Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 58: Creating Offers and Outsourcing to Transition to Working your Full-Time Business

podcasts Mar 22, 2021

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dahling ER and I have many titles. High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hey, guys. Hello? Hello. I am Lindsay Dollinger. I'm here with Britney and for linage for a live episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. So if you're listening to this, um, you're listening to it a little bit after we are recording and we're recording it. It's February. I don't date. It's February 2021 just for a little bit of context. Um, and Bernie and I met online. We're both teachers, one of us, Um, shortly. Not anymore. Which you will hear, uh, spoiler alert. But we met online. I was looking for traveling teacher groups and I found Britney's group, and we have connected, and I love what she does. And I just really want to share her story with you guys. So Britney Thank you so much for being on the podcast. We really appreciate it. Thank you for having me. And, um, if you could just tell us, you know, just a little bit about your background, your story. Um And what has gotten You know where you are? Yeah. So I have been pretty entrepreneurial from all my life. Teaching was not actually something originally sought after my undergraduate degrees in parks, recreation and tourism management. And before I went into having a full time job, I had seasonal jobs. I went from one seasonal job to the next. I always wanted to live in cool places, and I met the coolest people. I got to basically travel full time, which was super exciting. But then when I was looking to get married, I realized, OK, maybe this isn't sustainable, at least for now. And so s Oh, my husband and I got married in 2014, and that's when I started looking at full time positions. And what I would dio and everything I have been doing leading up to that point mesh very well with teaching. I've done outdoor education. I had worked at summer camps. I've worked in hospitality. So I'm used Thio, you know, dealing with upset people and staying calm, right? That's absolutely right. So it's transition really well in the teaching. It was something that you know that my heart was tugged toward because I've always loved working with kids, and I like that there's still that spark. You get either so much possibility, right? There's so many opportunities. I love that I love coaching, and I love educating. And so it was a pretty a pretty good transition, but I came into teaching at a weird time. This is my fourth year. The first year here in Arizona. Um, there was a big walk out, actually. On bond. Yeah, I remember that, actually. Yeah. So that was That was really different. E think that was the first year. Maybe the second year. They're all blending together. The first year is crazy. No matter what you dio on den, then the second year thinking after the end of the first year I because I live on a reservation. That's where I teach. I was really isolated and lonely honestly, at this point, because there weren't really a lot of people around who were into what I was into or even had, you know, experiences that related to mine like they couldn't understand. And I get it completely different culture completely different priorities. Um, but when I would say, Oh, yeah, like I've been to Hawaii before. And they were like, really I'm like, yeah, I worked there for a summer. I worked at a summer camp in Hawaii, And that's one of the reasons I got to go for free and so on and so on. Um and instead of it being like an exciting thing like, Oh, cool. Tell me about that. It kind of isolated me further just because people didn't really understand that lifestyle or like, why would you want to go do? That s so I knew that my people were out there because when I would travel, I would meet them, right. So I knew that there had to be a whole bunch of other younger teachers who may be either chose not to have kids or they just don't have kids. Yet. They're traveling Aziz much as they can. They want to talk about it with other people and be excited about that. And so I made the group originally for that, Not really meaning for it to grow it even as big as it has on Guy just wanted it to be a place where we could share that together and also share teacher travel opportunities. Because I kept finding them. Um, yeah, and so that grew into a blawg. And then that grew into people asking, Well, why don't we do a trip together? And so then I started planning trips and doing trips with ourselves and yeah, they just kind of grew from there. I love that so much. So many things. You said. I'm taking notes. So if I look to the side, that's why. But I'm doing, um So I love how you said that it was isolating, Not not obviously that it was isolating, but I think that could be a really hard thing for people to understand. I mean, I'm in Ohio and I'm in a rural area, but I'm in between two major cities, and you wouldn't think that the teaching profession could be as isolating as it is. You know, I have my colleagues, but schools are not the same now as they were even when we were in school. You know when our parents generations in school, So I feel like or else we can't always express how we're feeling because we can't put stuff on social media or we can't say x y Z and I hadn't really thought of it in that way before. But it can absolutely be something really isolating and then throwing in the travel