Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 15: Invest in YOU to level up your business

podcasts Sep 14, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling ER and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way. You can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello. It appears we are live. Alright, guys. So I'm coming at you today. I am recording an episode of my podcast, actually and I thought would be really cool. Teoh air it in some of my group's. So this is my business Page. Um which is just called Lindsay Dollinger of my name, Obviously, Boy Or the social selling Sisterhood Squad, which is my three group for women in direct sales network marketing. Um, you don't actually don't have to be in either of those. It's just really good for selling online in general. And I'm hoping Teoh start doing these as well as video podcasts on YouTube. So I thought would be really cool for you guys to kind of see behind the scenes. Normally, I have notes checked out on my computer. But as our power was going out yesterday, well, thankfully only went out for a few minutes back and forth, but I was like, Okay, I don't want to start doing stuff on my computer or start recording something and for you know, it to get lost or fried. So today we're coming at you old fashioned. I got this fun. Um, I guess I have to explain what it is for my podcast people. This is just a pad of paper, and it says think it wanted to get it, and I absolutely love that. Um, and I saw this tablet and marshals yesterday when I was out shopping. It was like 3 99 like, Okay, I need this. And then I just started writing out podcast ideas. And so today, Long story short, we're gonna talk about investing in yourself, because this is something guys that you will never, ever, ever regret doing. I promise you'll never regret doing it on starting. My life is kind of for this is what I always record. It's actually kind of dark. Um, and I have, like, the window behind me. So it's not helping, but what has? This is real life. Have my my speaker case yet? My microphone over here, it's read. Um and this is I don't know, the official term for it, but I call it like a spit guard. It's like the thing over is that when you say your peas and tease it, it makes him that so, like, fear sounding. Anyway, I hope everyone can hear me, OK, Because I actually cannot hear through my my headphones. I'm not techie. Alright. Gonna turn off the computer as I'm doing this. So anyway, guys, so investing in yourself, you're never gonna regret it. So I'm going to talk about some ways that you can invest in yourself more as, like your personal everyday life ways you can invest in yourself that are free. And then some things that cost minimal money and some ways to invest in yourself when you're ready to, like, truly up level, your business next level go above and beyond, like you're doing it. Okay, so some of free and minimal costs things that you can do very first off is you need to find a daily routine that works for you. This is gonna look different for everyone. So there's those books like the 5 a.m. what is a There's a miracle morning. There's something about other 5 a.m. I forget what it is, but there's a fine I am book. There's all kinds of books about starting super early. I know. Rachel Hollis does her last 90 days. She actually did something at the beginning of the year. I think she might have been done the 1st 90 days this year. And it's all about getting up an hour earlier. Well, that's all fine and dandy. If you're a morning person, if that is when your mojo is up and going and you love it But, like for me, I'm just gonna I'm not gonna lie. I'm not a morning person. I need to, like, start talking over here more. Um, I'm not a morning person, so I already get up for my teaching job. Like Max at 5. 30. Like that's me sleeping and like, oh, crap. Like I'm not gonna have time to do my hair the way I want. Teoh. Last minute, that kind of jam. So for me getting up another hour early, guys trust me, I've tried it, but it just it does not work for me. My creative juices aren't flowing. My people aren't online for me to chat with him for 30. So, like my at least for my, um, you know, my workout routine working my business that comes for me, you know, after work time. So it totally depends on what kind of schedule you have. So don't feel bad if you're not a person who can get up with crack it on or before the crack. Adan. If that's not your energy so but some things that can really help you work for you. So meditation. I've really gotten into this lately. Um, it's super helpful that my new fancy pellet on app has a ton of meditations that come with it. And guys, there's meditations for everything. For good energy. There's meditation, for if you need to calm down for forgiveness, for grace, for yourself and for others. Meditation for sleep. I mean, like, literally any sort of meditation toe. Focus yourself for the day. Anything like that? You know, affirmations. Positive affirmations. I just got also at Marshall's, where I got my note pad A, um I know what they called it, but something along the lines of like a It's not quite a gratitude. Journal. Many of you have been like a meditation journal. There's, like, four pages for every day. And that hat leads you through prompts like I'm excited about. I'm worried about, like, just kind of like getting