Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 19: Biz Tip Thursday - Do The IPAs First

podcasts Oct 01, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello? Hello? Everyone, this is Lindsay Dollinger. Welcome back to another quick episode of the podcast. I am in my car, um, driving home. And I wanted to give you guys a quick business tip. I know you know it anyway, but sometimes it helps just to hear it. Right. So I am going to encourage you to prioritize. Sorry. It's, like, hard to like. Think about what you're gonna say while you're driving. But a lot of times way get stuck in the trap of were busy. You know, I'm so busy. I'm so busy. I'm so busy and I get it. Guys like, I feel busy to However, what are you actually doing with your time? Because a lot of times at the end of the day, we can go to bed, and we can feel as though we were productive or as though we spent a lot of time in our business. But did we really like, What did we really do? What? We're really doing? The things that are actually moving our business forward. Um, maybe you are. But I will say there is a season I feel like And those seasons can be really short lived like it can change even every day in the week of what you need to priority Prioritize. So take a second. You know, check in with Europe line. Ask them just to take an honest look at your business. You know, where are you lacking? Or maybe you could just do this by yourself? Um, you know, if you're really in tune to what you know you're supposed to be doing and you know, the things that you're supposed to be doing, you can take a look at your own business to be like Okay, so I'm recording this. It's toward the end of the month and I have yet to set up any parties for the next month, so this is a big problem. So this gets to be my priority when I am working my business tonight after I get home. So we don't always have to be doing all the things all the days, right? You're not going to be having a party going every day. You're probably not going to be, um, running a sale or some sort of discount or something in your V I. P Group every day. In fact, I would definitely encourage you not to do that. But there's gonna be cycles of things that you're gonna need to prioritize. And there's a great book. It's called Eat that Frog, and it just encourages you to do those things that you know you need to get done, do them first on. But it goes a step further to encouraging you to do the scariest things first and get them out of the way. I totally agree. So when you sit down to work your business, um, you know, I've already recommended making sure there's no distractions when you can. And sometimes when you're working your business guys like when I'm scheduling posts, I tend to do that, like on a Saturday night when I'm watching some kind of movie that I can like absent mindedly be doing them at the same time that I'm like, quote unquote watching some movie. So it doesn't always have to be undistracted time. Don't get me wrong like you could do a lot of those tasks that are not income producing activities while you're doing other things. But when it's time for you to put your head down, work your business, who needs to be undistracted time and you get to pick what your priority is for the day. I highly doubt that your priority at any point of time is gonna be scrolling through Facebook and commenting on people's posts like that is something like sending love bombs. And, um, you know, connections with new people. Those are all important, but they're not directly income producing activities. So those get to be maybe your fun thing that you get to do for your reward. Once you have invited 10 people to do X y Z to try your products to be a hostess, um, to join your your consultant opportunity, whatever. So those are the things that are going to really move your business forward, and you have to get into people's private messages, Guys, you just have thio. Um, I know it can be scary. I know it can be awkward. And that's where doing those love bombs commenting on peoples things, you know, in your free time helps make the inviting a little bit less weird. But just remember, if you have a solid mindset about your company about your product Sorry, I had to pause this guy like, did a u turn right in front of me and like, they expected me to stop. So, um, anyway, if you have a solid mindset about your company, your product, you know what you're doing and you believe in it and you know it's valuable to other people, it is not gonna be weird to invite. And I know we've talked about that before, but just just you know, I really encourage you to remember that to get in that mindset and to do that mindset work so that the rest of your work comes easier, it feels better. Um, you know, and you just feel really, really good about it. So do the things that you know. You need to dio do the things that are actually going to move your business forward. Maybe today isn't the day that you spend two hours making new graphics. Guys, look, I get it. So I just redid This is like a side story. Um, I just redid my what's it called the brand archetype test. If you have not done one of those, they're really interesting. So I just redid it because I had done one during this mastermind group I was in and I thought that I waas the ruler archetype and guys, I am very, very much