Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 16: Stop the overwhelm!

podcasts Sep 21, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello. Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I hope you're doing well. I hope you're ready to have an awesome amazing day. If it is morning and if it's evening when you're listening to this, then I hope you had an awesome day and, um, already for some good rest. So anyway, I wanted to dive right in, and I want to talk to you guys about a topic that I feel like we can all feel at some point in time, and that is overwhelmed. And first of all, let me preface it by saying Overwhelmed is completely natural. I think it's safe to say that everyone has been overwhelmed at some point in their life, you know, depending, especially on your circumstances, if you know everyone in your family is healthy if everyone feels financially secure. I mean, there's just so many things that fall into whether you feel a so your life or your days are overwhelming or not. But everyone feels it right and something interesting that was presented to me and one of the, um, e guess you could say memberships I was in is one of the coaches was saying that overwhelm is basically like it's a choice so we can choose whether or not to be overwhelmed. And when you give yourself that power that power to be like, you know, I can choose at this moment to accept that, you know, I didn't get much done as I want to, or to accept that I have a lot of work or to accept accept that. My you know, my to do list is really long. You can just accept it. And once you accept that it takes, I feel like it just takes some of the pressure, some of the anxiety and you know that feeling in your chest when you when you're starting to feel this overwhelm is really when you're letting your mindset slip into some negativity, and we have the power to bring it back to the positive and say, Okay, I am in control. I am in control of my day. I am in control of the decisions I make. I am in control of my circumstances, and this is what I'm gonna do about it. So I know when I am feeling overwhelm. A lot of times that overwhelmed is stemmed from the fact that I have so many ideas, right? One of my top, um, what do they call it? Like the brand archetypes. My top one is ruler. And then it is in my, my to that air tied our magician and creator. And I love to create new things. Like I'm just a really creative person. I love to try new things I love. Like when I was younger, I was thinking about it this morning when I was younger, I used to finish books. And then if it was the last book in a Siri's, I would write my own next book like I would just keep going. I would create these things. So, um, where I was going with that is that you know, I'm a creator by nature. So I like to start all of these projects. So where my overwhelm comes a lot of the times is one I say yes to these new ideas instead of keeping like a brain dump of everything. And that's something that my coach encouraged me to do was, you know, somewhere have a list of, like projects that at some point sometime in my business and my career in my lifetime I want to dio It's like I wanna make a book. I want to try to do this type of party. I want Thio create a course I want Thio built template. I mean, like anything that you can possibly think of like you hear on trainings. You hear all kinds of things and trainings, right? But we don't want to constantly be in like in training mode and trying new things all the time because you want Thio, you know, find things that work for you. Absolutely. But then you know you wanna be spending that time instead of for example, what I'm thinking of is like, you don't wanna keep making new graphics all the time for your party's find maybe a few different options that are working for you and use them. Um, you don't constantly have to be creating the wheel to be moving your business forward, I guess, is what I'm trying to say. So I love to create new things, but I need to also Justus, you dio prioritize my time so I can't spend all my time on, you know, starting a book. Start writing une book or whatever that I'm never gonna finish when I'm trying to build my direct sales business, right? It's just not in alignment. So for those days where you're feeling overwhelmed, I encourage you to think about what are your priorities for the day? Just think about the day. And if you've already kind of backward, designed your goals for the month or the week, hopefully you have a good idea of actually what you do truly need to get done if you don't and you haven't done that yet. I did talk about that in a previous episode, but I'm going to give a direct sales example. So in my company, when you hit selling $300 and personal volume for the month, it's where you on unlock, so to speak. Theobald iti to claim bonuses and get your bonus check on your team. And it's where you count toward. You know, whatever rank you are qualified for for that month. So $300 is like our sweet spot. So a lot of people on my team I'm recording this mid September, and, you know, some of them a lot of them are halfway or already hit this mark. Some of them have not. So I encourage my team always to figure out. Okay, we have this many days left in the month. We have just for easy math going to say