some of that out. Um, then my goal anyway is to do it. There's a morning and an evening section, So I would like that to be like my unwinding at the evening And if I can get up in enough time in the mornings, Like a way to, like, ground my day. But some other things that I do for my daily routine, Um, I have a Bluetooth shower speaker that just is in my shower. So I get up. My coffee is already to go. My closer all picked out, like, literally everything is ready to rock and roll. So I know I'm not gonna be standing in front of the closet trying to find something. Um, my lunches packed snacks through my bags. You gotta have snack. Sorry. Um and so, like, I let my dog out of Come upstairs. I get in the shower. And while I'm letting my dog out, my phone is uploading podcasts that dropped the night before. So it's like, uploaded with all the newest podcast, and I quickly pick one. I put it on 1. 5 speed because I listen to everything on 1. 5 speed. Still sorry, I talk really fast. And I think I talked so fast. I'm doing these because I'm used to hearing other people on 1. 5 speed. So if you're listening to my cup podcast, you might not be able to listen to it on one of the half speed. So anyway, um, I just listen to something and I get my mind and like, the right frame of mind, So I usually listen to that then, while I'm getting ready, Um, let my dog out again. Get on my stuff, get in my car, and I have a 25 minute commute in my commute. I am hosting the podcasts every once in a while if I'm just, like, just really not feeling it. There was a day last week and I just turned on music. So you just have to be able to like, Really? Like, What do you need? Like, what does your body need? Which is your brain need? Um and that's my routine. I goto work. I fit in times to work my business and responded to messages during my lunch break. I check my phone again When I get off work, I drive home listening to the podcast. I usually call my dad and chat with him on my car at home. That usually gets me home. And then once I get home, that's part of my routine as well. Like, that's a big chunk of my routine. May I Should you send a notification cough so loud? Okay, I need to get out. There s a lot of right here, okay? And I really wish I could tell it like people could hear me, but I love, I guess I just do. I was talking. Then no one can hear. Um, what was I say? Weapon? Oh, when I get home. So I have a decision. Like I'm usually pretty tired. Like tonight. I, um, went to a doctor doctor's appointment. I got a cortisone shot in my wrist, which is why I'm not really doing much on my computer. Some, like I can talk. I can record podcasts and videos cause then I don't have to use my wrists for that. So my left wrist is just sitting over here chillin. Um, so, like, obviously some things like that change. But usually I jump on my bike, do a bike ride for however long I want to or need to, um, for that night. And then I get to messaging people. I follow up with my team. I responded team messages. Um, you know, I do my business de emos, but then I also make dinner, you know, pack my lunch and, like, the routine for the evening kind of goes into the routine for the next day. So invest in yourself. I guess what I'm really trying to get at is you deserve toe. Have a routine that works for you. So you deserve to put things into your schedule when and where it best serves you. So if, like for weekends, I really like to get caught up on laundry Sunday nights. I like to clean like I like Teoh. Make sure everything is clean from Monday workweek. Fresh start. I don't have to worry about anything else, right? Dishes, They're done at night before I go to bed. Like that's just me. So you need to figure out what works for you. What gets your brain in a clear space? I think as if you are not moving your body in some sort of way, whether that's yoga, walking, running, riding your bike, um, doing anything like it will help your business so much. Just that stress relief, that clarity. So don't put like there's times where I'm like, OK, I can either work my business tonight or I can do my 45 minute by grade while working. My business is very important. I have never not like work my business during the day. I also deserve to have that time. So don't think that you don't deserve to have that time and spoiler alert. Um, they're definitely since I'm on a bike foremost my workouts Some of the workouts, like one last night, and I have, like, a seven minute stretch, and it was all the same speed. So I was responding to messages at that time, so you can't double double defense and things. Okay, moving on, um, something else you need to make sure you plan for going along with, like, the meditation, the yoga, something you need to find something that you enjoy doing that is relaxing. Uhm, if that is, once you get your when she working your business for an hour tonight from I don't know from 8. 30. Done. 9. 