my down line. I don't hear their ideas all the time. You don't necessarily get a place, Thio. I'm not even a place. We could totally share it in our team page if we want. But you know, it's just not necessarily like on everybody's mind, because you have your own teams and all of this. But I really encourage you to find some sort of place where you could do like a forum like that or, um, you know, totally could be online. But set up something where, especially your leaders or your people who want to run with your business have the opportunity to share ideas like this because you know, everyone's businesses are going to be run in a very different way. Andi. Everyone is going toe, have different perspectives. You know, we do this for parties. I do this to get new customers in. We do this. Um, once we get customers, once we get a new stylist or a new consultant signing on our team, this is our way that we on board. You know, some of you are listening to this and you're probably like, What the heck is on boarding on boarding is how you get a new consultants started. Right? And I will say that my team has finally just solidified. Um, what seems to be working for us? A really great on boarding system, because way didn't really have that. You know, we had a couple team groups that ran like new stylist trainings on bond. They were like automated are up lines, put them in scheduled posts and their run. And if you're really motivated, like when I got started in this business, I was in one of those, and that's how I got started. But I have to remember, and I encourage you to remember as leaders in your fields that not everyone is as motivated as you, and that's another thing that came out of our talking, you know, with my up lines and with a couple leaders from my team that were also at this meeting is not everyone is as motivated as you. And while it would be really, really, really awesome to find and have teammates on your team that are like you in that way that you know, they're driven and they're going to show up, no matter what reality is for every one person you get that wants to be in the top 1% of your company, there's gonna be 99 others that are fine. Either find where they're at or they're okay with making $500 a month. They're OK with making $50 a month. Everyone's, um, like endgame is gonna be different. So it's really important to remember that. And that was another thing that really, um you know, hit home with me in this meeting as we're talking about. You know, our teams and where we see our future with our businesses is just remembering that everyone is in the business for a different reason, and that's totally fine. But you also want to run with the people who are running right you want want to run with the people who want to run? You don't want to try to run with the people who don't want to run because it's just gonna leave you drained. It's gonna leave you frustrated. And it's gonna leave you without a team, quite frankly, right, because you can't run with the team that you don't have their. So get with some people, swap some ideas, Remember, the speed of the leader is the speed of the team. So when we were chatting, my team has really grown over the pat. Really? The past year we've really grown a lot. And not only have we grown, but the majority more than the majority of the people are actively working the business. And, you know, they keep improving. They're doing all the things their cultural on that's different. Like I have to realize that I have a very different team than a lot of people do in that way. Um, you know, I was just chatting with my friend as we were driving home tonight. E just dropped her off. She's not in the car right now while I'm taking this, but way We're just chatting and we were just chatting about all the ways that I feel like our team has really been able Thio set ourselves apart, which could definitely be an entire other podcast episode. But some of the things are from the very beginning, like my face is in our team page pretty much every day. They I am in there. I'm doing lives. I am summarizing things I've heard I am. And if it's not my actual face in a live video, it's me sharing. Our company does like a Monday through Friday Quick training call. It's me sharing the ones of those that I'm like Thistle is really cool. This is really helpful or sharing other trainings or sharing podcasts or doing some sort of an incentive. You know, there's all kinds of things that I'm in our team space for, um, and I've reached out to our leaders as well, and I'm like, Hey, guys, this is our team space. I don't want this to be the Lindsay Show like this needs to be the team Polish princesses show. I would love to see way have ah, a few rock stars who are really great about getting party bookings. Okay? Please go live and share how you're getting those way. Have people who are really great with incorporating games in their VIPs spaces. Okay, Please go live and share those. So I really want to encourage you Thio create that ownership for your team. And I think you'll see a lot more by it. So not only ownership where they're showing up, but ownership where you're showing up. Because if you are not showing up for your team, if you are, you know, posting once a week or not posting at all or they're not seeing your face, the buy in is not gonna be there. Not only that, if you are not like I am friends with my entire, um I would say first level and second level of my like my tree of my sponsor tree. Facebook friends. I am friends with the majority of the other people. There are a couple of people who have just joined a little bit later. They're not as active. Um, you know, maybe they just joined us a hobby or whatnot. Um, and don't get me wrong. I don't want my entire Facebook friends lists to be just color Street stylists. However, like I think it's really important to build those relationships. You know, there stuff pops up on my feet. I comment on it. I know when someone so has, You know, we've had a bunch of stylists on our team lately have babies. So, like, that's really important. And I don't if you just had a baby, I'm not entirely expecting you. Thio blow the lid off of your sales this month, so it's important to know that and send those relationships or start those relationships Eso the words end because that was my other thing. I was gonna bring up another quick tip that, um, we did last week in my team and, you