Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 12: You have ENDLESS potential...are you using it?

podcasts Aug 24, 2020

Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling ER and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way. You can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. No. Hello. Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I hope you're having a great day. Happy Monday If you were watching this the day that it drops If you're watching this later in the week, obviously happy whatever day it is. Hey, I just wanted to dio This is gonna be really short, but I'm hoping it is going to be a motivational episode for you all. Um, it's just something that has been on my heart. I've heard some other pad casters and trainer has been talking about this lately and it's something that I really like to keep stressing to my team because I don't think we can hear it enough. And that is that you have endless potential like there is no point in your life in your business, in your career and whatever, where you have maxed out on your potential. So I want you to know that. So, like, right now you have endless potential. You can do whatever you want, whether that comes from. You know, we're specifically obviously talking about business here, but it can be anything you want to lose, that we're going to talk a lot about weight loss. I'm I'm comparing what I'm talking about today. A lot with weight last. So just prepare for that because it's something that's easy for me to talk about. But, um, you know, you could want to lose a certain amount of weight You absolutely can. There is nothing stopping you from doing that. The only thing is your own mind, right? So that's where we get this. I don't even know. It's like a road black when we're starting to think about our goals and our dreams. And we're like, Oh, that's never gonna be possible because of X y Z. And I'm telling you right now, friend, you need to stop thinking that like you need to. I don't care what it is that you have to say. toe yourself. What kind of mindset work you have to do if you need to read a 1,000,000 personal development books. If you need to listen to podcasts all day long, I don't care what you need to do, but you need to get in your head that you have endless potential. And this is something that I even have to work on and telling myself any time I catch myself saying the word, Can't I try to replace that with? It's not a priority for me, and sometimes that's really hard, cause we're very, very programmed to say I can't do something or I'm not able to do something even to be like a little more plate. But what you're really saying is it's not a priority for me. So make your goals, your priorities. Okay, make your goals your priorities. So, in network marketing and direct sales, people are gonna quit left and right. Um, especially, you know, depending on your team atmosphere. Your company, um right now, depending on whether people need your goods or services or not, because a lot more people are at home. So maybe makeup sales have dropped. I don't actually know. Um But I know I personally haven't been buying much makeup. So my guess is maybe maybe that is affected. Some people sales, um, travel. I have a, um, very, very side hustle of being a travel agent because I love travel. That's actually where I started. You know, building my brand a few years ago was with the travel industry. And, um So I know my friends and my travel agent company, it's it's this is we're all really affected them, right? So obviously and, you know, kind of for good reason right now, if financially you can't afford to have being a travel agent, be your only source of income. Currently, when you have no commissions coming in, yeah, people are going to quit or they're gonna put it on hold. So people are gonna quit left and right. And, um, you need to let that not bother you not get in your mind not get to the thoughts of Oh, well, someone so quit. I wonder why they quit, you know? And then it's kind of like planting a seed like, Well, do I need to quit or my sales not good enough? And you go down this path of comparison. So people are gonna quit. And you know, I'm all about finding the right company for you, the right team for you, the right fit for you. I totally do. And I mean, I have quit several companies to get to the one that I'm at. So there's nothing wrong with with quitting if something doesn't feel right and finding finding something else that does. But if you are finding alignment, you're like, I do like my team a lot. I I do love my company. I love my product. I could get behind it, but But, you know, you're getting frustrated. Your sales aren't rare. You would like them to be. You're not growing as fast as you would like to be growing. You know, people who joined after your rank advancing and they're making more money than you. It can be any kind of reason. But friends give it a year, given a solid year to see where your potential could take you. And I don't mean like a solid year of I'm gonna show up for three days and then I'm gonna take four days off, and then I'm going to show up for like maybe five, like Monday through Friday. I'm gonna do a power every single day. But then no one responded to any of my messages about booking a party. So, no, I'm not going to do a power our again for another month until my up line invites me to wonder, you know, whatever it is, I mean, like, you need to show up for 365 days, show up, show up. However, that looks like for you whether that is a daily power, our whether that is your own plan that you have set for yourself. Like I try very hard to do, like theme days that I've shared before where I send love bombs. On certain days, I sat at my parties and I do my shipping. On certain days, I follow up every Friday, things like that, and that might take me an hour That might take me 15 minutes. That might take me two hours, so I fit it into my schedule. But I show up every single day people. When I was on vacation, I wouldn't really even call it working. But I was, you know, checking my email making seeing like what the big news was from our company because our company has been dropping like restocks every day. So I wanted to still share that with my customers. Um and I made it work. So I was was truly on vacation taking a break. But I was still I