portion. Um, how did you or what kind of mindset did you take around when people would? And I don't know if that they were necessarily negative maybe to you about the traveling, but not validating that. That was like a really cool thing and wanting to talk about it. Do you know what I mean? Oh, totally. And I think that part of it is because the way that many people see travel is probably different than the way I see it on. But that's just I like for me. It's part of a necessity. I don't know how else to explain it. Besides that, I need to do it. I part of it. Part of it is because I think humility. That's 11 core value to me, and I always feel humbled when I go to a new place and I don't know anything, right? At least to an extent. E. And I feel like even living on the reservation has been that for me as well. I've learned. Oh, my gosh. I've learned so much. Um, but it is seen very much as a luxury and to a degree, it ISS and so people can't understand. Like, why would you waste all your money on that and put it in quotes, right? Why would you waste all of your money on that? Why would you spend so much time thinking about that? Don't you wanna like Don't you wanna like, save up for a house or don't? Wouldn't you rather have a new car? And so it's just different priorities, different values, and I totally I totally get that. That's not where everybody is at or enjoys it. Some people don't like to travel, and that's totally fine. Um, but it's also this thing. It's just weird, like when you go on a trip or you experience something so transformative or something that completely changes your outlook and you're excited about it. The only people who really get as excited as you are other people who have either had that or who are looking for that. And so, like, that's why the community was so important to me. I knew that there were other people out there with a similar situation. Love it. So let's talk a little bit about your group because you have over 3000 members, right? I would just hold it up like, well, over 3000. Um, what year did you start? Your group? 2017, I believe. Maybe 2018. Actually, it was in 2018 because that was after my first year. My first year teaching was 2017 and 2018 and s I think it was after that year. Yeah, because I went on a really big trip that summer, and I came back, remember? I came back and I wanted to tell everybody about it. Nobody cared. And so I was like, Okay, okay, yeah, yeah, it's a need. And so I think that's what, like sparked it. And it was right around. I believe Thanksgiving. And so I had the time to really set it up and think about it. So give us some pointers on how you grew your group. I mean, essentially so quickly, because I think that's that's pretty quick toe have. That's about three, not even three years. Yeah, not even three years. So, um, you know, did you have any sort of strategy or even if you didn't, like, kind of walk us through? Because you have, Ah, very nice community in there. A swell of people who participate in, you know, chime in. So what are some group pointers you can give? Totally. I think a couple of things kind of putting on the strategy hat definitely s CEO is important. So S E o stands for search engine optimization for anyone listening. And so when I started getting into blogging, I realized how important keywords were. And so thinking of thinking of the mindset of the person who's looking for the group now, it did take me a while to figure this out for the first year. I don't think there were that many people in there almost of the group. Growth has been like in the last year and a half, maybe two years. S o I. So I guess called it traveling teachers. I have changed a couple of things since then, but I got very clear in my about section who it was for who was not for I. I started asking questions when they joined that would self select out the people I did not want in my group. I think it's really important that whenever you're building a community, your justus clear on who you do want their as who you do not want their on. That lets the people, the people who are supposed to be there, that lets them know this is really for them to, and it's not for, you know, they don't want the other people in there who aren't supposed to be there, right? Yeah, it was a lot of time at first, honestly, until I started getting used to how things work and really figuring out how groups work, which is so funny. I never set out to be a groups person, but now obsessed with them. I love groups for marketing. It's a fun they are there. It's a great So do you go in tow other groups to market your group? A swell Yeah, to a degree, but I really try to shy away from that. If that's not what's allowed in that group because I care so much about like my community and building good relationships. I'm always asking the other person who owns it or runs it like, What do they want? Do they want to do that? Of course, like if it's across me should totally make sense. Like if we're both teachers and it's kind of travel related, Um, then absolutely, like, you know, happy to share, Um, but yeah, you, unless it's like under a designated thread. But what usually will happen is I connect with people in there, and this is what I would recommend for anyone who wants to grow their group. If someone asked a question. And you can answer that in a way that that really positions yourself as an authority, they're going to recognize that, and they're going to say, Okay, this person knows what they're talking about. Really