15 You're gonna watch an episode of a show on Netflix, Then do it, or if you only have timeto watch half of that, but it makes you happy. Then do it. Okay, So do something that is relaxing to you, whether it's taking. If you want to take a bath, do it. Okay, so do something that's relaxing. None of that stuff costs money. So do those sort of things. It's even better if you do like your relaxing while you're like walking and you're like killing two birds with one stone. I'm a big fan of that. Um, okay, so when you're planning your work schedule, this kind of goes into investing in yourself because I feel like you're gonna have more time to, um, invest in yourself more with my other ideas that I'm gonna mention is I can't stress enough the value of a power hour. So, you know, just really dedicated time and guys, it doesn't even have to be a full hour. You can split it into 20 minute chunks. You can split it into 15 minute chunks. You could do a half an hour You can do for, you know, like literally you could break it into however you want. If you have big goals and you have big dreams, you're gonna need to work at least an hour on your business a day minimum. Okay, So, like, if your wedding it's, like, grow and explode, you're probably gonna have to do power hours, play a role. They don't all have to be in a row, right? So, like I come home, I either work out or work on my business for about an hour. Then I do whatever the thing is that I didn't dio I do dinner pack lunch like you do all the kitchen stuff. It once put on my jammer that you but by Jammeh's pajamas on and then I have about an hour, maybe an hour left before I would like to start getting ready for bed. So then that's work time So my time is split up in addition to what I have done a little bit in the morning before school. What I've done at lunch. Okay, Um and that's like that's like, Sunday through Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I work a little longer, Usually depending on the lights went on eso I cannot stress enough a power our also I really like, especially now that I'm going back to work. And I honestly know it even this summer to because it's really easy when you don't have something like Okay, so when I'm at work, I know like, I cannot be doing anything for my color street business between 6. 30 and really about 3. 30 every day, right? I'm just, like, busy. I mean, they're driving. I'm at work of any lunch. I'm doing all the things with school, all that right. So, um, then it kind of forces me like if I want to work my business and I want to get it in that I'm gonna have to do it before 6. 30 year after 3. 30. And I know my goal is to get to bed by nine. So, like what? You know, like, where am I gonna fit it in? Um, so that kind of helps a lot, Because even in the summer, you know, you could sleep in, and then you're like, Oh, I think I'll go shopping. I don't know. I think I was shopping. I think I go to the pool, and then it's like night time, and you're like, Oh, I didn't get it done. My three things for my list. So I like to play in, like, a top three things that have to be done before you go to bed. So, like mine, today was a podcast. Okay, Was a podcast getting my stream yard attached to my YouTube live, which was, like, the whole debacle, like, I have no idea why that was as hard as it just was put. Whatever. Um, was doing that and then, but I don't forget. Oh, scheduling my posts for next week and my social selling sisterhood squad dot had done. This is my third thing. Okay, that I had to do for today. So, um, pick your top three things that you have to do to move your business or businesses. I know some of you are building more than one forward and just get him. Don't make it like, um, haven't if you listen to Jessie leaves podcast that people's mentor. But she was like, I don't go to bed until I get my three things done. So something to think about. Sometimes My things guys air like like tomorrow. My thing is, I need to call the vet to get Belle in for her shots so that she can keep going to school because their shots are gonna expire soon. So, um, you know, sometimes it's not even something that that's hard. That is that hard cannot speak English today. Um, but, you know, it's just something that I've been putting off because it is so easy, right? So, um, some other things to invest in yourself. This is also free finding success. Partner has this is free. Um, I would recommend it be someone not on your team. And there's a few reasons for this one. If your team is amazing and supportive, like the team of ladies that I work with, we already cheer each other on. We already know what each others goals are. What each other struggling with were like, very vocal about that we share about that all the time. We have all kinds of, you know, chats, and our group is very active. So So, um, a success partner from our team is not quite as effective as a success part. And maybe like, I'm the bigger team you're on, um, or even someone not on your team, but maybe in the same industry. I do find it helpful if they are in the same industry just because they know the logo The hello. I told you guys find speaking is all today. Um, they know the lingo of your company. They know the incentives. They know how hard it is to make these jumps. You're talking Teoh, and it might be kind of difficult if you're working with someone from a different company. However, there are perks to working with people that are not in your industry. Right? Maybe. You know, you guys know I sell no polish trips. Um, when talking with people, you know, I had a had a party with a girl who does the lashes, the fake lashes that you can, the magnetic ones and the way she did Her party was completely different than the way I do. My party's so I learned something from that. So find a success partner. Um, And then