Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 11: You can't do it all--how to manage your business and your life

podcasts Aug 17, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling. Er and I have many titles. High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way. You can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello. Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I hope you are having a fabulous a day. Um and you're gonna make this Monday. Great. If you're listening to is the day of drops. It's a Monday. And let's be really everyone can use just a little bit of motivation on a Monday. So today I want to talk about a topic that is perfect because I believe you re listening to this on my first day back to school. If you were a teacher like I am and you're also building your brand, your side business, whatever you wanna call it, um, you're probably going back to school if you're not already back to school. And maybe you haven't had the summer off, and this is just a great reminder for you all the time. And here goes, You cannot do it all. Okay, This is a really hard thing for me to admit. It is something that I super struggle with because I always want to do it all. And this looks like a lot of things for me. This looks like me having a problem with saying no, like, someone's like, Oh, this is a great opportunity or will you help with this or can I have your time with this? And I'm always like, Yeah, sure. It's fine. Sure, Yes. Absolutely. Because I do. I do want to do it all. I want to be there for everyone. I want to be all the things I have all these dreams that I, you know, you just have for life. And here's the thing. You can't do it all. And it also looks like trying to fit all of that into 24 hours in a day. Now, um, you probably had something to tell you. At some point, everyone has the same 24 hours. That is so true. And when you're looking at people who have grown super successful businesses and you're like, wow, like, how did that happen? I mean, they worked their butts off. Let's we room. Maybe they're like the 1% of people that just got super lucky. Um, but for the most part, those people who were successful well, one they learned how to manage their time really well, into they probably had help. Somewhere along the way, they had some sort of help. Whether that is just coming in the form of support from family and friends or whether that is different things that they have hired out. And I was sitting in front of my open window. It is beautiful weather here in Ohio. It's like 70 degrees and fabulous. So when you just heard that birds chirp, I don't know who picked it up, but it just turned for, like, I don't know, 30 seconds straight, which is we're a long time anyway. OK, so you cannot do it all, so I'm gonna give you some tips. Um, just to kind of help you, you know, get through this mindset that you can do it all. And, um, now, when I'm saying that trying to get to the mindset of you can do it all you can do whatever you want to do, right? Like whatever your dreams are like. This is not talking about you know, your big dreams like No, you're not able to do X y Z because of something limiting you. But I'm meeting. You can't do it all in. Like Like I said, everyone has 24 hours, so you can't try to fit in 25 hours of stuff in there. You have to sleep sometime. So here we go. You need to ask for help. So this might sound silly, but I'm gonna give you an example for my school year. So we found out that I am going Teoh be teaching again. Five different classes. So, teacher world, we call that preps, and, um, I was talking about it with my co worker. We both teach spanish, and she has to preps this year. And I was just worried, You know, about the number of especially if we do online schooling. If you're listening to this later in the future, this is 2020. This is a time of really uncertain and new things for everyone. But, you know, especially teachers. As we head back to school. So, um, you know, I was just talking to my coworker, who happens to be a really good friend. And I was like, You know, you you're probably gonna have to help me, which she totally volunteered to do. Anyway, Um, but I'm gonna have to take her up on that. So we teach some of the same classes. So I'm gonna be relying really heavily on her to help me, at least for the planning portion of some things for that with school. And I'm not gonna lie. That took a lot for me when she mentioned helping out. Um, that took a lot for me to be like, Yes, because you know, it's there, my students or my babies. I have a certain way I like to do things. And while we have very similar teaching styles, you know, there are also different. So asking for help in that way is something that I just really had to swallow my pride to be like. Yes, Absolutely. I'm gonna have to take you up on that, um, you know, cause that could be a lot. So ask for help. Whatever that looks like for you, Whether it's asking your spouse to watch the kids for 15 minutes while you get in 15 minutes of uninterrupted time with your business. Whether, um the kids thing is the one that I think I hear a lot with my team is that they would just like a little bit more support with their their kids. But, hey, you know what? If you have a teammate close by, maybe you can, like, swap baby sitting like her. Kids can come over for one Saturday morning and you could watch them for a couple hours. Why? She goes to the local coffee shop and does some work and like vice versa, are you know, that could look like a variety of things, but ask for help. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't be afraid to brainstorm with your family and your close friends, you know? Hey, this is where I'm really struggling. What are some ideas? Plan your time. So I believe are you didn't episode about how I play in my time and breaking my You know my priorities up throughout the day. But this really helped me when I started breaking down my day to the hour. So I have like an a planner. And it starts, I think, like 4 a.m. and goes to 11 p.m. At night, just depending on the days hashtag teacher life. Um, so I black out So I look and I black out, um 6 30 in the morning to 3 30 in the afternoon. That's school and Dr time for me. And those are my minimums, you know? So some nights and we have open house, it will be like all day school and then all mark in there, you know, our toe workout, our to make dinner, and I'm just really break it down. And I put in all of my non negotiables and then I'll go back through and I'm like, OK, where do I have 15 20 minutes here and there. Where do I have an hour? Okay, this says Netflix time, Can I also be, for example, scheduling posts where I really don't have toe? Maybe think a lot into it during that time. Um, so anyway, where you can kind of get a routine and also breaking down your data, your our to really see where you are, spending your time and also honestly scheduling in those important things, like sleep making sure you're eating, making sure that you know, if building your business is a priority for you that you really give it an hour a day that you need. Maybe you need two hours with your kids. You deserve to have that time scheduled in. So make sure that you are giving those priorities, You know, the the love and the care in the time that they deserve On Ben. Ah. One of my coaches had us do this a couple years ago, and she did it with either. My guess is a couple years ago, this was last year. Um, but pick your top three. She varied at first. I think she did top six, and she did. Your top three must do items for the day, and this is really nice. I, um, would sit especially during the school year and write this out the night before. And I also broke down my day guys by the hour of the night before it helped me, you know, Know what I needed to wear? No. What I needed to take to school that day. Just kind of mentally prep for the next day and also do stress because I wasn't worried about everything that I had to get done because they kind of bring dumped it the night before. So I would write all that stuff out, and then I would star my top three items to do for the day. And at one point I was actually writing the top three on a post it note, and I would stick it on the back of my phone. And then I saw it. I saw it all day at work. I saw it, you know, any time I had my phone and it reminded me. Okay, so at lunch today, maybe I talked to my coworkers for 20 minutes and I have an extra 10 minutes. And maybe one of my top three things was as easy as calling the dentist to make the appointment that I needed to dio. So mark your top three items and then if you get more if you like, if you get those things done and you have more time than cross something else off your list, you know, pick 1/4 thing to do 1/5 thing to do. But I really like focusing on the top three because I feel like that's something that is totally doable. Unless you're putting three tasks like clean the garage. Do. I mean, those are not things that people do all of one day, but I hope you see what I'm saying. So your top three most important to dues for the day and I listen to another podcast, the people's mentor with Jesse Lee, And she actually says she doesn't go to bed until she does her top three. So she's, like, intense like she's like my role model goddess. Um, so maybe you want to do that like I'm not going to bed tonight until I get these things done. And, you know, I think that's awesome. Toe have that strong of a mindset. So if that's for you, give that a try. Okay, let's talk about a few other things that you can do just to help you manage everything. So delegate as much as you can delegate. So I'm assuming if you're listening to this, you have a business or you're in direct sales. If you have a team, I highly recommend you start delegating things to your leaders. This is something that I really started working on this spring was helping my leaders get more ownership of our team group and of their own, like smaller teams that were under them and delegating so that I wasn't the only person's face that people were seeing on our team page. And I think this is one helped me Aton. It's helped alleviate a lot of stress and pressure off of me, but, um, it's also given that ownership, and I've really watched women on my team completely open up and change their leadership styles, and