great network marketing technique. By the way, eso just showing, showing you know what you're talking about that you want to help them genuinely want to connect with them, and they will leave breadcrumbs on your profile so they'll look at your cover photo if you haven't linked their people will find out on their own. You can have it in your featured image down in your personal profile. So I've gotten a lot of people to join it that way. Um, yeah. And then also, just like opportunities like this and the where it makes sense to share right now. Do you Are you also actively building on Instagram? I just started. I just started on Instagram. Maybe, like under a year ago. I really focused on groups at first. Okay. And are you able to even though you have a new or instagram account, have you been able to to transition people over to Facebook or you're not quite there yet? Yeah, well, actually, it's kind of the opposite. Everyone that's following a tely sta traveling teachers. Instagram is in the group already or they're already engaged with me on the Facebook page, which is kind of interesting. So most people who are finding us are from there. I also just recently recently got on the ticktock and that is driving a lot of traffic. A swell Yeah. Oh, interesting fun. I'm talking John, Take top now. Are you on clubhouse? I'm not on called house. I am along with the peasants who have Androids. And okay, I was going to say I wondered if you were able to get any traffic from that that way. So blogging. Did you start the blogged before? After the Facebook group? Almost the same time writer on the time. Okay. Walk us through that process because I know that could be a lot of work on die. Also know some people think that they need it. So like and maybe they don't. Or maybe they do need it and they don't think they dio Can you walk us through? Kind of How you decided to do that? Uh, maybe even what platform you decided to go with. And if you like it things like that. Totally. So I don't think that I agree with you that it's not for everybody. I don't think it's necessary. I think it totally depends on your goals. Ah, Ndure Goals can change over time. The more you learn, right? So when I when I was originally thinking which is funny because it's coming back to that Originally when I realized what the group had become, I was like, this would really make more sense in a membership because that way it's kind of like contained. It's more private because the problem with the Facebook group as private as it can be, you can still have people get in there who aren't really committed or they just joined the group and then they never interact or engage. And that actually hurts Theo engagement and other people seeing the posts and things like that. And so that's that's one problem with growth that I've had to figure out. And so I quickly realized, Okay, membership might be a better model because it's people who are committed enough to this on who really do want to learn about the teacher travel programs and travel hacking that they would be paying for the community and more invested in it. So that is something we're working towards now. Three years later, Um, but when I was doing this, I was like, Okay, I need and I want for people to find this information so I'm gonna put it on a blogger because even if people never found the group, if they search for teacher travel programs or ways teachers can travel for free, then eventually I would start ranking and I just barely started ranking on some results this year. So blogging. Yeah. So blogging is a long game. I would definitely say that it's not for the faint of heart, and I've had to learn. Ah, lot. I've had I actually just shared in my group the other day. Um, there was one point, I think, a year and a half ago, where my whole website seemingly got deleted. I don't know what happened, and I call it all Saturday. I remember I was crushed. Eso it's not. Can't imagine I'm sorry. Go ahead. I was just gonna say I can't imagine I was I was No, because I put so much work in time into it. Um and so I really made the blogged more like a resource. But it also pointed to the group, right? So if someone just had a quick question, they can go on the block. And that's kind of a block has become is like the free content that also leads to the group. So the group is kind of a lead magnet. In a way, if you are a blogger or if you're looking to kind of how the link your block to that. Um, because if someone just has a quick question, then the blogged might answer it, and, you know, they don't have to be. Oh, yeah. Okay. I like that. Um, and some people just aren't on Facebook, too, So that's a nice way to get your name out there. Um, now, who is your host? Did you do you do like, um, Wicks or Blue host? So for that one s, I have a couple blog's now, but that one is fully hosted. WordPress. So if you go on wordpress dot com Um, you I have I have, like, himself hosted blog's where I have light hosting on site ground. But I think again it depends. Like if you're deciding to write makeup log, it totally depends on what you want to do with it. My goal has never been to earn with affiliate marketing, which is a It's a great option, by the way. But it's just That's not how I knew I was eventually going to make money. Once I decided that was my goal with it s So we lead trips. So that's like where the book of that income comes from is like we lead trips ourselves and then also like, we're publishing company. Right? So we have courses that we do. We