pick a time. Like maybe we're gonna meet. We're gonna chat every Monday, and it doesn't have to be an hour of your time. It could be like a quick vax, Er or, um, a voice memo. Uh, it can be a quick like, How's it going? I have one. Um, she's, like on, like, the biggest team I monument. But like, not a close team I'm on. If that makes sense, it makes sense. Fear inject sales. You know what I mean? Um, and we met through, like, a Columbus not working like group. And gosh, I think we've been success partners. Officially, I don't even know like last year. Sometime. Ah, we haven't checked in as much the past couple months. Probably just, you know, but we were doing it row great for a really long time, and it's a really nice way to hold each other accountable. Cheer someone else on here. What's working? What's not working for someone else? Validate that. Okay, good. That didn't work for me either. Okay. We need to figure out something else. Um It's just a really nice way to get different perspectives so encouraging to find a success partner. Easy, cheap freeway. Cheap, free. It's not cheap. It's free. Free Way to invest in yourself and just help yourself up level. Right? You guys know this next one personal development. I talked about it all the time. Um, if you're on my team, I'm sure you're so sick of hearing about personal development. Sorry. Sorry. Not sorry. Ah, personal development so important. And guys, I put this off for the longest time with my first company. I was like, Do I am confident. I know all the things I don't need self development like I don't even know. I don't know how I could develop myself further. Right? Um but guys, it really changed my energy. It changed my outlook. And it helps not only my direct sales business, but also it helps my my school, my teaching right, and helped me look at that all differently. And help me look at you know, the employees, my fellow coworkers that I work with so personal development books. Whether you're reading them or listening to them, you can listen to him inaudible one of my teammates sent me. Oh, gosh. I don't think I'll be able to find it quick. Enough. Sent me a link to something else. That's sort of like audible today. So you might think about that podcast. You guys know podcasts or my jm. Um, and you should. Guys. When I started, I didn't know what podcasts even work. I'm sure they were around, but I do not even know what they were. So I went on YouTube, and I shared the story a little bit before, but my immediate up line left the company that I'm with Left collar street. Um, guys, probably a month into the business. And I was like, Okay, what do I do? Like, I really want to build my company. I don't know where to look like I don't really have much direction right now, So I went to you, too, and I typed in the name of my company. And I have had two in different business keywords like, um uh, how did how to throw a successful color She party color street hostesses, color street stylists. Um, And then I typed in different things. The similar things for direct sales for network marketing and just like binged listened to a variety of people. You know, I listen to Rob's very stuff online. Um oh, gosh, there's just so many Tony Robbins like just anyone that you can imagine. I found them on YouTube. I listen to them and I had those that you to playing when I was grading papers when I was planning for stuff at home. That was kind of like in the place of my podcast. But don't discredit all the free stuff that is out there. Guys like you almost literally would never need to pay for anything. The only thing you're paying for when I'm going to talk about this is accountability, everything else. Any piece of knowledge you could want to know is out on the Internet. OK, you just need a Google it typing into YouTube and just take a little initiative. But I promise you can find it, so that's free. So invest in yourself, take advantage long that free stuff that is out there. Um okay. Oh ah, Couple last things. One. This is more. This isn't quite investing yourself, but but as a reminder to invest in yourself so as a reminder to follow your routine as a reminder to listen your podcast. Like if you're not quite in that routine yet set reminders on your phone. Okay, So, like, have those reminders go off if you need to Remember to fill up your big juggle water at night, so you take it in the morning. Said it as a daily reminder. So it dings. I have so many daily reminders of my phone. I'm like, Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah. Anytime some I like, I agree to do something. One I either have to do right away or two. It has to be a reminder on my phone. So take advantage of those reminders in your phone. Ah, and take advantage of free groups. So I have this broadcasting right now in the social selling sisterhood squad. It is my free group for women building their direct sales network marketing any sort of social selling business. So take advantage of those get in those groups common on the posts, meet other other members and their don't spam them, but like legitimately meet them. And you know, mine's not the only group that is like this. There's so many free groups out there. So take advantage of those groups that are offering personal and professional development to you for free and just really so Can't you know, ask the questions? Give other people