know, the energy just kind of really shifted Waas I and my leaders shot. I said, Hey, guys, I want to encourage our challenge. Everyone in here today forget the number I said I might have just said like three, but I said, Pick three people in our team page that are not in your down line that are not in this leaders chat. Reach out to them and start a conversation with them. Just say, I hope you had a great day. You know, try to connect with him on some other level because all of those little pieces add up when you are creating a team atmosphere. So this has come now I'm completely off topic, but, you know, and then two women on my team, they're both my personal enrolled women. But they're not, you know, on each other's, like down lines or whatnot. And I saw them go live together last week and do their manicures together and chat. And I was like, Oh, my gosh, my little sponsor Heart is just bursting because, you know, these friendships are being formed and and these women are trying out the things that you know, they've been coached to try their very, very coachable. And I don't know, I'm just super proud about that. So, you know, create those atmosphere of your team where we're sharing ideas were shouting each other out. We're lifting each other up. We have these relationships because your business has to get better because of it. Your business is not going to get worse because the people in your team have a good relationship with each other, right? Like it's just not gonna happen. So when it really encourage that, that's one thing we were talking about was, you know, how do we bring our team to the next level for the next year? I encourage you to try those things and then also finding or creating. Remember, if you can't find something, you create it right. We create our own destiny for the lack of sounding, Please say, But we create what we want our outcome to be. So if I want to be the next rank, guess what, guys? It's in my hands to do that. I don't have to necessarily rely on so and so to recruit three more people on someone. So to get blah, blah, blah, blah, No, I can sell more definitely. And my up line pointed that out to me tonight that, you know, if I had sold $1200 more last month, I wouldn't have had a group like a cap group volume issue, which is something in colors tree, um, which was it didn't even end up being an issue for me because I'm not at the rank yet where that would have been affected. Um, you know, hearing that was very good. for me to hear that because, um, one I didn't realize that. So that's one thing. But to, you know, you can kind of get your head like, Oh, well, if so and so hadn't done this or someone who had done this well, but no, I had the power that whole time to change the destiny of, you know, my rank to change the destiny of my paycheck. Selling more could I have done more last month, absolutely 100%. But I had other things that were bigger priorities for me at that time, and my sales slipped a little bit. Is it gonna happen again this month? No, because I am aware of it. And now that is my priority. So just remember, actually, I don't think that this episodes come out yet. I don't think it's everything is like blurring at this point, But, um, you know, if we don't have time for things, it's not that we don't have time for things is that they're not a priority. So I get to be better at saying no. That wasn't a priority for me to get this number in sales like it should have been so really taking ownership for that eyes. Another thing that came out of my my little mastermind. Many mastermind chat with my team today. So recap if I could remember everything because like I said, I'm driving. I don't have anything written in front of me. I was just like telling you guys sharing with you about it, But, uh, would be Thio Find people to bounce ideas off of, especially people that are not like in your down line or you hear their ideas all the time. Try to find some new perspectives, some new ideas and actually try them, right? No more fake action. We're taking massive action. So we're finding things were taking action. We are building supportive relationships with our team from day one, and we always get to be better about this, right? Guys, like I was just talking to my teammate on by friend who we were just in the car together on She's like, Well, don't be so hard on yourself. There's no way you can talk. You know, you can personally message 100 people. Um, but here's the thing I can like, I totally can. That's only three a day, right? Um So I get to be better about that. Trying new things, build those relationships. If you do have a team run that challenge where different people on the team message three other people not in their down line. I thought that was really fun and really cool. Um and I forget what my last point was. I knew I was gonna get the last one, even though it was the most recent when I talked about. But anyway, there's just some fats for you on this Monday just to get your like, brain juices flowing. I would love for you, Thio. Give one of those to try this week and let me know how it goes And make sure you were in the social selling sisterhood squad, which is my free Facebook group, because I am launching a super exciting product for you guys this week. I mean, it's for everyone, but for you guys, um, you know there's gonna be some special launch stuff going on in the group, so make sure you check the group out, make sure you get your team, uh, in the group so they can take advantage of that as well. I am super excited. I'm gonna talk all about it on the next podcast. So no worries. But it's something that I've been using for a long time. And I'm excited. Thio finally being able thio share that with the world A k a mass special followers, all of you guys. So if you enjoy this episode, I know it was super, um, brief. I promise you all longer, more like training type episode in the near future, but let me know how you're liking as well. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm starting to do like a short Thursday like business tip. So let me know how you guys are liking those. But if you love this, please leave a rating and review. Um, subscribe and screenshot this and share it in your instagram and Facebook stories and I will definitely give you a re share. Thanks So much for the love guys. Have a great day. Bye bye.

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