Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 57: Doing Income Producing Activities Can Save Your Love of Your Biz!

podcasts Mar 18, 2021

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales Business is the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Mm mm. Hello. Hello. Welcome back to a this tip Thursday episode of the social selling Sisterhood Podcast. This is Lindsay down your your host. I am driving home from my day job, my teaching job, and wanted to pop on and give you some biz tip wisdom. So one thing that has really been on my heart and I know I've mentioned it several times on our podcast. If you follow me, I preach. It is just really making sure that what you are doing, you are doing in the most productive way and you are doing and spending your time on the tasks that are going to bring you results in your business. Right? So we are business owners. If you're listening to this you and I. We are business owners. We have a business. So we get to be really intentional about what that means. Because if you're like me, you also might be working a full time job. I'm a teacher. I'd also like to have a personal life, right. I like to do all the things I like to get my workouts. It and I still like to go to bed by nine. Honestly, my goal is nine o'clock at night because I do get up at five. Am for teaching and I am one of those people. I need eight hours of sleep. So being really intentional and discovering what my income producing activities are for my business has honestly been life changing. So a little bit about my journey. And like Super Super Short, I started in health and fitness with network marketing. I transitioned into retail, actually a clothing company. And it was really in my clothing company that I got into a very toxic hustle pattern. And what that looked like for me was pretty much I was doing that business 24 7. And I don't just mean like thinking about it and daydreaming about it and brainstorming new fun things to do with it and all the non income producing activities. I mean, I was working on my business 24 7 like I would get home from school teaching all day, and then I would have to prep my live videos that have to do inventory catalogue, take pictures of everything, um, do a live sale or upload things on inventories. Send out invoices, collective voices, message people to get payments because they didn't pay for invoices. Ship out all the things. And even at the time I had regular post off like the post office came to my house every day. Guys like that's That's what we're talking about. Um, but I It was nonstop and it would be 10:11:12:01 a.m. And I would be finishing up shipping out my packages, which to me at the time felt like success because I was making all this money, my income, you know. Gosh, I was well over, um, well, over six figures between that and my teaching job, and I was having fun, but I also was exhausted, and I started some really healthy, not healthy, unhealthy habits of, um you know, not taking care of myself. Not working out anymore. Not eating, right? Not getting my sleep. And it was something that, honestly, the company pushed a lot. The company pushed. Um, you know, if you're if you're trying for the next level you're trying for the next goal. You've got to give up things in your business or in your life rather, um, to devote to your business. And I don't disagree. Holy with that, I do think that there is a time in a period when you are building your business, that you have to do things and you have to make small sacrifices for that business to show that it's it's a priority. So but I don't mean giving up your entire personal life. Um, what I mean by this is that you are, you know, maybe you're not watching Netflix all the time every single night of the week. Like maybe you did before you started your business because you're working at working for a goal. So you're giving up some little things like that. But you're not basically like selling your soul to your business and what ended up happening. I ended up leaving that company for lots of reasons. Um, but a big A big one of them was burned out. And I was very against joining my current company. Not because the company itself, it's just I had this idea in my mind. I remembered what it was like to be working all the time. And when I quit that company, there was a brief period of time before I joined. Um, you know, the company I'm with now, And I was like, Oh, my gosh, I forgot what it was like to have free time again. I forgot what it was like to, you know, be able to go out and and see my friends and talk on the phone and not have a live sale scheduled every night and not have to be tied to my phone. And it was awesome. Um, so I was super against trying my product for my new company, and I tried it, and I was like, Dang it, I'm going to have to sell this. Um, but because of that, I have been super intentional about creating systems and boundaries and figuring out and really tweaking exactly what are the activities that bring income into my business. What are the activities that are going to grow my business for the future? And what are things that I need to not be doing? What are things that I need to do less of, um, and doing those things? Guys, it has been a night and day difference. It has been a I don't even know a journey that I don't think I will ever stop doing my current company like I just because it fits so nicely in with my life and and that is what I want for you. I want that clarity. I want you to have those systems. I want you to have that time freedom that we are all promised as network marketers and direct sellers when we get into it. And if you are feeling like you do not have that figured out yet, girl, you got to get into my I'm doing a three day focused income producing activities workshop in my social selling sisterhood group. It is next Monday, like this coming Monday in like, four days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, you can get on Yeah, all the information gets sent up for. Like I said, it's absolutely free and it will be in the social selling sisterhood squad. But you still want to sign up. So you get the free workbook because you want the workbook. Right? Um, so you go to www dot Lindsay Dollinger dot com forward slash i p a workshop, and I will link it in the show notes down below. So no worries if you're driving or anything like me, and you're like, Oh, I really need that. Um but seriously, we have got to get your daily schedule figured out. We've got to get your income producing activities figured out. So you know when you need to be posting where you need to be posting who you need to be talking to, um, and looking down through and really analyzing what sorts of things can you tweak in your business so that it is enjoyable and it is fun And it is scalable, right? Because if you are doing these things, um, and you're kind of dreading doing some of them or you're doing these things And, um, you were spending hours on stuff. How are you going to encourage other people to join you in this process if they don't have the kind of time that you are you're spending on your business. So we want to be really honest about that. We want to figure out and make ourselves the most productive we can be so that we have all that free time to spend with our family and our loved ones. So income producing activities are so, so important. Okay, so I hope I see you inside the social selling sisterhood squad on Monday. That is March 24th. I believe is our first day starting. You don't want to miss it again. It's forward slash i p a workshop. It's completely free. I highly recommend you inviting your friends, um, and your teammates to join as well, because I'm telling you what guys, if if any of them have been feeling the way I was feeling when I was with my previous company, um, they're not going to be around for long, and we want people in our business who are going to be around for long. So hope I see you there and I will talk to you on Monday.

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