it's something I'm really proud of. So don't be afraid to delegate to members of your team. Whether you have a really small team in a rather or a really big team like we've mentioned before, there's room for you to start this at the very beginning. So starting to delegate star asking people to make posts in your group for potential new teammates, um, ask people to do a training, ask people to stick up host up if they had something that really worked well for them. But delegate, you do not have to do it all, especially when it comes to your team. Another way you can do this if your company allows you to place new consultants under existing consultants. Um, I really just started utilizing this the past, gosh, probably again against, um, this spring. And before that, I wasn't really placing or I waas, but I don't necessarily feel like super great about it all the time because I felt like people were gonna feel as though I were, like, quote unquote dumping them under other people because I didn't want to support them, which is the furthest from the truth by if you have the ability to place people and it makes sense for your business, that could be a really huge asset to both you and the new consultant, because the new consultant is getting you as a sponsor. Plus, they're getting someone else to support them, and it's taking. I mean, it's not really work, but it's taking some of the I don't know if responsibility is the right word either. But time maybe, you know, again, we only have 24 hours in the day. So if I have six new ladies and my group, but I'm able to place them under other people, the new, um, the person I placed them under and myself. We both kind of conspiracy it, the sponsor responsibilities. I hope that makes it so. Definitely Don't be afraid to do that. If that is in your company's compensation plan, schedule your posts on Facebook. There's also schedulers for Instagram. Um, I have built my business on Facebook. That's what I've shared before. You can do tailwind for Pinterest as well. If you're growing your business on Pinterest, schedule those posts out. Guys taken our take two hours if you want to get really far ahead. Um, I know my goal for when school starts. Not this coming with the following week. I'm gonna have my post scheduled out at least a month because you can do M two months in advance. Or at least you can time this recording on a computer. If you're doing Facebook from a you know, a laptop or what not so you could do him two months out. So my poster getting scheduled out. I am getting that out of the way so that my business can be as much on autopilot as possible. One school get started. I'm you know, I'm figuring all that out, get child care if we've we've talked about this. You know, I feel about this even if you're a stay at home Mom, get child care for a few hours so that you have some sanity. You have some you time. You can concentrate you and clean the house for half now or an hour if you need to. You can work on your business if you need to go get, um, you know, have a spa day, whatever you need to do, but you need some time for you. So if you were with your Children 24 7 we know you love them, but you need to have some help there. Um, bring your stuff to work on while you are at practices while you're waiting at the vet. You know, especially when I was first building my business, I always had a business book in my purse so that I was never truly wasting that time, you know? So when you're waiting at an oil change, your waiting to be seen at the doctor because we know when we walk in, we're very rarely ever immediately seen in our time. So use that time wisely or inside of using a just a scroll through social media actually use it to be intentional and build your business. Use it to send out those love bomb messages. Use it to catch up on team trainings, whatever that looks like for you, but just uses a little bits and pieces and packets of time that you find throughout your day to do something to move your business forward. Uh huh. Do you really need to binge watch seasons of Netflix show in one week? Or could you do one show a night and spend that other our on your business? So just something to think about for that as well. And, um, any time that I catch myself, like having also, guys, we all get a lazy day, right? You all get a day to recharge. Don't think that you don't. But if you catch yourself, get taking several days to recharge. Um, I just want you to, you know, kind of thing about like, how bad do you want it? Because if you want to, bad enough you're gonna work through those days, even if it's just for an hour. But you're going to do something to move your business forward pretty much every day. Absolutely. Take a day off a week. Absolutely. Recharge. Absolutely. Take a vacation. Um, but if you really want this, you're gonna put in the time and you're gonna put in the time. In a way that is more than just scrolling. Facebook is more than just making graphics, right? You're gonna actually do income producing activities. Some other things. Non business related. You can dio just some quick ideas. Order your groceries online. Um, those online meal service boxes you can do