Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 14: 10 Ways To Find New Customers TODAY

podcasts Sep 07, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling ER and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way. You can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello. Welcome back to another episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. My name is Lindsay Dahling. Er and I am your host or hostess, I guess rather right, since I'm a Zametica. Um, OK, ask him. I hope you're having a great day. And I want to talk to you guys today about how to find new customers. Because no matter where you're at in your business, this is probably something at some point that you have either struggled with or, um, maybe you're getting some new customers. But you're like, I would love to even get any more customers. I don't know. So here's some ideas. Take them to leave them, you know, do whatever. Some of it might not pertain to you quite a much But if it does, I totally encourage you to, you know, run with it. See, as always, like one of my theories is, if you want your business to grow each day, you should do 1% more than you did on the previous day. So, you know, maybe you're already, for example, one of the things we're gonna talk about its finding new Facebook friends. And I'm gonna do a lot of this based off Facebook, but I will give you some i g tips as well. Um, and so I go through. I'm no, I would say probably once a week to my mutual friends on Facebook or my friends suggestions. And I add people, I add people who maybe I don't actually know, but one I clerk on their profile and they don't look like a serial killer. Her They don't have, like, weird means there, you know? You know who I'm talking about? Um, and we have several mutual friends. Or maybe I see, like on their wall that they're posting about something, You know, I love Disney. So maybe they're posting something about their Disney trip, something that I'm gonna have in common with that person. So you know, I friend them, and then, um Oh, my gosh. Where was I going with that? I started to give me that. 00 Okay, so maybe already doing that, But could you do it 1% more than you normally do? So maybe you add five a week. Well, could you add five a day, which I guess is a little more than 5%. 1% more. But you know what I'm saying? Because you had a little bit bigger than you normally dio. Um, so that's one way I find new customers and new people. You know, getting in front of my business is mutual friends finding them that way. Ah, long mutual friends is referrals. So you probably already have a customer base, whether it's a customer base of five or whether it's a customer base of 5000, which, if you have a customer base of 5000, I love the shot with you, you can be on you could be on the podcast is as a guest, but, um, referrals. So hopefully you are showing up in your business space, whether that's a close Facebook group, which is what I recommend or your personal profile. Or however you know you nurtured those relationships with your your current clients. Hopefully you're showing up and those spaces and creating those relationships with those people that they want to refer you to their friends because, you know, our products are all great. Everyone listening to this has an amazing product. But the reason people really refer them to you is because they know when they love and they trust you. So those referrals And, you know, sometimes I ask for them, especially when I was first getting started when I would send like, my thank you notes, my handwritten thank you notes toe customers. After an order, I would say, Oh, what was the key little saying, like basically like, Ah, the nicest thing you can do to support my business is the gift of over referral. So please refer, uh, me to your friends for their you know, their dry nail polish needs. And sometimes I would put a couple samples in there for them to give out, and I did have some women respond inside me. PM's and say, Hey, I got your thank you card. I absolutely will be referring. You which was really sweet. But it's really nice to when you don't have to her for right. You're creating those like super fans who you're like girl gang in your group and everyone someone other, adding some more people to your Facebook V. I Pekar guess so. You know those referrals. That's a really awesome way to find some new people to get your products and your business in front of their eyeballs. It's a mutual friends referrals. Um, another thing is, you know, just doing activities. And person guys, if you are holed up in your house all the time, I know we're in unprecedented, unprecedented times, but, you know, I can tell you how many times I've gone through, like, a drive through, and, um, my product might be a little bit easier for this because, like I had mentioned, we sell dry now Polish trip. So I get complimented on my nails. Like I make sure that my nails look fabulous when I leave the house right, which is really easy to do because of our product. So for me, it's super easy to be in a drive thru and, um, you know, the cache of like Oh, I love your now I'm like, Oh, thank you. Have you heard off? You know, my company. And, um so just getting out, whether I mean, that's not me, actually, like going to an event, right? That's just me living my do my daily life. Same thing with cash, your you know, pretty much any cashier guys for for my personal product. Um, but also just activities in person. You meet people, so say you're going to, um uh, gym class. I used to meet so many people at the gym. I used to do orange theory. I was a zumba instructor. Um oh, gosh. Pallotti's, like all over the place. I've been rain and I am I am Facebook, friends of people from all of those places, like girls who were in the class with me and my instructors. Eso just talk to people and that's my next. My next tying in to my next point is just talk to people, right? People aren't aren't scary. So when you're like I explained, already mentioned some ideas. But maybe your kids play sports, maybe at a sporting event, maybe at the movie theater, wherever you are, where you can just talk to people, because if you're at an event, chances are those those people who are there You guys have that mutual thing in common that you enjoy it, right? So you're gonna have that in common that you can already, you