that archetype. But it is not my primary archetype. My primary one is creator because I love creating new things. I love making graphics. I love making a group for this and a group for that. I love trying out new party styles. I love creating all the things, but, um, what is it going with that? Oh, but those aren't necessarily the things that are going to bring me income, right? Like I remember when I was little, I would read, like, finish a book, a novel, and if it didn't have a sequel or maybe the sequel wasn't out yet. I would write my own like I literally have on I've thrown them away. Now I should have kept him. But like when I was cleaning out my my bedroom at my parents house would just throw away so many of these notebook book notebook paper like they were, you know, the little folders, the pronged folders that you could put a notebook paper in, which is, like, I mean, hundreds of pages of these stories that I wrote as Sequels, which is so funny. So I should have known I was the creator archetype. But anyway, I was in this mastermind and I, like, wrote it down wrong. I, like, tallied it up. I don't even know how I switch. So I finished out this mastermind doing all these tasks, thinking that I was the ruler archetype, which again, that is strongly my number two. Um, but my main archetype is creator. So I love to create things. So that's where I'm getting at. Is I my coaches message being there like we really think based off of your answers with our like most recent talks that you are the creator archetype because I'm tryingto brand myself and make sure that my brand is fitting, you know, all the way around I think it's really important. Have a strong brand, which I will do a podcast about eventually. Um, So anyway, when I flip back through my papers on this test, I was like, Oh, my gosh, I have creator circled and start. You're so right. That's so funny. So anyway, when you really know this brand archetypes, you can immediately start, um, you know, recognizing them and other people. So long story short, I get it. I get how fun it is to create all those things. But I also get that if I'm going to have a successful business and I'm gonna move my business forward, I have got Thio create massive action and action and the things that are really gonna matter. And then I can make things pretty. Then I can create the extra groups I want to create. Then I can brainstorm a new fun idea for X y Z, Right, So I have to tell myself that as well. So if that is, you don't feel bad. Maybe maybe your brand archetype is the creator. Also, if so were soul sisters. Um, yeah, guys, stop putting off all the things that you know you need to do so when I get home after I unload all the groceries, do all the things I'm probably going to record another podcast episode. Um but then when it's time Well and I also have Thio, I also have do an hour long. Um, peloton, right? I'm in this power. His own challenge. Of course. I waited to the last minute the deadlines today, so I gotta get my butt on that bike. But after I do all that, then I am inviting to my business. That's my That's my color street time. That's my time that I'm gonna put in probably realistically, about an hour and a half tonight. And my head is down. I'm inviting. I'm filling up my calendar for October. It might not get completely failed tonight, but I'm going to get a really good chunk in it, and I'm going to get those invites out as well. So I encourage you make a plan, decide how long you are spending on that plan. Maybe you're doing 20 minutes before dinner 20 minutes after before, after lunch. You know, whatever you got to dio, decide when you're doing it. Get it done. Reach out to your accountability partner Europe line of Sideline and let them know. Hey, hold me Thio. Today I am going thio message 15 people to invite them to do party is checking with me tonight by 8 p.m. And make sure I got it done. I've totally done that before, guys, and it's a really great tool to keep you accountable. So do that. If you need Thio, it's not. Maybe you're going to set a reminder in your phone to get it done. But whatever it is, get done. The things that are going thio get you money that we're gonna move your business forward and then save all the extra stuff, lots of time. The stuff that we find a little more fun, uh, to the end. And I think you'll see some massive changes in your business. All right, guys, I hope you liked this tip. As always. Please subscribe to the podcast. I guess subscriptions are more important than reviews. No idea. But I was still really, really, really love a review. I'm going to do some drawings again here soon. So get those reviews in. I would love it if you would give me a five Star review. But obviously, I would like you to be honest. Um, And if you screenshot a picture of this podcast like up on your screen right now, it should have the picture of my podcast cover art screenshot a picture of this. Stick it in your instagram or Facebook stories, and I will give you a repost so that your audience can eso that my audience can meet you. Guess not. So your audience can Maybe. But I mean, that's awesome, too, but yeah, so that my audience can meet you and see what you're all about as well. Thank you. Appreciate you love you. Have a great day. Bye bye.

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