like, hello, Fresh. Um, we did what's called green Chef loved it. That will be starting back up. Actually, I need to, like, make a note to, um get that ready for when we go back to school. Could you do take out once a week? Could you invest in a house cleaner or house housekeeper? House cleaner? I don't know. The proper term. Um, a girl on our team just posted tonight. I loved it. Her business blessing posts for the week was about how her paycheck for her dry nail polish trips just paid for her house cleaner. Like, how amazing is that I make yet that sauces in any stab and um do I have a good win? So, carpooling, carpooling? What I'm thinking with this is that while yes, you want to be so sure, Why not? You can also, if it's not your turn to drive, use that time to do 10 minutes of messages or whatever on your phone. Right higher. Avi A. This can help you in a variety of ways. And my tip with this is to do this sooner rather than later. So if you think that you might have tasks that a V a could do, this would be the time that, um, get started. So I'm gonna take a drink. Really Likes this window. Being opened for me is not good for my allergies. I've definitely learned my lesson. Okay, so use of the A, um the ice could do all sorts of things. They can make shout out graphics for you. They can do team newsletters. They can send messages to customers. They're gonna help you follow up. They could even send out orders or samples, depending on if they're locals. You all sorts of things, so definitely look into a Via Evie A stands for virtual assistant, by the way, Um they can send out emails to customers, like literally anything. So definitely look into that. You can get them for very affordable. Um, like even less than $20. Now you're going to get what you pay for. You know, you're not gonna get someone who's super experienced for 12 or $15. But, um, I don't think you would probably pay more than 25 an hour for them. So, anyway, it's something that is really useful and can really help you spend your time on things that, like you have to do in your business the flair that you have to put into it and then make systems. So if you find yourself re posting the same thing over and over again so especially if you're a party playing company, we have templates and our team page for any different kind of party. You can imagine we haven't our party with a five day party. We have a seven day party. We have a three day party. We have different templates for each of those, so that we have different options. Um, you know, graphics that you're using. So I have a folder on my laptop. It's just called party pictures, and I know exactly which ones go where. So use those templates, the sooner you can start making templates. Maybe it's an email template. So I just started sending a team email out every Monday, and I'm able to go into float, Ask a love flowed Ask by the way, I'll actually put my link where we can both like, you can get half off your monthly subscription. It is an affiliate link, but I'll put it in the show notes. Um, but on FLOTUS, I have now a team templates so that automatically like I went through one time and linked all of our Facebook groups and our graphics groups and our new stylist checklists and all that on there. So now I can just go in and swap out people's names for me during the shout outs for the you know the top PV in the top, rolling for the week or month. And then I can add, There's a spot like at the bottom for money mantra. There's just spot at the bottom for a business tip, and then I can just add a little blurb that I want at the top, and that's all I have to do when I can click to schedule them out each week. So super nice. So any sort of template for any sort of system that you can go ahead and make do it Now, you will not regret taking a little bit of time out earlier in your business. And then, you know you have it so things can run like I mentioned before, kind of on autopilot. Um, this was this. Next one is a really big one for me, especially in in my company, because we don't have to sell on hit inventory. It's like once we get back to school, I'm not planning on having my quote unquote stash recalled her stash, my stash available for people to buy because I'm gonna be perfectly honest. I don't have time to do the mailing. I don't have the time to pull the orders. We have a website for people, my customers to go on and shop 24 7 and it's completely hands off. I don't to do anything with it, you know, the my company pulls it, they ship it, they and they ship it right to the customer. And then all I need to do is follow up with them and send a thank you card. That's the mailing I want to spend time with. So if you don't have to operate with on hand inventory, just don't. I'm telling you, it will save you so much time. Even if you're mailing with pirate ship or Sam's dot com and you're putting your own things off, you know that takes time. So are you going to spend that 15 or 20 minutes mailing things out? Or were you going to spend it growing your business further? So if you have a way to not operate with on hand inventory, definitely don't. This is something I'm really trying Teoh help my team with right