have programs, live events, and then we're looking to do the membership soon too. So that'll be coming out. I love it. I love it. They say the average millionaire has, what, seven streams of income? So you are. You are well on your way, E No, it's like I don't actually want to write it all out, because if I do that, I'm like, Oh, that's overwhelming. So I have to, like, have to segment in my mind and say, Okay, I'm working on this right now. I'm working on this. Yeah, perfect. Well, that leads us into my next question. So especially because you are still in the classroom, although not soon, right? Yes. 33 more months. But who's counting? Yea, I was so excited for you. Um okay, So how have you managed a building? Honestly, it's a kind of a massive business, I'm sure started as a side hustle. But I'm sure now you spend more time with it thing. Just a side hustle. So kind of walk us through what? That looks like. Yeah, So I would say a lot of this was in the last year to a lot of the growth, just like what straight up part of this was. I just decided, I know that's that's always not super helpful, but I just decided I was going to take it seriously because up until now I was playing around with it. And honestly, it was partially just for fun. It was a passion thing for me, which is usually a really good indication that that's what you should be doing. Because if it's so fun for you that you would do it for free and you love helping people in that way, then I mean, it just makes sense to monetize that because you would want it. You're gonna have the energy to do it anyway, Um, so I about a year ago I decided to take it really seriously, and so that's when I invested in a program. I remember now it's like, not as big of a deal. I've done it several times. I invested $3000 in, of course, like a program, and I was number sweating. Bullets today all like almost hit something like six times before I finally did that. Oh, that, But I'm so glad I did, because I learned so much about, like, automation, different ways to monetize. I hired people, which was a really big step for me, because I because it's hard for me to explain, I've gotten better at this, too. It's hard for me to explain what's going on in my brain to other people like this is my vision. I know what I want. I know how to do it. But the problem is, yeah, there are some only so many hours in a day on DSO. I had to relinquish some control a little bit and trust the people I hired, and that's really help hard. It's really hard. It's really hard, but it's so worth it and so rewarding, because when you have the right people and they care about your vision like you're like, this is what I want and they're like, Yeah, okay, let's do it. They're excited about it. They want to help eso. I have now three people working for me. Um, my goal. My goal is to have two of them full time by the end of 2021 so It's like who s so it's like it lights a fire under me because, like these air teachers as well, who also have the same goals like they want to leave. And so I wanna help them do that right? And so, like, I think that's another thing I used to be scared of selling. I think selling it kind of comes natural to me in a way. But I was still scared to pitch, you know, I would just be like, you know, choking up. But now I'm like, No, I'm not messing around. I have three ladies that I'm looking to support full time pretty soon and like we're supporting, like, other like, nonprofit organizations with the money we raised and stuff, too. So it's like I'm not messing around anymore. This is what it is. I'm proud of my offers. We put a lot of work into them s Oh, yeah, definitely a mindset thing, treating it like a business. And then, um, setting up doing the work in the front end so that it can start either being automated or delegated or eliminated if it's not needed. Oh, my gosh. I love all of that. Um and I think that last piece that you said where you are really proud of the offers that you've created and you are proud of your business. And you also have other people's lives that you are hoping to get their salaries full time like that's a huge Y and like that can completely switch. And even if so, a lot of the people who listen to our podcast are direct sellers or network marketers. Not everyone on some people are building their own businesses like, you know, like you are with multiple streams of income, which is fabulous. So I think that's one of the biggest pieces missing in a lot of people's business is just like that mindset of like, I'm really proud of the product I have, even though it might be something really small, like, you know, a cosmetic or clothing or whatever. But you can be proud and you can have that sense of God. I don't even know what the word is besides pride. Um, well, yeah, but yeah, this is what I dio. I think that's so true. I've talked because I also have a network marketing stream. I also have a direct sale stream, technically is a travel agent. I am directly selling travel to the consumer, Right? Andi, I've talked about this before, too. If you come off as if you have doubt in what you're selling, it's totally gonna affect your energy when you're talking about it to other people, you know? And so I like. And I also don't take it personally, and I don't tie the result to the outcome, right? So, like if I present an opportunity to someone and they're like, That's not for me, I'm like, All right, it's all good, you know? It's like I I usually tell them Hey, I'm gonna reach out