we have 10 days left in the month, and maybe I have sold $0. So I need to sell $30 a day every day between now and the end of the month so I can hit that $300 goal. So think about where you are. So where you're at in your month and just figure out what do you need to do today? So that's like your sales goal for today. Okay, Great. How am I going to meet it? What do I need to do to meet it? I could dio and there's all kinds of things you can do, right? You can do a mystery hostess sale. You can dio some sort of special. You can send an email app. You can private message people. You can introduce your products, more people. There's all kinds of stuff. So pick what you need to dio. So today do I need to invite So pick top three priorities that I have to get done today. So I am back into teaching. So I can't really do anything from my drug sales business until really after 3 30. That's when I get home. So what do I need to do tonight, in my quote unquote free time between 3. 30 and nine o'clock when I like to go to bed, what are my top three priorities that are going to move my business forward and help me feel like I am not overwhelmed like this is not something overwhelming because it doesn't have to be overwhelming guys, if you plan it out, and if you are consistently working small chunks, don't put things off. Do not wait until the last day of a month, you know, do not wait until the last week of a month, even to be like, Oh, crap. I need to get a party scheduled this month. It's probably not gonna happen. Or if it does, it's gonna be really quick. You're probably gonna feel flustered. So, you know, plan those things as close as you can to the beginning of the month. And I have a great episode in here on planning about how I planned my month out. Just do small bits a day. You know, we're all gonna have days, weeks, whatever. Where we don't feel well where we have a lot going on in our full time job where someone else in our family is sick where we go on vacation. Even so, it's important to try to plan for those things that we don't know. We're gonna happen by front, loading our month and just doing small bits and pieces when we can. So no matter what, I commit myself to working an hour a day in my business. And I do it every day. Um but it might be broken up. It might be 15 minutes in the morning on a Sunday. It might be a half an hour lunch on Sunday. It might be 15 minutes before bed, but at least an hour. I'm getting in there and a lot of times, guys, it's a lot more than that. But by doing that, and by knowing that it's a priority for me, it helps take the overwhelm out because I have skipped. I've skipped days before, especially when I first was getting started. I, you know, I scheduled on my posts out, and my mentality was like, Okay, well, you know, I hit my $300 of sales for the month. I don't really have any party scheduled for this month, but I don't really feel like reaching out to people anyway, because I've already hit my sales goal and that's good enough. And while there's nothing wrong with that, it's It matched my goals at the time, which was, you know, just to have fun, to find a business, that I could kind of do the bare minimum and and still be quote unquote successful or you know what success was in my mind at that time. Now my definition of success looks looks way bigger, and I want to build a big organization, and I want to show my product to as many people as I can because I believe in it, I believe, you know, in the value that it has. So my goals have shifted, so my priorities have shifted. And I know it's no longer okay for me to be like Okay, well, I schedule some posts I posed threw up. Some people are talking on him. My sales air. Okay. No. Right. Like I am pushing Thio earn not only our company's Punta Connor trip for me, but I know that I can earn enough points toe also bring my sister along because my sister helps me a lot of my business, and I would really love to take her. It would be so much fun. So I'm pushing for that. You know, there's women on my team that they're gonna be pushing just toe, earn their own trip. Um, and as soon as you make that mind, that mindset shift guys, where you're like, it's not a goal anymore. Like it's happening. There's something really powerful about visualization. I heard it on a couple podcast this weekend. I don't remember who they were to be honest, to give them credit, but they were citing a survey, and I want to say it was a Harvard survey, but again, I could be completely wrong. But basically what they found in this survey was that people who visualized, you know, practicing instruments, visualized whatever their goal. Waas um got the same outcome as people who were actually like physically touching a piano and playing it or people who were, you know, actually actually sitting down and doing a lot more work than they were doing, but who weren't like visualizing their goals if that makes sense and they were getting that same outcome. So, like, these people without even a piano would visualized themselves playing a piano and in the same amount of time, were given a piano to play as these people who have been actually practicing on a piano for the exact same amount of time. And they both played three exact same song. Uh, and the people, the one group of people had