feedback, ask for feedback. You know, sharing idea in the group. You could make a post. You don't have to, like, ask to make post there up a post asked what people think of your idea like take advantage of that free feedback because that's what that IHS Sorry guys, Um, now things that cost and it's going to be a variety of costs. But here, somebody's You can invest in yourself to a global yourself. In your business, you can find a planner that really works for you. Nobody. So if your phone's not Continent If that Aaron Condron, planner that you bought last year is not cutting it like really look around for planners that work for you and direct sellers network marketers, I'm actually creating a digital planner. So you guys, we're hearing it here first, but so fine a player that works for you so that you can plan and get your life and check OK graphics branding link tree and a website. All things that you can invest in. You can invest some money and getting a few graphics, especially if you can't figure out Camba. Or here's another one investing Camba. Because camera, the premium Camba is amazing if you do not have it or you have never you've never played around on it. It's so good. So, you know, invest in some things. Take a look at some of the top leaders in your company's page like their Facebook pages, and check him out. Like what kinds of things were they posting? They probably have some support of brand, right? They have something that, like when you see that you're like out, that's Monica. So invest in some graphics, if you can. Some branding and why branding by branding I mean like, you know, a branding coach. Um, you can google it guys. You can google all this stuff and find it for free. Or you can pay for the accountability and the extra, you know, professional input and, um, get some branding branding done for you a link Tree link trees actually free. There's an upgraded version you can get. I think it's $6 a month. I have it right now for my color street business, I'm probably going to switch to the free one as I am getting ready to turn into the next one reading my website and a less is not for everyone. I'm not gonna like, you know, not everyone in direct sales needs a website. Um however, if you're really looking to build a brand and create a legitimate community, that is not just your product, but it's about you. A website is really nice, and we can talk about that more in a in a different episode. But that's an investment you can invest in a virtual assistant. Um, not sure why I have one. I, um, hired a virtual assistant, probably in probably May. It's probably may, um, she's a girl in my mastermind group. I absolutely love her. She's super sweet and is very helpful. Um, you know, she doesn't work hours and hours of my business, but she really helps me with some follow up messages posting Jake new emails. She posts my transcripts of my podcast to my website. So, um, you know, there's lots of things FDA can do, so just ask questions. You don't have to hire someone when you talk to them for the first time, find someone that's a good fit for you but a virtual assistant. Super helpful. Ah, some things that you can do to invest in yourself like kind of indirectly. Ah, we do a meal service. So, like the box meals that come. So we use Green Chef and they bring three dinners a week. Sometimes there's room. Yeah, usually there's leftovers. Depends how hungry it is. Ah, we could definitely buy it where we could make leftovers, for sure. Right now, we just get I think the two serving dinner's Sorry, my wrist is hurting the battery. Um, so out you can outsource food. You can do like the click list that your grocery store to save you a little bit of time, right? So right now I'm thinking about things that can save you time so that one year less dress into you can use that time in your business where, like you're zona genius Kind of has to be right. Child care if you don't have child care if you're a stay at home. Mom, if you, um you know, you find yourself you're the one taking care of the kiddos on the weekends, and you'd really like a couple hours to work on your business. Maybe it's time to hire out a sitter for a couple hours or do a swap. This works so well. I know some some friends of mine do this, and one of them watches all the kids for two hours, and the next one watches the kids for two hours, and I think they might even be in the same house. But But the person working just like ghosts or their basement gets all their work done, and then they like Swap. I'm like, Oh my gosh, that's so smart, right? So if there's a mom that lives close by to you that she doesn't have to be on her team. But, you know, reach out. What a great way to take advantage of your resource is in your time and then housecleaning. This is something that I have been I spent on my list for a really long time, and at some point in the school year, this is gonna happen for us. Um, but you know, investing and someone to come in and help you clean your house. Whether it's once a week once a month. I know some girls on my team recently have used their color street paychecks for that. I'm like, That is amazing. So that's definitely on mine too. OK, guys, we're nearing the end. I promise. I think, Yeah, there's no there's no back page forget. All right, so next is And now I'm like, I'm like, going, like, higher up in the money now. Mastermind