to you again in, like, two months just to see what you say. And you know what? People are also used to my personality now, so they're like, OK, so worst case scenario, it's just Britney. She's excited about this, you know, It's not Yeah, deal, you know. And if they block me, then all good. At least I know not to waste my time. So it's like, whatever. And I think like I think the only one that we're that really like stops us from doing that is ourselves we psych ourselves out like they're going to think this. So they're going to say that they people don't care. Everybody is focused on what they're doing and what they want, and you know it's not a big deal to them. They'll just say no if they don't want that well and people can feel your energy to And that's what I tell my team. I'm like, If you're nervous, send a quick voice memo instead of typing it out so they can actually hear your excitement. And I'm like any time that I have reached out to someone and been genuine and given a reason why I'm asking them if they would like to take a look at my business opportunity to try out my product, I've never had anyone be like, you know, really nasty or rude. Most people are like Oh my gosh, thank you so much for thinking of me and then they say yes or not at this time or whatever and I, you know, you move on, you you go on and, um, getting out of your way and just asking for for what you want and then moving on to like, that's how you're gonna how you're gonna make your business forward, total. Um, Okay, someone actually did. Ask a question why we're on here. Um, Britney would like to know. How long was it before you hired people? I know why it makes sense to hire them. But when was your trade off of how much you're making and when you decided to hire someone, that's such a good question. So I think that's one thing that stops for people is they're like, Well, I'm not making X amount of money yet, But see, it's backwards because you can't make that amount of money until you free up your time to do those income producing activities, right? And so you can think of it like a service, right? Like you go and get your hair done. It's not going to make you more money, but it's gonna make you feel good, right? Like you kind of think of it like that. It's going to give you time and energy so you could do the other things that you really wanted me to dio like I know. And I've also learned my strengths. And I know what I'm good at and what I'm not. I am not naturally organized. I'm just not. I have tried struggle. So the first person I hired was actually someone I've worked with before. And that is exactly her Zona genius. She's so organized and strategic. Um, I have a strategic mind to when it comes to business, but she foresees problems before they happen. It's amazing. I will say something and she's like, Oh, that'll probably trigger this or Hey, Britney, I notice it's amazing. I don't know, like she's like she's like a what was a clairvoyant? I don't know. Yeah, she'll see it ahead. And then she said, Hey, you I saw this problem. I just wanna head and took care of it for you. I'm like, Oh, thank you. Bless you using. And so for me. Like I I at first? Yeah. At first it was like breaking even for a while. At that point, I was making a little bit of money, but not a time. But for me, it was worth it because I was like, I'm gonna get my time back and I have to stress about this, Um, because like, yeah, I love travel. I love planning itineraries. That is one detail thing I like, But I actually have her look at them and say, Hey, am I missing anything? Or like, does this make sense to you? If you're looking at it as an outsider, right? Like, because my again, my mind. I know how I think. But it's not necessarily going to come off with someone else, right? And so, like knowing your strengths and then seeing it just as a service, maybe for you. At first it might just be hiring a virtual assistant, you know, and you can do that. And you could just be like, Okay, it's just in my personal budget, And then you can work out to the point where you could move that over to your business account or whatever at their money, you have to decide. I hope that helps. Yeah, 100%. And I tried to encourage women in business to get a visa as soon as they can, because I know I waited. I didn't, um, higher my first via until Gosh, it was probably honestly, beginning of covert last year. So, like April last year, even though I was home or I was like, I there are some things in my business that, like I don't personally have to have my hand on. And so if sending a follow up message when I pretty much done the same follow up message to most people after they make this certain purchase or, um, passion don't even know what else I've had her help me with. But you know, spreadsheets or email automation or things like that. And I'm like, even if it's only an hour a week, you know, an hour and you can get the cheap guys. Um, but you know, I pay. I've paid anywhere from 15 toe, probably 20 to 24 an hour, depending on the person and what they're doing. But that's so worth it. I mean, that's only, like, 100 less than $100 a month for an hour a week. And that our or something, then that even if you're not actually spending on your business, which I would recommend doing that. But maybe that's an hour workout time you get or you know something else for your sanity, like just do it and then three months in reevaluate, and if it's not working out, then maybe we cut some hours and reevaluate things, but