never even touched one. But they had just visualized it. How powerful is that? So visualized your goals because they're gonna happen like it's not just dreams. They are goals. They're gonna happen because you have been planning for them visualized not being overwhelmed You don't have to be overwhelmed. You can be calm and collected and think through things. You can make a checklist and brained up. I do this all the time when I'm starting to feel this pressure building up like Oh my gosh, I have so much to do I don't even know where to start. Have you ever been there so brained up? Bring them literally everything. So I did this one day this week and I put everything on there. You know? I needed to call the vet. Thio, have my dogs vaccination scheduled. I needed to send Thank you notes. I needed to jump on my team power our last night. I needed to dio I mean, like, literally this paper was four guys like it had stuff written. There's just a piece of computer paper, Didn't even have lines. And so I had stuff literally everywhere, and I got done and I felt so much better. So So that newspaper home and it's sitting next to my computer, and now I can go through and start doing that stuff. So I sat down last night. I scheduled posts that I needed a have scheduled. I crossed off my power hour. I called my um Hey, that's office while I was sending out an email, You know, it's just all these things, so definitely brain dump everything that will that will help you so much with the overwhelm. Get your mind in the right spot. You know, a good mindset, whether that's listening to some kind of personal development. Meditation, gratitude. Uhh, Positive affirmations. You know, I have endless time. I have endless money. Whatever you need to say and, you know, get organized. What do you need to do to get organized? I also want one night this week cleaned up my office space because while was it necessary technically for my productivity in Marietta? No, I mean I could I could find everything. I could pull out my envelopes to ship my stuff, but it was just like a feeling like I knew it was a mess in there. Andi, I just feel so much better now. It wasn't an income producing activity. No, but it helped with my overwhelm 100%. So I just want you to think about that. Like I said, it was a really big like ah ha moment for me when my coach was like like no one actually, like overwhelms, Not even really. It's not really even a feeling. It's something that you're creating. And I was like, Oh, that's you know, that's really strong. And you know, when we went back to the school year this week and I found myself creeping into that, I'm feeling really overwhelmed. I'm feeling really overwhelmed. But what I'm actually feeling right now, I'm like, I'm actually feeling like I I'm unsure what I want my students to do. Certain days, I feel sad that some of them probably aren't gonna be able to figure out the online pieces. And it's and it's gonna take a while. And I don't want them to feel frustrated at home, you know? So when you you kind of break down what that overwhelm is actually you feeling? I think that's also really powerful, So I hope this helps. I hope you think of this next time where you know you're feeling that overwhelm creep in and you're able Thio, stop and check yourself. But also remember, guys were human. So don't don't think that by me, sharing this that that I don't actually say I'm overwhelmed. 100% Dio um you know, I have cried. I cried the school year already. It's only been a month in because we're human. We feel the way we feel. We can't control the way we feel. But we can control what we do with that and and how we can bring ourselves back to the positivity side And, you know, be positive that you have all those things to Dio because I can just about guarantee you that there are people out there that wish they had the opportunities that you had that wish. They had the job that you had that wish they had the family that you have. And that's you know what's making you overwhelmed. So just something to think about. I hope you have a fabulous day. I hope you found this helpful. Um, if you did, please take a screenshot, share it with your audience, share it with your team, give me a tag and I will repost those when I see those in Facebook and instagram stories. Um, it's just at Lindsey Dollinger on instagram and then Facebook. My my profile should be public, so you should be able to find it. Don't forget as well, guys, To check out the social selling sisterhood squad. It is linked in the show notes here. And yeah, I think the actual group is linked to ask about my link tree down there as well, where you can find some cool stuff, but check me out. I hope you join the squad. The squad is a free place for us to network to share how to do direct sales network marketing the right way because I'm on a mission. Thio change the stigma around our industry because I hate that so many people have a negative feeling about drug sales because, honestly, it can change people's lives if we just, you know, if we give it the opportunity to give it a chance, because I know it has mine, and I know it probably has yearsas Well, so have a great day. Make it fabulous friends. And thanks for listening, as always, but by

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