know, strike up a conversation about that, and then I'm sure you probably also have other things in comment. So add them on social media so you can keep, you know, building that relationship with those people because those are your people and you're not gonna know if you don't talk to them. And I know a lot of events nowadays have moved to be virtual same kind of deal of virtual events. Okay, you can, even especially if it's on a zoom. And it's not something where you can necessarily, like, talk one on one all the time. If you're in a meeting or whatever, you could individually chat people. Hey, I really like your shirt. Where'd you get blah, blah, blah? Um, that's a great, great way to connect. Um, now let's move a little bit more onto social media. First of all, you need to make sure that your Facebook profile or your instagram profile is like up to park. Okay, take off. Take off those freaky Mame kitty cat things that you were sharing or whatever. Take off much of that political stuff that you were posting as you can, um, and just make it you, like, what is it that makes it makes you you and your brand. Your brand is not your company that you represent. Okay, Not the company that you, um, our contractor with you are your brand. So, like I mentioned before, I like Disney. I really love educating women on building direct sales the right way. Oh, and I've talked about my entire brand before. You can pick all your colors. You know, here's all kinds of stuff you can dio, but trying to make your your profile like, nice like that, you know, like, you wouldn't think of the profiles that you go to, especially for for, you know, some of the top network marketing or direct sales people that you know, a man and woman think about what their what their profiles look like. Aren't they awesome? Yeah. You want to just, like, scroll through them cause you're, like, mesmerized. You're like, Oh, yeah, I love to watch that click save for later. So are you giving value to people? Are you showing up? Is your face on your um well, first of all, your face with 100% B. A profile picture, But is your face and some of your posts a lot of your posts? Are you constantly doing a story? So at least once every 24 hours, that story light that's let lit up around your profile picture should be lit up because you should be going in stories so people can like it. Set. Hear your voice. Um, here on your days where you're having a bad day here on your days and you're having a good day, all those things will add up to people knowing and loving entrusting you, which is which is really what you want. But that's what you need to have a successful business. So get that profile in check and then once you're profiles and check, you got to do Facebook lives. You just dio Ah, you can start him off on your closed group If you want. You can start off doing recorded videos and then posting them, but just go alive guys. I go live in my pajamas all the time. My hair's a hot mass. Um, my my house is a hot mass. 90% of the time. I try to, like, angle my phone so they can't necessarily see the hot mess. Um, and that's something for my brand. That I definitely need to work on. Is cleaning all of that up? You know, I bought this really cute like Rose Gold. Um, background, like a background like holder thing and everything. And it's been sitting up in my office for, like, four months. I definitely need to pull that out because I could totally at my live video game. But I know that, right? And that is something that I get to work on. No one's no one's perfect. Or at least, you know, maybe you're perfect if you're you're the big names. But no, listening to this podcast is probably perfect. Yet eso go alive. Um, I didn't awesome challenge. The month of July, I went live every day, my personal and or business profile. Um, and it was really awesome. I really enjoyed it and actually wish I would have stuck with it. And, um who knows. Maybe I'll start start that back up tonight. But I have been definitely going live every day in my Facebook stories, and you don't have to go live every day. But, you know, don't get me wrong on that. But as much as you can go live about something instead of making a post about it, the Facebook algorithm, I'm pretty sure that's like the number one top thing that it rewards is people who go live. So make sure you're going live and you're going live at a time when people are going to see you not at like three AM and no one's all mine. Another thing you could do on Facebook is get into Facebook groups for your for your interests. So I got a pellet on about a month ago, and I joined like, pretty much every pilot Saletan group that pertains to me that I could find the same thing with Disney. And I'm pretty sure I'm in all the Disney Princess half marathon weekend groups because I do that every year. And so what you're going to do when you're getting in those Facebook interest groups instead of just reading out the posts and being like a stalker, you need to make some comments on those posts. So when people are asking questions and you can give, you know, some kind of feedback even if someone else has already given your comment, maybe you have, like, a slightly different twist on what someone already said. So leave some valuable comments and actually make some posts where you are the author. So go in there, make some posts, share some pictures on. That's an awesome way to start connecting with people. And then I would say the rule is kind of, you know, when someone responds back to you once or twice, I totally think it's cool to Facebook friend them and, um, they might not accept. They might totally up to them. But you know, you're not out anything if if they don't accept you, so I'm gonna deal with Instagram's. If you're going on to instagram, I would go to some people that you follow who, um, would maybe attract your ideal client. So, um, you know, I I attract women who have full time jobs in our building. The direct sales business is a huge part of my niche. Is teachers so I might go on. There's a couple women I follow who are also teachers. And, um, you know, maybe they post outfits of the date or whatever. Well, those air probably teachers who are commenting on their posts. So I'll go down through, um, and I will click on the some of the commenters profiles and go to their profiles, check him out. And if I like what I see, I