I definitely think it's worth Ortho. Go for sure. I think it makes you better too, because it forces you. It forces you to really step into the CEO role. Because, like when you're wanting to do everything on your own, you're like it's really hard for you to, like, value your time because you're doing these activities there, like, $10 an hour when you really could be doing activities there, like 255 $100 an hour. That was a huge like, Yeah. Ah ha! Moment for me. So I hope that helps you as well. Yes, yes. And I actually, um I know Britney is looking at doing course creation a swell, which is so interesting because I know you. You already have courses, right? Or you in the process of making them, you already have some. So another tip for you is what's hurting Britney too. Yeah, and I was like, You're saying my own name. Eso Britney. So another thing I would recommend you to because I feel like when you're looking to make a course, you will just you think Well, what's the perfect name or you know what am I gonna happen? You will, like, what platform should I use? All those questions are going to trip you up. I would highly recommend that you monetize it before you make it. So make a sales page for it, or put a pitch up in a post and say, Hey, I'm thinking about making a course about X. That'll help this kind of person Do X get X result. Who would be interested in that? And then you can gauge interest and maybe even accepted payment. And it could be a simple is like a PayPal link. It doesn't have to be fancy. Um, that way you can figure out who's even interested, not waste your time if it's not like a perfected offer yet because I wasted so much time on DNA. Now I'm like, I have one course. It started today for bloggers, and so I'm gonna be after this. Making content for that and what's really cool is if someone tells me, Hey, Britney, this was confusing. Or like, this wasn't super clear. Or like, I really still need help on this. That shows me. Okay, cool. I need to make another resource for that. Or like if they tell me this is too overwhelming, I could do less and change in real time, which for teachers is like, really appealing what we dio. Yeah, well, and it's asking and getting to know your audience like your If you listen to your audience, they're going to tell you what they need, whether it's with the product that you're making or whether it's all the questions that you get asked frequently. Or like. That's what I actually was talking about a team today about going live and ideas for live videos. And I'm like, What do people ask you? Like? People ask me a lot about Disney. They asked about teaching stuff. They asked about my nails. So, like, these are all ideas and, you know, you don't see him out once, but, um, you know, maybe pull up when your notes section of your phone and got some stuff down while you're thinking of it. But yeah, anything that gets asked one time. Yeah, you can You can make something from for sure. Um, she said thank you for that by by, um Okay. So super quickly. Any time management or productivity hack you have for someone who is still working full time and also building a business. Yeah, a couple of things. I really like the Pomodoro method. So I s Oh, that's, like, you know, working for, like, 20 minutes or 25 depending on what works for you. How much time you have taking a five minute break? Andi? Also during that break reassessing. Okay. Was that an effective use of my time? What do I need? What? I wanna focus on the next 2025 minutes. Um, that's really good. Maybe even putting your phone out of the room. It could be a simple Is that, like so that you're not distracted, Um, or like making a new windows that you can't see all the other tabs you have open? I have in the past year again. I told you guys organization does not come naturally for me. I've had Thio. Okay, so for me to have a planner that I religiously carry around with me, that was a big deal. But like, look at it. I literally put everything in here. I got to show you like everything OK? Yeah. You dio and I do it. I'm now planning months and months in advance, which makes it a lot easier for me to say no to people and I don't like it's less chance all overbook myself or something because I know like what I'm doing. And then it also helps me to be really strategic with my time because I blocked out time in the week to work on certain things on. But is that is tricky. If you're doing more than one revenue stream, you do really have to guard your time because, I mean, if you're in network marketing, you know okay, there's the actual like network marketing piece that's actually like the direct sales piece because you usually have some component of that that you're still doing right. There is the admin tasks like Do you have an Excel sheet? You know who have you added to what group you know, there's all of this stuff. Eso You really have to walk your time out and then guard that time very closely, like during those times like it is ah, hard know if anyone asked me to do anything during those times, and it's hard at first to say no, like, it's really creatures, especially. We struggle with that because we're always we're not really given the choice to say no. Yeah, well, so when you start saying no, it's like it's gonna be like, s so much tension. But just do it hard your time. Now, do you do something with your business every day? Or do you have, like, Monday through Friday? Like, how do you Yeah, it is a very it depends depending on the year