groups. So, um, these will be groups and I'm thinking like price points like like starting at, like, $30 a month. And I can think of a couple off the top of my head. The boss beauties have one. Ah, and I'm in that one. And Melanie Metro and Katie are still have one. It's called the Sheikh Influencer Community. I believe their podcast is the Sheikh influencer podcast. Now I'm like, I'm, like, doubting myself. I'm pretty sure that's right. And then they have ah community, you conjoined. So basically what these ladies do in these groups, these air just to the two off top of my head. But I can name a lot more. Um remember ship groups. I guess I should Wouldn't call that a mastermind group, these air membership groups, and they give you, like, post prompts. They do like a training a monthly training they might doom. Or and like I said, it costs around 30 bucks a month. But you're in there with women who are like minded, who want to level up and who want to, like, kind of dipped their toes into the paying foreign investment. Okay, and it helps hold you accountable. Honestly, it helps hold you accountable where you're putting a little bit of money toward your business. And also, guys, this is a tax write off. Did you hear that? It's a tax write off hint. You want tax write offs. You are a 10 99 independent contractor if you are in direct sales or network marketing, and probably if you're in social selling as well. So you want all the tax write offs you can get, especially if you're in your first year of business. So sign up Senate for one sign up for both. Look around for others there definitely others I know. Um oh, what's the Ray Higdon has one. Uh, I'm pretty sure Rob Sperry has one. So those mastermind are you calling master my group's membership groups. A end. Another thing you can pay for is a lot of times within those membership groups or those same group of people who I call like, you know, network marketing coaches. They also do like trainings like shorter trainings might be an eight week long trading those air usually like more pricey, like the one I'm thinking of with Sheikh influencers like, um, around the $1000 price market price point. I believe eso they do things like that. But they might even do like one day things like I bought a ton of things from Rob Sperry this year because his er at the like $1939 price. Strange, I'm like out $39. Yes, 30 that Yes. And I like looking back, I'm like, Oh my gosh, I just spent all this money with Rob's very so, um, they can Adam quickly. It's not a bad thing, though, because one you're investing in yourself to when you're actually paying money in those investments, you're more likely to act on them, right? And three, You want the tax write off? Just tell you you dio okay, so those air membership groups. I kept calling a mastermind jerks. Then there are mastermind groups. Master mangroves are a little harder to find. Um, I am in a mastermind group because my coach Nellie, also does some Well, she has some one on one coaching, but I'm in a mastermind group. It started in March, and it goes until next March. And, um, basically what it is. And each one is gonna be different. But the one that I'm in provides a weekly like a group coaching call, and it's like like lead like there's certain things that were going to get through. So it's like, planned out. And then there is a monthly call. Virtual call. There's promise, and we all have access to each other. And when you're in a mastermind, you're really like helping each other out. Your hearing loss. Two different perspectives. So masterminds air different than memberships. Masterminds are much more pricey. And when you're choosing a mastermind, yeah, it's a great tax write off, but to I really want you to figure out if you mesh well with the coach because that's super important. Um, if you're gonna be able, Teoh actually commit to what you were signing up for because like, OK, so this was a stretch for me because I knew the meetings were from 2 to 3. 30 and I'm a school until 2. 45. But they're recorded. I can listen to them at from, you know, from 2. 45 23 30. And I could listen to them all summer long, my brakes, things like that. So I was like, Okay, so I had to decide when I signed up for this mastermind, you know, was what I'm gonna get out of it. Potentially higher, like worth more value than had I not signed up. And 100%. The answer's yes. So I want you to ask yourself the same questions as you're looking for Master. My groups and guys there are mastermind groups everywhere. You just have to do research a little bit and find when the vibes for you very last say the highest tippy tippy top after you've done your mastermind Or while you're in your mastermind One on one, coaching, um, one on one. Coaching is like the creme dela creme of investing yourself investing in yourself in your business. OK, so this is gonna look like finding a coach again who has done what you want to do and gotten the results you want to get and is still personally developing him or herself. Still pushing to go further him or herself. Okay, so lots of times I've seen coaches who claimed to be, you know, these these awesome coaches, and maybe they are, but but they're not doing anything more than, um, you know, they're not moving their business forward anymore. And I'm like, How do you even know Not even all strategies you're trying