will like a couple of the pictures, maybe like two or three, comment on a couple of them and follow them and then just wait because nine times out of 10 especially if they have a public instagram. You know, I don't do this obviously for people who have a private instagram, but they're going to go to your page. Hopefully, you have some valuable content up there that goes along with your brand. So they're going to be like, Oh, yeah, this girl has some interest just like me, and we'll click and follow you back. That's a great way. And then, guys, once you have new followers, once you have these new Facebook friends, then you're gonna need to reach out to them and just remember you are not selling. Let me revie. You are not selling, so you need to reach out to them and say Hi, Samantha. Thanks so much for the Facebook at. I love meeting new people online. I'd love to hear more about you. I saw your in the Disney group that I'm in. When's the last time you were able to go or something like that? Okay, so something about your interests. Because people are so much more likely to respond to that. And you can have a short conversation. You don't need to have Ah, 35 minute conversation or anything crazy, right? Um, and just make those connections. And then the connections been made. And Facebook knows that because they have seen that you've talked back and forth in messenger or I G knows that cause you know, you have been in there d M's and then they're going to start seeing some of your stuff. And so again, that's why you we want the stuff that you're posting to be awesome. Um, and stories make them interactive, make them frequent because the more frequent you post your stories every time you post a new story, it bumps it to the front of the list of stories so that people are seeing it when they very first log on to their Facebook or their INSTAGRAM account. So I'm not saying you need to make one every like, minute of the day, right, cause no one's gonna sit in, like, flip through them. But, um, you know, I think it's totally fine to make one every hour, couple hours, or once something comes up that is kind of relevant. I mean, I mean, I'll probably make one right now where, I assume is I got done doing this, that I just made a new podcast, right? We're reminding people to drink water where just in my nails or things like that. But people like to see the ordinary parts of your life too. Okay, So don't feel like you have to put on like this show all the time because you want to show the ordinary parts to people because that's what's gonna help them connect with you in the long run as well. Um, one more thing for social is to share people's podcasts. So, guys, if you take a screen shot of this and you posting your stories and you tag me, I will repost it. And so I do that with, um Oh, well, I tried it with a lot of podcasts, but I also listen to so many podcasts. I don't want my entire stories to be podcast, but I do it with my girl Jesse Lees podcast. I do it with Melanie Metro and Katie Earth's Does the Sheikh influencer podcast. I just did it with Fraser Boat Brooks podcast last week. Um, and I believe he is the one who even, like, blatantly stated it pretty sure he was like, Guys, this is a really genius way for you to, um, grow your network because I'm going to repost it. And people are going to click on your your you know, your user name, check you out, and that's totally true. So share people's podcasts give people shout outs. That's kind of like referrals kind of right, Um, when you do those things, people can check him out. So it's a great way to, um, like their audience and we'll see your stuff and very last thing. Since I know the majority of people listening to this air in direct sales, you gotta host parties, guys. So if you're especially if you're in a party planned company. If you're not party plan, you could probably think of a creative way. Teoh do the parties, but you have to host parties because those parties are what is getting you in front of new eyeballs. So, ideally, when you have a hostess doing a party, there's only you probably only know the hostess and maybe one or two other people if she's already referred people to you before, which is awesome. But, um, you know, it's a whole new set of eyes, so go in there, show up, connect with those women or men, depending on what you know, your industry is, um I Facebook friend mine. I send them messages. I tagged them. I get them excited when I have time. I go live in the party group. So again, you're just really nurturing and loving on those new people with the hopes of one than becoming a lifetime customer. Um, into building those relationships so that they're gonna want to transition into your V I p Group. Our guys, I hope you found those, um, tips and tricks really valuable. I hope you took some notes. If not to rewind this episode, go back. Listen again, Drop these down. Thes might be really great things to add to your income producing activities or, you know, even your power, our throughout the week. You know, adding a certain number of new friends and even like the doing activities in person. You know, pencil something in where you're going out in public. Okay, uh, talk to people. Don't be afraid to talk to people. Um, and make sure people know what you dio when the time is right. Don't just nurture and nurture and nurture, nurture relationship without ever sending the invites. Because invites is the next step of this of you know, of what you do, you love bomb, you create the relationships, but then you gotta invite people. And if you're not inviting people than all of this stuff at the beginning is awesome. But you're not building a business, so keep that in mind. All right, Well, I hope you have a great rest of your day. Thank you so much. As always for listening and taking some time to hang out with me as you are driving or walking or whatever you're doing is you listen to this podcast today, and if you love this, please take a screenshot shared with your followers. Remember, I will repost it, which could be really asked him for you. And I'm leave me a five star rating and review. I would love to get more people visibility on this podcast so that, you know, we can reach and help everyone grow their direct sales businesses the right way. Our friends thanks so much, but by

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