had scheduled at my post, so my customers saw me. So I was I was showing up, okay? And this doesn't mean guys that you can't take days off like Christmas eat Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, you in the heck? I don't know. The whole week it Christmas. Sure. Take it off, but schedule your posts out ahead of time. And just don't count that weekend to your 365 days. So I want you to, like legit, give whatever company that you are with I want or whatever business, Whatever brand your building right now, I would like you to give it 365 days of solid effort. And then this is like before you even consider quitting or pivoting or whatever you wanna call it, and then I want you to reassess. Okay. What have I learned the past year? What's my next step. What are Monex goals? What can I do? Better? This might be a conversation you have with your up line or a mentor that you have to make a plan and then repeat, do it again for another 365 days. OK? Do not give up. Do not give up. Would you quit your weight loss goal because you worked out for two weeks and saw no results. Okay, well, you might. But obviously, if you do, you're not going to see the way the weight loss that you want, right? And if you're like me, I love I love working out. Like I could work out all day any day. Like as soon as I get off here at seven o'clock at night. But I'm still going to go work out. Um, but my eating sucks. So that's why I haven't been seeing my weight last results that I want, right? So there's all these pieces that go into it. There's eating healthy. There's working out there is getting enough sleep, making sure your hormones and your vitamins and nutrients and macros and all that stuff is balanced, Right? There's all those pieces. Well, guys, It's just like that for your business. So you can't just put up a post every day in your V I p Group and think that that is working your business and moving your business forward because it's not right. You have to be building relationships with people. You have to be inviting people. You have to be following up with people and you need to be consistent. People need to see your face. When's the last time that your V I. P group in your personal profile and your stories when the last time all of those places have seen your face, go back and look scroll through? Look, is it once? Are they seeing it every day? Because people are going to make connections with people that they know love and trust, right? That's what we know. Same thing with email. When's the last time you use shot an email in their inbox? Okay, so just some little things to think about. There's all these small little pieces that are going to make your end goal so much more doable, right? Just like with losing weight or with getting healthier, whatever you want to call it, there's all these little pieces that have to fit in for that lifestyle toe like take hold and for it to be part of your your new lifestyle, basically right. It's like a new lifestyle to new routine. Or else you're gonna gain it all back when you start. You know, I guess rather, when you stop doing some of the things that you know you should be doing So, like for me, I stopped eating healthy, and that was that's a huge chunk of it. So just like with my business, if I, for example, um, stopped hosting parties, well, parties air a huge part of my direct sales company in the business. That's how I get new customers. That's how those relationships are getting built. Um, you know how it's how the new people are trying the products so that I'm booking more parties and it just is organically growing. Um, but that is more more proof of the endless potential, right? Like I could have a party with 10 people and it's just 10 people. But say eight of those 10 people become solid customers, and then they all eventually have parties with me, and it's it just multiply so quickly. There's endless potential, endless potential in your business, just like there's endless potential for you. So don't give up. And just remember, there's nothing different than those people who are at the top. Those people who are on those company emails that you get every month and you're like, I wish I could be in the top 50. I wish I could be in the top 10. Whatever. You know, there's nothing. Nothing different than those people in you. It's just that they have been consistent. I'm sure that there learning all the things. And they're not just learning that guys, they're taking action. They're doing those income producing activities. So do you want to earn a $1,000,000 in your company? Go for it. Do you want Teoh? Bring home a solid $500 check every month. Go for it is your goal to empower women and to make women more confident. Go for it. Do you want to show women how they can be a leader? Then do it. Okay, guys, just do it. But you have endless potential. So whatever your goals are for your company, I don't want you to get in your own head. I want to get out of it. Give this a solid year of you showing up every single day. You know, batch, batch your work. Like I was talking about theme days. Do your power hours. Do what you can show up and just do it right. Just get it done. Be awesome. Do the thing, girl. All right. I hope this is helpful. I hope this was a little motivational, you know, taking the booty that you needed for today. Um, bottom line. Get out of your own head. You can do all the things you can go live. Um, last month, I think I share with you guys. I was doing a live challenge where I was going live every day. It became so easy. By the end of the month, the first few weeks, I was like, I guess it was a few first couple weeks. I was like, Man, I don't know what I'm gonna talk about. And it just became supernatural for me. And also guys, I wasn't wearing makeup on any of them. Which pre quarantine days would have freaked me out because I never would have gone online without any makeup on maybe in my V I p group, but definitely not in a public ah, public video. And now I'm just like, OK, whatever, right. So there's you'll definitely see the ways that you are evolving, that you are becoming a better, stronger version of you through this process on, um, through this endless potential. So keep that in mind, make today awesome, and you can do whatever you want, have a good one.

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