two. So, like my first couple of years, I was doing like, every side job under the sun, so I did not have a lot of time. I did, like, 30 minutes a day, and that was all I could physically handle. Um, now I do about two hours a day, but but it's two hours of the stuff I like, And that is a big shift because I was first doing everything and I would be so over and out. So and I didn't even say two hours. It's not always two hours like this is part of it right now. This thing this is considered a work in a way, activity because I'm growing my audience right. Like you guys did know I exist now you dio Hello. Right. So that part that's an activity I'm doing today. After this, I have a coaching call for myself. So that's two hours. But it's not two hours of, like hard labor, right? Yes, I have. I do have certain days set aside for certain things. So, like, there are some days where I just do teachers pay teachers? Yes, I do that to s I have, like, a teachers pay teacher store on bond and, like, some of them are honestly, like, I would say, easier than others. Like the resource is I usually make a goal of myself, like, Okay, I'm gonna make five Google classroom headers. And then, you know, however long that takes so whatever, but don't feel like you have to do all the things I'm doing and don't feel like you have to do it. Yeah, and I love how you just said you're doing two hours a day, not like five or 10, because you have people helping you so that you could do the things that you like to dio and that you need to do. And that fills you up to, like a coaching call. for you. Like that's important. And you shouldn't have to tack on an extra hour of work because you're you're taking that our for yourself. Um, I really love that. Okay, Super quick question about coaching, and then we'll wrap this up. Sorry. Everything keep coming up. How long have you worked with the coach? So I work with a coach for about six months now, Okay? And like one on one masterminds, like, what kind of capacity? Yeah. So I did one. I want it first. Her contract is ending with me at the end of this month. And that was another really big scary purchase, right? I had just dropped $3000 and, of course, and I spent $5000 on the coach. I was like, but I mean it back almost immediately, which was amazing. It was, like, good affirmation for to do that. Eso that just one on one. And then I did mastermind, which, honestly, I'm gonna say this too. It was way over my head because I was working with people who already had six figure businesses. But I'm so glad because then it helped me normalized. Like making several 1000 per month because at first I was like, I'm barely making 3000 right now at the beginning of it. And then I got to five K months and I was like, Okay, cool, cool. But like making, like, 20 30,000 month, which is still, like, crazy to teachers. So that's how much to make it here, right? So, yeah, I've done one on one in masterminds. Okay? Well, and they always say to that if you are in a mastermind or group or something like that, and you are the one who is the highest paid or knows the most and you're in the wrong spot because you're not going to push yourself to grow. Um, I really love that. And I totally know that feeling, because I know when I invested in some coaching last year, I was like, How much e How much money you're gonna be taken from me? I'm like, this better be good. I'm doing everything she says. Times like 10. Yeah, I totally get that. And it's worth it. I mean, the r o I you know, it's there for sure. Yes. Okay. Thank you so much. Before we have off. I have been asking everyone their favorite travel destinations. I know this might be really hard for you because I I know you've got a lot of places but do you have Ah place that you have especially like to travel Thio? Ah, 100% Norway. Norway has been my favorite country so far. It is like it is other worldly. If you have not been, you need todo Oh my gosh, it is It looks magical like when you've read stories when you're a little girl about being a princess and like places with castles and fairies like that is what Norway is. It is what e definitely you to go to. Nor with I've been to Norway it Epcot at Disney World. But I don't think that's quite the same. But I really like that area E love to Oh my gosh, I love it. Love it. And you are taking a group of teachers to Croatia this summer. Yes, Yes, I'm watching. Okay. Obviously co vid pandemic. But I am watching the U S embassy in Croatia website literally every day and check Good. It's looking good. Things are starting to open up. Yes, So a yacht trip through Croatia. I can't wait. I'm so excited. That's so fun. That's literally so fun. I'm so jealous, but you're gonna have a blast. Well, Britney, thank you so much for sharing so much with us. Um, I did put in the comments already of the video. Guys, if you're watching live, how to connect with Britney, otherwise, I'm gonna put it in, um, the podcast, oats. But super quickly, Britney, Where can everyone find you? Yeah. So you can either find me on Instagram at Brittany Berlin itch, and I could spell it out for you in the comments, if you like, or you can find me in my groups. If you're interested in travel, traveling teachers feel free to come on over. Otherwise, Yeah, I just feel free to message me if you have any questions. Awesome. Thank you so much again for your time. This has been really awesome. Yeah. Thanks for having me. You're welcome. Bye bye bye.

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