out. If if you're not even trying him yourself, like if you're how do you know what strategies you're telling me to use if you're not trying yourself, So you want to to watch someone get to know them, former relationship with them and then decide if you want to spend the mess. Investment and coaching and guys coaching doesn't have to be like a a weekly or monthly thing. Maybe it's like you want to hire someone for an hour to, um, bounce your ideas for your next 90 days of your business, and you do it once every 90 days. That's totally fine. You just need to find someone that you want to work with for that and be prepared to pay the costs because especially if you're not doing it weekly and like getting a discount for doing that, um, it's gonna be pricey, but it should be worth it if you're picking the right person. Are you guys so Oh, my thirties. Like unlike start to lose my voice after talking to school all day and then going through that list. So we started off this with things that were free and minimal cost, like, you know, your daily routine meditating, doing things to relax, really getting yourself in a good mind. State nine states that a word mindset, state of mind mindset. Ah, to do your work to be the best person you can be. You have to do that. You know, this gets means getting rid of all the toxicity. If people are in your life and you're like hating on you, no time for that. We don't need that right. So get all that away, get in the environment that you want to get in. Um, take your time to clutter your space. I feel really isn't about it. For your really good about it, and then you're gonna work your business. This is like, you know, investing in yourself guys means giving yourself devoted time that you deserve to work on your business. Whether this means like asking like hubby. Hey, you know, I have really big goals for my business. So for the next 30 days, will you do bedtime for the next 30 days? Will you, um you know, do dinner? I don't know. I don't have a hobby. I just heard this recommendation on Fraser Berks Proud cast. And I was like, Oh, that's so smart. But, you know, investing yourself in those ways don't be afraid to ask for those things. Um, that can help you. OK. And then we moved into finding Facebook groups Free ones like social selling Sisterhood Squad Finding a good planner, investing in graphics branding link tree website. If any of those things pertain to you on and then using a V a outsourcing, something's mastermind groups and private coaching. Um OK, so it's a really big list Now what I would recommend you start small like Do not be like, OK, here is my list of things on the Santa Kid ton. I'm doing all these starting tomorrow. No, you will epically crash and burn and fail if you try to implement all of these tomorrow. So maybe you just start with the top three things. One of your three things you're getting done tomorrow. Maybe you're adding one of these things. Maybe tonight, before you go to bed, you're going to do a five minute meditation. Guys, you don't have to have the palate on. I have to do it. Go to YouTube. Remember me? Mentioning YouTube. Go to YouTube. Type in sleep meditation. I guarantee you'll find something. Um, maybe you download some podcasts for your commute for tomorrow. Like that's a really easy way to to start investing yourself, right. Maybe you're gonna take your phone and you're gonna schedule in your work time. Just like it was a workout. Just like it was a meeting. You know, stuff. When we schedule it, it gets done when we don't schedule. It is when this stuff doesn't get done right? Maybe you are going Teoh, start saving up money for a coach or for a mastermind. And guys definitely reached out to me. I have a lot of really good. Well, in my opinion, really good. But I have a lot of really good, um, suggestions for free groups, masterminds, membership groups, you know, just people's programs that you can buy that I have bought, especially depending on your industry and what you're looking for. So let me know if you need support with any of that. I hope this was helpful for you if you have any more ideas on ways to invest in yourself. If you were watching this on Facebook, please drop it in the comments. And if you were listening on the podcast, you know, shoot me a d m. Find me on Facebook or Instagram and guys if you loved this and this is what I say the end of all my podcast like yours. But if you love this, I would love if you would share with someone, tag it with someone, tag it with some tag someone in the comments. Gosh, guys, it was my first day back to work after a three day weekend. Can you tell? My brain is like fried. It's not getting dark outside now. What is the shenanigans? It's only eight o'clock. Um, but, you know, attack a friend in the comments. You might need to hear some of this stuff. Share it with your groups with your audience. Um, if you're listening on your podcast, take a screenshot, share it, then leave me a five star for you. I would really appreciate it. And let me know if you guys like this style like the live video podcast, If you like to kind of the behind the scenes of so I can start doing it this way. It's really it's really not as intimidating as I thought it was gonna be. All right, guys, have a great rest of your night and have a great rest of your week I

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