now because we have a lot of women who I feel like you're kind of preferring to do on him inventory. And I'm like girlfriends. That is taking way too much time. So if you don't have to be doing on hand inventory, do not do it. Um, okay, so somewhat more. These are just, like kind of random tips like not necessarily as business, um, related, but develop a solid morning and evening routines like my morning routine especially during the school year, is like the same. It is boring. It is the same. It gets me going, um, in my evening routine, the same sort of thing. You know, I where my blue light blocking glasses I set my phone so that I can't see any of my APs. After nine PM, I start getting ready for bad. I do all my getting ready for bed stuff. I lay my clothes out the night before. I'm totally that person. But if I don't, it's like I have no clothes to wear the next day. It right? It's like, horrible. So having those morning and evening routines can definitely help. So it's one less thing you have to think about. Get a workout in at least 20 minutes of some kind of movement. It can be walking and me dancing. Um, some workouts. You know, it could be like your therapy sessions also, so don't, um, not give enough credit to working out moving your body, listen to a podcast for motivation or some sort of a self developments book. It could be an audible on audible rather, But just listen to something. I do this in my car ride for my commute. If you were working from home right now and you're not doing a commute, listen to in the shower. Listen to it while you're drinking coffee, but you need to be listening to something, preferably in the morning. I also like to listen to them in the afternoon. On my way home, it kind of helps me transition my brain from school brain to like working my direct sales business and or just getting back to Regular Life Journal. And by journal, it can be like actual, like Dear Diary Journal, or I like to brained out. Like I said, I brain dump. I read a list of everything that I need to do everything on my mind, and it helps so much, um, no screen time before bed. And if you do, where those blue light blocking glasses I have mine own right now is only seven o'clock. But I have a mom right now, Um, and honestly, guys, I started wearing them all day, like when I'm on any sort of my laptop or my phone or mechanic TV it it has helped me so much I never realized before how much the blue light that was being emitted from these devices was affecting me until I started wearing the glasses. So get a pair if you don't have him. Um, Stretch, make sure stretching, especially if you're sitting in a chair all day or if your home you've been working on the couch like man, I can totally tell from and this is my next one not getting my steps in, so you get your steps in in the day. But I can totally tell from being home working from home more that I am not getting up and moving. I'm not stretching as much. So doing those things can help a lot as can drinking enough water, cutting the caffeine out early in the afternoon. All of this is gonna help with your energy level is gonna help you feel better. It's gonna help you to think more clearly, so when you're doing that, it helps you to be able to do it. All I know has had a little of this is you cannot do it all, but it helps you to be able to do more than that. If you're tired in your sluggish um oh, get time to get ready every morning. Even if you're working from home, this doesn't mean you have to put your makeup on. But, girl, you can get up. You can shower. You can put on you know, your daytime jammies and get out of your night 10 jammies, but, like, do some sort of a transition from morning to like, Okay, I'm getting my crap done. Now get your nails done. This has helped you feel nice and you know my company, um, love bomb. Your teammates love bomb your friends, tell them how much you love them and you appreciate them. You know, when it never hurts to hear all those things. And when you're appreciative of other people, they're going to step up. They're gonna offer to help you with with things. They're going to give you that positive energy again so that you can do all the things that you want to do. But you need to also give that back. Take time off, guys. I So last month of July was my best month ever in direct sales, and I took a week off for vacation and I was talking about this with my coach of my mastermind call yesterday she mentioned something and she had a name for it. But she said, This is also some there some, like Mega Millionaire that does this and basically has a week off every month. And it's like, recharge week basically, and I think I just really needed that. Like I said, even though we've been working from home, we have been going anywhere. Um, I just needed like that break. It was so nice. Now, did I completely check out? No. Like I checked in on my messages. You know, I talked to some teammates and things like that, but I was not in full work mode, and it was really nice. So take those times he used those vacation days, have something to look forward to That helps you, you know, have the motivation to move forward and to keep going and keep your energy high. Okay, um, are almost like I said, hire a coach. Um, Now, this isn't have to be a private one on one coach, especially if this is not in your budget right now. This could be a coach through a mastermind. It could be you being in, You know, a Facebook group for women and direct sales. Um, I will say, though, when you put the money behind it, you're paying to be held accountable. It's like a whole new level. And I can say that firsthand because I have done that. But a coach or a group or accountability group mastermind, whatever you want, want to call it, You know those air where you're gonna get fresh ideas, you're gonna get new strategies and again here being you're paying to be held accountable. So that's one way just to help you manage all the things in your mind that someone you can talk to again. You're paying them for that you can talk to, you can express, you know, I want to do all these things. Which one makes most sense of my business. And you're getting an unbiased opinion, which is really often because sometimes you know, if you're talking to a teammate, there is gonna be a little bit of bias in their right. They want you to do things Teoh help the team, and always and sometimes guys. While this is very much a team atmosphere and direct sales, this is also your business, right? We can't all do each other's businesses for the other person, right? This is your business. So remember that at the end of the day. And remember, that's what your coaches for automate emails already mentioned. That if you can, um, I added this completely at the end. This is like a last thought. I should have put it back up here. Get a Roomba sweeper. Okay, Minds on a Roomba mines the shark, but get one of those automated vacuum cleaners. Whatever you call it. I call it Sweeper and from Ohio. Whatever. Um, get one of those automatic vacuum cleaners. It is the best thing ever. We don't even have ours programmed. We have to, like, bend over and push, push, go every time we can program it. But I don't mess of it. Guys, I can't even tell you how much time it saves. Especially if you have a dog or cat or something that sheds in your house. Maybe you shut the what? I don't know, but those vacuum cleaners that are automated are amazing. So you definitely need one. And that helps you again free up sometimes so that you can do all the things. Okay, so I hope this helped. Just remember, you cannot do it all, but hopefully you at some strategies or some ideas to help you do more of the things to help you. Um, you know, use your time more wisely, get more of the things done that you really want to get done in a day. And just remember guys like, you know, this is your business. This is your life. If you're at the point where you're like something is not working, then you need to stop and re adjust and figure out. OK, I have an extra hour every night, and I have these things that I could be doing whether it's cleaning the house, working my business, watching Netflix, like, at some point, you're gonna have to prioritize those things and then decide. And then Okay, well, if I'm deciding, I'm working my business tonight. And how is the house gonna get queen? Okay, so maybe that's when you you start really looking into how much it does cost for someone to come in and you clean your house and it might be more affordable than you think. Or maybe it's out of your budget. But if it is and I encourage you to sit down and look OK, How many? Whatever that I sell do I need to sell to be able to afford that. And maybe, you know, it might be something as okay, I need to sell for more orders of now strips this month. Is that doable? That's 100% doable. So it's just kind of you know how much you want it and where you're willing to put in that time and energy to get it. But remember, you are human. You cannot do it all. At some point in time, you do have to say no to certain things. And it is okay. No. Is a complete sentence, right? Okay, guys, I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope this is helpful and gave you some tips or some things to really look into and start implementing in your life in your business time block. Get all those things down there, Your priorities. And I know you're going to do amazing things as always. If you loved this episode, please review it. Take a screenshot shared in your stories and tag me and all. Definitely what's called re share for you. Share I give you a shout out back. But if you leave me rating and review and share this with your teammates, it would mean the world to me. Don't forget. I also have a free Facebook group. Is the same name of this podcast the social selling sisterhood? Actually, it's not. It is the social selling sisterhood squad, but you can look that up. Find it on Facebook. It is awesome in the show notes, and we have lots of fun things that are happening over there. So be sure to check it out. And, um, you know, network with other amazing women in direct sales. There's lots of women in their find your new business, bestie, and, um, see what you guys can do. All right, have a fabulous day and I will talk to you next week. Bye Bye.


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